Hand-guided tool with an internal combustion engine and air filter

FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: manually guided tool has an internal combustion engine and air filter, has a cylindrical filter element (39). Filter element (39) onto the ends is tightly connected with end plates. Filter element (39) and end plates separates the dirty side of the air filter from the clean side. Clean side of the air filter at least one channel is connected with an internal combustion engine. First performed as the bottom end plate (40) air filter, which together with the bottom (40) air filter intermediate flange (43) limits the internal space (85), in which the plot of the channel. Intermediate flange (43) is located in the direction of traffic flow between the air filter and engine (15) internal combustion engines. Channel in the inner space (85) is limited by at least one restrictive wall (44) in inner space (85) at an angle to the bottom (40) air filter. Restrictive wall (44) formed at the intermediate flange (43) and/or on the bottom (40) air filter and covers the distance (a) between the head (40) air filter head (60) of the intermediate flange (43), located opposite the bottoms (40) air filter.

EFFECT: avoiding, in large part, the absorption of fuel into the duct.

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FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: claimed is nozzle-adapter for fluids and gases (two versions) that includes acceleration chamber (1) shaped to torus with fragment withdrawn over its entire length (1st version) or torus of helical cross-section with fragment withdrawn over its entire length (2nd version) and aligned with inlet and outlet bells (2, 3).

EFFECT: higher power output and torque, lower engine noise level.

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FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to hand-held devices driven by ICE. Proposed device comprises housing of engine (200) and ICE (202) with cylinder (204) and crankshaft. It incorporates fan wheel (214) driven by crankshaft to run about axle A. Fan casing (216) surrounds fan wheel (214) to interact therewith. Inlet (224) for air to be combusted is arranged radially outside fan wheel (214) to direct air to ICE (202) and has inlet (226) and channel (228). Inlet (226) has first edge (230) radially abutting on has wheel (214) outer periphery (220). Angle X between first line L1 extending radially from axle A parallel with the main direction of cylinder (204) and radius L2 extending radially from axle A so that to cross said first edge (230), is smaller than 70 degrees, preferably, smaller than 66 degrees and, more preferably, than 62 degrees. Invention covers the versions of hand-held device.

EFFECT: decreased weight.

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FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: proposed system for connection of car pipes comprises union 26, sealing adapter 22 of, mainly tubular shape, arranged radially outward from union 26 and seal element 24 covering outer side of said union 26 to seal it relative to adapter 22. Sealing element 24 has intake pocket 30 to receive connection adapter 22 and clamp 28 to retain said element 24 radially inward on connection adapter 22. The latter cab flex radially and comprises at least one spline arranged, mainly, axially. Invention discloses suction air duct of ICE using described sealing system.

EFFECT: simplified assembly.

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FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: air pipeline passes from boost air device on one longitudinal side of internal combustion engine to air-distributing device on the other longitudinal side. One of boost air pipeline sections passes through ICE attachment bracket installed on the side. Boost air cooler is located between those devices. Sections (6e, 7e) of boost air pipeline are integrated to attachment brackets (6, 7) provided on both longitudinal sides of internal combustion engine. Boost air cooler (13) is attached to mounting flanges (6h, 7h) of both engine attachment brackets (6, 7) and interacts with integrated sections (6e, 7e) of boost air pipeline (10).

EFFECT: easy erection and reduction of weight is provided.

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FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to engine production, particularly to internal combustion engine feed system. Air feed device comprises pipelines, intake and exhaust valves (11, 12), and check valves (7, 50). Proposed device differs from known designs in that it incorporates pneumatic accumulator (2) with piston (4) and spring (5), assembly of ejectors (33) comprising ejectors (45, 46, 47, 48) arranged coaxially, one above the other, in subpiston space (44) of aforesaid pneumatic accumulator (2). It comprises also pipeline (24) to feed waste gases in said assembly of ejectors and assembly of valves (21) to control operation of pneumatic accumulator (2) with valve (22) that communicates pneumatic accumulator subpiston space (44) with assembly of ejectors (33) via flap valves (39, 40, 41), and with valve (25) that communicates air cleaner (1) with aforesaid subpiston space. Note that adjusting shims (49) are fitted on one end face of pneumatic accumulator spring.

EFFECT: efficient and reliable air feed device.

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FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: invention is related to propulsion engineering, in particular to units from internal combustion engine components fixed by adhesive. Method for manufacture of inlet header for automobile engine consists in the fact that inlet header of engine is provided, which form air channel; the first part of inlet header body is provided from the first material; the second part of inlet header body is provided from the second material. The second part of header includes fixation of throttle gates body, cylinder covers, cylinder cover flange. The first and second parts are connected by adhesive to create unit of engine inlet header.

EFFECT: reduced labour-intensiveness of assembly and increased accuracy.

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FIELD: mechanical engineering; internal combustion system.

