Method of producing fine aggregate of improved quality and equipment complex for its implementation

FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: group of inventions can be used to produce a fine aggregate of improved quality from natural sand and sand from crushed rock screenings with a screened fraction less than 0.1 mm with the addition of finely ground mineral material for its use in concrete. A method for producing a fine aggregate of improved quality is proposed, based on separating gravel grains larger than 5 mm due to screening sand and separating the sand into two fractions. As the first fraction, the fraction of 3-5 mm, and as the second fraction, the fraction less than 3 mmis chosen. The first fraction is sent to the first intermediate accumulation hopper. The second fraction is sent to a drum screen with a mesh of 0.1 mm, fixed on its walls. The drum is installed at an angle of 10° to move the sand inside it, the sand falling into the drum is rotated together with the drum, and the particles of 0.1 mmare sifted out. Through the entire drum length, nozzles are installed from above on the outside, by means of which the drum screen is blown by compressed air. The separated fine fraction with the air coming from the nozzles is sucked by an air pump into exhaust ventilation, the inlet channels of which are placed under the drum opposite the nozzles. The exhaust ventilation is equipped with a system for cleaning air from small particles. The material that has passed through the drum screen with a dimension of 0.1-3.0 mm is sent to the second intermediate hopper. The finely ground aggregate is placed in the third intermediate hopper. The materials placed in three intermediate hoppers are dosed, mixed together, and the result of mixing in the form of finished products is loaded into vehicles for delivery to consumers. The method is carried out using a complex including a vibrating flat screen, a drum screen, three intermediate hoppers, three screw feeders, a screw mixer, a compressor, an air pump, and a filtration system.

EFFECT: improving the efficiency of producing a fine aggregate of increased quality.

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FIELD: process engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to production of fine powder products. Proposed method exploits plants consisting of one or more pneumatic separators, dust separators, for example, cyclones and/or filters, at least one blower, and pipelines or channels communicating said devices for air and solids transfer. Air relative humidity in pneumatic separator varies from 15% to 35%. Water is sprayed in air inlet channel at 60-115 bar, water drop size making <30 mcm. Prior to spraying, water is heated to 50-90°C. Inlet channel sizes are selected to allow air speed to vary from 1 m/s to 3 m/s. Air used for separation is forced via air saturator.

EFFECT: higher efficiency of separation, power savings, nonpolluting process.

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FIELD: process engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to device for granulometric sorting and/or drying of materials that serves to process suspended mineral particles wherein, at least 90% of total mass make particles with size under 60 mm. Device is formed by vertical gas tube with upflow that comprises gas inlet arranged at the base, bottom outlet and top opening while material feed opening is arranged there between. Note here that part of material or so-called, "fines" may flow together with gas off via top opening due to upflow bearing capacity while another part of more coarse-grained material is not entrained by said gas flow and falls down into bottom opening. In compliance with this invention, proposed device comprises elements to create turbulence facilitating separation of grains of different size and changing into suspended state of material not trapped by gas flow at the point of entry. Said elements are arranged between bottom opening and tube feed opening and made up of, at least, partially, upflow obstacles made up of horizontal vanes rigidly jointed with gas tube inner wall and arranged with angular shift in height on, at least, two sequential ledges, that is, staggered to allow horizontal overlap. Said device may be used in drying module. Note here that gas inlet is communicated with preset temperature gas source. Continuous crusher with closed circuit, for example, for cement plant, comprises crusher of roll or ball type with inlet for material to be crushed and crushed material outlet, sorter-drier comprising granulometric sizing and upflow drying device including bottom outlet communicated with crusher inlet and volatile material outlet. Feed opening is arranged between aforesaid outlets to feed material. Crusher comprises also dynamic separator with, at least one inlet communicated with, at least, said volatile material outlet, selected material outlet and other material removal outlet communicated with inlet in crusher, filter to filter out material contained in gas communicated with dynamic separator outlet. Crusher outlet is communicated with, at least, one inlet of material in said dynamic separator and/or sorter/drier feed opening. Besides, is comprises, at least, one unit to feed material in said inlet of crusher and/or in sorter/drier feed opening.

