Complex for the production of plant products

FIELD: agriculture.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to agriculture, namely to the means of growing plants out of soil in a confined space with an artificially created environment. Complex comprises several aeroponic and/or hydroponic units, thermal energy accumulators in the form of heat-insulated water tank, attached to a wind power installation. Each aeroponic and/or hydroponic unit is made of a transparent material, which can be polycarbonate with LSE additive. These units are equipped with a separate mortar nodes with interconnected thermally insulated storage tanks for sludge and preparation of nutrient solution, tank for fertilizer and have separate connected to the control unit control panels with sensors and actuators. Each aeroponic unit is provided with solution sprayers, connected to the supply line of compressed air from the wind power plant. Each tank for the preparation of the nutrient solution is connected by the thermally insulated pipeline to the thermally insulated tank.

EFFECT: possibility of simultaneous growth of various plants is provided.

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FIELD: power engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the field of wind power engineering, namely, to wind power generators. The stator of the wind power generator comprises coils, end and radial magnetic conductors, an excitation source. The end magnetic conductor is made in the form of a ferromagnetic cross beam of wind wheels fixation. The advantage of the invention is manufacturability based on using the cross beam in two properties: an element of a magnetic conductor, which makes it possible to exclude a response magnetic conductor in a magnetic system of a stator, and usage of the same cross beam as a bearing structure with wind wheels installed on it.

EFFECT: invention is aimed at reduced weight and dimensions of a wind power unit.

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FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to automotive windmills. Windmill rotor comprises shaft and pole-forming elements. The latter are composed of crossed parallelepipeds with bore for shaft made at the center of every parallelepiped. Lower parallelepiped is located in lower stator area while upper parallelepiped in arranged in upper stator area.

EFFECT: better manufacturability.

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FIELD: power industry.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to wind power engineering. The stator of the electric generator functioning at rotation of rotor elements on wind wheel blades, containing magnetic conductors, the magnetic field source, the coil and fasteners according to the invention has the magnetic conductor designed as three tees connected in series and between shelves of the first and the second tee the magnetic field source is installed (permanent magnet), and between shelves of the second and the third tees the working coils with the magnetic conductor are installed, and the shelves of the first and the third tees are located in the zone of respectively axial and radial gaps.

EFFECT: invention is aimed at increase of efficiency of the generator at minimization of its cost.

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FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to system of conversion of mechanical energy into electric which, in particular, is suitable for use in the wind energy conversion systems. The system comprises two magnetically separated machines with permanent magnets connected by freely rotating armature on which permanent magnets are located. The first machine is usually a synchronous generator, and the second machine is an asynchronous generator. The synchronous generator has the fixed stator which can be connected to an electric system, such as electric mains. The asynchronous generator has an armature which can be connected to the mechanical drive system, such as, for example, the wind turbine.

EFFECT: technical result consists in creation of the converter of wind energy into electric one with the direct drive and direct connection with mains.

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Power plant // 2552589

FIELD: power engineering.

SUBSTANCE: power plant relates to the field of small power, namely to plants using energy of river flow. A power plant comprises a body, a hydraulic engine 27 is installed in it with a working element, a power generator 18, installed above the hydraulic engine 27. The working element is installed as capable of interaction with the water flow arriving via the receiving inlet into the working zone of the body, leaving it and being captured by the river flow, increasing the speed of flow outlet. The plant is equipped with a freewheeling clutch 29 and a wind engine 28 installed in series in a row above a power generator 18 and a hydraulic engine 27. Working elements of the hydraulic engine 27 are made as assembled from radial blades installed on axes between support rings mounted on the shaft by means of spikes. Blades are made as capable of rotation on axes to limiters and automatic installation into working and non-working position by the fluid flow. The wind engine 28 is made as acting similarly to the hydraulic engine 27. The plant is made as capable of rotation in the bearing installed on the head. The head is installed on the plant as fixed.

EFFECT: invention is aimed at provision of the possibility of continuous operation of a power plant.

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FIELD: power industry.

SUBSTANCE: under method the progressively moving fluid is supplied to jet generator, in it the progressively moving fluid is converted in the oscillations. At the jet generator output the fluid oscillations are converted by the mechanical impacts converter in the electric signals, which further are converted by the current converter in unipolar electric current and are supplied to the consumer.

EFFECT: generation of electric energy in solid-state device without movable mechanical parts.

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FIELD: power engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to wind power engineering and may be used to produce wind energy and convert it into electrical, mechanical, thermal energy or their different combinations. Air flow is captured from wind and accelerated in a narrowing channel, and is supplied into a device with a water jet by a pump, where water and air flow is produced. The water-air flow is accelerated to supersonic speed, and is then turned into subsonic water-air flow of the fuel. Energy is extracted from the specified subsonic flow in the turbine, and then the flow arrives into the receiving reservoir, where water and air are separated. The residual pneumatic energy of the separated compressed air is additionally converted into electrical or mechanical energy. The residual thermal energy of compressed air and water is used accordingly for air and water heating or hot water supply.

EFFECT: usage of the invention makes it possible to exclude a blade wind turbine, to reduce weight and dimensions of a device, to increase reliability and to ensure uninterrupted power supply to loads with various types of energies.

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FIELD: power engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the field of heat power engineering and may be used to provide hot water supply and heating of buildings and structures located in areas with no centralised heat and power supply. A thermal wind turbine comprises a rotor wind engine with a vertical shaft, which transmits rotary motion via a reducer to a round plate, to which vertical cylindrical partitions are fixed at the bottom, being submerged into a heat insulated tank with water. Cylindrical partitions are also fixed to the bottom of the tank, and partitions fixed on the round plate move between those. Water arriving into the tank, flowing via movable (rotary) and fixed partitions is heated due to friction. Since the gap between movable and fixed partitions is chosen as minimum possible for water passage, water heating is carried out quite effectively, which is also supported by a roll arranged in the form of a net increasing friction made on the surfaces of cylindrical partitions. Blades mounted on the outer side of the external (relative to the central axis) movable (rotary) cylindrical partition help to pump water into the outlet nozzle of the tank and back to the load.