SUBSTANCE: according to proposed method of silencing exhaust noises of internal combustion engine provided with intake system with throttle valve, exhaust gas fluctuations are reduced by delivering air into gas-air duct after throttle valve, air being fed as into intake system of engine after throttle valve at its closing. Intake system of internal combustion engine has air cleaner, carburetor, throttle valve, intake manifold, control device and valve communicating intake manifold, after throttle valve at sharp closing of throttle valve, with source of additional air. Electromagnetic valve is used for this purpose, and control device is made in form of control unit of override-duty economizer.

EFFECT: increased efficiency of noise silencing owing to prevention of back flows in exhaust system.

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FIELD: mechanical engineering; manufacture of engines.

SUBSTANCE: proposed unit of engine intake manifold contains first member with corresponding first mating surface and second member with corresponding second mating surface. Unit contains also binding also binding material coming in contact with first mating surface and with second mating surface for connecting first and second members to form intake manifold of engine, and mechanical fastener, in additional to blinding material, for connecting first and second members. First mating surface and second mating surface, as a whole, are not flat. First member, second member or both members are made of polyamide with glass fiber filler. Epoxy resin is used as binding material. No sealing gasket is used in proposed joint. Thickness of cross section of joint is less than 7 mm.

EFFECT: provision of connection of complex-shape components and high strength of joint.

10 cl, 5 dwg

FIELD: mechanical engineering; internal combustion engines.

SUBSTANCE: according to proposed method, part of air is directed to engine through additional parallel circuit, fuel from supply system is fed into additional circuit in which formation of mixture takes place, fuel-air mixture is fed into channels of air circuit near intake valves where it is additionally turbulized and atomized, and control of power and parameters of flow at cylinder input is provided by combined operation of gates of air and additional circuits and control of angles of delivery of flow of additional circuit relative to flow of air circuit. According to other method, part of air flow is directed through additional parallel circuit, fuel from supply system is delivered into engine cylinders where formation of mixture takes place, air from additional circuit is delivered into channels of air circuit near intake valves where swirling is provided, and control of power and parameters of flow at cylinder input is provided by combined operation of gates of air and additional circuits and control of angles of delivery of flow of additional circuit relative to flow of air circuit. Device for implementing said methods is described in invention.

EFFECT: increased economy, decreased toxicity of engine exhaust gases.

13 cl, 6 dwg

FIELD: mechanical engineering; automotive industry.

SUBSTANCE: proposed air supply system of internal combustion engine has air cleaner with air intake and air duct connecting cleaner with engine. Hole made in air duct is connected by hose with branch pipe of resonating chamber. Insert in form of pipe projecting into resonating chamber is installed in branch pipe of resonating chamber. Insert is installed for changing value of its projecting.

EFFECT: reduction intake noise to required value.

2 cl, 3 dwg

FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: invention can be used in internal combustion engines. Air inlet system (100) for an internal combustion engine includes air filter (1) that comprises a filter element, internal chamber (3) and suction opening (6) for connection of internal chamber (3) to suction channel (7) of the internal combustion engine. Combustion air flows through the filter element to internal chamber (3) and from internal chamber (3) through suction opening (6) to suction channel (7). The engine is provided with an air supply pass that attaches internal chamber (3) to a transfer channel of the engine for supply of additional air to the transfer channel. In addition, air inlet system (100) includes flow resistance device (2). Internal chamber (3), suction opening (6) and suction channel (7) form a combustion air flow path. Flow resistance device (2) represents plastic or rubber foam located on the way of the combustion air flow. At least 30% and preferably at least 40% of combustion air flows through flow resistance device (2) so that flow resistance device (2) absorbs fuel and/or lubricant, which flow backwards from the internal combustion engine through the combustion air path in the direction of at least one filter element. Due to this, penetration of fuel and lubricant onto the filter element is prevented.

EFFECT: preventing penetration of fuel and lubricant onto a filter element.

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FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: filter comprises covers (2 and 3), which are made with ribs (4-9) on their outer surface (10, 11). The body is made of polymer material with strength of 18-30 MPa. The base profile is made as acute-angled (24) and/or complicated shaped with round-offs. At the inlet and outlet from the filter there are elastic nozzles installed for air, which is supplied via a connecting nozzle and an air duct. The air filter comprises flexible hoses (31), an inlet pipe (43), acoustic gaskets, filtering elements, a connection nozzle, an air duct, a process plug (45), fixation screws, a sealing bushing, a screw yoke, bolts, washers, a front acoustic gasket. The thickness of air filter body walls is selected as not more than 6 mm. The filtering paper composition includes cellulose with addition of 0.5-1% of polyether from weight of filtering paper. The method to assemble an air filter consists in the following. Free space under a bonnet is optimised. Air inlet and outlet is provided. Section of an outlet and an auxiliary nozzle is identified. The body filter is aligned with a gap between ICE parts. Half-bodies are installed as assembled with valves.

EFFECT: more compact arrangement of an air filter and flexible layout of output hoses.

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FIELD: mechanical engineering; engines.

