FIELD: human vital needs satisfaction.

SUBSTANCE: refrigerator includes a box-shaped housing, including an outer shell formed from an outer housing and an inner housing. The outer shell includes: a top wall; a rear wall; side walls; and a bottom wall. The box housing has a storage compartment formed inside the outer shell and has an opening formed on the front side of the box housing; a vacuum heat-insulating material disposed between a portion of the inner body and a portion of the outer housing, corresponding to the rear wall, one of the side walls, the other of the side walls, the top wall or the bottom wall forming the storage compartment; and a heat-insulating foam loaded between the vacuum heat-insulating material and the inner housing. The wall with vacuum heat-insulating material has a thickness in the range from 20 mm to 40 mm. The thickness of heat-insulating material after foaming is 10 mm or less. The ratio of the thickness of the heat-insulating foam relative to the sum of the thickness of the heat-insulating foam and the thickness of the vacuum heat-insulating material is 0.3 or less.

EFFECT: increasing the heat insulation and strength characteristics with increasing the useful volume of the refrigerator.

20 cl, 28 dwg



Same patents:

FIELD: packaging industry.

SUBSTANCE: basket for storage of food products in a temperature-controlled environment comprises a substantially horizontal base connected with a plurality of walls extending upwardly to form a container, a partition provided for separating the basket into a plurality of storage areas, a guide which is connected to the container and extends parallel to the upper periphery of the container, a fixture element which is attached to the partition. The partition is configured with the ability of lateral adjustment along the guide element without unlocking the fixture element.

EFFECT: use of the present invention provides usability of the basket.

10 cl, 5 dwg

FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to an embedded detail for fastening the electrical component on the housing wall of the electrical household appliance. The embedded detail is located behind the respective hole in the housing wall and is supported by an elastic sealing edge enclosing a hole, on the back side of the housing wall. According to the invention the embedded detail is fitted with a number of fasteners, which protrude from the housing with formation of clearance between them and sealing edge. The clearance is selected so that the section of the housing wall on the hole edge is fitted into it. These fasteners are distributed so that at any section of the sealing edge the sufficient clamping force is ensured. The invention also relates to electrical household appliances and method of mounting of embedded details.

EFFECT: use of given group of inventions will allow to implement a reliable fixing of embedded details with simplicity of its design.

9 cl, 6 dwg

FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: lighting device for electric appliances, in particular, an internal lighting device for domestic refrigerating apparatus with the lower part intended for installation of lighting device, and the upper part, fastened on the lower part, is offered. On the upper and on the lower part several elements of conjugation with geometrical closure intended for fastening of the upper part on the lower part are located. The named elements can go into engagement by longitudinal shift of the upper part (20) in the plane of engagement with reference to the lower part. On the upper part in the front area there are two hooks, which are engaged with elements of conjugation with geometrical closure on the lower part. The elements of conjugation are designed with a possibility of hooking from below. The method of mounting of the lighting device comprises the positioning of the lower part on the housing wall. The upper part is fastened on the lower part, for this purpose the upper part is mounted on the lower part and moved together in the plane of engagement with reference to the lower part, as a result the located on the upper and the lower parts the elements of conjugation with geometrical closure engage each other. The elements of conjugations located in the lower part with geometrical closure, are hooked from below.

EFFECT: given group of inventions allows to simplify the mounting of the lighting device.

10 cl, 4 dwg

FIELD: heating.

SUBSTANCE: refrigeration device comprises a housing and an evaporator placed in the housing. In the inner wall of the housing a recess is formed. The evaporator is mounted on the housing by the guide, which is located in the recess of the inner wall. The recess comprises a stop, and the guide - the stop element. The stop and the stop element interact in such a way that the movement of the guide from the recess is limited by the contact of the stop element with the stop. Method of manufacturing the refrigeration device comprises the following steps: forming the recess with the stop on the internal wall of the housing of the refrigeration device and placing in the recess of the inner wall of the guide with the stop element, which is designed for attachment of the evaporator. The stop and the stop element interact so that axial displacement of the guide from the recess is limited by the contact of the stop element with the stop.

EFFECT: use of this group of inventions enables to improve the thermal properties of the refrigerator.

19 cl, 8 dwg

FIELD: heating.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a refrigerating unit, and namely to a domestic refrigerating unit that includes an internal housing with a hole located on the front side, which can be closed with a door, and is intended for removal and/or laying of cooled products, a draw-out container for storage of cooled products and supporting elements to provide support for the draw-out container for cooled products on the internal housing. Each of the supporting elements located on opposite sides of the container for cooled products includes at least one supporting roller moving at least along one guide of the internal housing. At least one guide includes at least one section that is made with an inclination in the direction of the rear wall of the internal housing. The section that is made with an inclination in the direction of the rear wall of the internal housing has an inclination that corresponds at least to height of the section of the supporting roller projecting from the bottom of the container for cooled products.

