Rotary machine

FIELD: machine engineering.

SUBSTANCE: rotary machine includes a stator 1, a cylindrical rotor 2 arranged therein and filled with liquid for rotation thereof with the same angular velocity as the rotor 2. A through reactive port 6 is made in lower part of the rotor 2 on cylindrical surface for rotation of rotor due to energy of liquid, outflowing from the port 6. In upper end wall 8 of the rotor, there is a suction port 9 which is connected in series by means of manifold 10 and adjustable valve 11 with a liquid supply source 13 located above. In the lower part of the stator 1, there is the same adjustable drain valve 16.

EFFECT: providing serviceability of the rotary machine and expansion of its technical possibilities.

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FIELD: power industry.

SUBSTANCE: hydroelectric power station at water flow in cut-off basin with natural or artificial water head contains eddies in cylindrical basin and central neck of discharge outlet. With forced water flow along horizontal plane cylindrical basin 1 contains along the axis accelerator 2 with blasting chamber 3 on the one side and spreader 6 on the other side. Spread flow is directed between two side oval abutments 4 at turbine blade 5 with horizontal axis of rotation, which is installed at edge of spreader 6. Rotation of turbine 5 is transferred to gearbox 7 and generator 8. Gearbox 7 and generator 8 are located outside basin 1. Spreader 6 spreads flow into two sleeves and directs them to two lateral sides of basin 1. Then flow turns around oval abutments 4 and then directed to jet of accelerator 2.

EFFECT: device allows creation of completely independent power generation plant that does not require dam or derivational water heads and location in direct vicinity to rivers; it allows use of pressure derivation of natural water flow.

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FIELD: power industry.

SUBSTANCE: method for generating electric energy on closed water current with forced acceleration consists in the fact that in the cylinder of single unit the water current is accelerated in forced way with blast wave creating vertical closed flow head acting on hydraulic turbine blades. Complexes are composed of single units and arranged in closed circular reservoirs which are filled with water. Guide cone is installed in the centre of each cylinder. Blasting chambers are arranged outside the reservoir housing.

EFFECT: providing the possibility of constructing hydroelectric power stations operating according to this method, in workshop conditions and supplying them ready for use to consumer.

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FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to control facilities for automatic gearshift on bicycle when fluid pressure changes which operates when angular velocity changes with subsequent connecting auxiliary force from bushing of rotating wheel for rear gear selector operation. Spring-loaded control link (9) is rotated by bushing (8) of front wheel and is connected with device for shifting control link (9) depending on increase or decrease of bicycle speed. The device for shifting control link (9) contains circular screw (21) which is fixed relative to axis of the front wheel and circular channel (22) which is attached to control link (9). Circular screw (21) enters with gap into circular channel (22) with high-viscosity substance (23). Equilibrium of the link (9) between butt ends of half couplings (10, 11) is provided by spring and pressure of high-viscosity substance (23) which is charged by circular screw (21). When motion speed increases the pressure of charged substance (23) also increases, and the link (9) joins with threaded half clutch (11) movable on threaded axis section (7). Subsequent displacement of threaded half clutch (11) along axis (7) via cable (6) controls rear selector to switch chain from large sprocket to smaller sprocket. When motion speed decreases the pressure of charged substance (23) also decreases and the link (9) joins with reverse half clutch (10) which rotates threaded half clutch (11) in reverse direction via ball-type satellites (14). As a result of reverse displacement along axis (7), threaded half clutch (11) via cable (6) controls rear selector to switch chain from smaller sprocket to larger sprocket.

EFFECT: design simplification and dimensions and weight reduction.

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FIELD: physics; measuring.

SUBSTANCE: invention concerns water-power engineering field, namely to methods of determination of rates of flux of a fluid in pipelines of major diameters of hydroelectric power stations at Reynolds numbers Re>>1x106. The first method lies in determination of local quantities of velocities of a stream on radiuses of traversal section of the pipeline. Break traversal section of the pipeline into 3-8 ring segments of equal volumes at their warrants. Then spot areas of their foundation beds and calculate co-ordinate x0 of points of measuring concerning centre of section of the pipeline on the basis of the Nikuradze power law In points x0 erect hydrometric revolving objects, measure medial velocity of a stream in each segment and count the full rate of flux. According to the second method, radiate an impulse under an acute angle "α" to a direction of a motion of a stream on a chord of traversal section of the pipeline ultrasonic. Then measure time its passages to direct and return directions also spot medial velocities of a stream on a stream chord. On the basis of the Nikuradze power law gain a distribution function of medial quantities of velocities on chords and spot weight coefficients. Determine the total of weight coefficients equal unity. Measure medial velocity of a stream on corresponding chords and calculate the fluid rate of flux.

