Pharmacological composition on basis of iron compounds

FIELD: pharmacology.

SUBSTANCE: invention is a pharmacological composition containing the iron (II) sulphate for treatment of iron deficiency anemia, characterised in that it additionally contains iron hexacyanoferrate, iron-potassium hexacyanoferrate, potassium sulfate and micro cellulose, the components in the composition being in a certain ratio, in weight percent.

EFFECT: high therapeutic efficacy, good tolerability, and low toxicity.

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FIELD: medicine.

SUBSTANCE: method includes the introduction of deferoxaminum to mice. Deferoxaminum is introduced subcutaneously in a dose of 0.5 g/kg 2 times with a 3 day interval.

EFFECT: method makes it possible to simply and efficiently model iron deficiency anaemia in mice.

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FIELD: medicine, pharmaceutics.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a compound of the structural formula (1), which possesses the activity increasing erythropoietin production. In formula

R1 represents a group of the structural formula


in which R4 and R5, each independently, represent a hydrogen atom, halogen atom or C1-C6alkyl group, R6 represents a hydrogen atom, halogen atom or C1-C6alkyl group, R7 represents a hydroxyC1-C6alkyl group, hydroxyhalogenC1-C6alkyl group, C1-C6alkoxyC1-C6alkyl group, which can have 1 substituent, independently selected from a group of substituents α, (C1-C6alkoxy)carbonyl group, C1-C6alkoxyC1-C6alkoxyC1-C6alkyl group, hydroxyC1-C6alkoxygroup, C1-C6alkylcarbamoyl group, (C1-C6alkyl)(C1-C6alkyl) carbamoyl group, (C1-C6alkyl)(C1-C6alkyl) carbamoylC1-C6alkyl group or C2-C7alkanoyloxyC1-C6alkyl group, α represents a hydroxygroup, Q1 ring represents a piperidinyl group, rings Q2 and Q3 represent a phenyl or pyridyl group, X represents a simple bond or methylene, R2 represents a C1-C3alkyl group and R3 represents a hydrogen atom.

EFFECT: invention relates to a pharmaceutical composition, containing the said compounds, to the application of a compound for obtaining a medication for the enhancement of erythropoietin production and to a method of treatment or prevention of a disease, caused by reduced erythropoietin production, such as anaemia.

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FIELD: medicine, pharmaceutics.

SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to the field of pharmaceutics and deals with a pharmaceutical composition, which contains feline erythropoietin as an active ingredient, to which two or more polyethyleneglycol molecules with a non-branched chain are attached, with a water-soluble long-chain molecule having the molecular weight, constituting not less than 30 kDa and producing the haemopoietic effect. A haemopoietic medication and a medication for the treatment of anaemia are based on the said composition.

EFFECT: group of inventions provides the haemopoietic effect, which lasts for not less than seven days, when introduced to humans and/or animals.

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FIELD: medicine.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to medicine, namely to haematology and enterology, and concerns treating anaemia in the patients with celiacia. That is ensured by an oral administration of iron bis-glycinate chelate in the form of an effervescent tablet, semi-solid or liquid dosage form in the range of doses of 5 to 200 mg a day that corresponds to 1 to 40 mg of an iron ion.

EFFECT: invention provides treating anaemia in the patients suffering celiacia by the effective absorption of orally administered iron bis-glycinate chelate.

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FIELD: medicine, pharmaceutics.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to veterinary science and aims at treating and preventing alimentary anaemia in young pigs. A preparation contains an iron dextran complex, nanosized and zero-valent selenium (Se0), vitamin E, vitamin B12 and water in the following proportions, wt %: iron dextran complex 0.0001-80.0, selenium (Se0) 0.0001-5.0, vitamin E 0.0001-20.0, vitamin B12 0.0001-10.0, water for injections - the rest.

EFFECT: using the declared method provides compensating iron deficiency in young pigs, improving animal's growth and development, increasing total immunity and rapid adaptation to the varying ambient environment.

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FIELD: chemistry.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a triazolopyridine compound of general formula [I] or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt, where the partial structural formula: is a group represented by any of the following formulae: or R1 is (1) a hydrogen atom, (2) C1-6alkyl group, (3) phenyl group or (4) C3-8cycloalkyl group; R2 is (1) a hydrogen atom, (2) C1-10alkyl group, (3) phenyl group, optionally substituted with identical or different 1-3 substitutes selected from the following groupB, (4) C3-8cycloalkyl group, (5) C3-8cycloalkenyl group, (6) thienyl group, optionally substituted with 1 substitute selected from halogen or C1-6alkyl group, (7) phenyl-C1-6alkyl group (wherein phenyl is optionally substituted with different or identical 1-2 substitutes selected from halogen, C3-8cycloalkyl or halogen-C1-6alkyl group) or (8) C3-8cycloalkyl-C1-6alkyl group; R3 is (1) a hydrogen atom, (2) a halogen atom, (3) C1-6alkyl group, (4) phenyl group (6) phenyl-C1-6alkyl group; and each of R4 and R5 are both hydrogen atoms or a group B: (a) a halogen atom, (b) C1-6alkyl group, (c) C3-8cycloalkyl group, (d) cyano group and (e) halogen-C1-6alkyl group. The invention also relates to the specific compounds, a pharmaceutical composition based on the compound of formula [I] and to use of the compound with the formula [I].