EFFECT: higher efficiency of processing.

11 cl, 7 dwg

FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: method to recycle concrete scrap is carried out through destruction of building reinforced concrete wastes, separation of concrete scrap and iron reinforcement, crushing of concrete scrap, separation into fractions, their sifting and recycling. Separation into fractions is carried out by means of exposure to vibration in a vibration-aeration separator. A separator comprises a vibration drive, installed on support springs, a body with nozzles of loading and unloading, every of which is equipped with a spring-loaded slide gate. The separator body is arranged as double-level. At least one level consists of two parts, separated with at least two serially installed spring-loaded slide gates. Inside the body there are at least two horizontal perforated grids. Crushed concrete scrap is separated into at least three fractions. Sifting of 0.5-2 mm fractions is utilised by means of using finely dispersed fillers of concrete mixtures in amount of up to 30% for production of construction materials. Siftings are used to form upper layers of road embankments, slopes, roadbases, and also are added in amount of 20-40% into composition of asphalt-concrete coatings. Besides, in process of separation and sifting, fractions of crushed concrete scrap are dried to separate a stuck fraction with size from 0.071 mm to 1.0 mm from large fractions, which is added in the form of a finely dispersed powder into asphalt-concrete mixture to increase density of a mineral aggregate.

EFFECT: increased efficiency of process of recycling of construction reinforced concrete wastes.

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FIELD: process engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to grading of mineral components and can be used in construction and mining. Proposed plant comprises loading hopper and flow classifiers communicated by mineral component ducts each made up of 3D housing with loading chamber and inlet and outlet branch pipes arranged at housing top part for connection to aforesaid duct. The latter communicated via exhaust fan with fine filter. Cold plasma generator to force ionised gas or air components to adapter chamber, is connected to the latter communicated via mineral component duct with classifier the first along the feed of mineral components.

EFFECT: higher efficiency of grading.

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Winnowing machine // 2399435

FIELD: technological processes.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to agricultural machine building, in particular to machines for cleaning and sorting of grain. Winnowing machine comprises two sieve boots, device of grain feed, fan. Sieves of boots are installed in upper part of machine and are arranged in the form of movable and fixed rectangular frames from metal rods. Movable sieve is installed at the angle of 30-40° to horizontal line. Fixed sieve - at the angle of 70-80° to movable sieve. Movable sieve of boot is equipped with central axis joined to sieve through guide bushings, and which is rigidly connected to machine body. Frame of movable sieve is equipped with hinged mechanism, which is connected to eccentric mechanism, and the latter is connected to machine body. Tray, which is rigidly connected to body, is arranged under movable sieve and at the angle of 20-30° to it. Device of grain feed is located over movable sieve boot. Fixed sieve boot is connected to hopper of bulk wastes, to hopper of seed grain and to double-flow nozzle, which in its turn is connected to fan. Nozzle has body, inside of which there are guide helical elements and rectangular plates arranged in parallel to each other. Hopper of seed grain is connected to hopper of commercial grain via gate, and hopper of commercial grain is connected to hopper-cyclone of feed grain.

EFFECT: increased efficiency of grain treatment and production of seed material 1, 2 for reproduction, as well as increased throughput capacity of machine and its simplified design.

