Device and method of charging material separation into, at least, light material fraction and heavy material fraction

FIELD: technological processes.

SUBSTANCE: fractionating device for the separation of charging materials into light material fraction and, at least, heavy material fraction contains, at least, one inlet for charging material, at least, one outlet for lightweight material of lighter fractions and, at least, one outlet for heavy material fraction, a flow generator for generating a gas flow in the fractionating device for the separation of charging material into light fraction and heavy fraction, curvilinear centrifugal separator for separation of, at least, light material fractions from the gas flow, which is located in the direction of charging material transportation downstream from the transporter inlet for transportation of charging material to the centrifugal separator. At least, 50% of gas can be directed to the fractionating device in the form of a circulating flow. The circular flow movement can be directed in cross section through the centrifugal separator around the centrifugal separator placed in the fractionating device. The transporter is located, at least, in individual sections mainly along and/or substantially parallel to the longitudinal axis of the fractionating device within the at least partially closed gas flow of the circular flow. The method for separating the charging material is carried out on the above-mentioned device. The method includes the following operating steps: transportation of the charging material to, at least, one inlet of the fractionating device and/or to a downstream transporter, transportation of the charging material to the centrifugal separator by means of a transporter, separation in the centrifugal separator of the light material fractions from heavy material fractions by means of the gas flow produced by the generator, separation of the light material fractions from the gas flow in the centrifugal separator and, at least, 50% of gas in the gas flow in the form of a circular flow in the fractionating device.

EFFECT: higher separation efficiency.

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FIELD: process engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to adjustable separators that allow adjustment of material particles sizes at mill for solid propellant and can be used for separation of coarse particles from minor particles caught by upward airflows. Separation system comprises casing of, in fact, round cross-section, internal chamber constricted by truncated cone arranged inside said casing, external chamber arranged between casing and cone, sorting ring fitted at cone top part with multiple openings with blades and fuel duct outlet above said sorting ring. Said blades are articulated with every opening to open and close it.

EFFECT: optimised grinding.

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FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: pneumatic separator of the loose materials includes an air-separating channel with a side-located loading window and an appliance in the lower portion for discharging the cleaned material, a fan, which suction branch pipe is connected with the air-separating channel through a louver-type inertial air cleaner installed in it, which shapes a discharge channel together with an external wall, a settlement chamber with a fixture for discharging light-weight admixtures communicating through a discharging channel with the upper outlet of the air-separating channel. A dust settler installed in the settlement chamber provides a counterflow separator at the outlet of the discharge channel, which communicates with the fan suction branch pipe that communicates additionally with the through-flow clean-air channel with an air flow rate regulator installed in it.

EFFECT: increased quality of cleaning cereals material, improved environmental situation, reduction of energy-output ratio of a process.

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Pneumatic separator // 2519237

FIELD: agriculture.

SUBSTANCE: pneumatic separator comprises a pneumatic separating channel provided at the lower part with the devices of supply and discharge of the material, and at the upper part - with a bend; a separation chamber communicating with the bend of the pneumatic separating channel and provided with a device of discharge of the precipitated material; the sediment chamber with the device of discharge of light impurities, a cross flow fan with an outlet tube equipped with an air flow regulator; the inertial louvered counterflow dust collector mounted in the upper part of the sediment chamber, having a common adjacent wall with a separation chamber, which inlet window is communicated with the separation chamber, and its air exhaust chamber - with the inlet window of the cross flow fan. The pneumatic separating channel and its bend are provided with a solid partition wall. The inlet device is mounted on the outer wall of the pneumatic separating channel. The initial portion of the louvre cleaner is located above the separation chamber and is adjacent to the upper wall of the pneumatic separator. The separation chamber is equipped with a partition with the butterfly valve mounted on its upper edge.

EFFECT: increase in separation efficiency, reduction of pneumatic separator overall dimensions in height.