SUBSTANCE: relates to methods of manufacture of air cleaners with filtering elements mainly of panel-type for cleaning air getting into internal combustion engines of road vehicles, and into devices in which proposed methods can be implemented./ proposed method comes to preliminary manufacture of filtering element including the following operations: bending of tape of filtering material at preset pitch, corrugating of tape in corrugating device and folding material along bending lines, placing filtering element, thus made, between two housing halves, lower and upper ones, made of plastic by injection molding method, hermetically connecting housing halves by fasteners and mounting of mass meter in zone of cleaned air on upper housing half. Novelty is that air is delivered under pressure inside air cleaner to zone of non-cleaned air through air inlet branch pipe of lower housing half before mounting air mass meter on upper housing half, and blowing out of filtering element and inner surface of upper housing half is carried out to provide complete cleaning of their surfaces from side of zone of cleaned air of upper housing half. Blowing air can be delivered in pulsating manner. Then air gets out through air outlet branch pipe of upper housing half into ambient atmosphere, after which air delivery into space of air cleaner is stopped and air mass meter is mounted which is hermetically closed by dummy stopper. Invention contains description of device by means of which proposed method can be industrially implemented.

EFFECT: provision of device for reliable cleaning of air.

4 cl, 4 dwg

FIELD: mechanical engineering; internal combustion engines.

SUBSTANCE: proposed air cleaner of internal combustion engine contains filtering element secured inside sectional envelope, one half of which has air supply branch pipe, and second one, air supply and air discharge branch pipes. Halves of envelope are connected to each other by flexible catches uniformly spaced in cutouts of connecting flange of one half fitted in retainers of other half through cutouts in its connecting flange to permit arrangement of halves at different angles relative to one another. Thin-walled skirt made in one half of envelope projects beyond the limits of connecting flange whose outer surface is in contact with inner surface of other halt. Catches on one and retainers on other half are spaced relative to each other through 30°C. Thickened portions are found on free end of catches, and cavities are made in retainers in place of their contact with second half. Undercut is made in center of bottom of first half, side surface of which is in contact with inner surface of seal of filtering element. Support branch pipe is made inside second half concentrically to air discharge branch pipe, outer surface of which is in contact with inner surface of second seal of filtering element. Halves of sectional envelope are made of polymeric material.

EFFECT: simplified design, reduced cost of production.

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The invention relates to mechanical engineering, in particular to the automotive industry and can be used as an air filter for internal combustion engines with positive ignition of the combustible mixture

The invention relates to the production of means for air purification, in particular, to automotive air filters and can be used to clean the air entering the internal combustion engine, from aerosols

The invention relates to the field of engine development, in particular to the inertial-oil cleaners for automotive or stationary reciprocating internal combustion engines

The invention relates to engine, in particular to the air intake into the internal combustion engine (ice)

FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: invention can be used in four-stroke engines used in portable motorised tools. Four-stroke engine (1) includes housing (3) of a cylinder, which has opening (5) of the cylinder, in which piston (6) is located with a possibility of back-and-forth movement. Case (4) in which crank shaft (10) is installed with a possibility of being rotated is attached to housing (3) of the cylinder. Partition wall (43), (44) divides the inner space of case (4) into crank case (41), in which crank shaft (10) is installed and oil chamber (42) containing the oil that serves for lubrication of crank shaft (10). There is connection passage (45) connecting crank case (41) to oil chamber (42) and guiding the oil contained in crank case (41) and dripping under action of gravity force into oil chamber (42) and a supply assembly of oil contained in the oil chamber, which provides oil pumping to crank case (41). If an upward direction is determined as a direction in which piston (6) moves from the lower dead point to the upper dead point, then a cross section of partition wall (43), (44) is actually V-shaped if to look in an axial direction of crank shaft (10) and faces with its apex downwards, and connection passage (45) is made at the apex of the V-shaped cross section. A bush cutter is developed, which contains a four-stroke engine and a motorised tool containing a four-stroke engine.

EFFECT: preservation of reliable oil supply irrespective of location of an engine in an inclined state.

11 cl, 17 dwg

Carburettor unit // 2553481

FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to appliances for carburettors used for drives of hand-held tools. Proposed unit comprises carburettor (9) with inlet channel section (10). Said section accommodates throttle element and air choke element. First coupling element is fixed with throttle element while second coupling element is fixed with air choke element. In compliance with this invention, first and second coupling elements make a locking device which impedes closure of air choke element at idle throttle element.

EFFECT: simplified design, inhibited closure of air choke at idle throttle element.

19 cl, 22 dwg

FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: proposed engine comprises cylindrical housing with cover and bottom, percussion piston axially spring-loaded and fitted therein, combustion chamber arranged under housing cover, rod end composed of percussion piston second end and bottom, return spring fitted in said rod end and working tool stem extending through the hole on housing bottom outward, vent and bypass channels made in said housing, ignition unit electrically connected with spark plug fitted in housing cover. It differs from known devices in that said housing and piston are made of nonmagnetic material. Besides, this engine includes electronical unit, storage battery, generator, magnet fitted in nonmagnetic main piston, fuel pump, buffer fuel, electrically controlled atomiser and contactless ignition control system.

EFFECT: higher efficiency and reliability.

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