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FIELD: mechanics.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to engineering means of separation for bulk materials. The invention is aimed at separation of bulk materials to fractions based on their external physical and mechanical features. The invention may be used for post-harvest handling of grain seeds in order to separate main grain seeds from weed and other foreign weeds and to separate multi-componential bulk materials in other industries. The radial separator with pneumatic screen is provided with silo fixed to the separator frame. The silo is with circular feeder installed on the top of conical dispenser. The inverse cone is under the above-mentioned dispenser and rests upon the central vertical channel. Conical screen is provided with shell and co-axially and hinged connected with the frame so that it can make vibratory movements around vertical axis. Collecting inverse cone is located under the screen and tightly connected with the upper edge of external wall of circular pneumo-separating vertical channel. Elastic cylindrical strips are fixed to the upper part of the circular pneumo-separating channel on its inner and outer walls. The upper and lower ends of the said strips are tightly connected with walls. Pipelines are inserted in the space between walls and strips. The pipelines are intended for gas and liquid supply. Conical dispenser is provided with screen-like section, which covers 20 to 80% of the whole length of cone dispenser surface.

EFFECT: improved effectiveness of particles separation by size, aerodynamic properties, density, surface state, ratio of dimensions and other features; improved quality of multi-component bulk materials cleaning.

2 cl, 3 dwg

Grain separator // 2344004

FIELD: agricultural industry.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to agricultural engineering, and namely to the devices intended for separating grain mixtures into fractions according to their mechanical-and-physical properties, and can be used for after-harvesting grain processing, as well as for separating loose materials applied in other industries. Grain separator consists of a tank with a measuring device, cone-shaped sieves installed so that they can vibrate about a vertical axis, a central channel and an annular channel which are located coaxially, and a closed aspiration system which includes a fan, a discharge duct, an annular channel section, a suction channel and a cyclone. Measuring device is installed on the top of a cone-shaped distributor the lower base of which is provided with a replaceable ring which serves as a spring-board for grain flow. Under the cone-shaped distributor installed is an inverted cone with a cylindrical adjusting ring. In upper suction channel of the aspiration system there arranged is a convex area with an adjustable section area, under which installed is one or several discharge channels with adjusting shutters between them.

EFFECT: improving separating efficiency of grain flow as well as improving quality of and quantity of fractions obtained.

3 dwg

FIELD: technological processes.

SUBSTANCE: method of dry classification of powder material includes introduction of dry initial material and gas steam into working chamber of classifier, disintegration of initial material particles and transfer of particles in gas steam in working chamber with the help of horizontally rotating actuator in the form of magnet penetrable rod and electric discharge, forwarding gas steam with the help of gas pipe in classifier chambers, performance of initial material particles classification in gas stream, the speed of which is sharply changed in classifier chambers at the account of their diameter alteration. The first chamber of classifier is equipped with L-like gas pipe, which connects it with subsequent classifier chamber. After initial material is introduced in working chamber, additional self-wear of moving particles of initial material is performed in it, by means of particles surfaces interaction with additional actuators, which are made in the form of short magnet penetrable rods, in relation to horizontally rotating rod, which repels short rods to side walls of working chamber. Gas stream speed growth is created at its outlet from classifier chambers into gas pipes that connect chambers. In gas pipe that connects working chamber with the first classifier chamber, additional disintegration of particles that fell in it from the top part of working chamber is done, with the help of pulse electric discharge.

EFFECT: improves quality and efficiency of powder material classification.

5 cl, 1 dwg, 2 ex

FIELD: chemical industry; construction industry; mining industry; metallurgy industry; other industries; devices for the multi-product air classification or separation of the dispersed materials.

SUBSTANCE: the invention is pertaining to the devices for the multi-product air classification or separation of the dispersed materials and may be used in construction industry, mining industry, chemical industry, metallurgy industry and other industries. The pneumatic multi-product classifier includes: the loading module having the rectangular horizontal section; at least two opposite walls, which are supplied with the pouring components and-or of the profiled shape, for example, with formation of the pouring components directed towards the formed by them separation channel having, at least, one loading fitting pipe and at least one fitting pipe or the window for the air supply; and mounted over the loading module one main separation module supplied, at least, with one fitting pipe of withdrawal of the air with the fine fraction of the separation, or several located one above another main separation modules, the upper of which is supplied with at least one fitting pipe of withdrawal of the air with the fine fraction of separation. The main separation module supplied, at least, with one fitting pipe of the air withdrawing fitting pipe with the fine fraction of separation contains one or several bodies of the cylindrical either conical or the cylinder-conic shape with, at least, one device for formation of the aerodispersive stream with the vertical axis of rotation. The main separation module supplied, at least, with one fitting pipe of withdrawal of the air with the fine fraction of separation, and the below disposed main separation or the loading module are conjugated among themselves by means of the contraction tube. The technical result of the invention is the increased quality of separation and extension of the range of usage of the classifier.