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FIELD: agriculture.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to agricultural machines for seed cleaning and is designed for final cleaning and isolation of hardly-separated impurities from the base material. The vibro-pneumatic separator comprises a housing provided with a receiving hopper, a vacuum chamber, a divider of fluidised layer, receivers of seed fractions, a direct-flow deck, which is rigidly fixed to the oscillating supports, and drive of the vibro-pneumatic separator. The vibro-pneumatic separator is equipped with two electric motors made in the form of three-phase linear asynchronous motors and the control unit of motors, which input is connected to the three-phase AC network. The electric motors are located opposite the receiving hopper with the ability of linearly progressive motion, at that the secondary element of the motors is a thrust rigidly connected to the housing and located on the drive side. The motor windings are connected to the output of the motor control unit.

EFFECT: increased coefficient of efficiency, reliability and performance of the vibro-pneumatic separator is provided.

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FIELD: agriculture.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the agricultural machinery industry, in particular to the machines for cleaning and sorting the grain materials. The pneumatic system of grain cleaner comprises aspirating channels of preliminary and basic cleanings, a sediment chamber, a cross flow fan, a throttle valve to control the air speed in the aspirating channels, a charge distributor, a feeding roller, an inertial dust collector with two parallel functioning louver-counterflow cleaners, and general dust-collecting chamber, the devices of discharge of cleaned grains and wastes. The dust-collecting chamber of the inertial dust collector is provided with a vertical partition mounted on the axis of its symmetry and with a gap relative to the upper wall, equal to the 1-3 heights of output windows of the louver-counterflow cleaners.

EFFECT: improving the efficiency of purification of exhaust air.

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FIELD: agriculture.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to agricultural machinery industry. The chamber of receiving of light impurities of separator of grain mixture comprises a housing 1 in which upper part there is a fan 2 with a suction port placed in the housing, and in the lower part there is a device 4 for removal of light impurities. The chamber of receiving is provided with baffles 5 rigidly fixed inside the housing 1 in the area of location of the suction ports of the centrifugal fan 2 of sectional type.

EFFECT: chamber design provides the reduction of energy consumption while maintaining high performance of grain mixture cleaning.

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FIELD: agriculture.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to agricultural machinery industry. The separator of grain mixture comprises a receiving-loading device 1 connected through a window 2 with a separating channel 3 connected with the upper part to the chamber 4 of receiving light impurities. In the upper part of the chamber 4 of receiving light impurities a diametrical fan 5 is mounted. The discharge pipe of the fan 5 by means of air supply channel 6 is connected to a lower part of the separating channel 3, in which the device 7 of the output of clean grain is located. In the air supply channel 6 the throttle 8 is placed. In the lower part of the separating channel 3 a screw conveyor 9 is mounted. Under the screw 9 the sieve 10 is coaxially located. Sectional area of the lower part of the separating channel 3 is greater than the sectional area of its upper part. In the separating channel 3 between the window 2 and the screw 9 a guide element 11 is mounted.

EFFECT: separator provides improvement of cleaning efficiency of the grain mixture.

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Air separator // 2497605

FIELD: process engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to air separators for grain cleaning and may be used at grain elevators and in flour-and-cereals industry. Air separator consists of the main closed air system. Its comprises receiving-distributing device, main air separation channel, main settling chamber with throttling rotary baffle, main circulation channel, screw arranged at bottom of the main settling chamber and extra closed air system including extra air separation channel with feeder, extra settling chamber, extra circulation channel and rotary blower shared by both closed air systems. Said main and extra closed air systems are separated by common wall dividing rotary blower in two isolated lengthwise parts. One part relates to the main closed air system while another one relates to extra closed air system. Aforesaid screw extends via common wall into extra closed air system wherein screw helical edge penetrates into extra system feeder.

EFFECT: higher efficiency of separation.

