Piling machine and method of driving pile elements in soil

FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a piling machine and a method for driving a pile element into the soil. The head part of the pile element is placed in a driving head on the underside of a drive impact unit, which is moved by a main winch and a main rope along a mast, and the pile element is driven to the vertical position for piling into the soil. The pile element is lifted by means of an auxiliary winch with an auxiliary rope from the lying position to the approximately vertical piling position, in which the head part of the pile element enters the driving head of the impact unit. During lifting the pile element to be driven, the main winch and the auxiliary winch are automatically controlled by control means simultaneously, so that during the lifting, the head part of the pile element is pressed against the driving head with a predetermined clamping force.

EFFECT: improving the work safety.

11 cl, 3 dwg



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FIELD: mining operations.

SUBSTANCE: device of the support guide of the drilling rig comprises a frame of the drilling rig; a guide connected to the frame of the drilling rig by the hinge axis. The guide is rotated at a predetermined angle; the main cylinders located on the drilling rig frame and on the guide, for rotation of the guide relative to the frame; a working part located with the ability of lifting along the guide, for carrying out the drilling process; the rotary guide housing connected to the frame of the drilling rig by the hinge axis; a guide rod made hingedly connected with the guide with the ability of rotation. The guide rod is sliding along the guide housing; and the unit of the guide position fixing, comprising a gripping assembly located on the guide housing for attaching the guide rod to the guide housing.

EFFECT: fixing the guide angle at an arbitrary position.

3 cl, 4 dwg

FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to the field of drilling, namely to blast-hole drilling in mines. The rock-drilling unit has an electric drive and comprises a bogie fitted with wheels for its movement; drilling boom designed with a possibility of movement using the manipulator actuating device with reference to the bogie; the drilling unit comprising the travel beam, rock-drilling unit, which comprises the percussion mechanism, axis arrangement and haulage for movement of the rock-drilling unit on the travel beam; a hydraulic system for drilling fitted with a hydraulic pump, the energy of pressure of which actuates one of drilling actuators; driving equipment comprising the driving electric motor and mechanical transmission device for transmitting of the driving force from the driving electric motor to wheels. The drilling hydraulic system pump and mechanical gearbox are designed with a possibility of being driven by the common electric motor. The drilling hydraulic system and mechanical gearbox are designed with a possibility of independent from each other connecting and disconnecting for enabling and disabling by the electric motor through clutches.

EFFECT: simplification of accommodation of the transmission system components in the travel mechanism is ensured.

8 cl, 8 dwg

FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: drilling device comprises a transport base with a platform, a telescopic mast with a drive and hydraulic cylinder of lifting, removable supports, a carriage with a hydraulic cylinder. The telescopic mast consists of steps made of tubes inserted into one another and interconnected by means of cables and blocks, each of which has locking wedges. The first step of the telescopic mast is a housing-base on which the hydraulic cylinders or the hoisting tackle are mounted, the retractable hydraulic supports. Along the entire length of the steps an opening is made, reinforced by longitudinal reinforcement ribs, at the ends of the steps the transverse reinforcement ribs are welded, and on the outer surface of the second and subsequent steps opposite the locking wedges the locking plate are welded. Lifting of the second step of the telescopic mast is carried out by means of the hydraulic cylinders or the hoisting tackle and each subsequent step is lifted from the previous one by cables and blocks. Inside the last step of the telescopic mast by means of cables and blocks a carriage is moved with the locking wedges mounted on it, opposite which along the entire length of the inner side of the last step the locking plates are welded, and in the carriage or on the top of the last step of the telescopic mast the upper drive can be mounted, consisting of a reducer with the master gear, along the perimeter of which the high-speed gears are made, driven directly by multispeed electric motor or a hydraulic motor, and during mounting the upper drive at the top of the last step inside the carriage a swivel shackle is mounted.

EFFECT: increased efficiency of drilling operations.

