Engineering structure

FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: engineering structure comprises a well and a relieving slab with an opening for mounting a hatch. The well is made of a polymer, with a neck, a trough part, and a working chamber. The relieving slab rests on the compacted soil and on the neck of the polymeric well through the compacted base with the formation of a structure on an elastic base.

EFFECT: improvement of operational properties, increasing the strength and the tightness, increasing the service life of utility networks, shortening the period of construction and installation works on site, increasing the profitability, reducing the labour costs.

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FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: proposed invention relates to road devices, namely, to hatches with a frame and a bolt, capable of flapping back relative to the frame for provision of closed position of the bolt in the frame. According to the invention, a self-retaining lever of the device has one of ends movably installed on the frame, and may slide in the slot of the guide so that the end of the support may rest against a fixed limiter of the frame during movement of the bolt into the position, in which the hole of the frame is closed to cause bolt reverse and allow for the latter to correctly close the hole of this frame.

EFFECT: invention finds application in the field of road construction.

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FIELD: oil-and-gas industry.

SUBSTANCE: proposed method comprises digging the access trench for shaft consisting of top and bottom parts. Shaft is mounted at pipeline by welding its top and bottom parts to pipeline and joints are sealed. Equipment is mounted inside said shaft to be closed tightly by the cover equipped with lock and means to prevent sparking at erection and dismantling. Said trench is filled with easy-to-excavate soil to be coated with the main soil to conceal the shaft.

EFFECT: efficient concealment of the shaft.

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FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: water is pumped from a well, through which a pipeline stretches, which is connected with well walls by means of cylindrical cases. Afterwards old hydraulic insulation is removed, and case and working pipe walls are cleaned from rust and degreased. Further in each cylindrical case they install a hydraulic seal from early strength material "Maxplug", then nozzles are installed in each hydraulic seal, through which a hydraulic composition is pumped, such as the expanding material "Aquidur". Then a gland of a sealant made on the basis of modified silyl "Vitrafin Bond" is installed on the neck of each case. The gland is reinforced with a net made in two layers. The end part of the case neck being directly located in the pipeline access manhole is coated with a protective coating in the form of an aluminised adhesive tape of "Gerlen" grade, preventing the gland against mechanical damage.

EFFECT: increased reliability, efficiency, operating capabilities of hydraulic insulation with simultaneous increase of durability.

5 cl, 3 dwg

FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: method to raise a road manhole in construction of roads is implemented in accordance with the following sequence: installation of a manhole ceiling slab at an earth bed level, closure of a manhole frame with a closing sheet, fixation of coordinates of a raised manhole centre, subsequent laying of a road surface layer above a manhole without raising a frame, taking out coordinates of a raised manhole centre, application of tool borders, installation of a tool, cutting a cylindrical channel in a road surface with a facet on top of the cylindrical channel, extraction of the cut fragment of the road surface, withdrawal of the closing sheet, lifting the manhole frame with installation of the manhole body to the elevation in the level of the upper layer of the surface; filling of cavities formed in process of works production with a quick-hardening shrink-resistant filler with subsequent pressing; arrangement of an asphalt-concrete coating with subsequent compaction.

EFFECT: development of an accurate method to raise a manhole when constructing new roads, providing for a tight and evenly distributed road surface around a manhole.

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Gas carpet // 2455426

FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: first and second parts of a hinged joint are arranged in the form of channels, the outer side of the first part wall is connected with a cover, and there is a hole in each shelf, and the holes are arranged oppositely to each other. The first part of the hinged joint also comprises an axis passing via holes and fixed in them, the outer side of the wall in the second part of the hinged joint is connected to a casing, and there are "П"-shaped cuts in each shelf. Vertical sides of each cut are arranged of different length, the first vertical side of the cut arranged closer to the casing is arranged as open to the lower edge of the shelf in the second part of the hinged joint, and the second vertical side of the cut is arranged downwards at the distance close to the rod diameter and does not reach to the lower edge of the shelf in the second part of the hinged joint. The width of the "П"-shaped cut is arranged as not smaller than the rod section, and the rod stretches via the lower part of the second vertical side of the cut. Versions are provided for a carpet with a lock.

EFFECT: expanded operational and functional capabilities due to arrangement of a cover fixation hinged joint to a carpet casing with the possibility of removing a cover from a hinged joint.

