Method for organism adaptability increasing under uv exposure

FIELD: medicine.

SUBSTANCE: drug is administered to laboratory animals daily, 20 minutes before exposure to ultraviolet rays. At that, rats receive 500 mg/kg of arabinogalactan intramuscularly for 6 days, as a drug.

EFFECT: increased adaptation capabilities of organism in terms of ultraviolet radiation, based on the reduction of radical products and lipid peroxides content in bodies of irradiated rats and increase of antioxidant activity, under the conditions of reduced duration of the correction course (to 6 days) compared to the prototype.

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FIELD: medicine, pharmaceutics.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to pharmaceutical industry, namely to selenium nanocomposites of natural hepatotrophic galactose-containing polysaccharide matrixes, representing water-soluble orange-red powders containing zerovalent selenium (Se0) nanoparticles sized 1-100 nm in the quantitative content of 0.5 - 60 wt %, possessing antioxidant activity for treating and preventing redox-related pathologies, particularly for treating toxic liver damage, to a method for producing and to an antioxidant agent containing the above nanocomposites.

EFFECT: invention provides the targeted agent delivery to liver cells, as well as higher agent accessibility and lower toxic action of selenium.

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FIELD: medicine.

SUBSTANCE: method involves chelation of ferric (III) ions both in vivo, and in vitro with using 2-ethyl-6-methyl-3-hydroxypyridine succinate (Mexidol) to produce a stable stained complex having a high molecular weight and a complex (organic-inorganic) composition not identified among the known compounds.

EFFECT: high effectiveness of the chelation process and low toxicity of Mexidol that makes it promising for biomedical application.

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FIELD: chemistry.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to field of organic chemistry, namely to novel compound - 5(6)-nitro-1-(thietanyl-3)-2-ethoxybenzimidazole, inhibiting peroxidation of lipids.

EFFECT: novel compound, possessing useful biological properties, has been obtained.

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FIELD: medicine.

SUBSTANCE: invention represents a mixture of two structural isomers: 2,6-di(1,7,7-trimethylbicyclo[2.2.1]hept-2-yl)-4-methylphenol and its diastereomers, and 2-(1,7,7-trimethylbicyclo[2.2.1]hept-2-yl)-6-(2,2,1-trimethylbicyclo[2.2.1]hept-5-yl)-4-methylphenol, and their diastereomers with the ratio of the first and second structural isomer isomers from 60:40 wt % to 95:5 wt %.

EFFECT: extension of the arsenal of means, possessing simultaneously haemorheological, anti-aggregate, anti-thrombogenic, retinoprotecting, endothelium-protecting, neuroprotecting, anti-arrhythmia and anti-ischemic activity, enhancing the cerebral blood flow.

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FIELD: medicine.

SUBSTANCE: what is presented is using Histochrom (same as echinochrome A or pentahydroxyethyl naphthoquinone) as an agent able to prevent pulmonary fibrosis developed under cytostatic agents. The invention can be used for the pharmacological prevention and correction of the pulmonary tissue disorders caused by administering the cytostatic agents.

EFFECT: preventing hypertrophy of interalveolar connective tissue in the lungs associated with administering bleomycin.

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FIELD: medicine.

SUBSTANCE: drops possessing antiviral and immunomodulatory effects characterised by the fact that they represent a 95% ethanol infusion of wild strawberry leaves and fruit specified in: red raspberry fruit, mountain ash fruit, bilberry fruit, blood-red hawthorn fruit, cinnamon rose fruit; 15-25 mg of the substance in 1 ml of the infusion.

EFFECT: drops possess pronounced antiviral and immunomodulatory effects.

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FIELD: medicine.

SUBSTANCE: melanin having water-solubility of at least 80% and an paramagnetic centre concentration of at least 8·1017 spin/g is administered orally into the animals having been exposed to the radiation in a dose high enough to cause a spinal radiation injury; melanin is administered after dissolved in distilled water in the effective concentration. Melanin water is used as drinking water for the mice having been exposed to single and fractionated acute radiation, which is able to cause acute radiation disease. Melanin water is taken from the 1st to 30th day following the single radiation, or from the 1st day of the fractionated radiation to the 30th day on completion of the radiation.

EFFECT: higher survival rate, faster recovered haemopoiesis, body weight and orientation and motion activity.

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FIELD: chemistry.

SUBSTANCE: invention provides a composition having antioxidant properties in the form of a tablet, comprising an active agent based on nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide in reduced form (NADH) and inert filling agents, characterised by that the active ingredient is a complex which is a mixture of 10 wt % NADH with 63 wt % vegetable fats, 17 wt % beeswax and 10 wt % chlorophyll, and the inert filling agents are in the form of microcrystalline cellulose, Macrogol 6000, intense sweetener and a food flavourant.

EFFECT: invention provides a new tablet form of NADH.

