Tidal power plant power module

FIELD: electricity-producing industry.

SUBSTANCE: tidal power plant power module comprises at a minimum one pair of tanks 10 that are linked to each other by the flexure link, which is connected to the drive that provides the electric generator shaft movement. The module has one upper open from the top for the water entry from the outside and one closed lower pools 2 and 1 that are linked to the mine 5. The mine 5 cuts off the interior space from the external environment and has vertical guides 6 suitable for the tanks 10 periodic reciprocating motion along the guides. The pool 2 is located in such a way that it provides the tanks 10 water admission through the drainage holes that are fitted with the sealed with regard to the pool 2 shutoff locking device suitable for its movement in the vertical plane.

EFFECT: invention allows to receive the environmentally friendly electric energy through the use of the affluxions with the elimination of the interruption of the power supply into the electric power system and with the efficiency factor increase.

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FIELD: power industry.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to hydraulic power engineering. The hydro-electric power plant contains frame-mounted 6 hydraulic turbine 1 designed with a possibility of rotation around a horizontal axis, kinematically connected with the electric generator 2, the flow shaper 5 designed as a confusor interconnected with the working channel where the hydraulic turbine 1, the anchor device, ballast vessel 11 and a guidance blade are located. In the plant the even number of hydraulic turbines 1 is used which are located symmetrically with reference to the longitudinal axis 22 of the unit along which axes of their rotation are aligned. The turbines 1 are rotated in opposite directions. The lower plane of the flow shaper 5 is placed horizontally. The ends of rods 7 of the anchor device fastened to the rope 8 interconnected with the anchor 9 are fixed on the slides 16 installed with a possibility of reciprocating movement along the stands 14 which are rigidly fixed on each side installations at its front end. The guidance blade is designed as two plates 13 fixed on the frame 6 on each side of the unit at its back end out of the hydrodynamic shadow of the flow shaper 5. Total length of the rope 8 and rods 7 exceeds the water area depth at the unit location.

EFFECT: invention provides reliable positioning of the device in the horizontal plane, at its placement without "sitting" to the water area bottom.

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FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to alternative sources of power, in particular, to tidal power plants. The method consists in the fact that a part of basin water area closed by a dam at the side of the sea, with a river flowing into it, exit of which into the sea is via hinged or pontoon gates only during ebb, together with the river bed from its mouth and to the dam is cut with the dam designed to create upper reach at the side of the river bed. The difference is discharged into lower reach via water conduits adjusted in the dam, to which submerged power units are connected. On the way of the river bed displaced by the dam to one of basin coasts, they install hinged or pontoon gates providing for only single-sided passage of a tidal wave into the water area of upper reach, providing for level difference necessary for turbines operation regardless of change in tide phases.

EFFECT: increased efficiency of power plant operation with lower costs and less time.

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Hydraulic unit // 2534642

FIELD: power industry.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to hydraulic unit for removal of energy from wave movement. Automatic adjustable hydraulic unit 200 for conversion of wave energy includes pump 201 intended for fluid medium pumping through hydraulic unit 200. Pump 201 has housing 202 forming chamber 203 and piston 207 allowing separation of chamber 203 into working compartment 208 and blind compartment 209. A provision is made for an activating element that is connected to piston 207. The inlet hole is interconnected with working compartment 208 of chamber 203 so that a provision of fluid medium flowing from the inlet hole to working compartment 208 of chamber 203 is provided. The outlet hole is interconnected with working compartment 208 of chamber 203 so that a possibility of fluid medium flowing from working compartment 208 of chamber 203 to the outlet hole is provided. A provision is made for a hydraulic control device having a possibility of control of pump 201 by controlling the fluid medium pressure at the inlet hole and the outlet hole so that optimisation of pump 201 output power as a response to tidal variations and/or sea state is provided. Control of the fluid medium pressure at the inlet hole and the outlet hole is performed in compliance with a control algorithm.

EFFECT: invention is aimed at achievement of higher volumes of production at lower costs.

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FIELD: power engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to power generator exploiting the water stream. Invention aims at production of power generator which can be immersed to required depth, lifted and stretched by running water. Power generator 10 comprises blades 12 secured to revolving closed chain 14 and at least one generator 60 designed to generate electric power and connected with closed circuit 14. Chain 14 extends between rotary discs 24 and moves in circles owing to thrust created by blades 12 under effects of surrounding water. Rotary discs 24 are fitted in appropriate frames 16, 18 which can be strongly secured together. Chain 14 moves freely between frames 16, 18 and around rotary discs 24. Drive 28 connected with universal joint 50 is connected to at least one rotary disc, generator 60 being connected to said joint.