EFFECT: raising accuracy of measurings on quantity to 10%.

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FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to water-power engineering and can be used in construction of mobile water power stations. The proposed floating power-generating set incorporates turbines representing the bodies of revolution furnished with the elements regularly arranged on their side surfaces and being in semisubmerged condition in water flow, the said elements being coupled by a flexible joint. Note also that the proposed set comprises a riverbed anchor and a generator fitted on the said flexible joint and linked up with the riverbed anchor with the help of flexible link. The said riverbed anchor transmits, via a flexible cable, generated electric power to loads. Note that the floating turbines are coupled in pairs and arranged cascade-like along the flow and can align themselves relative to the water flow.

EFFECT: exploiting the energy of top water flows without shutting-off water flow section.

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FIELD: hydropower engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to wind and water power engineering and may be used both in wind engines and as a propelling device on a mobile platform. A turbine comprising a vertical rotation shaft, horizontal supports being rigidly attached to the shaft and arranged in a row in least two directions around the shaft and fitted longwise with blades that are arranged about vertical axes, mounted to the supports and capable of turning limited by fixing devices. The turbine is equipped with radial horizontal masts, rigidly connecting the supports to the shaft, and sails, the upper part of which is attached to the masts and capable of turning, while the range of turning is limited with two adjustable stops. The supports are attached to the masts at a straight or an obtuse angle oppositely to the rotation direction. The blades have the form of a tubular member made of a flexible material, fitted snugly over a vertical reinforced axis and a vertical hard edge, that is detached from the axis by spring-loaded elements. The sails may have the form of tubular members made of an elastic material and fitted snugly and incapable of axial displacement about a horizontal reinforced axis being capable of rotating about the mast and a horizontal hard edge being detached from the axis by spring-loaded elements. The turbine maybe fitted with at least one additional row of masts with supports, wherein the masts of adjacent rows are offset in a circumferential direction and a build-up shaft is used being capable of adjustable changing its height.

EFFECT: stable and energy efficient operation at high speeds and gusts of wind.

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FIELD: power engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to systems of power generation using sea currents. Proposed system contains body of revolution with front inlet side and rear outlet side, at least one transmission member connecting inlet side with generator. Body of revolution has conical and/or bulb-shaped section changing in direction of inlet side from cylindrical narrow section and conical and/or flat section passing in opposite direction from outlet side. Narrow section of body of revolution is provided with turbine blades, arranged over circumference and equally space, designed to provide rotation of body of revolution whose front end is connected to transmission member and serves to transmit rotation to generator. Inner surface of external wall of body of revolution contains blades arranged over circumference and designed to eliminate friction created by liquid inside body of revolution.

EFFECT: increased efficiency at relatively low expenses.

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FIELD: oil producing industry.

SUBSTANCE: proposed osmotic power plant is designed for transfer of highly mineralized waters, for instance, associated waters at oil and gas production. Plant contains reservoir, diaphragm device made in form of set of modules of hollow-fiber type, pump for delivering highly mineralized solution to diaphragm device with hydraulic system piping with shutoff-and-regulating valves and pipeline to deliver fresh water or low mineralized solution. Reservoir is essentially pressure reservoir with drain and inlet branch pipes and outlet branch pipe connected to pump included into unit of turbopump converter consisting also of starting mechanism, matching reducer and turbine connected to diaphragm device and external pipeline.

EFFECT: enlarged operating capabilities.

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Water engine // 2224134
The invention relates to engine and can be used in various industries, can be used as a source of energy supply in isolated, remote from the centralized power supply of objects in a location where there are conditions for engine operation

The invention relates to the field of power engineering, namely to clean energy installations, working from hydrostatic pressure source

Downcomer // 2556452

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: downcomer contains input and main sections with walls limited by surfaces of rotation. Walls of input and main sections are provided with internal superhydrophobic film coating. Wall of the main section is made in form of connected power mesh and internal superhydrophobic film with system of microholes. Axes of the microholes make with the pipe axis directed from input section to output of the main section the angle from 90 to 160 degrees.

EFFECT: reduced lifting force.