19 cl, 13 dwg

FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: inspection well manhole, including a cover joined with a body, and made as a whole with a ring provided at the side of the body with height of (0.10±0.05) of the cover diameter and the external diameter making (0.70±0.05) of the cover diameter.

EFFECT: simplified design and high extent of safety due to prevention of spontaneous manhole cover opening whenever a pedestrian walks over or a vehicle passes by, elimination of vehicle chassis breakdown and reduced probability of unauthorised cover removal.

3 cl, 1 dwg

FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: manhole cover is formed by method of direct intrusion in a single stage and represents a spatial structure of the main plate of manhole cover and additional plate of lower diametre, combined with each other by means of radial stiffening ribs. In radial stiffening ribs there is a locking system arranged from disk fixators and elastic elements designed so that guaranteed locking force is maintained.

EFFECT: development of simple and reliable locking device, easier manufacturing, assembly and maintenance, increased reliability of manholes.

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FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: device for locking and unlocking of inspection well manhole cover lock, for instance of bayonet type, comprises mechanism of manhole cover grip, its turn for disconnection with bayonet lock and lift. Mechanism of manhole cover grip is arranged in the form of three-arm lever with central axis, arms of which are fixed movably around central axis, and at the free ends there are hooks mounted for according slots in windows of manhole cover. At two arms, hooks in radial direction are installed fixedly, in compliance with positions of windows on manhole cover, and the third arm is arranged with the possibility of hook displacement in radial direction with the help of slider, until engaged with slot of according cover window. After engagement, rigid fixation of movable hook position is carried out with window slot by means of helical pair, providing for rigid fixation with manhole cover for all three hooks. All three arms of grip mechanism are equipped with handles for convenience of cover rotation at a certain angle and its disconnection with manhole lock and then its manual lifting. Contact surfaces of hooks and slots of manhole cover windows have reciprocal surface. Arms around central axis are fixed hingedly with the possibility of compact folding in process of transportation, and also device is equipped with a transportation handle.

EFFECT: increased reliability and simplification of manhole cover locking device design.

4 cl, 2 dwg

FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: inspection shaft hatch consists of a housing (1) with a supporting projection (2) where lid (3) is installed (3) so that it can be removed by locking devices having two positions "open" and "close". The hatch is provided with fixing elements (8) to fix locking devices in a proper position. Each fixing element is represented with a tetrahedron located under the lid (3). The tetrahedron basis is made as a one-piece element together with the lid (3). The first two perpendicular sides are on the same level and located so that locking device (5) movement in angular direction can be restricted in "open" position. The other two perpendicular sides of tetrahedron are on two levels and located so that locking device (5) can be placed on the lower surface of the first side in "open" position, and correspondingly, on the lower surface of the second side in "close" position. Round groove is formed on the level of sides corresponding to "close" position by three sides of different level. Two opposite sides of the groove are located so that angular movement of locking device (5) is restricted. The housing (1), lid (3), locking devices and fixing elements (8) are made from polymer material. The hatch is provided with no less than three locking devices. The locking device (5) is implemented as a strike plate (18) with threaded bushing. The strike plate (18) has a side, which is rounded by circle radius concentrically equal to groove rounding circle. There are side pieces (20) in locking device (5) implemented as a one-piece element together with bushing. The said side pieces (20) are provided with holes for cutters.

EFFECT: removal of inspection shaft hatch lid is avoided when it is mechanically affected due to hatch locking improvement.

4 cl, 7 dwg

Pipeline well // 2371550

FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: metal welded well coated with hydraulic insulation and comprising staked carcass and sheet lining, which create box 1 and neck 2 with hatch cover 3. In walls and overhead cover of box there are holes made for pipe 4 and neck 2. Ladder 5 is fixed under hatch cover 3. Bottom 6 is made with inclination and tray 7 for drainage and collection of condensate and products of pipeline cleaning. For convenience of service personnel tray 7 is closed with grid 8. Hole in wall for pipe 4 is equipped with a gland seal covering pipe 4. Gland seal is fixed to well wall with the possibility to tighten sealing rings inside well. For convenience of assembly on existing pipeline a gland seal is arranged with socket of body and pressing flange. Seal body is installed in hole for pipe with gap and is fixed to wall of box by means of sealed flanged joint. Box is equipped with jacks for alignment of hole with pipe and balancing of well. A through nozzle is installed in hatch cover 3 for lowering of control detectors of air gas content in well.