EFFECT: continuous power generation.

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Tidal power station // 2525622

FIELD: power engineering.

SUBSTANCE: tidal station comprises dam with several water passages each with hydraulic turbine with blades and water flows forced through its hydraulic turbine, and engine room with electric generator. All hydraulic turbines are integrated by common shaft with electrical generator to make the set, common shaft being arranged along the dam. Water passages are composed of Z-like channel with mid part parallel with common shaft. Inlet and outlet section of S-like channels are inclined to common shaft. Electrical generator is rated to total power of all hydraulic turbines of the set. Integral design of engine room allows decreasing the dam width and application of high-power generators, hence upping the tidal station efficiency.

EFFECT: simplified design.

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FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: hydroelectric turbine includes stator 12 and shaftless rotor 14. Stator 12 restricts an opening in which rotor 14 is installed with possibility of being rotated. The opening allows rotation of rotor 14 about its central axis due to its shape and size, and movement in a circumferential direction of the opening, thus moving in the direction opposite to direction of rotor 14 rotation.

EFFECT: creation of an improved turbine that is characterised with a decreased friction of bearings, which occurs at its start-up, and provides the possibility of cleaning and cooling of bearings during its functioning, which improves operating characteristics of the turbine.

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FIELD: power industry.

SUBSTANCE: main and auxiliary vertical double blades are arranged on a turning cantilever. The axis of the main blade in a central part is connected to a casing on the cantilever end with a return spring, and its planes are fixed asymmetrically on the axis, i.e. with a larger surface area towards the cantilever attachment centre. The auxiliary blade has symmetrical planes and is kinematically connected to the main one through transmission ratio providing a larger turning angle to it. A multiplier is of combined type, and it has additional inner conversion relative to slow back-and-forth movement of the cantilever axis to increased one-way rotation of a multiple-pole generator. In case of an underwater design, axes of blades and cantilevers are equipped with waterproof sliding bearings excluding the need for additional sealing of inner volumes of the blade part of the cantilever and the load-carrying housing.

EFFECT: invention contributes to creation of surface and above-water, noiseless and safe wind driven units, as well as bottom hydraulic units in river, running and sea streams providing simple and compact designs with possibility of their being lifted to the surface for periodic inspection or repair.

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Hydraulic turbine // 2461731

FIELD: power industry.

SUBSTANCE: hydraulic turbine with transverse flow includes rotor installed so that it can be rotated about the axis. Rotor includes at least there blades for performing the rotor rotation about the axis when it is arranged in flowing water. Rotor includes multiple elements in the form of three-dimensional structure formed of triangles. At least one of the above elements includes one of the above blades. At least one blade is elongated and has a straight line. The above line is not parallel to the above axis and does not lie with it in one and the same plane.

EFFECT: invention allows increasing the turbine strength and providing the possibility of creation of extended horizontal structure.

18 dwg

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: proposed system comprises foundation 12, hydroelectric turbine 10 to rest on said foundation 12, and afloat sea ship 14 that allows detachment of said foundation. Ship 1 allows detachment of foundation 12 and its lowering, and/or lifting to position right under the ship, and its attachment to ship. Foundation 12 comprises support 32 to pass upward through ship 14 when foundation 14 is attached to ship from below. Ship 14 has opening 30 for foundation 32 to pass through when foundation 12 is mounted under ship 14 to allow turbine 10 mounted on support 32 to pass there through.

EFFECT: simplified mounting.

13 cl, 7 dwg

FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: proposed turbine comprises vaned rotor 34 vanes being arranged between inner ring 32 and outer ring 33. It is provided also with retaining appliances including mounting flanges 22, 23 and antifriction appliances including inserts 31 and bearings 72 limiting rotor biaxial displacement relative to housing 21. Water flowing in either direction actuates the turbine while retaining and antifriction means allow rotor to displace along the axis in both direction under effect of bidirectional water flow. Antifriction means limiting rotor axial displacement feature, preferably, increased thickness to allow rotor, as said means wear, to move axially relative to housing 21.

EFFECT: turbine operating in bidirectional water flow without turbine reorientation, axial displacement of rotor.

