Method of laser annealing of non-metallic materials

FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: irradiation of the surface with a laser pulse of rectangular shape with the required energy density is performed. The initial laser pulse is divided into two pulses of equal power by means of dielectric mirror with reflection factor of 50% and time delay of the second pulse is performed during operation of the first pulse.

EFFECT: increased yield of useful products in the process of laser annealing of non-metallic materials due to reduction of thermo-elastic stresses and area of possible break-out of material.

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The invention relates to an improved annealing ring for support of the glass sheet during the cooling process and to an improved method of cooling the glass sheet

FIELD: process engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to production of steel sheet articles from different-depth steel sheet or strips. Billets are welded together along the butt to get the weld (7) composed by edges of steel sheet or strip workpiece. To rule out loss of quenched structure produced by heating to austenitising temperature, at least one edge of sheet or strip (8, 9) is coated before welding with thick fluid or solid powder or aerosol-like matter including at least one component increasing the strength of the weld (10).

EFFECT: higher weld strength.

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FIELD: process engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to machine for production of polar plates by laser cutting. This machine comprises bed, laser cutting assembly, cutting manipulator to drive laser cutting assembly, control system and at least one strip feeder. Strip feeder comprises manipulator for gripping, means for strip feeding to preset length and strip release means. Cutting and gripping manipulators are arranged at the bed. Means for strip feeding to preset length is arranged between gripping manipulator and strip release means. Control system is connected with cutting manipulator, gripping manipulator and means for strip feeding to preset length.

EFFECT: production of plates for lithium-ion storage batteries and super capacitors by laser technology, higher quality of plates.

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FIELD: process engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to laser plasma welding of metals and device to this end. Invention can be used for welding of such materials as steel and aluminium by combined laser plasma effects. Welding parts are preheated in the weld area by plasma flux. Laser beam is directed to but of welding parts. Produced weld is additionally heated by plasma flux. Plasma flux is shaped to circle while laser radiation is fed via geometrical centre of circular plasma flux to said butt. Device for laser plasma butt welding of metals comprises plasma flux and laser radiation sources. Plasma flux source comprises outer and inner ring electrodes to produce plasma flux located in one plane with their geometrical centres aligned at one point. Laser radiation source can feed laser radiation via said geometrical centre.

EFFECT: intensified welding, lower rate of weld cooling, higher strength of the weld.

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FIELD: process engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates for surface processing to get glossy and dull sections. In compliance with this process, surface pre-coated with first copper ply and second ply including bottom nickel ply and top chromium ply is subjected to selective removal of chromium ply on sections to be frosted. Selective removal is performed by laser displaced above the surface. Note here that laser exposure and power are adjusted to get various texture. Then, ply of noncorrosive metal containing zirconium and chromium is evaporated from vapour phase on said surface.

EFFECT: production of glossy and frosted surface sections.

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FIELD: physics, optics.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a laser beam focusing head for laser cutting, a method and an apparatus for laser cutting of a metal component. The focusing head comprises a collimating lens (13) and a focusing lens (14). The collimating lens (13) and the focusing lens (14) are made of ZnS and have peripheral thickness of at least 5 mm. A deflecting mirror (15) operating at an inclination angle (α) from 40° to 50° is placed between the collimating lens (13) and the focusing lens (14) on the path of the laser beam. The laser cutting apparatus comprises a solid-state laser device (SL) emitting a laser beam with wavelength of 1.06 mcm to 1.10 mcm and power of 0.1 kW to 25 kW, said focusing head and a conveying fibre (CF) connecting the solid-state laser device (SL) and the focusing head.

EFFECT: invention provides a stable focusing position of a laser beam during cutting.

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FIELD: process engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to welding of at least two components 102, 104 of super alloys. In compliance with this process, mail weld 110 if made with the use of the first filler metal arranged between said components 102, 104 and weld surface 112 with the use of second filler metal made over the main weld. Spacer 506 is fitted between said components provided with optional flute 105 made along the surface 114 of weld 102, 104. Filler wire 504 is fed over preset surface 114 or inside said optional flute 105. Two lasers 700, 702 or laser 600 with connected beam splitter 604 produce first and second laser beams 508, 510. Said beams are directed at focus points 5122, 514 spaced apart through preset spacing (509), for example, 0.05-1.5 cm. First laser beam 508 is used for making of the main weld 110 with the help of fist filler metal between components 102, 104. Second laser beam 510 is used for making of the surface weld 112 with the use of second filler metal on the surface of the main weld 110.

