"vortex" centrifuge for separation of inhomogeneous media, suspensions and emulsions

FIELD: machine engineering.

SUBSTANCE: centrifuge for separating liquid inhomogeneous media refers to process equipment intended for separating liquid inhomogeneous media in various industries into constituent fractions in the centrifugal force field. The centrifuge for separating liquid inhomogeneous media comprises a filter device mounted on the body-bottom base, consisting of a shell, an upper cover, and two shafts: a drive shaft and a supporting hollow shaft with radial openings and packs of removable membrane filter elements (PRMFE) and sets of turbolators. The PRMFE are secured through a spacer seal on the support shaft secured to the body-bottom. The set of turbulators through the regulating segments is mounted between the upper drive and lower support turbolators, and the upper drive turbolator is connected to a drive shaft concentrically coupled to the stationary support shaft. Rotation of the set of turbolators is provided through a pulley mounted on the shaft from an instrument electric motor mounted on a frame, and secure vertically through a belt gear. At that, the rotation occurs from 200 to 800 and from 800 to 2000 rpm. In addition, there is an opening for drilled in stationary shaft bottom for draining clean filtrate through a flange with a branch pipe. There are pipe connections for gauges, safety valves and an input connection pipe of initial mixture mounted on the upper cover. A concentrate collector is fixed to the body-bottom base on the peripheral part and a throttle valve is installed on a discharge pipe for pressure stabilisation. Body air-tightness is provided by installation of gaskets to weld joints, and the drive shaft output assembly is sealed with sleeve gaskets or end seals.

EFFECT: increase service life of the centrifuge, increase filtration performance, reduce metal consumption and energy intensity.

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FIELD: process engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to mining, concentration of minerals and may be used for dehydration of fines. Horizontal centrifuge comprises perforated rotor, housing, frame electric drive, initial pulp feed pipeline, centrate discharge pipeline and dehydrated material discharge trough. Centrifuge rotor features shape similar to that of automotive tire with open cavity on one side and tight wall on opposite side. Said rotor is made from resin and has multiple 3 mm-dia holes. It is has its outer edges reinforced by steel wire to prevent rotor blowout. Filter screen with tiny holes is secured inside said rotor. Dehydrated material is discharged in cycles when squeeze roller presses against rubber rotor outer surface to create bulge in rotor inner surface and opposite-direction centrifugal force is created.

EFFECT: higher yield, reduced losses, possibility to use centrate as circulation water.

FIELD: mechanics.

SUBSTANCE: invention is meant for separation. Centrifugal separator contains overlapping device which provides easy opening and closing on the side of intake of residual of discharging chute for release of residual, at that residual is released from discharging chute at stage of centrifugal separation. Baffle of overlapping device provides closing off of side of intake of residual of discharging chute in such a way that at stage of cleaning of inner part of device, issue of cleaning liquid and residual to discharging chute is prevented.

EFFECT: compactness, reduction of mounting expenses.

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FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to separation of heterogeneous media and can be used in mining, coal, chemical and other industries to separate liquid and solid phases. Rotor comprises sectors of slot-like screens with working and supporting bars coupled via lengthwise ribs and making side surface of aforesaid truncated cone. It comprises also two flanges attached to face sides and lengthwise bars fastened on rib lengthwise inner and outer sides. Crosswise slots are made in both side surfaces of lengthwise bars all over their length, their sizes being equal to those of the ends of supporting bars ends in adjacent sectors. Lengthwise bars can be aligned with lengthwise ribs and have cross section in the form of top-hat section.

EFFECT: higher efficiency, longer life and higher reliability.

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FIELD: food industry.

SUBSTANCE: device has a body, in which a bowl with drive placed on a shaft is fixed, it consist of two vertical and concentrate conic shells with perforation holes, which form ring-form space between the shells filled with a filtering agent. Also the device has a filler and delivery necks, lid and liquid collector. And the upper part of the space between the shells is blocked by a perforated grille, placed so that it can change the position from top to bottom. Besides in the external side of the bowl there is a conic coaster, the lower edge of which is fixed to the body at the level of the bottom edge of the delivering neck.

EFFECT: simplification of centrifuge running.

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FIELD: technological processes.