21 dwg

FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to mining industry, and namely to self-propelled rock-drilling machines used for drilling of blast holes in open pits. A caterpillar tread of a rock-drilling machine includes a cast supporting plate with internal and external eye lugs. On outer surface of the supporting plate there are grousers, and on its inner surface there is a raceway and a traction grip hook, the symmetry axis of which coincides with the symmetry axis of the supporting plate. On outer surface of the supporting plate there is also an unloading component in the form of a slot on outer surface of the supporting plate under the internal eye lug symmetrically to the symmetry axis of a longitudinal plate for elimination of concentration of stresses in the internal eye lug, which occur after casting at manufacture of the supporting plate. At movement of a caterpillar truck wheel along the raceway, no wall deflection occurs.

EFFECT: achieving increase of carrying capacity of a structure without any increase of its metal consumption.

6 dwg

FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to the field of drilling. The drilling rig used for drilling at the drilling sites and movable between the drilling sites, comprises a movable vehicle, the equipment of drive without the internal combustion engine to perform movement of the drill rig, comprising at least one electric motor and at least one electrical control device for actuating the transport mechanism, at least one energy accumulator, keeping at least the electricity required for the transport mechanism of the drill rig, at least one manipulator movable relative to the vehicle, at least one drilling machine mounted on at least one manipulator, and at least one control unit, at least one liquid cooling system connected to at least one electrical component affecting the movement of the drill rig, the control unit is able to regulate the cooling of the electric component connected to the liquid cooling system, which is preliminary cooled prior to the next movement of the transport mechanism.

EFFECT: preliminary preparation for the next rise in temperature when movement of the rig is provided.

27 cl, 6 dwg

FIELD: oil-and-gas industry.

SUBSTANCE: plant comprises movable track and drive assembly without ICE to displace the plant. Drive assembly comprises motor, electric drive system and transmission elements, jig displacing along said track and equipped with drill machine, control unit and user interface. Control unit comprises electric drive system load control means and control algorithm. User interface comprises speed controller. Proposed method comprises displacing the plant to drilling site, application the drive hardware, control over drive system load, intended overloading of electric drive system at displacement of the plant for limited time interval and notification of plant operation about overload. Speed controller comprises manual speed regulator. Speed regulator element has adjustment range wherein said load is adjusted in overload range exceeding the rated load.

EFFECT: higher efficiency.

16 cl, 9 dwg

FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to construction, namely to the operating construction machine for excavation. Machine comprises carrier vehicle, mast and cable winch mounted on the carrier vehicle, which comprises a frame of winch and rope drum mounted therein with possibility of rotation around the rotation axis. Cable winch is mounted on the carrier vehicle with the possibility of rotation around the first pivot axis with the first hinge pin. The following is provided: at least one rotating cylinder by means of which the cable winch can be rotated around the first rotation axis, the first pivot pin produced with the possibility of disconnection to release the first pivot axis and at least one second pivot pin, mounted on the cable winch to form the second pivot axis, spaced from the first pivot axis. Cable winch is designed with the possibility of rotation by means of the rotating cylinder around the second pivot axis, extending transversely to the rotation axis of the cable winch.

EFFECT: hinged rotation of the cable winch around two specified different pivot axes is provided.

10 cl, 8 dwg

FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: proposed outfit relates to mining, particularly, to self-propelled roller-bit drilling outfit. Said outfit comprises mast, engaged caterpillar carriages with frames and drive sprockets coupled with said carriages, carcass articulated with said mast and jacks coupled with said carcass. Drive of every said carriage is composed by epicyclic unit with its shaft engaged with the engine. Note here that epicyclic unit of every carriage is accommodated in rotary housing with drive sprocket attached at its outer surface. Engine shaft is aligned with epicyclic unit shaft while drive sprockets are arranged on carriage sides, opposite the mast.

EFFECT: stable position with lifted mast, sufficient efficiency.

7 dwg

Drilling rig // 2522472

FIELD: oil and gas industry.

SUBSTANCE: invention is related to drilling rigs and may be used for drilling wells for the purpose of seismic exploration, geological engineering survey, construction, etc. The drilling rig contains a mast with a bracket for its hinged fastening coupled to the mast by guiding elements, a carriage with a rotator placed on it, the means for mast rising and lowering, a mechanism in the form of a hydraulic cylinder for the carriage transfer to the bottom hole, the body of the above hydraulic cylinder is fixed rigidly to the mast while a piston is oriented upwards and rigidly connected to the carriage by a long load-bearing element covering the cylinder from outside. The long load-bearing element connecting the hydraulic cylinder piston with carriage is made as a tubular rod. At the upper end of the mast there are elements guiding this rod and coupled to its surface thus enabling translatory movement.

