Hydrostorage system

FIELD: machine engineering.

SUBSTANCE: hydrostorage system includes working mechanisms that transform movements of various nature into operation of individual high pressure pumps pumping water from natural reservoir into impoundment at a level higher than the level of the natural reservoir, as well as a device for converting pressure of water flowing via water pipeline from the impoundment into consumption energy for production of useful work. The system is equipped with tanks placed on the bottom of the impoundment and communicated with pumps that are capable of pumping high pressure water into said tanks and which are equipped with pressure accumulators to normalize the pressure therein and a buffer tank at the bottom of the water pipeline located below the impoundment and above the level of natural reservoir and equipped with pressure accumulators to protect water pipeline and working mechanisms for pressure take-off from the hydralic impact.

EFFECT: increased operational reliability and energy efficiency.

2 dwg



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Water-power plant // 2488713

FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: water-power plant comprises flow channel 40 composed of S-like tube including first, second and third sections 100, 200, 300. Said flow channel 40 has second diameter 400 and first axial line 410 at first section 100. Third section 300 has second diameter 500 and second axial lone 510. Spacing between said first and second axial lines makes 600. Besides, plant comprises turbine vanes 10 at first section 100 and generator 30 coupled with turbine vanes 10 via shaft 20 at third section 300. Flow channel 40 in region of generator 30 is made, mainly, of steel. Generator 30 has foundation 50 composed of steel rails or steel beams and integrated with roof 41 of third section 300.

EFFECT: higher efficiency.

5 cl, 4 dwg

FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: proposed engine comprises carcass 1 and case 2 immersed in fluid, outer seat 3 rigidly coupled therewith, at least, three impellers 6, 7, 8 fitted on common lengthwise shaft 4, primary and secondary power takeoff shafts 9, 10 engaged via gears 12. Impellers 6, 7, 8 run in synchronism. Lengthwise shaft 4 turns in bearings 5 fitted in aforesaid carcass. Second impeller 7 fitted on shaft 4 via extra bearing engages with secondary power takeoff shaft 10 via chain gearing. Adjacent impellers are articulated to run in synchronous opposition.

EFFECT: higher engine output.

2 cl, 4 dwg

FIELD: power industry.

SUBSTANCE: in method of moving flow impact on screw of wind or hydraulic motor the kinetic energy of moving flow having constant velocity is converted to alternating pulse flow that is applied to the screw at transient processes, at occurrence of inertia properties of the flow, at mechanical resonance. In the device implementing the above method the smallest section of pipe channel 4 arranges slot-screw group consisting of coaxial slot-type fairing disc 1 with fairings, control slot-type disc 2 and screw 3. When the slots are fully open, screw 3 blades form together with fairings a wing airfoil. Slot-screw group for control of screw 3 rotation frequency changes the size of slots by rotating control slot-type disc 2.

EFFECT: increasing the conversion efficiency of kinetic energy of moving constant flow to mechanical energy of rotating screw.

2 cl, 11 dwg

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: proposed system comprises rotor assembly with axial symmetry about rotational axis and features rotor end face located upstream, turbine shroud ring 102 housing, at least, part of rotor assembly and ejector ring 128 housing, at least, part of said turbine shroud ring 102. Said turbine shroud ring has inlet and outlet. Said turbine shroud ring outlet 117 comprises multiple elements turbine shroud ring mixer and features noncircular cross-section. Ejector ring 128 comprises inlet and outlet.

EFFECT: higher output and efficiency.

15 cl, 35 dwg

FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: unit is intended to be used at derivational and reservoired HPP with inconsiderable vibration of after-bay level with wide ranges of water head and flow rate. Lower end of vertical shaft of the unit with operating spherical surface is borne against the centre plate. Cone-shaped tray is rigidly attached to the shaft and impeller. Outlet tubes with variable and fixed cross section area are tangentially attached to the above cone-shaped tray. One end of bent vanes is fixed in the guide vanes in external rim and the opposite end is attached to the rim which envelops the shaft. Vanes are made at a tangent to outlet section plane. Upper rib of vane is oriented in radial plane and inclined from internal rim to external rim, and lower rib is oriented horizontally. Seal of the impeller consists of two flexible elastic rings with the chute profile the bottom of which faces the top. Some sides of those are tightly attached to the sealed parts and the opposite convex sides contact each other. Centrifugal water flow regulator includes balancing levers, rods and a slide on the unit shaft, and it is arranged in protection casing in the flowing water flow.