EFFECT: obtaining novel triazolopyrine compounds, having inhibitory activity on prolyl hydroxylase and capable of inducing erythropoietin production.

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FIELD: veterinary medicine.

SUBSTANCE: method of normalisation of the thrombin time duration in newborn calves with iron deficiency anemia consists in the fact that ferroglukin 150 mg (2 ml) intramuscularly is prescribed to newborn calves with iron deficiency anemia, twice with the interval of 4 days, cresacyne 5 mg/kg per day, including it in the scheme of watering for 4 days, starting simultaneously with the first injection of ferroglukin and gamavit intramuscularly once a day in the morning of 0.05 ml/kg for 4 days, starting simultaneously with ferroglukin and cresacyne.

EFFECT: acceleration of normalisation of thrombin time duration, enables to reduce the risk of vascular complications in newborn calves with iron deficiency anemia, to revitalise the herd, to reduce mortality, to maintain the volume and quality of the meat and dairy products obtained from animals.

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FIELD: medicine.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to veterinary science, namely to clinical pharmacology and veterinary therapy. The method consists in administering the complex iron-dextran preparation Ferranimal-75M intramuscularly on the 5th day of calf's life in a dose of 3 ml in a combination with an intramuscular injection of the preparation Hydropeptone in a dose of 10 ml. Ferranimal-75M is injected 10 days later in a dose of 2 ml in a combination with an injection of Hyropeptone 5 ml intramuscularly in different points.

EFFECT: method provides higher antioxidative activity of calf's blood serum, reduced pro-oxidant action of iron and incorporated radionuclides, as well as higher iron accessibility in treating and preventing iron-deficiency anaemia in calves exposed to the chronic incorporated radiation.

FIELD: veterinary medicine.

SUBSTANCE: ferroglyukin is administered to new-born calves with iron deficiency anaemia at a dose of 150 mg (2 ml) intramuscularly, twice with an interval of 4 days. Crezacyne 5 mg/kg per day is included in the watering scheme for 4 days, starting simultaneously with the first injection of ferroglyukin. Gamavit is administered intramuscularly once a day in the morning at a dose of 0.05 ml/kg for 4 days, starting simultaneously with ferroglyukin and crezacyne.

EFFECT: method enables to normalise consistently the platelet activity in new-born calves with iron deficiency anaemia during a short period of exposure, transferring it to the level typical of healthy calves, after 4 days of treatment, and to provide long-term maintenance of platelet haemostasis in the optimal mode of operation, eliminating the risk of thrombotic complications in animals and contributing to their normal growth and development.

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FIELD: metallurgy.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to casein succinylate of iron (III) wherein iron content varies from 4.5 wt % to 7 wt %, water solubility exceeds 92% while phosphorus-to-nitrogen ratio exceeds 5 wt %.

EFFECT: additionally, invention relates to production of iron (III) and to pharmaceutical composition containing casein succinylate of iron (III).

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FIELD: medicine.

SUBSTANCE: what is described is a microdispersed histo-equivalent bioplastic material containing hyaluronic acid, a buffer system, clarithromycin and a proton pump inhibitor. Hyaluronic acid is nanostructured, lyophilised and dispersed to powder with a single particle size falling within the range of 50-100 mcm; the buffer system is Buffer-G with pH 6.8-8.0, while the proton pump inhibitor is the inhibitor H+-K+-Adenosine triphosphatase pantoprazole in the following proportions, wt %: hyaluronic acid - 95, Buffer-G with pH 6.8-8.0- 3, pantoprazole -1, clarithromycin -1; the microdispersed histo-equivalent bioplastic material is placed into capsules melted on exposure to body temperature, e.g. gelatine.

EFFECT: using it for the therapeutic treatment of gastroduodenal ulcers and erosions with the effect of accelerated oral tissue regeneration.

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FIELD: medicine.

SUBSTANCE: claimed invention relates to capsule for application with inhalator of dry powder, which contains composition in form of dry powder for pulmonary introduction, which contains mechanosynthesised microparticles, consisting of antibiotic and magnesium stearate.

EFFECT: invention relates to method of obtaining claimed capsule and its application in treatment of bacterial infection, associated with certain lungs diseases.

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FIELD: medicine, pharmaceutics.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a pharmaceutical composition, namely to a method of manufacturing a solid, coated pharmaceutical composition by the method of applying a coating by melt.

EFFECT: method is adapted to the provision of the solid, coated pharmaceutical composition, possessing fast release, by means of covering by melt.

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FIELD: medicine.

SUBSTANCE: invention represents an oral anti-enteroviral and immunostimulant agent in the form of capsules containing interferon and additives, differing by the fact that a therapeutic substance is human recombinant interferon alpha-2b immobilised on polyethylene glycol, having a molecular weight of 1.5 kD by a physical method of binding by an accelerated electron flow in a dose of 1.5 Mrad. The ingredients in the agent are taken in a certain ratio.

