Luminescent complex of lanthanid and product and ink, containing such luminescent complex

FIELD: chemistry.

SUBSTANCE: lanthanid luminescent complex and ink, containing such complex, as well as the method of its manufacture and the product, including such complex, are proposed. The complex has the formula:


where M is selected from the cations of alkali metals Li+, Na+, K+, Rb+ and Cs+ and its mixtures and it is present to compensate the complex charge; where Ln is selected from the cations of the trivalent rare-earth elements Ce, Pr, Nd, Sm, Eu, Gd, Tb, Dy, Ho, Er, Tm and Yb and mixtures thereof; where R is C5-C6 heteroaryl; where Y is the optionally substituted C3-C8 heterocycloalkyl fragment bound to R with N atom; where n is the integer equal to 3 or 5; and where x is the integer equal to 0 or 1.

EFFECT: effective level of the protective element identification with the certain difficult-to-reproduce luminescence spectrum.

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FIELD: physics, computer engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention describes a security element for a data medium, having an ink layer and an effect layer which, upon viewing from a first angle is substantially transparent and upon viewing from at least one second, so-called effect angle, shows a colour tone which, at least on the first portion of the effect layer, produces a complementary contrast with the colour tone of the ink layer.

EFFECT: invention provides high degree of security from counterfeit.

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FIELD: printing.

SUBSTANCE: protection element comprises a matrix of relief lines, and each line has at least one lateral side of each of which determines the angle of inclination relative to the direction of normal to the matrix. The angle of inclination of the lateral side of at least one matrix line changes gradually along this line so as to form in the light reflection the optical effect of halftones, variable in a function of the viewing angle of the protection element.

EFFECT: proposed protection element enables to create complex patterns and identify them at any viewing angle.

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FIELD: physics, computer engineering.

SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to a printing layer of a security element for a data medium. The printing layer comprises elastic microcapsules. The microcapsules have inside them a cholesteric phase-forming liquid crystal which is fixed by a compressible elastomer having at least two areas distinguished by elastic properties. In an uncompressed initial state of the elastomer, the cholesteric phase on said areas has the same specified winding pitch of its spiral structure. Said areas exhibit identical optical properties. With uniform mechanical pressure on the printing layer, said areas experience different deformation and begin to differ by the winding pitch of the spiral structure of the cholesteric phase, thereby reflecting radiation of different colours. The printing layer becomes visible to a person. The invention also describes a method of making a printing layer, a security element, a data medium and a transfer element, having said security element.

EFFECT: invention provides high degree of security of a data medium.

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FIELD: printing industry.

SUBSTANCE: multilayer protected composition is formed with an additional multilayer element. The element is formed on the paper surface. The element comprises a multi-colour coating in the form of periodic raster formed by at least two paints of different colours contrasting relative to the paper surface. The paints contain luminescent compounds having daily luminescence in the visible range of light under the influence of natural lighting. The combinations of paints are such that the integral colour of the additional multilayer protected element is visually perceived as unsaturated close to achromatic. One of the embodiments of the protected element forms graphic shape or is part of a graphic shape, which changes its visual display due to changing its colour grade and/or optical density and/or saturation when copying the document on a printing device operating in a colour system CMYK.

EFFECT: increased level of protection of paper or document from forgery by applying a new security feature.

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FIELD: printing.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a method of production of counterfeit-proof document and/or valuable document comprising a polymer multilayer composite or consisting of it, at that the polymer multilayer composite is formed of a polymer multilayer partial composite and a polymer coating layer, and at that the polymer multilayer partial composite and/or polymer coating layer comprises a laser-sensitive component, with the following process stages: A) on the polymeric multilayer partial composite by means of jet printing the first personalised information attribute is applied in the form of a colour printing layer obtained by method of inkjet printing, B) on the printing layer obtained by method of inkjet printing a polymer coating layer is applied and by thermal lamination is connected to the polymer multilayer partial composite and C) obtained in step B) polymer multilayer composite of counterfeit-proof document and/or valuable document by means of laser engraving the second personalised information attribute is applied.