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FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: floating microhydrosolar power station relates to renewable power sources and is intended for supply with the low electric power of residential and non-residential premises, electric and electronic devices, street lighting devices, and also social and field-based facilities located near the flat current rivers, streams, channels, spillways. The power plant uses two renewable energy sources, in particular, water and solar energy simultaneously. The water energy is taken by means of Ugrinsky two-stage turbine with hydrodynamic profile blades. Blades of one stage are turned with reference to another stage by 90 that eliminates unevenness of speed of rotation of this turbine. The water energy conversion directly into electricity is performed by means of the magnetoelectric generator. The solar energy is taken by means of the solar photo-electric modules placed on an external surface of the hemispherical dome located on the hollow cylindrical housing over Ugrinsky armatures. Inside the hemispherical dome the generator is located the shaft of which is connected to an integrated shaft of Ugrinsky armatures.

EFFECT: obtaining an energy efficient integrated solution for power generation from renewable water and solar energy sources.

4 cl, 8 dwg

FIELD: power industry.

SUBSTANCE: unit contains the bladed wheel immersed into the water flow under the river ice cover. The wheel by means of the shaft installed in the cylindrical housing on bearings is kinematically connected with the generator. The housing is fixed in a vertical position in the ice cover in such a way that its top part together with the generator is located above the ice cover surface. The top part of the housing is designed with formation of adjusting disk to which the generator is attached. The unit also comprises a base board with longitudinal rectangular cut in the middle, and two supports. The base board length is greater than the ice-hole length along the direction of the water flow in the river. By means of two longitudinal and transversal surfaces of the cut the board is able to interact with the external surface of the housing. Supports are able to interact with the base board and the adjusting disk and are placed perpendicular to the axis of symmetry of the basic board.

EFFECT: creation of the simple hydro-electric power plant with a possibility of its use for power generation utilising the energy of hydraulic flow of the river covered with ice.

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FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: power generation system of navigation lock contains the navigation lock chamber for connection of the first navigation reservoir with high water level and the second navigation reservoir with low water level, a flow-through passage with the turbine and holes, at least one hole for each reservoir respectively and two holes at the navigation camera of the lock, and also the lock control unit the first output of which is connected to the turbine. The navigation chamber of the lock has a pair of gates with the drives respectively for their opening and closing. The system is additionally fitted with reservoir water level sensors with high and low water level and the navigation chamber water level sensor of the lock the outputs of which are connected respectively to the inputs of the control unit of the lock. The holes are fitted with shutters with actuators. The control inputs of actuators of shutters and gates are connected to outputs of the control unit of the lock. The turbine is placed in the flow-through passage between the input and output holes of the navigation chamber of the lock.

EFFECT: simplification of power generation system of navigation lock.

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FIELD: power industry.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to hydroelectric power industry, particularly to methods of small river and artificial flow utilisation for electric power generation. Method of midget hydroelectric power plant construction involves construction of hydroelectric aggregates in the form of converters of kinetic water flow energy to potential hydraulic shock energy, and rotating drive of electric power generators. Water ducts of hydroelectric aggregates feature walls moving in radial direction and injectors with actuators driven in reciprocal motion by water duct walls moving in radial direction. Electric power generator drive is made in the form of propellers rotated by energy transferred from injectors to propellers by intermediate energy carrier, a work medium other than water.

EFFECT: simple method of midget hydroelectric power plant construction in low-intensity water flows.

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FIELD: power industry.

SUBSTANCE: at implementation of a construction method of OTPP combined with SP 1, all the component parts of the object being built in the form of ready-made reinforced concrete or metal blocks from the works to the assembly site are delivered by means of a float-on method. Sequence of construction work is started from an earlier installed supporting and restricting barrier consisting of a metal, reinforced concrete or wooden grooved pile projecting in an underwater position through the height sufficient for fixed retention of flooded threshold blocks with orthogonal turbines 4, including foundation of SP 1. First, assembly of the foundation is started by afloat attachment into a common structure of a rectangular shape, the margin of buoyancy of which is sufficient for retention of posts for laying of board panels. Assembly of SP 1 is completed by installation of double-leaf gate 7. Gate 7 is left open till completion of work on installation of threshold blocks with turbines 4 connected through shafting 5 to generators 6 installed on the shore.

EFFECT: construction of HPP on navigable rivers, where it is impossible to erect dams and flood gates as per local conditions.

