Mechanical controlling device for infinitely variable transmission

FIELD: transportation.

SUBSTANCE: mechanical control device comprises a central shaft, the circumferential outer surface of the middle portion of which is located a toothed portion. On the outer surface of the central shaft wearing shaft sleeve. On the outer surface of the shaft sleeve, a plurality of axial grooves restrictive. On the outer surface of the shaft sleeve is connected fixedly mounting a plurality of axial plates, the number of which equals the number of axial grooves restrictive. Each of the axial mounting plates and each of the restricting grooves are alternately arranged in the circumferential direction at equal distances. In each axial stop groove connecting plate is inserted. At the inner end of each connecting plate is arcuate sector gear, each of which is meshed with the toothed portion of the shaft and the hinge axis is mounted between each pair of adjacent axial mounting plates. Each connecting plate is respectively hinged to the two adjacent axial mounting plates by a respective hinge axis.

EFFECT: increased device reliability.

8 cl, 19 dwg



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FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: dual-clutch gearbox allows the drive to select appropriate gear in motion by ACS device and to shift to selected gear. Said gearbox comprises input shaft, output shaft and two countershafts with shifting gears of even and odd gears. Shaft with even gearing gears is provided with fluid-controlled friction clutch while shaft with odd gearing gears incorporates free overrunning coupling.

EFFECT: higher shifting efficiency, simplified control.

3 cl, 2 dwg

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: articulated gearing comprises drive outer tooth sprocket (2) and driven sprocket (1) and two-row roller chain (3) to transfer first power flow. Two gears (4, 5) fitted on one axle with equal number of teeth engage with said drive and driven sprockets to make the second power flow. Said first power flow comprises two extra rollers fitted on parallel axles and bus supporting aforesaid roller chain. Driven sprocket (1) has inner teeth for engagement with one of gears (5) and roller chain (3). Drive and driven sprockets are fitted at equal axle base equal to or approximating to zero and feature different number of teeth. Aforesaid bus is arranged with clearance to driven sprocket inner surface for passage of roller chain.

EFFECT: transmission of torque from drive shaft to driven shaft at axle base equal to or approximating to zero.

2 cl, 3 dwg

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to machine building and can be used in aircraft ACS drives. Proposed mini-drive consists of one or several output reduction gearboxes (10) that house mechanical gearings integrated by common shaft (1) engaged with engine (13) via intermediate reduction gearbox (11). Said mechanical bearing (10) is composed of the set of harmonic gear drives engaged in parallel and incorporating with solids of revolution (6), multiple-row oscillator, separators (5) and stiff wheels (7). Said stiff wheels (7) are composed by composite parts of movable cylinders that make output links of output reduction gearboxes. Intermediate reduction gearbox (11) is composed by harmonic drive with solids of revolution (20), stiff wheel (21) that makes a part of fixed cylinder while output link is composed of separator (19) engaged with common shaft (1).

EFFECT: decreased weight and overall dimensions, higher efficiency and reliability.

4 cl, 4 dwg

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: proposed device comprises infinitely variable transmission mechanism, extra transmission module, transmission control module and module to set target overload torque at stoppage. Infinitely variable transmission mechanism allows a continuous variation of gear ratio. Extra transmission mechanism is mounted serially with infinitely variable transmission to be changed over between 1st and 2nd gears. Transmission control module can stop transport facility to retain extra transmission gear at 2nd gear position at stoppage. Aforesaid module to set target overload torque sets target overload torque of friction engagement element on the side of engagement of multiple friction engagement elements equal to initial overload torque.

EFFECT: improved characteristics.

2 cl, 9 dwg

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: gearbox consists of the main assembly and reverse gear assembly with non-coaxial shafts arranged in the assemblies. Fifteen non-associated and associated gears and connecting couplings are installed on shafts. The main assembly of gearbox is equipped with one intermediate shaft, on which two non-associated and three associated gears are arranged. Reverse gear assembly is equipped with a gear arrangement axis.

EFFECT: enlarging operating capabilities of automotive equipment owing to increasing the number of reverse gears by two pieces; reducing material consumption and weight of a gearbox.

3 dwg

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: dual clutch is arranged at gearbox input with portion of clutch driven discs fitted at primary shaft and another portion fitted at tubular shaft. Gears engaged with countershaft gears are fitted on said shafts. Secondary shaft with three gears is arranged coaxially with primary shaft. Second and fourth gears of said shaft engage with gears rigidly fitted on countershaft with three-position shift collar arranged there between. Dual shift collar composed of two half-couplings articulated by shift yoke is arranged between first and second pairs of countershaft gears. Dual shift collar composed of two half-couplings articulated by shift yoke is arranged between extreme gears of primary and secondary shafts.