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FIELD: medicine.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to a pharmaceutical composition with anti-ischemic and antioxidant activity in the form of tablets or capsules, and a method for preparing it. The composition contains 4-((3-oxo-3-ethoxypropanoyl)amino)benzoic acid in an amount of 40 to 80 wt %, an amino-containing compound and pharmaceutically acceptable excipients. The amino-containing compound is specified in a group of trometamol, methyl glucamine and L-lysine; 1 mole of 4-((3-oxo-3-ethoxypropanoyl)amino)benzoic acid is accounted for 0.05 to 0.25 mole of the above amino-containing compound. The composition also contains lactose, microcrystalline cellulose, calcium stearate and other pharmaceutically acceptable excipients. According to the method for preparing the composition, taking 4-((3-oxo-3-ethoxypropanoyl)amino)benzoic acid and amino-containing compound in molar ratio 1:0.05 to 1:0.25, pre-mixing, moisturising with a aqueous or alcohol solution of a binding agent, adding pharmaceutically acceptable excipients in such an amount to provide the content of 4-((3-oxo-3-ethoxypropanoyl)amino)benzoic acid from 40 to 80 wt %, granulating the mixture, drying and producing tablets or capsules according to the known technique.

EFFECT: implementing the above application.

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FIELD: chemistry.

SUBSTANCE: claimed is the application of 5(6)-nitro-1-(1,1-dioxothietanyl-3)-2-chlorobenzimidazole of formula (I) , earlier known as the means with broncholytic and spasmolytic activity, as the means, inhibiting peroxide oxidation of lipids.

EFFECT: realisation of the claimed purpose.

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FIELD: medicine.

SUBSTANCE: enteric therapy is started intraoperatively with introducing a glucose-electrolyte mixture 100 ml by means of a silicone probe inserted behind a gastroentero- or duodenoenteroanastomosis. On the first postoperative day, the amount of the fractionally introduced GEM is increased to 300.0 ml at 60 ml/hour, which is followed by enabling a passive outflow of the intestinal content. If the intestinal peristalsis tends to recover from the second postoperative day, a nutritional probe therapy is added with Nutrison Advanced Diason isocaloric formula 498 ml that is 10.0 kcal/kg at 60 ml/hour, which is followed by enabling the passive outflow of the intestinal content. If the probe spillage makes more than 50% of the amount of the nutritional formula administered for 1 hour, the previous rate of the washout intestinal infusion is maintained. If the nutritional formula is digested, the amount of Nutrison Advanced Diason isocaloric formula is increased to 700-800 ml/day. If the patient has a compensated glucose profile on the 4th postoperative day, the amount of the tube feeding is increased to 1398 ml of Nutrison Standard that is 15.0 kcal/kg with the infusion rate to be increased to 90 ml/hour. On the fifth postoperative day, the patients having a good tube feeding tolerance are given with Nutrison Energy hypercaloric hypernitrogenous polymer nutritional formula with dietary fibres in an amount of 1000.0 ml that is 20.0 kcal/kg with keeping the infusion rate the same. On the sixth day, the patient starts unassisted enteric nutrition and is nutritionally supported with Nutridrink hypercaloric nutritional formula in an amount of 200.0 ml 2 or 3 times a day by sipping.

EFFECT: improving the trophological values that causes reducing the number of postoperative complications, mortality and length of staying in hospital by the optimum regimen of treatment.

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Antiallergic agent // 2553354

FIELD: medicine, pharmaceutics.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to pharmaceutical industry and represents an anti-allergic agent containing polysaccharide containing galactose, glucose and rhamnose as ingredients, wherein polysaccharide contains galactose, glucose and rhamnose in molar ratio 3-5:1-3:1, and polysaccharide has certain structure.

EFFECT: invention provides extending the range of antiallergic agents.

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FIELD: medicine.

SUBSTANCE: for patient with alimentary obesity preliminarily determined are: clearance of osmotically free water (CFW) and colloid oncotic pressure (COP). If CFW level is lower than -0.45 ml/min and COP is lower than 18 mm Hg, therapy starts from intravenous introduction of 6% HES "Voluven" in dose 6.5 ml/kg/day at rate 350 ml/h. Immediately after the end of infusion introduction with syringe doser of 25% solution of magnesium sulphate in dose 0.75 ml/kg/day at rate 2.8 ml/h. For patient without obesity, if CFW level is lower than -0.6 ml/min and COP is lower than 21 mm Hg, therapy is started from intravenous introduction of 6% HES "Voluven" in dose 5.5 ml/kg/day at rate 300 ml/h. 25% solution of magnesium sulphate in dose 0.9 ml/kg/day at rate 2.4 ml/h is also introduced by means of syringe doser. Treatment is carried out during a day.

EFFECT: carrying out adequate therapy in said category of patients due to selection of mode of introduction of preparations, conditioning fast recovery of kidney function.

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FIELD: chemistry.