EFFECT: the invention ensures the increased quality of separation and extension of the range of usage of the classifier.

22 cl, 4 dwg

Vibrating separator // 2309806

FIELD: equipment for classifying of various ground materials, may be used in construction, chemical and other branches of industry.

SUBSTANCE: vibrating separator has casing, separating surface inclined in longitudinal direction and provided with relief elements, vibrator, drive, charging device, and separation product receptacles. Perforated separation surface has wavy relief, with oscillation amplitude of this surface exceeding slot-and-ridge difference value by less than 30%. Vibrating separator is capable of imparting circular vibrations to separating surface, with direction of motion being oriented so as to discharge material under separation process, and blowing material from the top with heated air flow. Vibrating separator is adapted for regulating vibration frequency and inclination angle of separating surface.

EFFECT: increased efficiency and improved quality of separation of ground material, and increased capacity of separator.

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Vibratory separator // 2558076

FIELD: process engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to separators and can be used for separation of solid particles to preset sizes, first of all, hard-to-sieve powders with bent to nodulising and plugging of screen meshes, etc. Separator comprises sieve fitted in the case. Activator coupled with multi-frequency adapter system is arranged under sieve along with vibration drive. Note here that said case is rigidly coupled with the bed. Vibration drive is composed of two or more pairs of electromagnets arranged on opposite sides of said case in opposition to allow their synchronous operation. Electromagnet coils are secured at the case. Armatures are connected with activator composed of two or more parts. Every part of the activator is connected with armatures of their pair of electromagnet. Adjacent pairs of electromagnets allow operation with phase shift. Every said pair is provided with independent frequency and/or voltage adjustment.

EFFECT: simplified design, expanded applications.

8 cl, 3 dwg

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the supporting carrying element of the supporting structure intended to support the sifting surface in the vibrating sieve. The supporting carrying element of the supporting structure of the vibrating sieve contains at least one straight element, and at least one combined spacer, that at least one straight element is made as single part with at least one spacer. The spacers are located on the supports of the transverse carrying elements such that spacers have deposition on the bottom side suitable for supports shape.

EFFECT: assurance of proper location of parts of the supporting structure relatively to each other, and assurance of possibility to change settings of the vibrating sieve.

10 cl, 9 dwg

FIELD: process engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to vibratory screen with sieving surface shaped to multiple parallel sieve webs. It can be used for fractionation of crushed stone and gravel. This sieve comprises multiple structural elements and multiple sieve webs articulated with said bearing elements side-by-side. Every said web has opposite ends directed downward from sieve web through first distance and ledge arranged there between asymmetrically spaced from said opposite ends and directed downward from sieve web through second distance. Said second distance is larger than first distance of end located nearby said ledge. Appropriate ends of two adjacent webs can be received by every bearing element while first surface of said ledge can contact with bearing element outer surface.

EFFECT: higher efficiency of sieving, simplified design.

17 cl, 5 dwg

FIELD: agriculture.