EFFECT: invention relates to counterfeit-proof document and/or valuable document obtained by such method.

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FIELD: printing industry.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the field of protection of valuable documents against forgery and is designed for the instrument determining the authenticity of the protected printing products, such as all kinds of valuable documents. The valuable document has a marking comprising at least one inorganic compound with a crystal structure, doped with ions of rare earth elements, having the property of selective interaction with the radiation in the optical spectral range, characterised in that when exposed to radiation on it in a predetermined band of the optical spectrum the radiation of the compound only in this band of the spectrum has an excess over the temperature radiation with the final duration of 10-10 seconds and more.

EFFECT: improving the level of protection of the valuable document.

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FIELD: printing.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the field of protection of valuable documents against forgery. The valuable document comprises on its surface an invisible protective marking applied on the elongated section along the long side of the document, which is intended for the instrument reading. The protective marking has the property of selective absorption of the radiation in the range optical spectrum from 0.76 mcm to 10 mcm. The marking is wholly or partially located in the area of additional masking marking. The material of the latter has the property of re-radiation when exposed of the exciting radiation of the same spectral composition as the material of the protective marking, but is characterised with magnitude of afterglow time. The method of determining the authenticity of the valuable document comprises revealing the hidden security marking on the valuable document. The revealing of marking is carried out by registration of afterglow of its material after removal of the exciting radiation and/or by registration of the diffuse reflection of the material in the optical range of wavelengths from 0.76 mcm to 10 mcm. Violation of the predetermined information indicates full or partial forgery.

EFFECT: increase in the level of protection of the valuable document against forgery.

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FIELD: information technology.

SUBSTANCE: data medium has a substrate having a portion with a distinctive feature formed by a family of curves which includes a plurality of arched and/or diverging slit lines. Inside the portion with a distinctive feature there is an identification mark which is configured for visual or computer recognition and is a pattern, symbols or code. Said identification mark is formed by a portion of the substrate which does not have slits and has a family of marking curves, which includes a plurality of marking lines connected to the slit lines outside the identification mark.

EFFECT: high degree of counterfeit protection.

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FIELD: printing.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a method and also the device for colour individualisation of security documents, as well as to security documents for colour individualisation with the body of the document. The starting materials are located inside this document body, which by localised targeted energy input are excited to create or modify the nanoparticles of different type and/or local concentration while the colour perception of the nanoparticles depends on their type and/or local concentration. For individualisation of such security document with such document body, the energy is injected locally purposefully into the place where in the document body the colour perception should be achieved in order to keep the individualising information through the achieved colour perception. At that, to achieve the colour change the dependence of absorption of light by nanoparticles on the wavelength is modified, which is not only the change in the absorption efficiency in the absorption spectrum, the colour change is due to the quantisation effect of the nanoparticles, and the colour perception is set by the energy input.

EFFECT: proposed invention provides the ability of colour individualisation of the document.

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FIELD: information technology.

SUBSTANCE: graphic elements are deposited using printing techniques on one or both sides of the medium, wherein mutual arrangement thereof is such that said elements form an image having an optically variable effect. The graphic elements are deposited by scratch-off printing while meeting the following conditions: engraving groove depth should not exceed 14 mcm and the width of the graphic elements should be of the order of the thickness of the data medium. The obtained data medium retains its flatness. The thickness of the paint layer is in the range of 3 to 10 mcm.

EFFECT: high degree of protection of articles while obtaining a novel optically variable effect or movement effect, high manufacturability and low cost of the protective element.

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FIELD: information medium sealed up by the method of metallographic printing, method for its manufacture, as well as a printing plate suitable for the purpose and the method for its manufacture.

SUBSTANCE: the information medium, first of all a bank note, securities or a similar document, which has at least one sealed up section (13) and at least one separate section (14) practically completely encircled by this section. The mentioned section (13) and the separate section (14) are sealed up by the metallographic method, and both sections are sealed up by paint coats of a different thickness and differ from one another.