4 cl, 2 dwg

FIELD: process engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to equipment intended for production on nonmetallic construction materials and may be used for production of gravel and sand from grinding-sorting plants processing igneous rocks. Proposed complex comprises rock feed vibrating screen with solid sheet secured to its underscreen frame, chamber with separation walls provided with rotary appliances and accumulation funnels for sixing rocks, compressed air feed source to feed compressed air into said chamber at acute angle to screen surface, suction branch pipe arranged at chamber top and communicated via pipeline with compressed air source suction branch pipe. Compressed air source is made up of two blower or one compressor. Separation walls are made up of tubes consisting of two vertical sections arranged on sides of the chambers and end horizontal section arranged at their top part and provided with lengthwise slot-like cutout and web at its center. Slot-like cutout is directed from sieve. Tube top horizontal and vertical sections are interconnected via detachable curved branch pipes provided with flanges. Identical branch pipes are arranged under tube vertical sections and articulated to complex frame to allow tube to turn in vertical plane. Every tube is covered by sheet on sieve side secured on vertical sections. Sheet top section represents inclined nose covering in plan the tube horizontal section. Nose inclination angle α to horizon is taken to exceed angle of rock mass friction against node outer surface. Separation wall height h decreases as walls move off from sieve at pitch I. Every tube with complex frame is articulated by tie rods with hinged and screw coupling while, on both sides, it is connected by corrugated branch pipes and airflow control valves with blower pressure tubes. All separation walls in initial position are inclined from screen at angle β defined by size of target fraction. First separation wall top edge is arranged under screen discharge edge.

EFFECT: higher efficiency and accuracy of fractionation.

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FIELD: process engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to grain and loose materials separation equipment, particularly, to pneumatic sizing of loose materials by their aerodynamic properties. It may be used for grain cleaning in agriculture or in production of construction materials, etc. Proposed machine comprises aspiration chamber and initial material loading device. Said loading device represents a plate, its length making at least 300 mm, arranged at angle to normal speed of material vertical motion along bin wall and comprising inclined webs, their height h not exceeding 20 mm. Said inclined webs are arranged at loose mix natural slope angle φ to said plate that exceeds or equals angle β of plate inclination to horizontal plane to satisfy the relationship arcsin(S/K)≤arcos(f/L), where S is the length of adjacent leg of plate inclination to horizontal plane β; K is plate width; f is distance between inclined webs, and L is inclined web length. U-like flaps made from sheet steel are arranged at aspiration chamber inlet parallel with each other.

EFFECT: higher quality of separation.

4 cl, 4 dwg

FIELD: mechanical engineering, in particular, equipment used in agricultural production, flour milling industry and feed mill industry for grain cleaning and sorting.

SUBSTANCE: grain cleaning machine has feeding part, closed pneumatic system with cross-flow fan, pneumatic separating channel, air supplying channel and settling chamber. Feeding part has feeder with guiding chute. Inlet opening is formed in pneumatic separating channel wall. Settling chamber is communicated via air discharge channel with pneumatic separating channel outlet section. Feeding part is communicated with settling chamber via baffle window and is provided with activator, ear, sorting and sowing sieves, which are arranged opposite activator. Sieve working surface is made in the form of scociodal path. Sowing sieve is equipped with discharge devices for tails fraction and undersize fraction and ear sieve is equipped with discharge device for tails fraction. Tails fraction discharge end of sorting sieve is communicated with pneumatic separating channel.

EFFECT: increased quality of cleaning of grain material and improved sanitary and hygienic working conditions.

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FIELD: pharmaceutical industry branch.

SUBSTANCE: installation includes housing jointly secured to telescopic struts. Inside housing driven latticed drum with pouring-over helix is mounted in hollow perforated shaft. Drive unit of drum is provided with unit for regulating rotation frequency. Installation is communicated with compressed air source and aspiration system. In order to set operation mode, inclination angle of drum axis is regulated due to changing height of struts and desired revolution number of drum is set.

EFFECT: enlarged functional possibilities of installation due to controlling its operation mode.

4 cl, 2 dwg

FIELD: separating solids from solids.