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FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: hydraulic pulse lift includes feed pipe 1, guide case 2 with vanes 3 forming centripetal drain channels 4, vanes 5 positioned under the channels 4 and forming centripetal pressure channels, and rotor wheel 8 mounted on shaft 22 and featuring main 10 and additional blades forming drain 11 and pressure-head centripetal channels of hydraulic turbine wheel stage, so that outlet of channels 11 enters diffuser of suction pipe 26, with radial blades of centrifugal pressure-head pump stage of wheel positioned above pressure channels. At the level of vanes 5 forming centripetal pressure channels, feed pipe 1 features systems 27 of insulated electrodes with positive intensity of electric hydraulic impulse discharge device, installed in spiral or circle and connected with rotating switch 32 with low-speed high-voltage generator 31. Both are mounted on the common shaft 22. Negative electrodes in the form of metal blade fins 15 are installed in centripetal pressure channels of wheel 8 and connected to the earth.

EFFECT: improved output parameters and possible fluid supply and pressure at hydraulic pulse lift output.

2 cl, 7 dwg

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: invention is related to hydraulic machine building in terms of renewable power sources. A hydraulic pulser comprises a feed line 1, a guide vane 2 with blades 3 forming centripetal drain channels, blades set above the said channels and forming centripetal pressure channels 6, and an impeller 8 with blades 10 forming drain and pressure centripetal channels 11 and 14 of a hydroturbine stage of the impeller, the channels 11 lead out to the draft tube 26 with the radial blades of centrifugal pressure pump impeller stage being set above the channels 14. The output diameters of the impeller blades in the centrifugal pump stage are less than the outer diameters of the impeller blades in centripetal hydroturbine stage.

EFFECT: invention is aimed at the provision of design output parameters and possibility to regulate the supply and head of fluid at the hydraulic pulser output.

4 cl, 6 dwg

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: invention is related to hydraulic machine building in terms of renewable power sources. A hydraulic pulser comprises a feed line 1, a guide vane 2 with blades 3 forming centripetal drain channels, blades set above the said channels and forming centripetal pressure channels 6, and an impeller 8 with blades 10 forming drain and pressure centripetal channels 11 and 14 of a hydroturbine stage of the impeller is mounted on a shaft 22, the channels 11 lead out to the diffuser of a draft tube 26 with the radial blades of centrifugal pressure pump impeller stage being set above the channels 14. Electromagnets are set in the blades of the guide vane 2. The electromagnet windings are connected to a current source via a current reverse switch 32, the current source is installed on a common shaft 22 with a low-speed generator 31. The generator 31 contains a rotor position sensor. Permanent magnets 16 are installed in the cavities forming channels 11 and 14 of the impeller 8.

EFFECT: invention is aimed at the provision of improved output parameters and possibility to change the supply and head of fluid at the hydraulic pulser output.

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FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: flying collector for atmospheric water includes main fabric canvas, boundary toroidal balloon attached to it, rope bracing of attachment to lifting aerostat and captive cable. Main fabric canvas of collector is made as surface of rotation with increasing generatrix inclination to plane perpendicular to axis of rotation when approaching to this axis. Interior of boundary toroidal balloon and lifting aerostat is connected by fabric tube with valve. stiffness of structure is provided by boundary toroidal balloon supercharged with gas from lifting aerostats.

EFFECT: portable and quick-deployable device can be used in liftable and high-mountain parts of renewable energy and fresh water sources.

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Generator plant // 2247460

FIELD: mobile generator plants.

SUBSTANCE: proposed generator plant has frame that mounts power unit, foot-operated air pump, and compressed-air cylinders whose air lines communicate with generator plant. Control panel is electrically connected to output of electric generator vertically installed on generator plant housing and mechanically coupled with exciter and power unit made in the form of vertical-shaft pneumostatic motor. The latter has sealed case with inlet, outlet, and safety valves closed with cover that accommodates vertical rotor mounted in case and cover bearings and made in the form of shaft with two power drives attached thereto by means of U-shaped frames. Power drives are installed on either side of vertical shaft and spaced 180 deg. apart in horizontal plane. Each of them has a number of similar members symmetrically mounted one on top of other, their quantity being dependent of desired power. Each member is essentially rhombic plate made of light-mass and high-strength metal whose longitudinal axis is longest diagonal parallel to that of other power drive. Through ducts are provided on front ends of rhomb and L-shaped blind ducts, on its rear butt-ends. All these ducts are closed with covers kinematically coupled with drive cylinder piston. Compressed air fed to sealed housing opens covers, and unbalanced forces are built up on each member which set power unit in rotary motion. Air evacuation from sealed housing closes covers with the result that no forces are built up on drive members.

EFFECT: enhanced power output and torque.

2 cl, 21 dwg