EFFECT: improving resistance of the above load-bearing element and hydraulic cylinder piston to lateral deflection as well as reducing wear and tear of its friction couples.

12 cl, 12 dwg

Drilling machine // 2521264

FIELD: process engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to drilling, particularly, to machine designed to drill wells in soil. Machine comprises carrier with hydraulic feed device, mast, skids displacing along said mast and skids driving hydraulic cylinder with piston with rod sliding therein. Note here that piston rod is secured at the mast while cylinder body is secured at said skids. One hydraulic control valve is secured at said skids and connected via at least one feed line and at least one central drain line with hydraulic feed device. Said hydraulic control valve is equipped with at least one hydraulic cylinder connector and at least one extra connector for drive motor at skids. Hydraulic cylinder is connected via hydraulic connector for hydraulic cylinder at skids with hydraulic feed device.

EFFECT: higher stability of the machine, ruled out overloads at hydraulic lines, minimised length of flexible movable hydraulic pipelines.

7 cl, 3 dwg

FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to the field of construction, namely, to the devices used for driving piles into the ground, piling bar, pipes and other building elements. Hydrohammer comprises the upper and lower cases, guide rails fixed in the upper and lower cases, helmet fixed in the lower case, hydraulic motor, comprising the pressure valve, containing the case, seat, dividing valve, designed with hole, connecting the cavities with each other from side of its front and rear ends, control pistons, drain valve, comprising the case, seat, separating valve, designed with hole, connecting the cavities with each other from side of its front and rear ends, control pistons, hydraulic cylinder, fixed on the upper case and comprising the piston, rod, connected with piston, rod cavity, constantly connected with the discharge manifold, and piston cavity connected both through the pressure valve to the discharge manifold, or through the drain valve to the drain manifold, impact weight moving up and down along the guide rails and connected to the rod, control unit, sliding valve, connected to the control unit and pressure and drain valves. Hydrohammer is provided with flam rod, disposed in the piston cavity of hydraulic cylinder and connected with piston. The discharge valve in the hydraulic motor is further comprising the spring, disposed between the valve body and control piston.

EFFECT: exclusion of "short circuit" effect is provided in case of pressure change-over between the pressure and drain pipelines during operation of hydrohammer with frequency from 120 to 240 beats per minute, increase of fast action, reliability and stability of operation are achieved and, as a consequence, the increased efficiency factor of hydrohammer.

8 cl, 1 dwg, 1 tbl

FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: device comprises a main impact assembly mounted in the hole of the transition element, and at least one additional impact assembly mounted on the axis of the main impact assembly in an additional opening in the transition element, and connected to this transition element.

EFFECT: increased speed of battering the rod element in the soil by increasing the frequency of strokes and occurrence of effect of soil liquefaction.

7 cl, 6 dwg

FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: method to control a pile-driving hydrohammer consists in switching of two two-position valves, one of which periodically communicates a piston cavity of a hydraulic cylinder with a drain manifold, the other periodically communicates a cylinder bottom with the cylinder head. Each valve is controlled from a separate electrohydraulic distributor, signals for switching of which are generated by a controller during interaction of a mobile element of a hammer with a position sensor. Opening of any valve starts at full or partial closure of the other valve, besides, the specified sequence of the valves switching is provided by time delays of actuation of electrohydraulic distributors set by the controller from the moment of interaction of the mobile element of the hammer with the position sensor.

EFFECT: invention provides for a stable cycle of operation of a hydraulic pile-driving hammer.

1 dwg

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: pile driving hammer comprises tubular body, impact body, impact body lift two hydraulic cylinders, fluid pressure control valve, pressure and discharge fluid lines. Two lift-drop devices are arranged at hydraulic cylinder rod ends and equipped with metal shields. Two proximity sensors are arranged at tubular body to interact with metal shields. Hydraulic cylinder piston ends make a closed working fluid chamber communicated via pipes while fluid pressure control valve interacts with cylinder rod ends only.