EFFECT: use of this invention provides creation of a container with a cheap supporting element providing easy drawing-out and drawing-in of a container.

9 cl, 5 dwg

FIELD: heating.

SUBSTANCE: refrigeration apparatus, in particular household refrigeration apparatus, such as a refrigerator or freezer, which comprises a cooled cavity limited with sidewalls, and at least one shelf which rests with the ability of extension on at least one first rib which protrudes from the sidewall into the cooled cavity. On the shelf a sliding cam is provided, and on at least one rib there is a stop cam which limits the extension of the shelf. Hook is also provided which comprises at least one first rib in the vertical direction with at least substantially a form closure and can be disengaged with at least one first rib. The sliding cam and the hook are located in the part of the rear side of the shelf.

EFFECT: use of the present invention provides simplification of the design of the refrigeration apparatus with a removable shelf.

17 cl, 12 dwg

FIELD: personal use articles.

SUBSTANCE: refrigeration device contains a chamber for fresh products and a freezing chamber. Positioned inside the chamber for fresh products is the refrigerator casing. The casing includes one or more recesses for brackets accommodation. Each bracket can be detachably installed inside the recess so that, while the bracket is inserted into the recess, the bracket and the recess form an essentially even surface in the inner chamber.

EFFECT: this invention usage allows to ensure reduction of the space inside the chamber for fresh products that is taken up by the brackets.

6 cl, 8 dwg

FIELD: heating.

SUBSTANCE: housing of a refrigerating device includes an inner shell, and outer shell and an insulating material layer between the inner shell and the outer shell. The outer shell includes a metal end plank, on which a slot restricted by an inlet chamfer is formed and which is intended to receive the edge of the inner shell. The slot is divided in longitudinal direction at least into one first section and one second section. Width of the inlet chamfer in the second section is less than its width in the first section.

EFFECT: use of this invention allows improving insulating effect of the refrigerating device housing at a simpler structure.

14 cl, 6 dwg

Refrigerating unit // 2512324

FIELD: heating.

SUBSTANCE: refrigerating unit includes the first storage compartment, the second storage compartment, at least one parameter of which is controlled irrespectively of the first storage compartment, and a separating element that separates the first storage compartment from the second storage compartment. According to this invention, the separating element includes a thermally isolated space that is tightly closed and filled with inert gas. The separating element includes a channel that is hydraulically connected to the second storage compartment. Additionally, the separating element includes a lower plate that is located below the second glass plate. The lower plate is located at some distance from the second glass plate so that a channel is formed.

EFFECT: use of this invention provides reliable insulation between two storage compartments.

9 cl, 5 dwg

FIELD: heating.

SUBSTANCE: refrigerating unit, and namely a domestic refrigerating unit, includes a housing with an internal cavity enclosed with walls and an open front side. In the housing wall that passes from the front side of the housing inward there is at least one slot closed with light-permeable glass, in which at least one LED unit is located. Glass is transparent at least in some places, and a light cone of the LED unit is fully located in the internal cavity.

EFFECT: use of this invention allows minimising light losses at supply to the internal cavity, and blinding of a user will be prevented as much as possible.

17 cl, 5 dwg

FIELD: heat vacuum insulation, for example, in refrigerators or domestic ovens.

SUBSTANCE: the heat-insulating wall has two external vacuum-tight layers. They are positioned at a distance from each other and vacuum-tightly connected with the aid of a connecting profile passing along then. The space between the walls and the profile is filled with vacuumized heat-insulating material. The profile consists of several sections. In annular zones of the heat-insulating wall the sections of the connecting profile are made integral. The profile may have a U-shaped cross-section. The elements of the profile sections are interconnected by welding.

EFFECT: provided leak-proofness of vacuum insulation due to absence of a joint point and piling of welded joints in angular zones; provided required profile geometry determined by functional-technical considerations, since the angular sections are preliminary manufactured parts.

9 cl, 3 dwg

FIELD: general constructional features of refrigeration equipment, particularly walls.

SUBSTANCE: refrigerator has heat-insulated body with outer wall and inner chamber enclosed with the body. Liner of the inner chamber is formed by inner container. Inner chamber is cooled with evaporator. At least one flat inclined wall surface is formed between vertical wall and upper wall of inner container. Evaporator overlaps inclined wall surface and is located on outer side of inner container facing outwards relative inner chamber and is in thermal contact with inner container.

EFFECT: reduced thermal stratification or lamination of chamber interior into layers with different temperature.

5 cl, 7 dwg

Refrigerator case // 2263256

FIELD: general constructional features of refrigeration equipment, particularly walls.