SUBSTANCE: invention is referred to methods of increasing separation efficiency of solid and liquid phases during the centrifugal filtration performed in the tank (1) for centrifugal filtration. These methods lie in increase of overfall of pressure through a filtering deposit (6) with use of an exposure, such as gas introduction through an inlet pipe (9) for compressed air to augment pressure of gas in the filtering chamber, and/or the application of vacuum to an outer side of the filtering chamber. The external unit of increase in overfall of pressure is designed to augment speed of water removal during the drainage period at a centrifugal filtration and, hence, to reduce amount of residual water.

EFFECT: lowering of damp of the filtered deposit.

16 cl, 2 dwg, 12 tbl, 12 ex

FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: centrifugal ore-dressing apparatus contains the hull made of tube with round section, the chamber for creating the steam pulp, the nipple of pulp feeding, the nipple for extraction of hydraulically tinny pulp fraction, the suction surface made as tube with round section and receiving casing of extraction of hydraulically large pulp fraction. In the apparatus the chamber for creating the steam pulp from one side is connected with the nipple of extracting of the pulp and from the other side is separated by partition from the main hull body and is connected with separated zone through the holes in the partition. The hull is divided along the axis with sift surface for separating zone and the zone of hydraulically tinny pulp fraction passing. The separating zone from the other side from the chamber of creating the pulp stream is connected through the holes, made in the hull, with receiving casing of large pulp fraction. From the same part, the zone of the hydraulically tinny pulp fraction passing is connected with the nipple for outlet of hydraulically tinny pulp fraction.

EFFECT: it is increased the life time and efficiency of separating of hard pulp particle.

13 cl, 12 dwg

FIELD: food-processing industry, in particular, equipment for separation of bulk material into fractions of different sizes.

SUBSTANCE: centrifugal separator has casing with branch pipes for feeding of bulk material to be separated and discharge of bulk material fractions, supporting shaft with vertical axis of rotation, sieve-type drum located within casing and consisting of a number of sections, disk-type and brush cleaners positioned on the outside of drum, charging device fixed above drum, and drum rotating drive positioned within casing, under drum. Metal shaped rims are fixed to drum top and bottom. Electromagnets with cores are immovably fixed to casing of centrifugal separator, opposite rims and symmetrically relative to vertical axis of drum. Electromagnet cores are provided with cuts wherein metal shaped rims are fixed. Sieve-type drum is connected through arms and bushings with supporting shaft. Arms are connected through flexible members to carriers rigidly fixed on supporting shaft.

EFFECT: reduced frictional losses, decreased unbalanced inertial forces, low vibration loading applied to separator drive, enhanced reliability in operation of centrifugal separator, and controlled separation modes.

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FIELD: food-processing industry, in particular, technique for refining of vegetable oil, may be also used in chemical industry.

SUBSTANCE: apparatus has casing, rotor mounted within casing on shaft and consisting of two vertical and concentrically arranged conical perforated shells defining therebetween circular cavity filled with filtering material. Centrifuge is provided with filling throat, cover and liquid collector communicating with upper part of cavity between shells. Liquid collector is made in the form of two adjacent circular reservoirs isolated from one another. Liquid flow divider is disposed between shells in upper part of casing. Liquid flow divider is formed as additional shell of lower height, with lower end of said shell being positioned at the level of line of connection of circular cavity with inner circular reservoir of liquid collector. Upper end of said shell is perforated and connected with outer circular cavity.

EFFECT: improved quality of liquid separation owing to fractionation of mixture to be purified.

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FIELD: centrifuges.

SUBSTANCE: centrifuge comprises housing, rotor with filtering member, and tube for supplying suspension. The centrifuge has vapor collector. The rotor is conical and perforated. The outer side of the rotor is provided with the nozzle that has openings, points toward the rotor, and is parallel to the conical generatrix . The air or vapor is supplied to the centrifuge through the nozzle.

EFFECT: enhanced efficiency.

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Extractor-separator // 2275225

FIELD: separation.

SUBSTANCE: extractor-separator comprise housing, extracting module, separating module, electric drive, and unit for control and temperature control. The extracting module and separating module are movably mounted parallel inside the housing on supports in the vertical plane. The separating module is coaxially mounted in the housing. The extracting module is made of ring stand with the sockets for changeable sleeves. The separating module comprises rotating hollow, cylindrical rotor for receiving changeable sleeves and provided with the changeable collector of extract and ring chamber with drain pipeline. The changeable sleeves are provided with the separating lid.

EFFECT: expanded functional capabilities.

