Well electric power plant

FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: well electric power plant is the shaft well with water and the repair well, it also contains the telescopic float, the upper part of which has spring-loaded flaps, and the lower one has the explosive charge and the cable, integrated with the power generating device: drum, brakes, reducers and generators, and also contains the pipe located outside the well with the opening sharp end, designed for opening the spring-loaded flaps of the float, discharge of explosive gases from it and throwing the new explosive charge into it.

EFFECT: expansion of functionality.

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FIELD: power engineering, engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: proposed turbine relates to power engineering and comprises cylindrical housing accommodating working wheels fitted on vertical shaft. Aforesaid housing is closed at its top and bottom, filled with water and communicates with compressed air source. Vane guides are arranged below working wheels, between them and on housing walls. Housing top and bottom communicate, via overflow rectangular section pipelines, with two similar housings.

EFFECT: two-housing pneumohydraulic turbine to be used with no high-level reservoir.

FIELD: mechanical engineering; energy converters.

SUBSTANCE: proposed drive is designed for converting compressed air energy into mechanical rotation and it can be used as reduction gear. Device contains fan set into rotation by motor, tank with inner space filled with water, wheel with supports and buckets arranged below water level and provided with flow-out channels, and spool with movable ring and fixed plate. Holes are made on side of buckets and in movable ring of spool to fill buckets with water and air. Holes are made in fixed plate to deliver air into buckets from fan along air ducts. Partitions and braces can be made inside buckets. Drive can be furnished with baffle screen, and can be taken for fan overwater part of tank space.

EFFECT: provision of effective and reliable operation.

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Power plant // 2246033

FIELD: converting energy of fluid media to mechanical and electrical energy.

SUBSTANCE: proposed power unit includes foundation with several identical power units mounted on it through bed frames. Each unit has body located over vertical axis of symmetry, lower and upper partitions with holes, level gauge, gas chamber, gaseous working medium discharge pipe line fitted with adjusting valves, tank-mixer, natural gas supply and discharge pipe lines and inner and outer lower, middle and upper clamping rings. Each unit is provided with flexible dome-shaped gas receiver with weights-anchors, fastening hinges and ropes laid in sea or ocean where natural gas or hydrogen is extracted. Power units have several identical power stages provided with axles with adjusting keys, sectional screw conveyers, drive belts, bypasses with valves, electric generators, waste gaseous medium discharge pipe line with moisture trap, counter, pressure gauges and valves.

EFFECT: enhanced operational efficiency and ecological safety; enhanced reliability.

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The invention relates to the field of hydromeliorative and can be used in a pneumatic converters, which convert the mechanical energy of rotation, using the pressure of the compressed gas into electrical energy produced by the generator in the power range from 1 kW to hundreds of kW

Hydraulic motor // 2176747

The invention relates to a device that transforms energy and satisfying the equation of transformation of m1= km2

The invention relates to the field of hydro and can be used in a pneumatic converters mechanical energy into electrical energy with the working body in the form of an endless belt, mainly produces electrical energy in the range from a few kW to several hundred kW

FIELD: power industry.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to power generation devices, particularly electric power generators utilising wave motion in water basins. Device includes at least one functional unit containing at least a main or drive shaft with a drive gear (13b) attached fast to it, engaging and rotated by linear control element (15b), at least two driven shafts (21b, 22b) actuated by at least main or drive shaft of unidirectional drive device, each capable of connection at least to electric power generator, two driven cogwheels (18b, 19b) on opposite ends of main or drive shaft, drive device connecting each cogwheel (18b, 19b) to the main or drive shaft, thus aligning the shaft rotation under effect of element (15b) with the cogwheel rotation (18b, 19b), and flat cogwheel engaging the cogwheel (18b, 19b). Each cogwheel (18b, 19b) is connected to respective shaft (21b, 22b).

EFFECT: device installed onshore or off-shore in floating, semi-submerged or submerged position.

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FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to an electric device with a winding (12) and a device for induction of current in a winding. The bridge circuit (400) electrically connects the winding (12) with the load (13). According to the invention the bridge circuit (400) comprises a capacitor device (401, 402) which is adapted to resonance with an impedance of the winding (12).

EFFECT: increase of power takeoff coefficient of a power unit.

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FIELD: power industry.

SUBSTANCE: wave energy conversion unit includes flap 4 swung with waves and having positive buoyancy, horizontal hinges 3, fixed foundation 1, power takeoff device connected to foundation 1. The unit is equipped with vertical frame 2 connected along the lower edge to foundation 1 through horizontal hinges 3, which is also connected to foundation 1 by means of the power takeoff device made in the form of linear electric generator 7. Flap 4 has a possibility of free sliding along vertical guides of frame 2, thus providing optimum position relative to the varying water level.

EFFECT: providing use efficiency of wave energy and improving reliability of the unit.

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FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: invention can be used for electric power generation by conversion of wave energy. The power plant consists of a streamline water-tight float 1 and a cylindrical body 3 placed vertically inside the float with a pendulum 4 located inside the body. The pendulum 4 is suspended to the end of a cable 5 which is thrown over a block 6 installed at a rotating axis 7. The other end of the cable 5 is connected to an anchor 9 placed at the bottom. A rotor with permanent magnets of electric generator 10 is connected to the rotating axis 7 of the block. A stator of the generator 10 is fixed in the body 3. The stator winding of the generator 10 is connected to the input of a charger 11 while the output of the charger 11 is connected to an accumulator battery 13 which is located together with the charger 11 in an instrumentation module in the upper part of the float 1.

EFFECT: invention is oriented to increase in power, reduction in dimensions and weight of the float wave electric power plant.

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FIELD: power engineering.

