Heat exchanger working on og

FIELD: heating system.

SUBSTANCE: heat exchanger working on OG (1), in particular for use in a vehicle, comprising at least one first fluid guiding a first flow channel (2), whose ends are arranged in a tube board (3), a casing (4) surrounding the first flow channel (2). The casing (4) has an inlet and an outlet opening and forms a second flow passage (10) for the second fluid. The second fluid flows through the casing (4) and the first flow channel (2) flows around it, the tube boards (3) are installed in the casing (4) so that the first flow channel (2) is sealed from the second flow channel (10), the first A diffuser (5.1) supplying the first fluid to the first flow channel (2) and a second diffuser (5.2) discharging it from it. The heat exchanger (1) comprises at least one first shielding element (6.1) with at least one first passage (7) and with at least one first distal element (8) that is put on the tube plate (3) with the side facing away from the first flow channel (2).

EFFECT: prevention of boiling processes and elimination of formation or transfer of condensate from the outlet side to the suction zone of the heat exchanger engine.

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The invention relates to a power clamping devices, providing a reliable connection details, the simple structure of the device and connected elements, reducing the complexity of installation and dismantling, reusability in different environments and can be used in different sectors of the economy, pipeline transport, construction, call it, mine and underground construction, shipbuilding, etc

The invention relates to elements of the apparatus timber production and, in particular, the sealing device cameras for wood pyrolysis

The heat exchanger // 2008605

FIELD: heating.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the field of heat engineering, namely, to a system of guide discs for a heat exchanger, to a heat exchanger with application of the system of guide discs, to the method to manufacture a heat exchanger, and also to a set for equipment or re-equipment of the heat exchanger. The system of guide discs according to invention has multiple guide discs, which are designed to guide the medium flowing in the crisscross counterflow in the core of the heat exchanger and in the zone of the jacket between the core and the jacket surrounding the core. Each guide disc is made as capable of placement onto the heat exchanger core.

EFFECT: simplified assembly, reduced costs for manufacturing and re-equipment of heat exchanger.

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The invention relates to the thermal protection of the refractory composite material, which is cooled by the fluid flow, and more precisely for the design of thermal protection for reflector camera holding the plasma in the installation of fusion, a cooling element, which is used in the design of thermal protection, and method of manufacturing such a cooling element

Heat exchanger // 2548332

FIELD: heating.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to heat engineering and can be used in coaxial vortex heat exchangers of various purpose. Heat exchanger includes coaxial tubes with spiral multithread grooves with opposing twist direction, forming crossing spiral crimps, where crimps have trapeze shape, and hemispheric (cupped) craters are made at the crossings of opposing spiral crimps; at least two radially adjoining tubes are positioned so that their spiral crimps together form spiral crossing channels with irregular hexagon cross-section.

EFFECT: increased power of heat exchanger due to enhanced heat exchange rate along with reduction of heat exchanger dimensions and increased heat exchange intensity.

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FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: horizontal gas cooler contains pipes in cylindrical shells. At that the cylindrical shells are fixed by tight tube plates and from two sides are enveloped by shells that at opposite sides are connected to tee. At that from third side to the tee the condensate gathering tank is connected, it is located under the gas cooler, and tee is provided with branch pipe of gas outlet.

EFFECT: decreasing of moisture content in gas at gas cooler outlet.

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FIELD: heating.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to heating engineering and can be applied in devices for interaction of two heat carriers without direct carrier contact, particularly in steam generators. Direct-flow heat exchange device includes case and concentric tube channels formed by a cylinder made out of straight heat exchange elements of pipe-in-pipe type, where a gap between outer surface and case of obtained cylinder forms heating medium channel connected in sequence with inner cavity of the cylinder and with inner channel of pipe-in-pipe elements comprising the cylinder. Work medium flows in the annular channel of pipe-in-pipe element.

EFFECT: enhanced spatial power density of heat exchanger, simplified design.

3 dwg

Heat exchanger tube // 2537996

FIELD: heating.

SUBSTANCE: invention can be used in heat exchangers of nuclear power plants with Field tubes as part of a steam generating nuclear power plant (NPP) working on liquid metal coolant (LMC) in the mode of variable loads. The heat exchanger tube comprising the inner and outer heat exchange tubes, the outer heat exchange tube is made in two layers, each of which is plugged with the bottom, rigidly connected to the corresponding layer, and the inner part of the bottom is connected to the inner layer of the outer tube by brazing.