EFFECT: perfected method.

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FIELD: process engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to production of pipes by laser welding. Laser welding comprises emitting of two laser beams along edges at open pipe upper surface. Said laser beams are transmitted via different optical fibre glass and have focused spots of diameters making over 0.3 mm. Said laser beams are emitted so that front laser beam and rear laser beam are inclined to welding direction. Note here that incidence angles are defined relative to direction perpendicular to open pipe top surface. Front laser beam falls on open pipe top surface in welding direction before rear laser beam while the letter falls on open pipe top surface in welding direction after front laser beam. Front laser beam incidence angle is set larger than that of rear laser beam. Gap between front laser beam centre and that of rear laser beam is set at open pipe rear surface equal to 1 mm and more.

EFFECT: higher quality of weld, higher yield.

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FIELD: metallurgy.

SUBSTANCE: temporary beads 3 and 4 are made on thick 2 and thin 1 parts. The bead 3 height is by 3-4 times higher than thickness of part 1. Height of bead 4 is equal to height of bead 3. Bead 4 thickness is determined by equation S2=(1+Δ)·S1. Beads 3 and 4 contact surface is treated by ultrasound in ethyl alcohol. Parts 1 and 2 are secured in welding fixture. Butt joint gap and beads 3 and 4 shift at least 10% of part 1 thickness are ensured. Laser beam 5 is directed to butt joint of beads 3 and 4.

EFFECT: invention increases weld strength due to rational design of the temporary beads.

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FIELD: metallurgy.

SUBSTANCE: device to manufacture items by layer-by-layer laser agglomeration of powders contains tanks for powder and powder surpluses, located between them module for item forming including table with drive of its vertical movement, device for powder supply to the table from powder tank, and powder discharge to power surpluses tank, optical laser system for agglomeration of the powder nozzles installed above the table for air or inert gas supply on the powder layer, and gas intake installed under the table with possibility of connection with vacuum system. The table is made gas permeable and is equipped with installed on its top surface of the refractory gas permeable plate intended for powder layer arrangement on its surface and agglomeration.

EFFECT: improved quality of obtained items.

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FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: module comprises a guide belt, a movable orbital carriage mounted on the guide belt and able of travelling along it. The carriage includes a longitudinal movement drive and a moving device consisting of a carrying roller system and a gear wheel. A joint monitoring sensor, a welding wire reeling device and a handler are installed on the carriage. The handler consists of two mutually perpendicular linear guides with motors, which can move in respect to each other. The transverse linear guide is equipped by a laser welding head, a wire feeding unit, an arc welding torch, a video camera and a controller.

EFFECT: invention allows for the increase of productivity and efficiency of welding process for fixed ring pipe joints and for the improvement of welded joint quality.

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FIELD: systems for cleaning rigid surfaces.

SUBSTANCE: in order to improve quality of cleaning, surface is irradiated by means of space-modulated beam of laser irradiation.

EFFECT: improved quality of cleaning surfaces.

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Saw blade // 2277459

FIELD: mechanical engineering; cutting tools.

SUBSTANCE: proposed saw blade has carrying part with fasteners and saw teeth in from of projections from at least one side of carrying part. Said projections are provided with cutting edge. Fine-tooth structure on cutting edge is made by cutting of solid material by laser beam directed at acute angle to surface of surface said material. Fine-tooth structure on cutting edge is made curvilinear in height in form of rectangular of triangular projections.

EFFECT: simplified manufacture and improved efficiency of cutting tool.

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FIELD: working by laser beam.

SUBSTANCE: device comprises emitter, power source, control unit, telescopic device, beam splitter with polyhedral prism, focusing lens, and positioning table. The beam splitter has cassette, is movable, and is provided with the drive for linear movement along the optical axis of the laser beam and drive for rotating the polyhedron prism around the optical axis of the laser bean in the plane perpendicular to the axis. Both of the drives are connected with the control unit.

EFFECT: expanded functional capabilities.

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FIELD: powder metallurgy, namely manufacture of three-dimensional metallic articles of complex configuration with use of selective inhibiting of sintering.

SUBSTANCE: method comprises steps of layer-by-layer application of metallic powder; before applying next layer inhibiting sintering of one or several zones in applied layer; then pressing material for producing powder blank; sintering it; removing out of produced blank one or several sintered sections in boundary of inhibiting. Steps pressing and sintering may be performed after applying each layer. Apparatus for performing the method includes unit for applying layers, unit for inhibiting sintering, press and furnace.