SUBSTANCE: refrigerator case comprises outer shell, which encloses refrigerator interior and at least one intermediate bottom arranged inside the case. Intermediate bottom has at least one core preformed of solid foamed material. The core is secured to inner wall of case shell. The core comprises sealing means, which provide sealing of spaces defined by intermediate bottom, namely by upper chamber and lower chamber. The sealing means are arranged on side ends of the core.

EFFECT: reduced costs for intermediate bottom production and simplified installation thereof.

11 cl, 4 dwg

FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: heat-insulating wall comprises two covering layers that are spaced and interconnected by means of a connecting member. The space between the wall and the member is filled with the evacuated heat-insulating material. The covering layers may be provided with through openings. The branch pipe mounted in the space interconnects the layers.. The branch pipe is flanged at the both ends. The outer wall of the flange is tightly secured to the inner side of the covering layers. The opening may be made in one of the covering layer. The outer wall of the flange is tightly secured to the outer wall of the covering layer.

EFFECT: enhanced reliability.

18 cl, 4 dwg

FIELD: refrigeration or cooling.

SUBSTANCE: system comprises source of cooled air, fan, and air ducts. The container is cooled by cold air flowing through the distributor with slots and cross-pieces that separate the air jets.

EFFECT: enhanced rate of cooling.

3cl, 10 dwg

Refrigerator // 2299383

FIELD: designs of refrigerators.

SUBSTANCE: refrigerator with inner cavity restricted by heat insulation housing and door and having plate type evaporator arranged on wall of housing for cooling inner cavity and placed at least on part of wall of lower (at working position of refrigerator) zone of inner cavity. Refrigerating capacity of evaporator in its part related to lower and to upper zones respectively is calculated in such a way that in upper zone of inner cavity lower temperature is achieved in comparison with temperature achieved in lower zone of inner cavity. Evaporator is made, practically in the form of rectangle in one angle of which in part of wall related to lower zone cutout is formed. Or evaporator has in part of wall related to lower zone region with lowered refrigerating capacity in comparison with refrigerating capacity of remaining surface of evaporator. In front of said region inside inner cavity of refrigerator extensible shelf is arranged.

EFFECT: possibility for creating inside inner space of refrigerator zone suitable for storing drinks.

11 cl, 10 dwg

FIELD: refrigeration or cooling.

SUBSTANCE: end lining comprises two shelves and cross-piece that connects the shelves. The shelves and cross-piece define the walls and the bottom of the groove, respectively. One of the shelves has at least one projection directed inward the groove, and the cross-piece has a section of reduced strength that is capable to expand. The end lining is used for making the refrigerator shelf made of a glass plate.

EFFECT: enhanced of reliability of fastening refrigerator shelves.

13 cl, 10 dwg

FIELD: fastening element for attaching an object to thin wall incapable of holding significant load, and also fastening system, which uses such a fastening element.

SUBSTANCE: fastening element for attaching an object to a thin wall, installed on the side of the wall, opposite to the side, onto which the element to be fastened is supposed to be installed, consists of a head, neck and leg, positioned one behind the other in axial direction. Neck circle has first radius. Leg has at least one skirt projecting beyond the circle with second radius, which is more than first radius. On a part of its perimeter the head has side shelves projecting beyond first radius, while suspension for element being fastened is made on the head. Fastening system includes a wall and at least one aforementioned fastening element with leg, head and skirt, inserted into wall window. The leg of the fastening element is on the first side of the wall, the head of fastening element is on the second side of the wall, the skirt of fastening element is adjacent to first side of the wall.

EFFECT: possible fastening of heavy objects to a wall with low lifting capacity, fastening element is simple, cheap and fast to mount.

2 cl, 14 dwg

FIELD: refrigeration equipment.

SUBSTANCE: refrigerator interior structure is made as inner container or inner refrigerator wall and has surface layer provided with antimicrobial and/or fungicidal silver composition covering and substrate substantially free of silver composition. Inner container or inner wall is created of flat polymeric material sheet by coextrusion of two raw material portions. The first portion includes polymeric material or polymeric material mixture substantially free of silver compositions. The second portion contains the same polymeric material or mixture thereof including silver composition.

EFFECT: prevention of microbe or fungi growth inside refrigerator in difficult-to-access refrigerator zones.

6 cl

FIELD: refrigeration equipment.

SUBSTANCE: refrigerator comprises heat-insulating body defining inner space, which is separated into upper and lower compartments with partition. At least one inner body wall is joined with evaporator. Space is created between said two compartments. Partition wall is installed inside refrigerator in front of inner wall joined to evaporator. The partition wall defines air channel extending along inner wall. The space is created at air channel and connects lower air channel part with lower part of refrigerator interior.

EFFECT: increased intensity of cold air flow in separated lower compartment of refrigerator interior, improved product storage.

18 cl, 8 dwg