9 cl, 7 dwg

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to the impeller of Francis impeller for the hydraulic machine through which the forced water flow shall pass. The Francis impeller for the hydraulic machine contains rim (1) with symmetrical rotation around the rotation axis (Z) of the impeller, ceiling (12) and multiple bent blades (21) secured with rim (1) and ceiling (12), each of them has peripherical edge (212). Edge (212) of at least one of the blades (21) is bent and its concavity looks outside the impeller. Distance measured between any point of the edge (212) and straight line passing from one side through first point of interface between the edge (212) and rim (1), and from the other side through the second point of interface between the edge (212) and ceiling (12) is maximum at level of the intermediate point of the edge (212). Radius of the intermediate point is strictly lower the radius of first interface point and radius of second interface point.

EFFECT: invention designs the impeller which geometry ensure stabilisation of the impeller rotation speed during transient start-up phases at relatively low fall heights.

15 cl, 10 dwg

Inertial generator // 2553968

FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: device consists of interconnected vessels with the liquid 1, floats 2i, i = 1, …, 2, connectors 3i, i = 1, …, 2, converters of mechanical energy into electric one 4i, i = 1, …, 2.

EFFECT: solution of the problem of simplification and increase of production efficiency of electric energy for low-power self-contained units installed on moving objects.

1 dwg

FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the shore facilities, ensuring the use of wave energy with its subsequent conversion, for example into electric energy. Ramp wave energy storage unit comprises a storage pool that has fences against the wave forming water area. Part of the fence from the wave forming water area is designed in the form of optimal height of water storage barrier, which has the upper edge integrated with ramp, bevelled to the pool. The ramp is submerged into the wave forming water area by the bottom part and has horizontally placed channels from the front side with respect to the water area, providing the opportunity to take water from waves in case of wave setup on the ramp. Horizontally disposed channels have tubular outlets, through which water flows into the storage pool. Ramp wave energy storage unit provides the water flow into the storage pool not only in stormy weather, but also at moderate wave setups and back drafts at coasts of seas, lakes and other wave forming water areas.

EFFECT: invention makes it possible to ensure protection of onshore facilities and at the same time to accumulate the wave energy.

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FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: device comprises a floating element 10, which is placed onto the sea surface and connected to a pump, rigidly fixed to the sea bottom or to massive floatage 8. The pump is made in the form of a cylindrical pipe-shaped vertically arranged chamber 1 semi-submerged into the sea, which in its upper and lower parts is equipped accordingly with lower 3 and upper 6 nozzles. At the lower nozzle 3 there is a hose 4 with certain length arranged in water depth. In the chamber there is a piston in the form of an inlet check valve placed on the stem 9, which is made as capable of passing water in the chamber only in direction from the lower nozzle to the upper one and is connected by means of the stem 9 with a floating element 10. The piston may be made within a membrane 12 adjacent to the plane of a disc 11 made with through holes, axes of which are parallel to the axis of the disc.

EFFECT: simplified design, expanded area of application of a device for water lifting.

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FIELD: power industry.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to hydro power engineering. Device utilising tidal flow energy includes rotor 1 consisting of spiral vanes with segmented profile, attached by cross-beams to the shaft, and generator mounted on a platform and connected to the rotor. Lower end of rotor 1 shaft and generator connected to it are placed in a sealed capsule 2. Sealed capsule 2 rests on two bearing beams 4 with the help pf two pins 3 protruding from opposite sides of outer capsule surface and can rotate around horizontal axis perpendicular to the flow direction. Bearing beams 4 are attached to cylindrical cases 5, the ends of which are interconnected by braces 7 with segment-shaped cross-section turned with its convexity down and forming α angle to the horizon to produce lifting power directed towards the bottom.

EFFECT: simplified design, extended application range covering water areas of large-capacity navigation and ice cover.

4 dwg

FIELD: power industry.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to hydraulic power industry, particularly to wave and tidal power plants. Wave and tidal power plant includes buoyant tank 1 with at least one pulley 2 attached to it, at least one vertical underwater cylinder 3 connected by a flexible link 4 with anchor 5 set at the sea bottom, plunger 6 featuring at least one stem 8 and positioned inside the cylinder 3 with a possibility of reciprocal movement down under its own weight or spring or up along with buoyant tank 1 upheaval with a wave or tide, resulting in work medium suction and displacement from the cylinder 3 and transfer to an electric power generator or to the land. Cylinder 3 is buoyant and is located under water completely or partially, or is non-buoyant and is attached to levelled sea bottom. The cylinder 3 is connected to the plunger stem by flexible link 7 passing through the pulley 2 of buoyant tank 1, and thus the rising travel distance of the plunger 6 is approximately equal to two rising travel distances of the buoyant tank 1.