EFFECT: use of the unit contributes to increase in the power, efficiency and high speed, and allows simplifying, cheapening and accelerating the HPP construction.

7 cl, 17 dwg

Hydraulic turbine // 2413866

FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: proposed hydraulic turbine comprises cylindrical section-modular housing 1 with vane-screw rigidly fixed on the shaft and appliance to secure the vanes to the housing that allows the shaft rotation. Each section accommodates vane-screw. All vanes feature identical curvature to provide for constant flow rate and synchronous operation of all vane-screws. Attachment mechanism is arranged on opposite side of vane-screw relative to flow direction. Turbine incorporates flow stabilisers made up of metal sheets with their one rib secured to housing 1 and their plane oriented along the radius towards the shaft along housing 1 to stabilise the flow coming from one vane-screw to the other.

EFFECT: simple design and operation, higher output and efficiency, longer life, reduced production costs.

3 dwg

FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to designs of plants designed to convert water current energy into electric power. Proposed hydro-generator driven by sea current comprises hydrodynamic drive 2 and electric birotary generator 1 made up of housing 3, outer and inner rotors 4 and 5. Inner rotor 5 is arranged inside said housing 2. Hydrodynamic drive 2 represents blades 9 radially fitted on outer surface of outer rotor 4 and is mounted in casing 19 furnished with inlet and outlet branch popes. Housing 3 and casing 19 represents cylindrical structures. Outer rotor 4 seats outside housing 3. Rotors 4 and 5 are coupled via reduction gear 12 comprising driven gear 13 in mesh with outer rotor 4, idle gears 14 and drive gear 16 in mesh with inner rotor 5 to ensure counter rotation of rotors 4 and 5.

EFFECT: higher efficiency, reduced sizes and increased power output.

2 cl, 2 dwg

Source of energy // 2370662

FIELD: power engineering.

SUBSTANCE: source of energy comprises electric generator 1, arranged as birotary with internal and external rotors 5 and 4 and hydrodynamic drive 2 with internal and external shafts 13 and 12 of drive. On external rotor 4 of electric generator 1 there are stages of working blades 14 installed, between which here are stages of opposite rotation working blades 16 installed, being connected to internal rotor 5 of electric generator, through magnetic couplings 17, number of which corresponds to number of stages of opposite rotation working blades 16.

EFFECT: increased efficiency of plant with reduction of its size and simultaneous increase of power.

4 cl, 5 dwg

Hydrogenerator // 2370660

FIELD: power engineering.

SUBSTANCE: hydrogenerator comprises electric generator 1 and hydrodynamic drive 2. Electric generator 1 is arranged as birotary in the form of cylindrical body 3 with excitation winding 6 inside of it and external and internal rotors 4 and 5. Hydrodynamic drive 2 is arranged in the form of two coaxially installed turbines 9 and 10, one of which is installed on external surface of external rotor 4, and the second one - on internal rotor 5. Electric generator 1 is equipped with magnets 7 and 8, installed on external and internal rotors 4 and 5, located accordingly inside and outside body 3. Turbines 9 and 19 are arranged as auger, the second of which is installed on internal surface of internal rotor 5.

EFFECT: higher efficiency factor of plant with reduction of its dimensions and simultaneous increase of power.