EFFECT: simplification of manufacturing technology.

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FIELD: heating.

SUBSTANCE: heat exchange device for powder and granular material in compliance with this invention is configured so that at least one of multiple heat exchangers, which shall be located on a shaft, is made as a strong hollow disc-shaped heat exchanger, in which a cut-out cavity is directed from circumferential boundary of the heat exchanger to its centre. Plate-like surfaces spreading from one side edge of the cut-out cavity to the other side edge of the next cut-out cavity are formed into a wedge-shaped plate-like surface. A projection that smoothly projects in a horizontal direction if to look from side is made in the central heat exchanger part; and an opening is made at the projection top, and the heat exchanger is located on the shaft by means of shaft insertion into the opening.

EFFECT: improving operating efficiency of a device and simplifying an assembly process.

6 cl, 15 dwg

FIELD: power engineering.

SUBSTANCE: heat exchange device comprises a heat exchanger with a body and a cylindrical shell, forming channels, input and output headers, an additional heat exchanger, arranged in series with the first one, comprising input and output headers. Besides, inside heat exchangers there is a tubular heat exchanger, comprising input and output headers, arranged between two first heat exchangers, besides, the tubular heat exchanger has uniting input and output headers, connected by pipelines to each other and to input and output headers, besides, inside the tubular heat exchanger there is a cylindrical screen with a fairing, and the output uniting header is connected with the body of the first heat exchanger by pylons, arranged at the angle a to the axis of the heat exchange device. The tubular heat exchanger also comprises a band installed between the uniting headers, and the additional heat exchanger is equipped with a nozzle.

EFFECT: invention makes it possible to increase efficiency of a heat exchange device without increasing its dimensions.

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Heat exchange unit // 2486425

FIELD: heating.

SUBSTANCE: heat exchange unit includes a housing made in the form of a cylinder, on end faces of which plates are fixed. Inside the housing, along its axis there arranged are pipes with gaps between themselves and inner surface of the housing. End faces of pipes and the housing are attached to plates so that tightness is provided. Partition walls are mounted between the pipes in inner cavity of the housing. On external end faces of the plates there installed are cover plates, the cavities of which are separated with a diametrical partition wall into two chambers connected to branch pipes for supply and discharge of heat exchange media. Pipes inside the housing are installed concentrically one into another with formation between them and the wall of the housing of annular cavities for flow of cooled and cooling media alternating between themselves in radial direction. On each plate there are through arc-shaped slots interconnected on one half of end surface with annular cavities for cooling media, and on the other half of the end surface with annular cavities for cooled medium. In each annular cavity there installed are partition walls in the form of spirals forming together with pipe walls the spiral channels for flow of cooled and cooling media, which connect the corresponding arc-shaped slots on opposite plates.

EFFECT: invention allows providing the most effective heat exchange of cooling and cooled media at minimum dimensions of the unit, and improving its processibility.

2 cl, 7 dwg

FIELD: heating.

SUBSTANCE: in a heat exchange pipe that includes a tubular workpiece, on the inner surface of which longitudinal slots are made and on the outer surface of which a hollow core with longitudinal slots is made, fins are inserted on one side into slots of the tubular workpiece, and on the other side into the core slots. Tubular workpiece is oriented relative to the core so that their longitudinal slots can be offset relative to each other through the specified angle α. Fins are made in the form of flat parts; each fin consists of two straight-line components, one of which has a longitudinal pointed end section in the interface zone with the second component provided with a mating wedge-shaped part. Low-melting inserts are arranged in slots of the tubular workpiece and the core. Fin component with the mating wedge-shaped part consists of two symmetrical longitudinal parts. Angle of taper of the longitudinal end section of one fin component is less than aperture angle of the wedge-shaped slot of the second fin component.

EFFECT: increasing safety of the device under conditions of increased temperatures or a fire; reducing manufacturing working hours.

4 cl, 2 dwg

FIELD: power industry.