SUBSTANCE: device comprises vertical air-separating passage, units for supplying the initial mixture and auxiliary gas flow, and unit for discharging the bottom and top fractions. The vertical air-separating passage has the round cross-section and is made of two sections for permitting variations of its height. The unit for supplying the initial mixture is made of a branch pipe connected to the housing of the device through a pivoting member for permitting variations of the angle of its inclination to the vertical axis from 35° to 55°. The unit for supplying auxiliary gas flow is mounted so that to provide air to flow contrary to the direction of the discharged bottom fraction. The unit for discharging the bottom fraction is made of two section for permitting variation of its length.

EFFECT: enhanced efficiency, simplified structure, and reduced metal consumption.

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FIELD: technology for post-gathering seed treatment by fractionation.

SUBSTANCE: claimed method includes two steps. In the first step corn boodle is separated to obtain waste, feedstuff and seed fractions. In the second one fractions are treated to obtain desired seed conditions. Before the second step corn boodle is classified on the base of laboratory seed fertility. On the base of obtained results optimal parameters for pneumatic and inertia fractionation as well as for shaker fractionation are determined In the second step pneumatic and inertia fractionation is carried out to isolate remaining part of biologically defective corn. Then shaker fractionation is carried out to isolate fraction with the first grade of laboratory seed fertility from residual corn boodle.

EFFECT: simplified treatment technology; increased yield of the first grade seeds.

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FIELD: peat processing; methods and devices for the peat processing.

SUBSTANCE: the invention is pertaining to the field of peat processing, in particular, to the methods and devices for peat separation by fractions, its aeration and drying. The invention may be used for production of a feedstock at manufacture of the different products on the base of the peat. The method of fractionation of the peat includes formation of a vertical airflow, in which the initial peat is fed, its separation into fractions and transportation of the fractions into collectors. Using a vertical wind flow transport the material into the zone of action of the horizontal air flow. At that the fractionation is exercised under action of the two produced air flows with sedimentation of the fractions in the collectors partitioned by septums, made with the variable heights increasing according to the run of the separable material. The method realized by means of the device includes: the chamber with no less than two collectors partitioned by septums made with the variable heights increasing as moving away from the main ventilating blower forming a horizontal air flow and located in the butt wall of one of the collectors; the blower located under the window made in the base of the indicated collector for feeding of the vertical air flow in the chamber and linked with the hopper of the initial peat by means of the transporter. The technical result of the invention is an increased effectiveness of separation of the peat for fractions and the increased quality of the produced fractions.

EFFECT: the invention ensures an increased effectiveness of the peat fractionation and the increased quality of the produced peat fractions.

2 cl, 1 dwg

FIELD: pneumatic separators for bulk products, in particular, grain and groats, used for separation from grain heap of full-value equalized seeds, milling fraction in mills, cleaning and sorting of groats.

SUBSTANCE: separator for bulk products, in particular grain and grain products, has feeding hopper with grain feeding regulator, horizontal blowing chamber with gates at inlet and outlet ends, dividing chamber longitudinally divided by partitions and disposed under blowing chamber. Separator is further equipped with valve boxes having valves for discharging of product accumulated above valve boxes. Said valves are balanced by means of counterweight and attached to lower side of dividing chamber. Partitions are made in the form of elastic plates, each attached to respective adjusting screw threaded into nut which is welded to dividing chamber casing for free displacement along the latter, and for continuous regulation of their position and respective value of zone of product to be caught.

EFFECT: improved quality of separation of bulk products into desired number of fractions.

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FIELD: grain cleaning equipment, in particular, stone separating machines with recirculation of main air flow, may be used in milling and groats producing industry for cleaning of grain from mineral mixture.