EFFECT: reduced labour intensity of construction and servicing of pipelines.

1 cl, 5 dwg

FIELD: municipal engineering, particularly covers for manholes of different underground pipelines.

SUBSTANCE: cover comprises base, fixed rests and sliding rest located diametrically opposite to fixed rests and having stop and locking device. Fixed and sliding rests are arranged on cover base from support surface side. Movable rest is made as flat cam member with stop groove and key orifices. Cam member has central key orifice corresponding to key orifice formed in cover base. Locking device is made as rotary plate performing rotation around its axis and having short and long shoulders. Rotary plate includes counterweight and stop member arranged on long shoulder from opposite axis sides. Stop member may cooperate with flat cam member groove. Short shoulder may close central key orifice made in cam member when stop member is arranged in cam member groove.

EFFECT: increased locking reliability.

2 cl, 9 dwg

FIELD: municipal engineering equipment, particularly devices to prevent unauthorized entry into inspection pits of underground pipelines.

SUBSTANCE: device has disc secured to hatch lid, locking screw with wrench head, sliding nut and length-adjustable locking arms connected to sliding nut. Two pairs of guiding posts with row of coaxial orifices are fixedly connected to disc. Cross-arm adapted to be repositioned in accordance with locking degree is secured to above orifices. Smooth end of locking screw is installed in central cross-arm orifice bush. Sliding nut is formed as cross-piece with rocker arm supported by side fingers and surrounding the cross-piece. The sliding nut is connected to locking screw thread. Locking arms in its extreme positions may be brought into contact with limiters fastened to cross-arm. The first ends of locking arms are provided with length-adjustable catches, which cooperate with well wall or with lower surface of support hatch panel during hatch lid locking. The second ends thereof are attached to rocker arm of sliding nut through tension bars and axles.

EFFECT: increased reliability of hatch lid and hatch body fastening to support panel or well wall, possibility to regulate degree of hatch lid locking and increased serviceability.

3 cl, 5 dwg

FIELD: manholes for, particularly to replace chimneys or covers for manholes or the like in power supply, telecommunication, water supply and drainage systems.

SUBSTANCE: method involves cutting spherical part of paved road around manhole chimney and cover thereof, removing above spherical part, demounting cover and chimney; installing new chimney; filling hollow spherical space formed after spherical part removal with self-curing non-shrinking filler having high pouring ability; laying surface layer material over above self-curing non-shrinking filler without compacting thereof by roller.

EFFECT: decreased number of repair stages, reduced repair time and vibration level, as well as noise and other negative factors during chimney and cover replacement, decreased area to be repaired.

5 cl, 9 dwg

FIELD: inspection or access chambers, particularly for building water-supply, gas-supply and sewage systems, as well as telephone and cable lines.

SUBSTANCE: hatch comprises body and lid. The body includes metal frame with ribs and covered with polymeric composition. The lid is made as vertical rod, face panel and base panel and is provided with metal sheets secured to rod, face panel and base panel. The face panel and base panes extend transversely to the rod. The metal sheets taper towards base panel and form removable frame filled with polymeric composition.

EFFECT: increased service life due to increased strength characteristics, possibility to work by abrasion and impact load, increased reliability, rigidity and corrosion resistance.

3 dwg

FIELD: hydraulic structures, particularly sewage systems to drain waste water, namely manhole closing means.

SUBSTANCE: hatch comprises body having upper and lower parts. Inner diameter of lower body part exceeds diameter of upper body part touching the lower body part. Upper body part is provided with flange having diameter related with upper body part diameter as df>1.25d, where df is outer flange diameter. Upper body part is spaced from lower body part to provide upper body part sliding with respect to lower body part in the case of road pavement displacement. Upper body part passes into lower body part and extends inside lower body part for distance related with upper body part height as 0.25h<s<0.5h, where s is above distance, h is upper body part height.

EFFECT: increased reliability of hatch retention in road pavement.

3 cl, 4 dwg, 1 app

Manhole hatch // 2286425

FIELD: building, particularly manhole shafts, other inspection or access chambers and accessories.

