Five-stage electric starter

FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: in a five-gear electric starter three gears (Sun gear, led and orbital wheel) of simple-stage planetary gearbox (PG) have cogwheels and clutches of switch input and output ETC, providing work of ETC on five gears (steps).

EFFECT: expansion of the operational characteristics of the engines ground transportation systems, increasing its reliability and durability due to the withdrawal of the rest condition and lubrication to friction until the engine runs.

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FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to ICEs. Control over engine operation consists in starting and shutdown of ICE including crankshaft with journal and thrust bearing to shaft journal to run therein. In case fuel is not fed into ICE crankshaft runs continuously. For lubing of crankshaft journal and thrust bearing when no fuel is fed into engine, oil pump is actuated for hydrodynamic lubing. This application discloses also the engine.

EFFECT: hydrodynamic lubing of shaft journal and thrust bearing.

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FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to electric engineering, and namely to starter-generator devices for vehicles with combustion engines. In result of this invention comfort of vehicles will be improved and influence of vibrations on durability of the system components will be reduced. The substance of invention consists in the following: starter-generator system for combustion engines contains accumulator of electric energy, for example, capacitance accumulator or accumulator connected electrically to control system including pulse-width converter of voltage, commutator switch and valve electrical machine, which stator is fixed rigidly at combustion engine crankcase and rotor is combustion engine flywheel, and rotor position sensor, which output is connected electrically to commutator switch. According to the invention the system is equipped additionally with the second-order differential section, which input is connected electrically to output of rotor position sensor, and output of the second-order differential section can produce negative feedback signal against the second derivative of rotor turn angle to input of the control system.

EFFECT: reducing irregular rotation of combustion engine crankshaft in result of torque pulsation of combustion engine and vibratory electromagnetic unit.

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FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: vehicle comprises ICE to generate driving force to be transferred via automatic clutch and gearbox to drive wheels. Note here that said driving force can be selectively transferred from engine to drive wheels by throwing said clutch in and gear shifting. This is partially controlled by control system provided at said vehicle. Said control system performs at said clutch thrown in starting the starting engine with gear IN high to accelerate ICE to initial rpm that represents that whereat ICE will start.

EFFECT: driving of vehicle in emergency.

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FIELD: automotive industry.

SUBSTANCE: proposed starter-generator set of vehicle comprises a reversible electrical machine comprising a stator (1) connected to the housing (2) of the internal combustion engine, a rotor (3) connected by the threaded fasteners to the shaft (4) of the engine, a casing (5) attached to the housing (2) of the engine. The stator is connected by the electric circuit to the accumulator battery. The rotor is made in the form of a toroidal bowl having at the periphery the windows (6) separated by partitions formed by long curvilinear blades (7), (8) located on the concave surface of the bowl facing the stator (1). Part of the partitions between the windows in the bowl is formed by long blades (7), and the other equal part of the partitions - by short blades (8) located between the long blades (7). The bowl is attached to the hoop (9) surrounding the stator (1). In the hoop (9) in front of the stator an elastic cylindrical ring (10) of resin-bonded magnet is inserted. In the casing (5) along the axis of the electrical machine there are two rows of ventilation openings (11) and (12) separated by a tapered ridge (13) made on the inner surface of the casing opposite the rotor and protruding towards the said hoop (9).

EFFECT: ensuring effective cooling of the starter-generator set for compliance with optimum thermal mode of its operation.

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FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: proposed method of starting consists in sync injection of compressed fuel-air mix into cylinders and initiation of its ignition. Flammable fuel-air mix with excess air factor a=0.6-0.7 is used. Starting system compressed air distributor opening for bypassing fuel-air mix into cylinders is made in slide valve plate body and shifted in circular arc through angle y=4.5-5.5 from idle slide valve plate mirror axis.

EFFECT: higher reliability of starting at low ambient temperatures

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FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: proposed system uses epicyclic unit and electromagnetic double-action clutch.

EFFECT: higher reliability, longer life.

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FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: proposed system comprises storage battery, device to disconnected the latter from onboard circuit, electric starter, starting contactor terminals, capacitive power accumulator made up of capacitors interconnected in series or in parallel. Charge circuit of said power accumulator comprises current-limiting resistor and diode to shunt said resistor. System includes also additional contactor with closing contacts to connect storage battery with said capacitive power accumulator prior to starting locomotive diesel engine, contactor with closing contacts, transducers of accumulator charge current and voltage, controlled rectifier of accumulator charge, unit to generate and indicate charge voltage, and pulse-phase control unit. Said accumulator is connected to controlled rectifier output via contactor with closing contacts. Rectifier power input is connected to charge generator output. Voltage transducer is connected parallel with power accumulator. Outputs of current and voltage transducers are connected with voltage generation unit input and indication unit input. Output of voltage generation unit is connected to pulse-phase control unit with its output connected to control input of controlled rectifier. Capacitive power accumulator is charged automatically without interference of engine crew after starting of locomotive diesel. Charge indication unit allows visual control over charge current and voltage.