SUBSTANCE: method of producing α(1,2)-L-skeleton-α(1,4)-D-galactopyranosyluronan from Acorus calamus L rhizome is carried out in two steps. At the first step, crushed material is extracted with acidified water and heated on a boiling water bath while periodically mixing; after settling, the mixture is heated once more, left to cool to room temperature and filtered through a multilayer fabric filter; the filtrate is evaporated under a vacuum; the obtained solution is slowly added to 96% ethyl alcohol or to a solution of reclaimed ethanol and left in a cool place to settle the residue, after which the settled solution is drained, and the residue is filtered through a paper filter by successively washing with 96% ethyl alcohol and then with acetone. At the second step, without drying, the residue is transferred from the filter and dissolved in purified water while stirring rapidly; the obtained solution is then centrifuged; the obtained solution is purified from low-molecular weight compounds by filtering through a semi-permeable membrane; the purified solution is frozen and freeze-dried at certain conditions.

EFFECT: improved method.

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FIELD: chemistry.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a novel compound - N,O-(2,3-dihydroxypropyl)chitosanyl-borate, having formula , where m=500-3000.

EFFECT: compound has antibacterial, immunomodulating and antitoxic effect.

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Haemostatic agent // 2545991

FIELD: medicine.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to medicine and veterinary and is intended for the acceleration of stopping bleeding in case of injury to blood vessels in traumas and wounds. A haemostatic agent contains 3-20 wt % of a polysaccharide, where the polysaccharide is represented by chitosan and/or starch, 0.1-2 wt % of calcium chloride and a 0.5-5% water solution of succinic or hydrochloric acid - the remaining part.

EFFECT: accelerating the initiation of the thrombus-forming process and enhancement of the regenerative ability of tissues in the area of wounds of different aetiology.

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FIELD: medicine.

SUBSTANCE: anti-tumour composition of a betulin derivative with a biocompatible carrier, wherein the betulin derivative is presented by betulin dipropionate, while the biocompatible carrier is arabinogalactane in certain proportions; the composition is prepared by a mechanic activation of betulin dipropionate with arabinogalactane.

EFFECT: composition possesses the pronounced anti-tumour activity and the improved solubility.

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FIELD: medicine.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to radiation and experimental biology, biotechnology and medicine, namely to means of radiological protection and to stimulators of colony formation of stem cells. Invention can be used in research and clinical practice for protection of living organisms in case of exposure to ionising radiation, in emergency and military medicine, in case of emergency situations as means for protection against radiation injury. Claimed is application of preparation gamma-plant as radioprotector with colony-stimulating properties for increasing survival and improving state of organisms, subjected to irradiation. Gamma-plant is non-toxic polysaccharide of vegetable origin, registered by Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation and allowed for medical application; Gamma-plant is included into Russian Pharmacopoeia in section FG-9 "non-narcotic analgesics".

EFFECT: invention makes it possible to increase efficiency of colony formation of stem cells in spleen 2,0-2,3 times, increases survival of experimental animals to 95% with coefficient of dose reduction factor DRF, equal 2-2,2.

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FIELD: biotechnology.

SUBSTANCE: invention is a composition having antibacterial, immunostimulating, anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory action, containing bacterial waste products useful for human body, in the form of exometabolites and fermentolysis products, characterised in that it is a culture medium of lactic acid bacteria, containing laxarane in an amount of 5-10 g/ml, caseicyne, isracydine or their mixture and lectins in an amount of 0.05-2.5 mol/l, histamine in an amount of 0.8-2.0 mmol/l and monocarboxylic fatty acid with an unbranched chain, namely, acetic acid, propionic acid, butyric acid and valeric acid - in an amount of 10-20 mg/ml.

EFFECT: expanding the range of agents having complementary antibacterial, immunomodulating, anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory action.

4 cl, 5 ex

FIELD: chemistry.

SUBSTANCE: supramolecular complex, possessing an anti-inflammatory and angioprotective activity, which includes dihydroquercetin, arabinogalactan and water with a specified content of components. The method of obtaining the supramolecular complex includes mixing arabinoglactan with water to complete dissolution, then the addition of dihydroquercetin, heating the solution, mixing, with the following drying of the obtained solution by a method of spraying, under specified conditions.

EFFECT: increase of dihydroquercetin water solubility.

2 cl, 1 dwg, 5 tbl, 8 ex

FIELD: medicine, hematology, pharmaceutical technology, pharmacy.

SUBSTANCE: medicinal agent represents hydroxyethylated starch an aqueous solution containing 5-10% of hydroxyethylated starch with the optimal ratio of substituted hydroxyethyl groups at atoms C2/C6 up to 6:1 in glucose residue, average value of molecular mass 130-450 kDa, narrowed molecular-mass distribution at the substitution degree 0.35-0.70 and 0.80-1.00% of sodium chloride. Agent is prepared using maize or potato starch as the raw with the content of amylopectin 95%, not less. Starch is subjected for alkaline purification, acidic or enzymatic hydrolysis up to preparing products with molecular mass 400-900 kDa up to the required degree of substitution of hydroxyethyl groups. The solution is purified from impurities by ultrafiltration and/or reverse osmosis and purification is carried out using apyrogenic activated carbon and/or by sterilizing filtration and the following thermal sterilization of the end product. Invention provides preparing a new agent for rapid blood pressure recovery after blood loss.

EFFECT: improved preparing method, valuable medicinal properties of agent.

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