SUBSTANCE: vortex heat exchange element containing cylindrical heat exchange tubes coaxially located one in the other, in each of which there installed are at least two vortex tubes; at that, one vortex tube is installed at the section inlet, and the other one is installed at the distance between them, which is determined by complete damping of rotational movement of vortex flow at complete heat load, has the packs of ribs on cylindrical pipe of large diameter along external surface in each section determined with complete damping of rotational movement of vortex flow; at that, distance between ribs in each pack decreases. At that, inlet of heat carriers to each of sections of large-diameter pipe and internal pipe is made either on one and the same side, or on opposite sides in relation to flow movement, thus ensuring both counter-flow and direct-flow scheme of heat carrier movement in the element; internal pipe with cylindrical surfaces is made from bimetal; at that, material of internal pipe surface on the side of hot heat carrier has heat conductivity coefficient which is by 2.0-2.5 times more than material of surface of internal pipe on the side of cold heat carrier.

EFFECT: heat exchange intensification is achieved by uniform distribution of heat flow.

3 dwg

Adapter // 2410621

FIELD: heating.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the field of thermotechnics and can be used in adapters of heat exchange element of type "pipe in pipe" when changing the hydraulic circuit of movement of heat-exchanging fluids of in the heat exchanger of nuclear power (NPP), working on liquid-metal coolant in the mode of variable current sinks. In the adapter, comprising a body in the form of a socket with parallel channels, an edge for connecting pipes, and forming with the last a heat exchanger element of type "pipe in pipe", one of the parallel channels in a cross-section of paths adapter area is made with a square of cross-section equal to area of passage section of each of the pipes joined back to back to the edges of the adapter, the area of the passage section of another parallel channel is equal to the square of cross-section of tubular annulus formed by the inner and outer tubes, at that both parallel channels are aimed at the same angle to the main axis of the heat exchanger element.

EFFECT: design of the proposed adapter enables to increase reliability of work of the heat exchanger element of type "pipe in pipe" on a plot of the phase transition of the heated medium due to changing the hydraulic circuit of heat transfer and, therefore, to exclude the critical values of thermal cycling stresses.

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FIELD: heat power engineering.

SUBSTANCE: according to proposed method, inner pipe is fitted into outer pipe after shape-treatment of at least outer surface of inner pipe or inner surface of outer pipe, and after fitting inner pipe outer pipe, inner pipe is expanded to bring outer surface of inner pipe in tight contact with inner surface of outer pipe, and shape-treatment of surface forms at least one channel to reveal leakage between two pipes. Before fitting in pipes at least outer surface of inner pipe or inner surface of outer pipe is coated with layer of solder, for instance, tin, and inner pipe is expanded so that outer pipe also expands, and solder layer between inner and outer pipes is melted. Outer pipe is expanded so that melted layer of solder is forced out from space between inner and outer pipe at least intone channel to reveal leakage. Such heat exchange pipe contains assembly unit consisting of outer pipe and inner pipe fitted at tight contact in between and at least one channel to reveal leakage passing in contact surface and near the surface between inner and outer pipes. Thin film-like layer of solar material, such as tin, is provided in place of contact between inner and outer pipes which, owing to melting, connects with inner pipe and outer pipe, inner and outer pipes adjoining with displacement. Invention makes it possible to increase heat transfer to value equal to or practically equal to that of solid heat exchange pipe and channel to reveal leakage remains free from filling medium, thus providing accurate and reliable revealing of leakage.

EFFECT: improved reliability.

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FIELD: baking industry.

SUBSTANCE: proposed plant includes trap hood and heat exchange cooling unit connected with it and mounted under it; cooling unit includes jacket with pipe line located over its center. Heat exchange cooling unit is used for forced circulation of cold air between jacket and pipe line inside it directing the flow in required direction: in cold season outside air is delivered and at hot season air from floor areas is delivered.

EFFECT: simplified construction; enhanced ecology; saving of water.

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FIELD: heat-exchange apparatus.

SUBSTANCE: air cooler comprises vortex heat exchangers, pipes of the vortex heat exchangers for flowing air to be cooled flows, swirlers, and actuator of purifying mechanisms. The actuator has hollow driving shaft mounted in the pipes and provided with a longitudinal groove throughout its length. The groove receives unmovable screw with a nut coupled with the bushing freely mounted on the shaft through a key. The brush holder with brushes are secured to the bushing. The outer side of the pipes of the vortex heat exchangers are provided with chutes for circulating a coolant. The vortex heat exchangers has a fining with a coefficient that varies according to the relationship where D is the diameter of the pipe, n is the number of chutes, and l is the chute width. The parameters vary in the following range: D = 50-800 mm and l = 20-50 mm. The chute height l1 =3-40 mm, the thickness of the pipe wall and the thickness of the chute wall

EFFECT: simplified structure and enhanced reliability.

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