EFFECT: accelerated fall of impact mass approximating to free fall velocity, replace ability, lower material input, simplified design.

6 dwg

FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: driver comprises an anvil block, which is installed in an open frame and reciprocally moves by a hydraulic system, being in contact with water. A stem of a piston is placed in the piston cylinder and is attached by one end to the anvil block via a connecting mechanism. At the same time an outer source of hydraulic capacity is applied with a hydraulic chain on board. The connecting mechanism creates a connection between the piston stem and the anvil block as capable of transition, substantially, between a stiff lifting connection and substantially a soft connection for impact, preventing loss of stability with the piston stem, when the anvil block makes a strike in the extreme lower point. One version of realisation of the connecting mechanism includes a hollow body, which comprises opposite longitudinal slots, a rod sliding in the hollow body, which is connected in a sliding manner by a pin in one end of the opposite slots and rigidly connects by a pin in the other end of opposite slots to the anvil block, with a spring in the hollow body, creating a displacing action for pushing of the rod to the anvil block.

EFFECT: simplified operation, reduced dimensions of a system.

15 cl, 9 dwg

FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: machine includes case, striker, forward stroke chamber, reverse stroke chamber, and additional chamber in the case, work fluid inlet and discharge ducts between case and striker, control duct and additional duct, tool, work fluid supply, accumulator, hydraulic distribution valve connecting forward stroke chamber either with work fluid supply or with drain to a tank; control chamber of hydraulic distribution valve is permanently connected via control duct to additional chamber, and distribution valve slide is spring-loaded by a load equal to force in control chamber of hydraulic distribution valve at work fluid pressure equal to P3 preset value. Forward stroke chamber is connected via hydraulic distribution valve to work fluid supply, accumulator and reverse stroke chamber by additional duct via reverse valve when strike is delayed and the system reaches preset P3 pressure value before forward stroke of striker, or by additional duct via reverse valve and by work fluid inlet and discharge duct from forward stroke chamber when striker starts forward stroke. Additional chamber is connected to work fluid supply, accumulator and reverse stroke chamber at the end of reverse stroke of striker, and to drain to a tank at the end of forward stroke of striker. Case, striker and work fluid inlet and discharge duct of forward stroke chamber can form closed circuit of work fluid in forward stroke chamber at the end of reverse stroke of striker.

EFFECT: enhanced efficiency of hydraulic shock machine, improved seismic signal due to elimination of repeated impact of striker on tool by delaying the striker before forward stroke starts.

1 dwg

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: adjustable impact machine includes a housing, a hammer, chamber of forward and backward stroke, a working tool and a control device containing a spool valve and a stock interacting with it, a water motor, an exhaust nozzle, a control nozzle, a turning spring, a throttle and a working medium source. Spool valve is of rotating type, and a shaft is used as stock, on which spool valve, water motor and turning spring operating for closing of spool valve at absence of action of control pulse Pcontr of working medium pressure on the water motor from the control nozzle are installed. Exhaust nozzle is connected via outlet and inlet holes of spool valve at its open position to backward-stroke chamber and through the above throttle to the working medium source; at that, exhaust nozzle and control nozzle are oriented to the water motor with possibility of the spool valve opening. Its housing is equipped with a control chamber, and control device is equipped with a vacuum ejector, a check valve and a vacuum control connected to the forward-stroke chamber. Control chamber is connected to control nozzle, and through backward-stroke chamber in upper position of the hammer and the above throttle to the working medium source and through the inlet and outlet holes of the spool valve, vacuum ejector and check valve to forward-stroke chamber, which is made in the form of a vacuum spring.

EFFECT: increasing operating efficiency of adjustable impact machine owing to reducing power consumption; improving operation reliability owing to simplifying the design.