5 cl, 3 dwg

Hydropower plant // 2368797

FIELD: power engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention is related to designs of plants for transformation of air flow water course energy into electric energy. Hydropower plant comprises generator 1 and hydrodynamic drive 2, arranged in the form of two coaxially installed screws 5 and 6, which are arranged, in their turn, with the possibility of rotation in opposite directions and connected with generator 1 via facility of two shafts rotary motion transformation into rotary motion of single shaft. Transformation facility is arranged in the form of differential planetary multiplier. Generator 1 and transformation facility are installed in body 17, having joint 18, located in vertical plane, passing through center of masses, fixed on stand 19 and providing for possibility of rotation in horizontal and vertical planes, and cavity of generator 1 is sealed and filled with lubricating liquid and communicated to pressure compensator 21, which consists of cylinder 22 and spring-loaded piston 23.

EFFECT: invention is aimed at increase of plant efficient factor with reduction of its dimensions and simultaneous increase of power.

7 cl, 2 dwg

FIELD: power engineering.

SUBSTANCE: pumped storage plant on plain streams comprises riverbed hydraulic power units, including axial pumps, which are rotated by riverbed water wheels via multipliers. Riverbed hydraulic power units serve for filling of an upper accumulating pond made in the form of a water reservoir with dam walls along the perimeter. Upper and lower accumulating ponds are connected to each other by discharge pipelines with pumps-turbines in the lower part connected mechanically with electric motors - generators in a turbine room. The upper accumulating pond covers a river bed by half.

EFFECT: prevention of flooding of plains and land plots, free navigation and fish passage along entire length of a river, increased depth of a fairway and higher speed of water flow.

5 cl, 11 dwg

FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to energetics, particularly to devices for receiving of electricity excluding burning of fuel for it and is a renewable energy source. Operation of power plant includes two processes: energy generation (EG) and water lifting (WL), do not matching in time, herewith WL is implemented ensured by electric power generated by wind-driven powerplant 19 (WDP). EG is implemented by hydraulic unit including hydraulic machine 5 in the form of hydroturbine, connected to electric machine 6 in the form of electric generator, installed in drill hole, in which operates hydropower water flow (HWF), hydraulic power of which transforms by hydraulic unit into electric energy and passed to original ground. HWF is formed by water flow from located higher water source 2, communicated to drilling well 1, and area of water withdrawal is communicated to it drainage area, located lower the water source. Drainage area can be underground collector, cavitated formation, absorption area 16, 17 or 18 and others, its volume is limited. Hydroturbine, electric generator and current communications channel 9 of downhole hydraulic unit with electrical switching transforming panel 11 at original ground are adapted for operation in downhole conditions. WL provides three versions of water lifting from absorbing area: borehole hydraulic unit is reversible hydraulic machine herewith hydraulic machine is implemented in the form of centrifugal pump, and electric machine in the form of electric motor, and for lifting of water it is used the sane drill well 1, for water lifting it is used special production well 24, by which it is over-drilled absorbing area and in which it is installed water-lifting pipe string 26 with perforated section 27 with submersible pump at its bottom end, for water lifting there are used pumping wells 34 and 35, drilled up to absorbing areas 17 and 18 and water-lifting wells 53 and 54, by which there are over-drilled absorbing areas 17 and 18.

EFFECT: creation of nuclear power plant, allowing wide range of application conditions.

3 cl, 6 dwg

FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to power engineering and can be used for electric power generation. Proposed hydraulic unit comprises hydraulic turbine coupled with electric generator. Note here that hydraulic turbine represents turbodrill 10, electric generator represents electric drill 14 with their housings 17 and 18 integrated via sub 19 and armature-spindle 15 of electric drill 14 with rotor of turbodrill 10. Electric drill 14 is arranged above turbodrill 10. Housing 17, of electric drill 14 is coupled with lower end of drilling ripe string, the string upper end being fixed at the well mouth. Sub 19 has holes 20 communicating the well with hydraulic inlet of turbodrill 10 and hydraulic channel of armature-spindle 15 of electric drill 14. Well lower end represents its bottom, while well lock-down assembly represents bottom support jointed with lower part of housing 18 of turbodrill 10 arranged to take hydraulic unit forces and to turn hydraulic unit through. Note that well walls can also make borehole bearing element. Aforesaid lock-down assembly represents either mechanical or hydraulic wall packer jointed to lower part of housing 18 of turbodrill 10.

EFFECT: higher reliability and simplified design.