EFFECT: provided a high degree of protection against forgery of the information medium.

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FIELD: important documents with protective attributes, combination of matters with two automatically controlled properties for protecting important documents against counterfeit, methods for making such documents and methods for testing authenticity of charred matters and ash.

SUBSTANCE: important document, mainly bank note or person certificate is characterized by use at least of two luminophors whose luminescent properties may be automatically and individually monitored. First luminophore irreversibly losses its luminescent properties at first temperature. Second luminophore irreversibly losses its luminescent properties at second temperature. First and (or) second temperature exceeds natural temperature of burning important document. It allows to identify document according to itself and also according to its ash and prevents possibility of illegal regeneration of materials designed for protecting against counterfeit in order to make duplicates of documents.

EFFECT: enhanced reliability of identifying important documents.

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FIELD: manufacture of securities.

SUBSTANCE: metallographic printing form has printing members disposed on working surface and made in the form of deepened strokes having cross section profile of asymmetric shape with various angles of inclination of side faces.

EFFECT: increased extent of protection of securities from counterfeit.

17 cl, 4 dwg

FIELD: manufacture of securities.

SUBSTANCE: method involves providing pattern comprising combination of ink layer protrusions and slots therebetween, with width of ink layer protrusions making at least 0.5 mm.

EFFECT: increased extent of protection of securities from counterfeit.

17 cl, 4 dwg

FIELD: manufacture of securities.

SUBSTANCE: method involves providing protrusions of equal width at their base portion and of various cross section at apexes within the range of length of each protrusion.

EFFECT: increased extent of protection of securities from counterfeit.

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FIELD: data carriers.

SUBSTANCE: data carrier 14 with forgery-protecting imprint 1 made by metallographic printing method consists of several contrasting structural elements 2,3,4,5,7,22, positioned with precise alignment to each other, while one portion of these structural elements 3,4,5,7 is made relief-type and can be sensed by touch, and other portion of structural element 2, 22 is made flat and undetectable by touch.

EFFECT: exceptionally high level of protection.

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FIELD: printing.

SUBSTANCE: method includes use of freely mounted relatively to shape cylinder rolling cylinder, for rolling portions of composite printing form of shape cylinder, rolling cylinders being made with possible forming of portions of stripes of multicolored paints on shape cylinder.

EFFECT: higher efficiency.

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FIELD: image printing technologies.

SUBSTANCE: required color is produced by mixing colors of image points, and on substrate fluorescent point of printing paints image are formed, which contain pigments fluorescent when excited by a certain electromagnetic emission, and also non-fluorescent image points of printing paints, containing colored pigments, non-fluorescent when excited by a certain electromagnetic emission. Aforementioned fluorescent image points and non-fluorescent image points are positioned on substrate in staggered order relatively to each other.

EFFECT: higher efficiency, higher quality.

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FIELD: data carriers.

SUBSTANCE: data carrier is provided with protective element, which allows at least visual control and has at least on a portion an engraving, which is a semi-tone blind engraving, produced by metallographic printing without ink feed, and also disclosed are method for making a data carrier and printing form for making protective element by means of blind engraving.

EFFECT: higher level of protection from forgery.

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FIELD: methods of producing data carriers.

SUBSTANCE: method can be used for making persona; identifications in form of cards, securities etc. Method of making info carrier (1,10) provided with protective element having optically variable properties. The element has at least one distinguish marking (5, 6, 11) and at least one light-permeable layer (4) with optically variable properties. Layer having optically variable properties is at least at several parts overlapped with marking. Light-permeable layer (4) with optically variable properties is applied onto data carrier and marking (5, 6, and 11) is made through the layer onto data carrier (7) formed by means of laser radiation. Layer (4) with optically transparent properties has material, which creates optical variable effect. Moreover, the layer stays invariable under influence of laser radiation. Method provides high protection against imitation.

EFFECT: simplification; reduced cost of production.

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