1 dwg

Impact device // 2443863

FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: in the impact device a distribution valve comprises a body with a three-staged sleeve that moves in it, the first step of which, least in diameter, is arranged at one end of the sleeve, is permanently placed in an insulated cavity, communicated with a discharge line, and the third stage, largest in diameter, arranged at the opposite end of the sleeve, is coupled with the inner side surface of the case, which near the end of the specified stage has a circular bore, communicated with the discharge line, and is equipped with a circular ledge for periodic contact with a sealing belt at the end of the third stage. The inner cavity of the sleeve that is open at the side of the third stage end by means of radial holes in the wall and the circular bore at the external side surface of the second stage periodically communicates with the circular bore inside the valve body connected to the drain line, and using holes in the wall of the first stage it continuously communicates with the cavity formed by the inner bore of the body, the external side surface of first stage and the end surface of the second stage. In the valve body there is a circular bore, which forms a control cavity together with the external surface of the third stage and the circular ledge of the second stage, and by means of a check valve and a pilot slide valve it communicates with the upper coaxial recess in the chamber of the device travel at one position, and with the drain line - at the other position of the specified slide valve.

EFFECT: higher efficiency of the device operation and simplified design.

3 cl, 1 dwg

FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: invention comprises a percussion mass, a guide unit of the percussion mass, a unit of percussion mass lifting, comprising a body, in the cavity of which there is a distributing device, an intermediate guide bushing (hereinafter - a bushing) and a working chamber. At the same time the bushing is placed between the body of the lifting unit and the guide unit and has a circular ledge on the inner surface and a limiter of the reverse motion of the percussion mass, and also holes for supply of compressed air into the working chamber. At the same time the latter is formed by an elastic circular valve installed in the circular groove on the external surface of the front part of the percussion mass, the inner surface of the bushing and the end of the stepped rod, which is a stepped tail of the tool. The distributing device is made in the form of an elastic circular cut-off valve installed in the circular groove on the outer surface of the bushing, and the body of the lifting unit has a channel for inlet of compressed air into the lifting unit body cavity and into the working chamber. Both valves are installed with the possibility of interaction with inner surfaces of the bushing and the lifting unit body.

EFFECT: increased efficiency of pneumatic percussion machine operation due to reduced losses of an impact pulse in a stepped rod and availability of the possibility to only produce a single impact by a command with saving of compressed air, and also increased reliability of its operation due to simplified design.

1 dwg

FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: device has a striker at working end, impact mass at the opposite end, guide unit for moving of impact mass up and down, lifting unit. Lifting unit has a frame, at side of which there are holes arranged - inlet and outlet ones to air line. Inside body there are pneumatic chambers - accumulating one and working one, arranged with the possibility for piston under the weight to enter it, and distributing element in the centre of body in the form of stem, where valve is located, which closes exhaust hole between working and accumulating chambers, which is located in central upper part of body. The difference of proposed device is availability of additional damper and control pneumatic chambers, arranged one over the other - damper one is higher, control one is below, and availability of partition in damper chamber, which divides chamber into upper and lower parts. Partition has a vertical channel for passage of stem and connection of damper chamber parts over and under partition. The difference is also availability of two pistons: upper and lower ones, with arrangement of the lower one under damper chamber, upper one - under accumulating chamber.

EFFECT: possibility to accurately select impact force with account of soil density and gravity.

1 dwg

FIELD: road building, mining, construction engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to road building and repair machines. Proposed impact plant for driving-in guard posts has base chassis which carries platform body, mast with hydraulic cylinder, slider and hydraulic hammer and mechanism for setting mast in working position. Mast setting mechanism consists of two articulated levers, first being connected by one end through common axle with faceplate mounted on platform body and provided with several fixed positions, and by other end, with second lever on free end of which mast is secured by universal joint. Levers are arranged for control by hydraulic cylinders with floating pistons. One of control hydraulic cylinders is installed between faceplate and first lever, and the other is arranged between levers. Hydraulic hammer is mounted on slider arranged on mast and suspended from wire rope passing over movable sheave connected with rod of hydraulic cylinder secured on mast. Other end of wire rope is connected with mast installed for crosswise and longitudinal tilting by means of control hydraulic cylinders. Hydraulically operated pivot with cutout is installed on lower end of mast. Shackle is freely mounted on lever joint and is connected by one tie-rod with faceplate and by other tie-rod, with universal joint.

EFFECT: enlarged operating capabilities and increased capacity of machine.

7 dwg