EFFECT: possibility for producing dense high-accuracy metallic articles.

40 cl, 3 dwg

FIELD: decorative art; methods of the laser formation of the images inside the optically transparent solid mediums.

SUBSTANCE: the invention is pertaining to the methods of the formation of the images inside the optically transparent solid mediums by their laser treatment at formation of the decorative and art images inside the transparent solid medium, manufacture of the souvenirs and other similar products. The methods of the laser formation of the images inside the optically transparent solid medium includes focalizing the pulsing laser radiation in the preset point within the volume of the medium, action on it with the laser radiation of the picosecond duration at the peak power P exceeding the threshold power ofРthr of the self-focusing of the laser radiation in the medium, and at the power density of W exceeding the threshold valueof the power density of Wthr for the volumetric breakthrough of the substance of the medium, relocation of the laser radiation inside the medium according to the preset rule. The technical result of the invention is the reduction of the threshold power of formation of the defects, the increase of the resolution of the image in the plane perpendicular to the laser beam and the increase of the image contrast.

EFFECT: the invention ensures reduction of the threshold power of formation of the defects, the increase of the resolution of the image in the plane perpendicular to the laser beam and the increase of the image contrast.

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FIELD: chemical industry, shipbuilding.

SUBSTANCE: proposed invention is designed to increase corrosion resistance and wear resistance of machine parts and units, particularly, ship equipment accessories. Proposed method includes preliminary heating of part, forming of underlayer, obtaining of surface layer by delivering powder to surface to be treated and in radiating the surface by laser beam for 0.005 - 2.0 s. Preliminary heating pf part is carried out to 300-400°C. Underlayer is formed by delivering metal powder onto surface to be treated of material, hardness not than HRC30 and irradiating the powder layer by laser beam. To form surface layer, mixture of powders of material, hardness higher than HRC60 and metal powder, hardness less than HRC30, ratio (3-4):1, respectively, is used. Subsequent irradiation is carried out by laser beam, radiant density 104-106W/cm2 so that depth of penetration in underlayer is 0.3-0.7 of its thickness, ratio of thickness of surface layer to thickness of underlayer is maintained within (1-3):1. Tempering is carried out at temperature of 300±20°C with holding for 1±0.2 h and subsequent cooling in the air.

EFFECT: provision of flawless wear-resistant surface on cast iron and high-carbon steel by means of laser beam.

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FIELD: laser technology, namely apparatuses for producing three-dimensional articles by selective laser sintering of powder materials.

SUBSTANCE: plant includes laser apparatus with optical system; manufacturing platform for placing sintered blank; attachment for feeding powder to working space over manufacturing platform; apparatus for monitoring and sustaining predetermined thickness of powder layer. Optical system is made with possibility of horizontal motion along two mutually normal directions. Manufacturing platform is mounted with possibility of vertical motion. Monitoring apparatus includes vibrator, pickup for monitoring level of surface of powder layer and unit for compensating level of powder layer surface. Said compensating unit is mounted between walls of manufacturing platform and housing with possibility of vertical motion by means of drive device regardless from drive unit of manufacturing platform. Space restricted by lateral walls of manufacturing platform, housing and by end surface of compensating unit is communicated with attachment for feeding powder. Vibrator, pickup for monitoring surface level of powder layer and member of drive of compensating unit are connected with control unit.

EFFECT: possibility for producing high-quality articles with predetermined set of operational properties.

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Billet molding // 2329112

FIELD: technological processes.

SUBSTANCE: billet is fixed next to matrix, then at least one part of billet is heated with laser controlled with the possibility of sending different levels of laser energy to different parts of billet up to temperature that is sufficient for achievement of superplasticity condition in it. Billet is affected with fluid pressure for shaping it as matrix. Method is implemented in device that contains facilities of matrix retention, facilities for billet clamping next to matrix with the help of clamping elements, facilities for application of fluid pressure to billet for shaping it as matrix surface, and also source of billet heating, at least, of billet part. As heating source laser radiation source is used, which is performed with the possibility of control of laser energy level, which is applied to different parts of billet. Item is produced by specified method.

EFFECT: provides precise monitoring of item shape.

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FIELD: technological process.

SUBSTANCE: invention pertains to the technique of making an instrument for stamping protective elements on surfaces of carrier material. This method is characterised by that, a digitised three-dimensional pattern of the protective element is formed and digital data is transferred by a laser beam onto the stamping instrument.

EFFECT: making an instrument for stamping protective elements with a high definition structure, which cannot be copied using traditional machine tool systems.

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