SUBSTANCE: device for cleaning seeds from the rubbish comprises a drum, a loading and an unloading devices, a rotary drive. The drum is made conical and perforated along the perimeter in the form of a multi-thread helical surface with helical grooves inside the drum in the form of pockets of curved shape, with the centres of curvature of the pockets of the curved helical surface, located inside the cross section of the drum, and is formed on the perimeter of three or more perforated strips of trapezoidal form twisted in the longitudinal direction relative to the longitudinal axis and bent in a helical line in the transverse direction on the mandrel in the form of a paraboloid of rotation with increase in their size in width, forming on the perimeter of the drum of three or more inner convex curved surfaces with centres of curvature inside the drum and formation of lapping inside the drum in the form of helical blades along the entire length of the drum from the inlet opening to the outlet opening. Along the entire length of the drum a helical surface of conical shape is mounted with a rectangular cross-section of turns, which is equipped with a device for changing the pitch by its stretching or compressing. The pitch length should be at least one full pitch of the helical surface of the drum.

EFFECT: increase in intensity of separation, the expansion of technological capabilities.

10 dwg

FIELD: agriculture.

SUBSTANCE: grain cleaning machine comprises a feeding device, a sieve drum mounted on the drive shaft, consisting of cylindrical sieves mounted with longitudinal displacement, in the lower part of which the clamping webs of cylindrical shape are located, the receivers of fine, basic and long fractions, located under each other sequentially behind the sieve drum. The sieve drum consists of three blocks of cylindrical sieves with different openings. The working size of the openings of the upper block of the cylindrical sieves is smaller than the width of the treated grain seeds. The size of the openings of the sieves of the middle block is greater than the width of the treated grain seeds. The size of the openings of the sieves of the lower block is larger than the size of openings of the upper block, but smaller than the size of openings of the middle block of the cylindrical sieves.

EFFECT: increase in efficiency of cleaning of the grain cleaning machine.

3 dwg

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: separator for bulk materials comprises rows of screening surfaces installed in a zigzag manner one under another, they are made as overhung pins with gaps between them. The lower part of a main channel is fitted by baffles installed over the screening surfaces and made as sieve copying surfaces. The gap between the screening surface and the baffle is related to the average thickness of processed material particles, relative content of admixtures in the processed material and the thickness of grain layer on the screening surface according to the following proportion where h - gap between the screening surface and the baffle, mm; d - average thickness of processed material particles, mm; s - thickness of grain layer on the screening surface, mm; ε - relative content of admixtures in the processed material.

EFFECT: higher operating efficiency of bulk material separator.

2 dwg

Vibration screen // 2550607

FIELD: process engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to separators of loose materials and can be used in metallurgy, chemical industry, mining, agriculture, etc. This screen comprises box with vertical mirror axis confined by boards over the edges of its bottom, sieving surface at box boards, feed pipe, jacket arranged outside said box to collect and continuously discharge fine product, vibrating drive and soft resilient cushions. Screen comprises extra jacket with pipe to collection and discharge of continuously discharge coarse separation product arranged inside said jacket for collection of fine products. Besides, it includes the case fitted at soft resilient cushions. Said case support said box and vibrating drive provided with two unbalance vibrators with adjustable rotational axes and possibility to be locked at required position. Feed pipe is fitted inside the box with its bottom end clearance relative to box bottom and is rigidly engaged with vibrating box or is fixed in space.

EFFECT: higher efficiency of separation and efficiency.

4 cl, 5 dwg

FIELD: agriculture.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to agricultural machinery industry, in particular to the method of separation of grain mixtures, and can be used for post-harvesting grain treatment, as well as for screening bulk material in other fields of industry. The grain-cleaning machine comprises a screening surface, located under the loading device, in the form of two conical sieves coaxially mounted on the axis, facing with the base to the loading device, the drive for the screening surface, the discharging channels of fractions. The drive is made in the form of a reversible motor with the control system providing reversing movements of the upper and lower conical sieves, and also batchwise feeding of the grain mixture and consisting of a control unit connected to the program setting unit and an actuator connected to the dispenser.

EFFECT: increased efficiency of cleaning and separation of grain mixture.