EFFECT: expanded operating performances.

2 dwg

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: toothed chain transmission includes drive (1) and driven (2) sprockets and bushing-roller chain (5) enveloping them for transmission of the first power flow. Evolvent gear wheel (3) and sprocket (1) engaged with it form the second power flow. The second evolvent wheel (4) installed on one and the same axis together with the first wheel is engaged with the second sprocket (2). Drive and driven sprockets fall behind each other along their axes by the value equal to the distance between rows of the chain. Bushing-roller chain is two-row.

EFFECT: invention allows increasing total transmitted power and kinematic accuracy of toothed chain transmission.

2 dwg

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: module includes planetary transmission assembly (13) in which the first element of planetary gear transmission is provided with possibility of being mechanically actuated from input shaft (11), and the second element of planetary transmission is made in the form of output shaft of transmission module. Module (10) can be converted to transmission with the required layout by means of easy connection or CVT assembly (24) or a pair of clutch couplings (80) between input shaft and the third element of planetary toothed transmission.

EFFECT: flexibility of design and reduction of the time required for manufacture of the device.

29 cl, 9 dwg

Automatic gearbox // 2437011

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: gearbox housing accommodates two shafts and one driven shaft. Drive shafts are mounted aligned with LH and RH crankshafts and are called LH and RH shafts. Three drive gear wheels are fitted on drive shafts. Clutches with synchronisers and drive forks are arranged between drive gear wheels. Drive gear wheels of each said RH and LH drive shafts mesh in pairs with appropriate gear wheels of driven shaft. Drive shaft extensions are provided with splines to mount output gear wheel at its front in the case of front drive version, or splined bush with flange at its rear part in the case of rear drive (four-and four model) version. Front drive shaft is engaged with RH crankshaft clutch via planetary reversing mechanism. Drives of said reversing mechanism and clutches represent rods furnished with pistons fitted on their ends and provided with annular grooves. Said drives are connected with hydraulic control unit.

EFFECT: expanded operating performances.

7 cl, 9 dwg

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: transfer box consists of casing 1, primary shaft 2 linked with first driven axle to drive the latter, controlled friction clutch 4 and gear 6, 7, 8 to drive second driven axle. Controlled friction clutch 4 is driven by two central pressure rings 15, 16 that revolve relative to each other and comprises shears levers 19, 20 with their outer ends displacing along control path. Control paths are made on control cam 25 that features two displaced work surfaces 35, 36. Control cam 25 can revolve about the axis parallel to that of primary shaft 2. Said control cam 25 is fitted on second gear wheel 7 or it shaft 9 to run thereon.

EFFECT: compact design and efficient operation.

4 cl, 3 dwg

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: transmission with a variator includes an input shaft, an input disc installed on the input shaft for rotation together with it, and an output disc facing the input disc and made so that it can be rotated coaxially with it. Input and output discs restrict a toroidal cavity between each other. In toroidal cavity there are two rollers (14, 16), and the first and the second roller carrying devices are provided, on which the first and the second rollers are installed so that they can be rotated. An end loading device brings rollers in forced manner in contact with input and output discs for transfer of movement. Both roller carrying devices are installed on opposite sides of lever (50) turning axis, and lever (50) turning axis is movable both in radial and non-radial direction relative to the turning axis of input and output discs.

EFFECT: simplified design of the device.

14 cl, 3 dwg

Variator // 2479767

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: variator includes raceways, the first and the second rollers (199a, 199b), each of which is installed with possibility of being rotated in the corresponding holder (118a, 118b), roller control element that allows it to perform rotation about the rotational axis and translational movement. Variator also includes a damper that dampens translational movement of the control element.

EFFECT: enhanced reliability.

12 cl, 10 dwg

FIELD: motor car construction.

SUBSTANCE: transmission comprises variator 10 and throw-over gear including step-down clutch CL and step-up clutch CH. Throwing in step-down clutch to set transmission to step-down conditions. Throwing in step-up clutch moves transmission to step-up conditions. Control system comprises control part (for example, handle) to be displaced by driver along control path from low gear ratio end to high gear ratio end. Besides, said system comprises set-down clutch control device to throw in step-down clutch when control device is located between low gear end and transitional point of step-down clutch and to throw out step-down clutch when said control device is located between said transitional point of step-down clutch and high gear end. Besides, said system comprises set-up clutch control device to throw out step-up clutch when control device is located between down clutch when said control device is located between said transitional point of step-up clutch and high gear end.

EFFECT: simplified variator control device.

15 cl, 8 dwg

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention discloses planetary variator, combination of reverse variable transmission system comprising these planetary variators, hydraulic system for reverse variable transmission control and method for this hydraulic system regulation.