EFFECT: higher reliability and longer life, automated charging.

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FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to hybrid transport facilities. In compliance with first version, proposed transport facility comprises engine, power generators, power accumulator, propulsion force generators, external charging appliances, and control unit to adjust propulsion force. Control unit operates in first and second operating conditions. In first operating condition, power accumulator charging by power generators is limited. In second operating condition, power accumulator charging by power generators is maintained in preset range with control central value. Control unit comprises appliances to vary control central value. In compliance with second version, hybrid transport facility comprises devices with above described functions.

EFFECT: higher efficiency of power accumulator.

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FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to electric power supply for hybrid vehicles. Proposed device comprises first power supply, second power supply, electrical load, control device and diagnostics hardware. Note here that control device comprises first voltage conversion control device, diagnostics inhibit device to inhibit diagnostics in compliance with voltage check values equal to first voltage, device to control starting the engine at low temperature, second voltage conversion control device by setting check voltage equal to second voltage and device to permit starting of motion. Proposed method consists in that check voltage is set equal to first voltage. Diagnostics device operation is inhibited. Voltage converter is feed-back controlled. Motor excitation is controlled. Voltage converter is feed-back controlled by setting check voltage equal to second voltage. Diagnostics device operation inhibition is cancelled. Hybrid vehicle start is indicated.

EFFECT: reliable starting of hybrid vehicle engine.

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Ice starter switch // 2350774

FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: ICE starter switch comprises tractive relay with movable and fixed contacts fitted, isolated, on starter housing. The starter positive terminal is directly connected to storage battery positive terminal. The starter negative terminal is disconnected from the starter housing to allow connection, in break in circuit, of set of contacts with one break in the starter switch circuit. Note here that switch movable contact is connected, via flexible conductor, to vehicle body.

EFFECT: simpler design of starter switch, reduced input of non-ferrous metal thanks to terminal assembly with one break in circuit.

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FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to hybrid vehicles with electromechanical transmission. This method consists in exploiting the mode of maximum efficiency or that of the transmission maximum dynamic operation. In maximum efficiency mode, vehicle motion energy and energy recuperation efficiency in accumulator are defined. In maximum dynamic operation mode, threshold total electromagnetic moment of traction motors or vehicle control/motion parameters are defined. Additionally, energy stored in accumulators is defined to adjust the total power.

EFFECT: enhanced control performances.

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FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: motion mode selection controller for hybrid electric vehicle which moves while selecting motion modes contains state-of-charge detection unit; unit for detection of output power requested by driver; unit for correction of output power requested by driver. Selection control unit sets output power low threshold while state-of-charge is lowering thus changing conditions for switching from the first mode of motion to the second mode of motion.

EFFECT: fuel consumption optimisation.

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FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: proposed device comprises the system of road signalling. Additionally, it comprises control board to activate the device, radiators to direct signals to obstacle, radiation receivers to receive signals and to transmit it to the unit and to output signals for processing and calculation of distance to obstacle, proper speed from tacho-generator and numbers of thrown in gear with gear shifting device and signal transmission via hardware of built-in communication switching to operator control board and to braking device or to gear shifting device or to engine shutdown device.

EFFECT: safe motion, prevention of collision in string.

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FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: this device comprises actuator including engine, friction clutch element arranged at the path of transfer of motive force from actuator to drive wheel. The element of friction engagement engages at selection of the range of driving. Clutch engagement beginning evaluation means is evaluated in response to the condition that the parameter exceeds or equals preset threshold value in initial area of clutch engagement control. Clutch engagement beginning evaluation means sets at absolute magnitude of threshold values larger in case it is impossible to evaluate that actuator rpm is larger than that when actuator rpm is low.

EFFECT: ruled out incorrect evaluation of clutch engagement beginning.

10 cl, 17 dwg

FIELD: physics, control.

SUBSTANCE: determination of values of a velocity control point vref for a vehicle control system includes receiving a mode selection by the driver from two selectable driving modes, each comprising a unique set of settings which influence calculation of vref; determining the horizon using the received location data and map data for the heading, consisting of route segments and characteristics for each segment; calculating vref for the vehicle control system along the horizon based on the settings for the selected driving modes and rules relating to categories associated with segments in the horizon such that vref lies in a range bounded by vmin and vmax, wherein the control system controls the vehicle according to said control point values vref. Also disclosed is a module for determining velocity control point values vref for a vehicle control system.