1 dwg

FIELD: process engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to screening of materials. This screen comprises flexible moulded polyurethane case with, in fact, parallel lateral extreme sections at the case opposite ends, bottom extreme section arranged between extreme lateral ends, top extreme section arranged between lateral extreme sections and, in fact, parallel and opposed to bottom extreme end, top surface, bottom surface, first moulded single-piece screen structure, second moulded single-piece screen structure, third moulded single-piece screen structure and screening meshes. First screen structure comprises first and second elements that make screening meshes. First elements are, in fact, parallel and extend across extreme lateral sections. Second elements are, in fact, parallel and extend across bottom extreme section and top extreme section. Second screen structure comprises third and fourth elements thicker than first and second elements and section extending downward, below the case bottom surface. Third elements are, in fact, parallel and extend across lateral extreme sections and have multiple first elements located there between. Fourth elements are, in fact, parallel and extend across bottom and top extreme sections and have multiple second elements located there between. First reinforcement elements are moulded integral with third and fourth elements. Third screen structure comprises fifth and sixth elements thicker than third and fourth elements and section extending downward, below the case bottom surface. Fifth elements are, in fact, parallel and extend across lateral extreme sections and have multiple third elements located there between. Sixth elements are, in fact, parallel and extend across bottom and top extreme sections and have multiple fourth elements located there between. Second reinforcement elements are moulded integral with fifth and sixth elements.

EFFECT: higher efficiency of screening, longer life.

49 cl, 9 dwg

FIELD: oil and gas industry.

SUBSTANCE: vibrating sieve with energy-saving resonant vibratory drive for intensive treatment of drilling mud and drying of drill cuttings comprises a bedplate, vibrating frame with replaceable sieve cassettes fixed at it, vibrator of linear vibrations, four springs at which the vibrating frame is installed at the bedplate, device fixing sieve cassettes at the vibrating frame, device for regulation of tilt angle of the vibrating frame, gate with control mechanism, tray with outlet ports for treated drill fluid, which is placed at the bedplate, receiving tank for drill fluid, which contains inlet nozzle with flange at input for the purpose of drill fluid supply to the vibrating frame and at output it is equipped with a rack with openings for even distribution of drill fluid along width of the sieve cassette receiving drill fluid for treatment. The vibrator is installed at the vibrating frame so that angle between surface of sieve cassettes and straight line of vibrator force direction is equal to 45°. The vibrator of linear vibrations is made as two single-pulse resonant vibrators with solenoid drive installed at force plates of the vibrating frame sides; each of single-pulse vibrators is based on electromagnet of pulling type with potential vibrations in armature of the single-pulse vibrator in regard to its stator with vibration swing up to 15 mm. Electromagnets are connected to power supply network through single-pulse vibrators control device, which is made to generate direct-current pulses with adjustable amplitude and frequency of 50 Hz. Pulse amplitude may be adjusted within limits at which amplitude of vibrations for the vibrating frame complies with the adjustable amplitude for the vibrating frame defined as per the following formula: X=Z:W2, where X is amplitude of vibrations for the vibrating frame in m, Z is the preset vibration acceleration for the vibrating frame in m/s2, W is angular rate of vibrations for the vibrating frame in rad/s; herein W=2πf, where f is frequency of vibrations in Hz. Total weight of the vibrating frame with weight of sieve cassettes, devices fixing sieve cassettes and weight of stator parts for both single-pulse vibrators is at least 7 times more than total weight of armature parts of both single-pulse vibrators.

EFFECT: improved efficiency of drill fluid treatment.

2 cl, 2 dwg

FIELD: equipment for separating of bulk materials, which may be used in chemical, construction industry and agriculture.

SUBSTANCE: separator has device for charging of basic material into separating cavity, which is defined by wavy perforated disks mounted for rotation in casing. Disk outer surfaces are equipped with guides for ready product. Disks are positioned for rotation in opposite directions. Guides are arranged in apexes of disk slots and adapted for separation of countercurrent flows of ready products.

EFFECT: increased efficiency and simplified construction.

1 dwg