EFFECT: enhanced efficiency of the plant due to increased plunger travel amplitude.

8 cl, 3 dwg

FIELD: power industry.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the power industry, namely to sea wave energy removal devices in a near-shore area. A combined wave energy converter is made in the form of a hollow reinforced-concrete mass 1 forming a pool having the front (facing to the sea) wall 4 with inlet plate-like valves 8 in the underwater part and an inlet valve in the upper part and a rear wall 6 with an outlet water line and low-pressure hydraulic turbine 11 in the underwater part. The upper valve of the front wall 4 is made in the form of a floating pontoon 9 on a hinged connection, which is inclined inside the pool. On the upper edge of the rear wall there attached by means of a hinge is a flap 12 elevated above the water surface and retained in a vertical position with elastic couplings 13, which is capable of being swung by crests of big waves and has an additional line power takeoff device 14.

EFFECT: invention is aimed at the improvement of the wave energy takeoff efficiency, automatic control and coordination of operation of a combination of different working elements of the device.

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Wave power station // 2536413

FIELD: power industry.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to hydropower industry and can be applied in wave and tide power plants, and as shore protection structure. Wave power station includes vertical guide racks, cross-beam between them, bearing two turbine plants separated by space. Cross-beam can move in vertical direction on the racks to the turbine plant submersion depth depending on wave height. Additionally the wave power plant includes two dams between which waves pass, reflecting screens directing water stream to turbine plants and mounted on the cross-beam made in the form of metal frame, and one-side gate valves mounted on the dam ends. One turbine plant can be operated by a wave approaching the shore while the other plant can use retreating wave.

EFFECT: simplified device, expanded application scope and area for conversion of wave and tide energy to electric power.

3 dwg

FIELD: power engineering.

SUBSTANCE: run-of-river micro station comprises hydraulic turbine with blades 1, generator 7 fitted at pontoon 8 with anchor pole 9. Diverging blades 1 are curved in conical screw line or in conical logarithmic spiral. Front ends 2 of blades 1 bent through 90 degrees are secured inside hear case 3 at shaped bush 4. Rear ends 5 of blades 1 are secured to spider 6.

EFFECT: fast-assemble-disassemble portable run-of-river plant.

3 cl, 4 dwg

FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: electrohydraulic system contains multi-step concrete pedestals placed in one or more rows where the pedestals in the second row and next rows are placed in gaps between the pedestals in the previous rows. On the steps of the pedestals there are installed wave electric power stations united in the common power generating system, and their floats are placed awash. The pedestals are made as multi-step polygonal prisms, e.g., hexagonal ones, installed around the wave generator. The wave generator is made as a motor 3 mounted on a polygonal, e.g., hexagonal, platform 2, the motor shaft is coupled to a cam gear 4, on which a rod 5 lies with a ball 6 fixed at its end. The second end of the rod is fixed to the platform. The wave electric power stations are installed around the wave generator on multilevel polygonal, e.g., hexagonal prisms with their floats floating awash. All wave electric power stations are coupled to the unit of electric energy accumulation and distribution and the latter is coupled to the motor. Neighbouring groups of polygonal prisms around the wave generator are placed in damped wave zones.

EFFECT: invention of additional electric energy generating sources due to wave properties use of different natural water bodies.

3 dwg

Wave energy plant // 2286476

FIELD: wave-energy-to-electric-power conversion.

SUBSTANCE: proposed wave energy plant has supporting frame with vertical guides, float installed for vertical reciprocation that accommodates ratchet gears provided with coaxial central holes, shaft passed though these holes and fixed in supporting frame to laminar screw section whose top and bottom parts are twisted in opposition and contact ratchet gears disposed in cylindrical casing with through holes; it also has electric generator. Float is mounted for displacement along vertical guides and has inertial member disposed inside for rotation and displacement together with float; inertial member contacts inner surface of float casing through rollers. Cylindrical casing is joined with inertial member; electric generator is disposed within supporting frame and kinematically coupled through extensible joint between inertial member and drum installed for joint rotation with the latter and with gear transmission.

EFFECT: enhanced power output of wave energy plant generator.

1 cl, 1 dwg