EFFECT: extending the range of anti-enteroviral agents possessing immunostimulant properties.

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FIELD: medicine.

SUBSTANCE: presented egg-shaped vaginal suppositories contains the following mass ratio in 1 capsule (egg-shaped vaginal suppository): sulphadimine 0.05 g; metronidazole 0.01 g, potato starch 0.02 g, glucose 0.04 g, 5% polyvinyl alcohol 0.07 g, 15% oily extract of propolis 1.0 g; gelatine 0.2 g; dimethicone 0.04 g; glycerol 0.4 g; purified water 0.37 g.

EFFECT: using the invention increases the therapeutic effect and bioavailability of the capsules, increases the prolonged action time, provides the control release of the active substances.

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FIELD: medicine.

SUBSTANCE: invention concerns a simplified capsular form of clofazimine, containing clofazimine, bee wax, soya bean lecithin, butylhydroxy toluene, soya bean oil, gelatine, glycerol, sorbitol, methylparabene, propylparabene, titanium dioxide, brown chocolate and purified water with preserving high efficacy.

EFFECT: simplifying the form.

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FIELD: medicine.

SUBSTANCE: invention represents an encapsulated liposomal antiviral agent based on human interferon alpha-2b for vaginal application, characterised by the fact that each capsule is made in the form of a hollow coating, which encloses a powder excipient and liposomes distributed in the excipient, and sodium alginate, a water-soluble polymer gel former; the excipient consists of lactose, sodium chloride, 12-aqueous disodium hydrogen phosphate and sodium dihydrogen phosphate, whereas each of the liposomes represents a hollow coating containing lecithin, cholesterol and alpha-tocopherol, and a nucleus inside the coating and containing recombinant human interferon alpha-2; the ingredients of the agents are taken in a certain ratio, mg.

EFFECT: maintaining the storage activity of recombinant human interferon alpha-2 and prolonged action in vaginal application.

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Abt-263 capsule // 2550956

FIELD: medicine, pharmaceutics.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to pharmaceutics, in particular, described is a capsule, containing a capsule envelope, which includes an encapsulated liquid solution of N-(4-(4-((2-(4-chlorophenyl)-5,5-dimethyl-1-cyclohex-1-en-1-yl)methyl)piperazin-1-yl)benzoyl)-4-(((1R)3-(morpholin-4-yl)-1-(phenylsulphanyl)methyl)propyl)-amino)-3-((trifluoromethyl)sulphonyl)benzenesulphonamide (ABT-263) or its bis-hydrochloride salts in a non-ethanol carrier. As filling agents used are: a phospholipid, a solubilising agent for the phospholipid, selected from glycols, glycolides, glycerides and their mixtures, a surface-active substance of a non-phospholipid type and a sulphur-containing antioxidant in an amount, effective for the reduction of oxidising ABT-263 degradation in storage. The sulphur-containing antioxidant is selected from sulphites, bisulphites, metabisulphites and thiosulphites and their mixtures. A method of the capsule obtaining is also described. The capsule is used for treating a disease, characterised by the overexpression of one or several anti-apoptotic proteins of the Bcl-2 family, for instance, cancer.

EFFECT: invention provides a long storage term for the said capsule.

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FIELD: medicine, pharmaceutics.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to the pharmaceutical industry, namely to a formulation of a cough medical composition. The formulation of the cough medical composition contains an active substance presented by thermopsis herb powder or a dry extract of thermopsis and sodium hydrocarbonate, as well as an excipient, a granulating agent and a lubricant taken in certain relations (versions).

EFFECT: composition of the cough medical composition possesses improved pharmaceutical (appearance, taste) and technological characteristics (hardness, disintegration).

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FIELD: medicine, pharmaceutics.

SUBSTANCE: present invention refers to a storage-stable pharmaceutical composition and a pharmaceutical formulation containing at least one active pharmaceutical ingredient presenting a nitrocatechol derivative, 2,5-dichlor-3-(5-(3,4-dihydroxy-5-nitrophenyl)-1,2,4-oxadiazol-3-yl)-4,6-dimethylpyridine 1-oxide, at least one excipients and at least one binding agent, wherein at least one excipient is other than a phosphate derivative, wherein at least one binding ingredient is other than a polyvinylpyrrolidone compound, and wherein the above active pharmaceutical ingredient is present in the granulated form.

EFFECT: compositions and/or formulations according to the invention are stable for a long period of time and show a high stability if stored in the high temperature and moisture environment.

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FIELD: medicine, pharmaceutics.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the pharmaceutical industry and describes a peroral combined medication for the treatment of arterial hypertension in patients with diabetes mellitus. The medication is made in the form of a tablet. The combined tablet contains perindopril erbumine, amlodipine besylate, sorbitol, microcrystalline cellulose, sodium carboxymethyl starch, povidone, magnesium stearate in quantities, given in the invention formula.

EFFECT: combination of perindopril, amlodipine and sorbitol in the composition of one tablet provides enhancement of the therapeutic effect.

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