4 dwg

FIELD: power engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to measuring methods of turbine flow rate of river-run hydraulic power plants. The method is meant for determining water volume flow rate of turbines of low-pressure hydraulic units with reinforced concrete spiral chambers of trapezoidal cross-section with partial angle of contact and stators made in the form of columns. At that, the columns are combined with chords from above and from below. The method consists in measuring average flow velocity by using acoustic method and determining water volume rate as per the measured velocity value and constant flow coefficient. Acoustic beam is formed with acoustic converters. Flow coefficient is determined at power tests performed at a certain site. As per the first version of the invention, one of acoustic converters is installed on upper or lower belt of the stator, escaping stator column. At that, the second acoustic converter is installed on the spiral chamber wall in horizontal plane or at an angle thereto. As per the second version of the invention, acoustic beam reflector is installed on upper or lower belt of the stator. Both acoustic converters are installed on the spiral chamber wall. At that, one branch of acoustic beam cut off with the reflector is routed in plan at an angle of installation of stator columns. The second branch of the beam is routed in plan at an angle of 90 to the first one.

EFFECT: invention allows providing high measuring accuracy of turbine flow rate of river-run hydraulic power plants and reliability of the measuring system allowing to perform continuous operating control of flow rate.

4 cl, 11 dwg

FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: hydraulic unit of borehole hydraulic power plant includes hydraulic turbine that is connected to electric generator, which are installed in borehole, electric cable that connects electric generator on the surface with electric converter. Hydraulic turbine is turbodrill, electric generator is electric drill, which are unitised and connected by means of common casing with slots. To bottom part of casing fixing unit is connected, which includes bottom-hole thrust block, fixing unit levers and thrust levers, the sliding elements of which are installed with the possibility of movement along bottom-hole thrust block cone, thus affecting fixing element levers, causing their divergence to borehole walls. Hydraulic unit is equipped with unloading device, for instance, jack that is connected with top end of boring column.

EFFECT: operable device for power generation by borehole hydraulic power plant and avoidance of expenses for development of borehole hydraulic unit.

2 dwg

FIELD: power engineering.

SUBSTANCE: proposed plant is designed for converting energy of water flows into electric energy. Hydraulic power-generating plant contains at least two turbine water conduits arranged horizontally one over the other, generator installed over turbine water conduits, and orthogonal turbines arranged in water conduits whose shafts are installed vertically in bearing supports. Process spaces are formed in walls of turbine water conduits being sealed by detachable partitions. Said spaces accommodate bearing supports and connecting members mechanically coupling turbine shafts with each other and with shaft of generator. Bearing supports can be fastened in detachable watertight partitions. Plant can be furnished with at least two groups of turbine water conduits arranged one over the other horizontally along head front. Plant can be furnished with watertight communication channels designed for communication of process spaces with operating well of hydroelectric station.

EFFECT: provision of conditions for convenient mounting, demounting and servicing of equipment at reduced specific capital outlays.

4 cl, 3 dwg

The invention relates to the field of hydropower and can be used to regulate and maintain a stable hydrological, mineralogical and thermal regimes of reservoirs created by natural geological structure of the terrain, by pumping fluid from the reservoirs with a different arrangement of the levels of liquid in them, as well as to use the energy of the fluid in various fields of power generation to compensate for the energy required for pumping the fluid, and the fluid itself on different economic needs

The invention relates to hydropower and is designed to regulate and maintain a stable mineralogical composition of the reservoirs by pumping fluid from the reservoirs with a different arrangement of the levels of liquid in them, as well as for the energy of the pumped fluid to drive vehicles and electricity generation

Downcomer // 2556452

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: downcomer contains input and main sections with walls limited by surfaces of rotation. Walls of input and main sections are provided with internal superhydrophobic film coating. Wall of the main section is made in form of connected power mesh and internal superhydrophobic film with system of microholes. Axes of the microholes make with the pipe axis directed from input section to output of the main section the angle from 90 to 160 degrees.

EFFECT: reduced lifting force.

2 cl, 3 dwg