EFFECT: higher efficiency.

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FIELD: power industry.

SUBSTANCE: electric energy generation system includes a wind turbine, a conductor rotated with rotation of the wind turbine, a heat transfer medium container, a magnetic field generator, a heat accumulator and an electric energy generation unit. The wind turbine is attached to a nacelle provided in the upper section of a post, and the conductor, the heat transfer medium container and the magnetic field generator are located in the nacelle. Besides, the heat accumulator and the electric energy generation unit are provided in a facility installed in the lower section of the post. The magnetic field generator is controlled to generate a magnetic field in which the conductor is rotated and therefore heated by induction, and heat of the conductor is transferred to water in the heat transfer medium container to generate steam that in its turn is supplied to a steam turbine and therefore brings into action the electric energy generator to generate electric energy.

EFFECT: proposed electric energy generation system using wind energy is excellent with regard to repairability and is capable of reducing the size and weight of the nacelle provided in the upper section of the post.

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FIELD: power generation.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to power generation. The wind-driven power plant includes at least two wind-power modules placed one over the other. Each wind-power module comprises internal and external wind-power units mounted in a bearing frame, arranged on the same axis and capable of rotating. The internal wind-power unit is a housing, whose sidewalls are formed by blades. The external wind-power unit includes at least two Darrieus blades, mounted on elements of the internal wind-power unit. The two wind-power modules are arranged to allow the installation of a generating unit in between them. The internal and external wind-power units of one module are connected to the generator rotor. The internal and external wind-power units of the second module are connected to the generator stator. The bearing frame is at least three posts connected by cross-members on the side of the top and bottom walls of the housing of the internal wind-power unit. The posts of the bearing frame of one module can be connected to the posts of the bearing frame of an adjacent module.

EFFECT: invention is aimed at improving the efficiency of using wind energy, reliability and simplification of the structure and transportation of the system.

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FIELD: agriculture.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to coverage for a greenhouse or similar fabrics, designed essentially for horizontal application and for the temperature stratification of the air space under the roof of the greenhouse. The invention also relates to the method for manufacturing of this coating. The coverage contains meshes of sheet material that are joined together back to back, or overlay with sewn threads in the longitudinal and transverse directions, which form a network, at least on one side of the sheet material.

EFFECT: implementation prevents execution of drops of condensation, provides energy saving.

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FIELD: chemistry.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to polymer compositions for making fluorescent and selectively radiation-absorbing films, which transform the ultraviolet component of natural or artificial light into radiation in the red region, which can be used in agriculture to coat greenhouses and soil when growing plants. The light-correcting polymer film contains a photoluminescent phosphor and a light-stabiliser, where the photoluminescent phosphor is yttrium phosphate-vanadate-borate activated with europium and/or yttrium phosphate vanadate activated with europium, and the light stabiliser is Tinuvin 622. The composition for making a light-correcting polymer film contains yttrium phosphate-vanadate-borate activated with europium and/or yttrium phosphate-vanadate activated with europium - 1.0-5.0 wt %, Tinuvin 622 - 1.0-3.0 wt % and high-pressure polyethylene - the rest. Composition is in form of granules which are a concentrate of modifying additives in a polymer matrix.

EFFECT: longer service life of the film.

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FIELD: agriculture.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to agriculture. Method involves cutting of furrow in soil, installation of tray into it, seed sowing, transplanting into soil and watering through holes made at tray bottom. Waterproof screen with grooves made on one of side edges is placed between side walls of tray and inclination is given to it in direction of grooves.

EFFECT: method allows protecting plants against glased rain and provides control of plant watering owing to atmospheric moisture.

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FIELD: agriculture, in particular, screening systems for greenhouses used in agricultural production, farms and house plots.

SUBSTANCE: screening system has additional bars in reduced length spans, said bars being out of connection with drive and mounted for progressive movement in parallel with main bars of greenhouse screening system. Carriers are secured on screening beam of previous span of greenhouse, above additional bars for supporting the latter. Carriers may be equipped with rollers. Such construction ensures predetermined mutual arrangement of previous span beam and additional bar during displacement thereof relative to one another and provides support for free end of additional bar. Stops are secured on additional bars on both sides of carrier at distance therebetween providing free movement for carrier upon displacement of screening beam of previous span. Free movement is adjusted by displacement of stops on additional bars, and value of said movement should provide reduced screening pitch of reduced span of greenhouse.

EFFECT: increased efficiency and enhanced reliability in operation of screening apparatus.

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Greenhouse // 2192123
The invention relates to agricultural structures, in particular to the greenhouses, and can be used for growing plants in greenhouses

Saving greenhouse // 2165690
The invention relates to a device for crop production in greenhouses

The invention relates to structures, systems control lighting in greenhouses

The invention relates to structures, systems, screening and ventilation of greenhouses and can be used in the agricultural industry, as well as in farms and individual greenhouses

The invention relates to structures, systems curtaining greenhouses and can be applied in the agricultural industry, as well as in farms and individual greenhouses

FIELD: agriculture.

SUBSTANCE: holder of plants for cultivation columns is made in the form of the supporting and covering perforated plates. The plates have oppositely directed protrusions for fastening in the hole of the cultivation column and connected by the hinge plates. One of the hinge plates is formed with a helical hinge joint allowing fixing the device in required position on the cultivation column.

EFFECT: reliability of fixing the plants on the cultivation column and the ability to sustain heavy loads.

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