EFFECT: designing an improved car speed control system, which improves the driver's approval of cruise control and particularly takes into account on-coming resistance to motion.

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FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: control device for hybrid vehicle contains engine; motor functioning to output vehicle moving force and to perform engine starting; the first clutch element inserted between engine and electric motor; the second clutch element inserted between electric motor and driving wheel. Also, there is device for moving force transfer system load determination. The device also contains unit for control over actuating with engine/motor frictional sliding for engagement with sliding of the first clutch element with engine and for engagement with sliding of the second clutch element with electric motor when rotation speed is lower than predetermined rotation speed.

EFFECT: lower electric motor torque.

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FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: proposed vehicle comprises the source of setting in motion. The element of friction engagement engages at selection of the range of driving. Besides, it includes the input rpm control means and means for evaluation of engagement beginning to perform evaluation in response to initiated engagement of friction engagement means. Said response displays that said parameter exceeds or equals the preset threshold value set for the clutch control initiation. Note here that said response varies as the drive rpm changes. Said means for evaluation of engagement beginning starts evaluation after waiting for fulfilment of aforesaid predefined requirement after clutch initiation beginning.

EFFECT: accurate evaluation of the beginning of clutch engagement.

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FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: set of inventions relates to system assisting vehicle driver. Vehicle contains system assisting its driver. The system assisting vehicle (1) driver contains sensing device built in the vehicle (1). The sensing device (16, 17, 18, 19) has communication interface (21) via which data are transmitted directly between sensing device (16, 17, 18, 19) and portable communication instrument (22) in one direction when vehicle integrated data transmission system is bypassed. Through data transmission, portable communication instrument (22) and sensing device (16, 17, 18, 19) interact so that function is implemented which assists driver during vehicle driving. Communication interface (21) is intended for wireless data transmission.

EFFECT: creation of solution by means of which vehicle driver can enhance functionality of system assisting driver and built in the vehicle.

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FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to vehicles with automatic clutches. Method of determination of contact point for vehicle clutch wherein clutch transmits power between engine and drive wheels. Note here that said determination comprises clutch disengagement to determine the contact point at running vehicle. Additionally, engine rpm is adjusted to first rpm higher than rpm of idling engine. After determination of contact point gear is thrown in whereat vehicle stays at clutch disengagement. Proposed system comprises clutch disengagement means for determination of contact point and rpm control means. It includes means for gear engagement after determination of contact point whereat vehicle stays at clutch disengagement.

EFFECT: possibility to determine the contact point in motion.

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Ice control device // 2553592

FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: control system confines the ICE (1) output power and includes the means for determination of accelerator application for determination of accelerator pedal (23) use. It comprises means for determination of brake application at depression of brake pedal (25). It includes a throttle valve arranged in suction air channel (11). ICE (1) power output is confined when revealed is brake application by pedal (25) in addition of application of accelerator pedal (23). ICE (1) power output is confined for it to not exceed the preset power output. Power output is defined by the use of first limiting degree of accelerator pedal application by brake pedal (25) in addition to application of accelerator pedal (23). Air throttle opening degree at first limiting accelerator application is set lower than that at completely open air throttle. ICE power output is confined for it to not exceed the preset power output. This is defined by application of second limiting degree of accelerator application instead of said first accelerator application degree. When degree of accelerator application change in unit time exceeds preset definite magnitude in direction of accelerator pedal (23) depression whereat ICE power output is confined by application of said first limiting accelerator application degree. Second limiting degree of accelerator application exceeds said first one. Air throttle opening degree at second limiting accelerator application is set lower than that at completely open air throttle.

EFFECT: ruled out inhibition of engine output imitation at change of accelerator application without interference of the driver.

3 cl, 4 dwg

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: propulsion plant (2) for vehicle includes output shaft (14) of internal combustion engine (4), input shaft (27) of transmission (8), electric machine (6) which contains stator (24) and rotor (26) and planetary gear mechanism (10) which contains movable components (18, 20, 22). Clutch mechanism (38) can move between the first and the second positions where in the first position the output shaft (14) of engine and input shaft (27) of transmission can rotate at different speeds by means of planetary gear mechanism (10), and in the second position clutch mechanism (38) firmly connects output shaft (14) of engine with input shaft (27) of transmission by means of planetary gear mechanism (10). Output shaft (14) of engine is connected with central gear wheel (18) of planetary gear mechanism. Also, propulsion plant control method is proposed (2).

EFFECT: higher reliability, operational safety, compactness of design.

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