EFFECT: higher engine efficiency due to lower specific fuel consumption.

12 cl, 13 dwg

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: device consists of control part actuated by user for control of ratio (lever (50) and of device of working connection (rollers (18) of control part for regulation of ratio with movable part for transfer of variator torque. The connecting device corresponds to a hydro-mechanical arrangement. When a user actuates control part (50) for regulation of ratio there is regulated ratio of variator. The device also has the appliance for turning torque off (valve (60) actuated by a user for disconnection of the part for regulation of the ratio from the movable part for transfer of torque.

EFFECT: simplification of design.

17 cl, 3 dwg

Variator // 2413888

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: variator consists of two races made for rotation around common axis. Opposite profiled surfaces of races restrict circular space containing at least one roller (38) transferring driving force between races. The roller is installed on the carrier (42) so, that its incline to common axis can vary to facilitate changes of variator ratio. The rollers and their carriers are controlled by means of a mechanism consisting of solar (46) and circular (50) gears interacting with the carrier. Relative rotation of the solar and circular gears causes an incline of carrier (42) so, that rollers turn to a new incline. There is disclosed satellite (100) controlling solar and circular gears and interacting with both. Rotary position of the carrier is controlled independently from its interaction with solar and circular gears.

EFFECT: improved control of rollers orientation.

16 cl, 11 dwg

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: variator transmission consists of input shaft (18), input disk (10) installed on input shaft and rotating with it and output disk (12) facing input disk and coaxially rotating with it. Input and output disks (10, 12) form a toroid cavity between them. In the toroid cavity there are positioned only two rollers; also the first and the second rotating rollers are arranged on the first and the second roller carriages. Facility (34, 36) of end load holds rollers down to contact with the input and output disks for motion transfer. Two roller carriages are mounted on opposite sides from the axis of lever pivot. Pivot axis of the lever travels in one, preset radial direction relative to rotation axis of input and output disks.

EFFECT: simplified and inexpensive variator.

27 cl, 3 dwg

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to rolling variator, particularly to control mechanism by roller orientation. Device of infinitely variable control of reduction ratio (variator) contains couple of rotating rolling path, installed for rotation around its common axis (218) of variator. Drive force is passed from one rolling path to the other by means of at least one roll (200), running by it. Connection between roll (200) and its carrier (214) provides roller precession relative to around axis (228) of precession, where it is defined relative to axis of precession and non-parallel to roller axis. Precession leads to changing of angle between axis (222) of roller and axis (218) of variator and corresponding to changing of reduction ratio. Carrier itself allows toothing (206), by means of which it is engaged with central tooth gear (212) and gear rim (214). Rotation of carrier (204) around axis of carrier serves to changing of axle orientation (228) of precession and accompanied by changing of reduction ratio of variator.

EFFECT: invention provides by means of control of displacement of carrier to change reduction ratio of variator.

16 cl, 21 dwg

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to device for changing of transmission ratio, particularly to gears with rolling engagement in toroidal track. Variator contains input disk (18, 20), installed rotary; output disk (22), installed rotary co-axial with input disk (18, 20); rollers (30, 32), by means of which it is passed rotation between input disk and output disk; pistons (36, 38) of double-acting, each of which interacts on corresponding one of rollers. Variator also contains levers (44, 60), each of which is connected to corresponding one of rollers (30, 32) and connected to it positioner (36, 38), influencing on roller for control of transmission ratio of variator.

EFFECT: creation of considerabl more packaged design of variator.

40 cl, 9 dwg

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: variable-speed drive unit comprises master and slave toroidal wheels (2, 3) and roller (6). Their generatrices are made in the form of convex and concave curved surfaces. Due to arrangement of generatrices of working surfaces in master and slave elements in accordance with a certain dependence, area of friction pairs contact is increased.

EFFECT: improved kinematic characteristics of variable-speed drive unit.

3 dwg, 1 tbl

FIELD: mechanical engineering.

SUBSTANCE: friction toroidal variator comprises inlet disk (2) and outlet disk (3) provided with toroidal surfaces, friction roller (5), spider whose one axle is provided with roller (5), holder (8) of friction roller, control mechanism, and mechanism for control of gear ratio. The second axle of the spider is fit in holder (8) of the friction roller that can rotate around the main axle of the variator. The control mechanism and mechanism for control of gear ration are made of gear sector (9) that rotates on the second axle of the spider secured to the first axle of the spider and housing (12) by means of worm gearing and spring (15) secured in housing (12) and connected with holder (8) directly or through the reduction gear.

EFFECT: simplified control and control of gear ratio.

8 dwg