SUBSTANCE: stone separating machine has housing incorporating working deck, sucking collector located in upper part of housing and pressure collector located in lower part of housing, feeding and distributing apparatus, motor-vibrators for imparting vibrations to housing, and air recirculation system. Recirculation system consists of settling device for carried-away material, radial fan, and sluice gate for discharging of carried-away material, and is connected to housing upper and lower parts through air ducts. Settling device for carried-away material is made in the form of spiral settler with inlet and outlet branch pipes, settler horizontal branch pipe and cylindrical baffle-type grid, with horizontal branch pipe and baffle-type grid being arranged within settler. Inlet branch pipe of settler is connected to sucking collector of housing of stone separating machine. External branch pipe of settler is connected to sucking opening of radial fan, in axially aligned relation to baffle-type grid. Horizontal cyclone is connected to spiral settler via single horizontal slit. Horizontal cyclone consists of external housing and internal branch pipe. Cyclone internal branch pipe is connected via air duct to horizontal branch pipe of settler. External housing of cyclone is choked at the side adjoining air duct and is equipped with spiral arranged at opposite side and connected through gravity-flow pipeline with slice gate. Throttling device arranged within spiral of horizontal cyclone is made in the form of cone movable axially of horizontal cyclone for allowing slot between cone and internal branch pipe of cyclone to be adjusted. Pressure collector is equipped with air distributing rotating gates.

EFFECT: stabilized operation of stone separating machine with recirculation air flow owing to increased efficiency in catching of light admixtures within settling device for carried-away materials to thereby increase efficiency in separating of mineral admixtures.

3 cl, 2 dwg

FIELD: agricultural engineering, in particular, grain cleaning and sorting equipment used in enterprises of agricultural, food-processing and mixed feed industry.

SUBSTANCE: pneumatic separating apparatus of grain cleaning machine has fan, pneumatic separation channel, settling chamber, dust catcher, air flow velocity regulator, mechanisms for charging of basic grain mixture and discharging fractions thereof. Dust catcher is of rotational cross-flow type. Dust catcher inlet branch pipe is directly connected with fan outlet branch pipe. Air flow velocity regulator is located within fan. Baffling surfaces are located in inlet branch pipe of dust catcher at an acute angle to its longitudinal axis, one above another in the course of air flow.

EFFECT: increased efficiency in cleaning of used air.

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FIELD: agricultural engineering, in particular, technique for post-harvest sorting and cleaning of cereal, groats, leguminous, corn and sorghum seeds and seeds of other crops.

SUBSTANCE: apparatus has hopper with opening, shutter, first fraction discharge channel provided with supporting screen and communicating with vertical pneumatic sorting channel equipped with settling chamber having air discharge aperture and discharge gate. Pneumatic sorting channel has throat made in the form of truncated cone concentrically positioned within said channel and having corrugated elastic mid portion and height adjustment screw mechanism. Throat has barriers positioned at entrance part of corrugated elastic mid portion.

EFFECT: wider operational capabilities and improved quality of seed cleaning process.

3 dwg

FIELD: mechanical engineering; agriculture; production of the devices for separation of the cereals and the groats.

SUBSTANCE: the invention is pertaining to the pneumatic separators for the loose stocks, in particular, to the cereals and the groats used for separation from the grain heap of the valuable aligned seeds of the heightened biological value and the milling fraction at the flour mills, shelling of the groats raw and sorting of the groats. The separator of the loose crops, in particular, the grains and the cereal products includes: the distributor of the cereals along the blowing chamber widthwise; the horizontal blowing chamber with the shutters at the inlet and the outlet; the dividing chamber partitioned lengthwise by the relocatable partitions, the located under the blowing chamber valve boxes and the valves of discharge of the accumulated above them product. The grain distributor is sealed against the air penetration from the environment. The walls of the blowing chamber are made plane without the ribs the air turbulence. The grain is fed into the blowing chamber from the distance up to the vertical wall of 1-1.5 cm. The valves are made in the form of the pipes made out of the elastic material and are closing under action of the rarefaction in the blowing chamber and are opening under action of the mass of the product. The technical result of the invention is improvement of the quality of separation of the loose crops into the desirable quantity of the fractions.

EFFECT: the invention ensures the improved quality of separation of the loose crops into the desirable quantity of the fractions.

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