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FIELD: process engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention may be used for removal of insoluble admixtures from fluids. Proposed apparatus consists of tank 1, rectangular in plan, equipped with feed and discharge branch pipes 2, 3, sediment collector composed of drive and driven shafts 4 running in bearings. Reel of permeable film is fitted on driven shaft 4. free end 6 of said reel is arranged on surface of permeable web 7 making closed chamber with walls and bottom and secured to driven shaft 8. Permeable film reel, a membrane, is fitted on driven shaft 4. Suction chamber of pump 12 is connected to closed chamber discharge branch pipe 3. In operation, film with deposited slime is reeled on drive shaft 8. In reeling and keeping the reel above water surface, sediment is dehydrated. After dehydration, film reel with sediment is directed to range for solid wastes. In case the tank is equipped with idle shaft 5, driven and idle shafts 4, 5 are located under water level while drive shaft 8 is located above water surface. Note that membrane edge is laid under idle shaft 5 and secured to drive shaft 8.

EFFECT: higher efficiency of treatment, extraction of dehydrated admixtures.

4 cl, 2 dwg, 2 tbl, 2 ex

FIELD: production processes.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to separation of suspensions for industrial, agricultural and household purposes. Membrane apparatus with rotating flows contains body with tubes for delivery of initial liquid and extraction of purified liquid and liquid with residual. Apparatus body consists of cylinder course with elliptic head and bottom with vertical profile elements installed on course periphery, filter holder with filter elements secured in it, distribution device, clamp plate and supports in the form of legs. Distribution device is installed with possibility of rotation on supporting lower and upper hinges and is designed as turbine of cylindrical form. Nozzles are welded tangentially to side surface of tube. Liquid flows coming from nozzle ensure free rotation of turbine at speed providing removal of deposits from surface of filter elements.

EFFECT: invention allows to increase operational life of filter element, to improve productivity of apparatus and to extend range of filter use both for rough filtration and for membrane methods of purification.

5 dwg

FIELD: chemistry.

SUBSTANCE: ultrasonic membrane element contains porous tubular carcass with semipermeable membrane layed on the substrate fixed on its inner surface and the purifying element. The latter is provided with piezoelectric element connected with ultrasonic generator which enables it to perform the alternating movement. In axial section the purifying element has the form of the rod with protrusions having streamlined dome or cone form and lead decreasing in the direction of the product movement with bigger protrusions oriented to the direction of the membrane element output.

EFFECT: efficiency enhancing of the liquids separation, increase of flow turbulisation level along with increase of dry substances concentration in the solution and solution viscosity

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FIELD: deep purification of industrial sewage and for production of drinking water.

SUBSTANCE: the invention concerns to devices for separation of liquid mediums by methods of a microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration and reverse osmosis and may find a broad use in deep purification of industrial sewage and for production of potable water. The membranous rotor filter has a hollow immovable shaft supplied with a partition. The rotor is formed by two movably fastened carrying discs, between which there are the disk-type filtering elements. The systems of feeding of a divided solution and withdrawal of the filtrate are fused to the hollow immovable shaft. Disk-type elements have some setting central holes and the peripheral holes located in pairs and symmetrically with the central setting hole or in such a manner that their centers are located on one circumference and form a regular polygon. The disk-type filtering elements are fixed on the carrying discs by the filtrate withdrawing tubes through the spacers supplied with through holes. The peripheral through holes in the disk-type filtering elements and through holes in the spacers are made coaxially. The technical result is improvement of autopurification of semi-permeable membranes, increased productivity at a high degree of purification of solutions.

EFFECT: the invention ensures improvement of autopurification of semi-permeable membranes, increased productivity at a high degree of purification of solutions.

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The invention relates to the field of chemical technology and can be used in the purification and concentration of toxic solutes, including radioactive high level of activity

The invention relates to a device for separation of liquid mixtures by using semi-permeable membranes, and is intended to implement the processes of microfiltration, ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis to clean, concentration, fractionation of liquids, including industrial waste in the nuclear industry, microbiological, food, medical and other industries

The invention relates to the separation of solutions methods of reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration

The invention relates to membrane technology for the dehydration of liquid food products and can be used in chemical, pharmaceutical and microbiological industry, and also at the enterprises of agro-industrial complex

The ultra-filter // 2120330
The invention relates to a device for ultrafiltration separation using rotating membrane element

The invention relates to water and can be used for purification of drinking water