SUBSTANCE: mechanism of permanent rotation to vary oscillating movement into unidirectional rotation of an output shaft comprises a gear 27, attached to an input shaft 321a, the first coupling 322c, attached to the input shaft 321a, a gear 323f, connected between the gear 27 and the coupling 322c, a gear 323j, connected to an intermediate shaft 325a, a gear 323g and a single-sided coupling 322d, connected to the intermediate shaft 325b, an intermediate shaft 325c with a gear 323l, connected to the single-sided coupling 322d. The coupling 322c is connected to the intermediate shaft 325a. Connection between the gears 323j and 3231 is achieved by means of the intermediate gear 323k, which is connected to the output shaft 327.

EFFECT: provision of high extent of wave energy usage.

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FIELD: power engineering.

SUBSTANCE: device using energy of sea waves comprises a floating body (1), connected by means of a flexible connecting facility (3) with a converter (6), moving reciprocally in a linear generator (2). The floating body (1) is suited for floating on sea, and a stator (8) of the generator is suited for anchoring at sea bottom. A guide device (9) is installed at the inlet of the connecting facility (3) into a jacket (4) of the generator (2) and comprises a hollow body (12), having lower and upper holes (17, 18). The upper hole (18) is larger than the lower hole (17). The connecting facility (3) is suited for passage through the lower hole (17) and the upper hole (18) of the guide device, besides, a part of the connecting facility momentarily arranged between the specified holes, is determined as a guide part, at the same time the lower hole (17) is arranged so that the guide part next to the lower hole is at one straight line with the specified central axis, and the upper hole (18) is arranged so that the guide part next to the upper hole may form an angle with the central axis. The invention also relates to the method for power generation and to application of the device using energy of sea waves for power generation.

EFFECT: generation of power from potential sources of energy without regard to relative side position of a floating body.

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FIELD: power industry.

SUBSTANCE: wave energy converter includes platform 22 submerged into water space. Platform 22 is supported in water by means of fully buried float and retained by means of halyard 28, such as chain, rope or cable wire, which attaches the platform to bottom of water space. Pump assembly is fixed on platform and includes double-acting pump 9 performing back-and-forth movement and surface float 2. Float 2 can float on surface of water space. Floatability of surface float 2 creates upward stroke of double-acting pump 9 when wave height increases, and weight of surface float 9 creates downward stroke of double-acting pump when wave height decreases. Displacement of fully sunken float is larger than displacement of combined sunken weight of platform 22, pump assembly and halyard 28 so that halyard 28 remains stretched during downward stroke of double-acting pump 9.

EFFECT: creation of efficient wave energy converter.

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Wave power plant // 2467199

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to wave power plant for generation of electric power. Wave power plant includes a floating body provided with possibility of floating in the sea, and electric linear oscillator with stator 5 and translator 6 performing back-and-forth movements. Stator 5 is provided with possibility of being anchored at the sea bottom. Translator 6 is connected to floating body by means of connection device. Translator 6 is supported with many rolling elements 15 so that circumferential gap 14 is formed between stator and translator. Each rolling element has elasticity that is rather low to comply with the condition consisting in the fact that the result of change of width "d" of the gap is the change of full force of rolling elements 15, which exceeds full magnetic forces on translator 6, which are the result of the above change of width "d".

EFFECT: invention is aimed at improvement of operating reliability.

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Wave power device // 2466294

FIELD: power engineering.

SUBSTANCE: wave power device comprises a floating body 1, which floats on sea, and an electric linear generator 2, comprising a stator 5 and a converter 8, making reciprocal movements along the central axis. The stator 5 may be fixed to the sea bottom, and the converter 8 is connected to the floating body 1 with the help of a connecting facility 3, 7. The generator 2 is enclosed into a water impermeable capsule 4, having an upper end wall with a hole, through which the connecting facility 7 stretches. The hole makes a seal 12, tightly adjacent to the connecting facility 7. The seal 12 is arranged in a flexible manner.

EFFECT: higher efficiency and reliability of a wave power device.

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FIELD: power industry.

SUBSTANCE: sea wave energy converter includes upper float 1 located on the water surface, hydraulic cylinder 2 and electric generator with the rotor performing back-and-forth movement, and fixed stator. Rotor consists of constant magnets. Stator includes inductance coils. Hydraulic cylinder 2 is installed inside float 1 and represents a double-acting pump. Converter is equipped with hydraulic vibrator consisting of the cylinder filled with fluid, along the axis of which there arranged with possibility of back-and-forth movement is stepped shaft mechanically connected to generator rotor, and hydraulically through control distributing slide valve to pressure and drain chambers of hydraulic cylinder 2. Vibrator and generator is installed inside pipe 8 connecting hydraulic cylinder 2 to lower float 9, through depth control 12 connected to sea bottom. Float 9 buoyancy is higher than float 1 buoyancy.

EFFECT: higher efficiency of the proposed converter, which is achieved by conversion of low-frequency vibrations of float on sea wave surface to high-frequency vibrations of rotor of linear generator with respect to fixed magnetic conductor.

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FIELD: power engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention is designed for conversion of wave energy into electric energy. Proposed converter contains mechanically coupled fixed post, float chambers, frame, shaft, step-up gear and electric generator. Moreover, converter additionally contains relatively interacting second shaft, first and second gears and at least two motion converters. First and second gears are fixed on corresponding shafts and engage with each other. Each motion converter has vertical rod installed for vertical vibration on upper end of which first block is installed, and on lower end, third sprocket engaging with first and second float chambers. First and second overrunning clutches with sprockets are installed on shafts and they engage through first and second chains with third sprocket.

EFFECT: increased efficiency.

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