SUBSTANCE: hatch comprises body closed with detachable lid and shaped as vertical contoured wall with horizontal support flange. The flange is provided with stiffening ribs and with orifices formed between the stiffening ribs. Vertical contoured wall has smooth outer surface. Horizontal support flange and stiffening ribs face body interior.

EFFECT: reduced labor inputs for manhole repair.

FIELD: construction and community facilities, particularly hatches for inspection wells, underground distribution pipelines, cellars, road pavings and other structures.

SUBSTANCE: inspection well hatch comprises support ring with orifice, reinforcing belt extending along inner contour thereof, support base, reinforcing cage and lid. The reinforcing cage includes inner ring of sheet metal and/or profiled metal and round steel rod connected thereto by means of fixedly secured partitions. Lid has support surface and reinforcing cage including outer ring made of sheet metal and/or profiled metal, lower reinforcing mesh fixedly connected thereto, round steel rod and upper reinforcing mesh. The reinforcing cages are filled with non-metal binding material. The round steel rods of support ring and lid are pre-stressed and cooperate with at least 12 reinforcement posts uniformly distributed along annular rod perimeter inside thereof.

EFFECT: increased strength, crack-resistance and rigidity under the action on outer vertical dynamic load, increased service life, reliability and workability duration, as well as extended fatigue limit and vehicle safety during vehicle passage over hatch.

1 cl, 11 dwg

FIELD: construction and community facilities, particularly hatches for inspection wells, underground distribution pipelines, cellars, road pavings and other structures.

SUBSTANCE: method involves installing reinforcing cage of support ring and reinforcing cage of lid in mold bottom plate, wherein reinforcing cage of support ring includes inner ring formed of sheet metal and/or profiled metal and round steel rod connected to the inner ring by means of fixedly secured partitions, reinforcing cage of the lid includes outer ring made of sheet metal and/or profiled metal, reinforcing mesh fixedly connected thereto, round steel rod and upper reinforcing mesh; pouring non-metal binding material into the mold bottom plate, wherein above round steel rods of support ring and lid are pre-stressed by heat-treating thereof before filling with binding material and by tightening round steel rods with stretchers, wherein the stretchers are made as at least 12 reinforcement posts uniformly distributed along annular rod perimeter inside thereof and rigidly fastened to mold bottom plates; providing binding material strength generation; removing the ready articles from molds and cutting projected bar ends.

EFFECT: increased strength, crack-resistance and rigidity under the action on outer vertical dynamic load, increased service life, reliability and workability duration, as well as extended fatigue limit and vehicle safety during vehicle passage over hatch.

1 cl, 11 dwg

FIELD: underground engineering structures for populated areas, particularly inspection wells for underground municipal service lines, namely water-supply, sewage, heat-supply, gas-supply and cable systems.

SUBSTANCE: inspection well lid has base, at least one fixed thrust and one movable rotary thrust provided with locking means arranged along a circle from the side of support lid base surface. Locking means is made as indicating member, which retains movable thrust and is damaged during movable thrust rotation. Lid has through orifice and indicating member recess, which are made along movable thrust rotation axis. The recess is formed from outer lid surface. Indicating member conform the recess and is forcedly fitted inside the recess below outer lid surface or is flush therewith. In particular case movable thrust is made as locking plate, which may rotate by key from outer side thereof. The key is inserted from outer lid side in through orifice made in lid. Indicating member is made as plastic plate with members, which prevent indicating member removal from lid and with member and/or members, which cooperate with movable thrust axis to restrict the movable thrust from rotation. Plate blocks access to movable thrust axis. Locking plate may be secured to threaded rod having head to be engaged by wrench with the use of nut. In another particular case lid additionally has orifices for mounting thrust members receiving.

EFFECT: prevention of unauthorized access in inspection well and chambers along with reliable intrusion attempt detection, extended functional capabilities, increased reliability and simplified locking means structure.

4 cl, 3 dwg

FIELD: building.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to building of local value underground linearly-cable communications buildings. The goal of the invention is reached when the device is executed in the form of a bowl with equal height H and outside diameter D of a bowl bead with two oriels executed on its exterior side surface, at least, on distance of h≥0.4 m from a bead on one radial sectional view in the form of dead holes or a radial groove, and with one metal loop rigidly fixed on a base internal surface.

EFFECT: provision of adaptability to manufacture and profitability of building and repair of underground low-channel communication constructions.

6 cl, 1 dwg