Kochetov's pneumatic nozzle

FIELD: fire safety.

SUBSTANCE: pneumatic nozzle comprises the fluid and the gas supply systems and the nozzle, the liquid supply system is carried out in two directions comprising the axial liquid supply through the inlet pipe and the confuser and the cylindrical nozzle, connected in series and coaxial with it, and the tangential liquid supply is carried out through the housing in the form of a cylindrical-conical sleeve, coaxial with the cylindrical nozzle, on the cylindrical part thereof the annular vortex chamber with the liquid supply pipe is fixed. Along the annular chamber edges, two rows of inlet fluid tangential channels are provided, each row comprising at least three tangential channels connecting the annular chamber with the cylindrical cavity of the housing, to which the circular plate is coaxially fixed, located perpendicularly to the axis of the annular vortex chamber and rigidly connected to the cylindrical cavity of the housing in its end section, and a slotted nozzle is attached perpendicularly to the circular plate. The slot nozzle is made combined and consisting of two mutually perpendicular rectangular parallelepipeds with throttle through openings of a rectangular cross section, connected with the housing cavity, and the divider of the two-phase flow is attached coaxially to the circular plate, to its peripheral portion, formed as a perforated conical surface surrounding the slotted nozzle with throttle through openings of a rectangular cross section connected to the housing cavity.

EFFECT: increased efficiency of the gas-drop jet formation and expanding its supply area.

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FIELD: heating.

SUBSTANCE: fuel tube for a burner, and namely for a gas turbine burner, includes an end that has a surface for nozzles, as well as at least two fuel nozzles. The surface for the nozzles is equipped with splines between the fuel nozzles and is made in the form of an annular conical surface. The splines pass through the above surface perpendicular to the circumferential direction of the annular surface. The end is made in the form of a flattened cone. The side surface of the flattened cone forms the surface for the nozzles.

EFFECT: invention is aimed at increasing the nozzle service life.

7 cl, 3 dwg

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: atomiser of, primarily, liquid-propellant rocket engine comprises casing with fuel feed adapter. Note here that the latter is arranged inside said case at pylons while its channel is connected with fuel chamber via bores made in said pylons. In includes the sleeve arranged with ring clearance at said case to make circular gaseous oxidiser channel connected with oxidiser chamber via channels in the casing between its wall and fuel feed pylons. Adapter channel is closed at its inlet while its inner chamber communicates with ring gap between adapter and said sleeve via radial bores made at outlet. Note here that sleeve outlet has stepped expansion with its chamber connected with fuel chamber via tangential channels made in sleeve wall. In compliance with one version, sleeve outlet expansion accommodated hollow cylinder making an extension of sleeve inner channel to make ring gap with ring expansion outlet cylindrical surface. Chamber of said dap communicates via tangential bores with fuel chamber. Axial bore is made at adapter end. Stepped expansion is made at adapter outlet. Note here that bores equally spaced in circle and at angle to adapter axis are made at adapter end. Stepped expansion is made at adapter outlet. Note here that bores equally spaced in circle and at angle to adapter axis are made at adapter end located in the plane of sleeve tangential bores.

EFFECT: higher completeness combustion and better mix formation.

5 cl, 11 dwg

Pneumatic burner // 2431777

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: pneumatic burner consists of gas and fuel supplying pipes, fuel nozzle, hollow case and flange. The fuel nozzle consists of two cylinder sections and one conic section. A circular diaphragm with profiled elliptic orifices is installed in the hollow case. The orifices are inclined relative to axis of the fuel nozzle at angle equal to angle of taper of a coaxial conic channel. The fuel nozzle can additionally contain a guiding tip with diffusion hole. The gas supplying pipe is preferably set tangentially to the hollow case. The burner can additionally have the coaxial conic channel formed with the hollow case and the guiding tip with the diffusion hole. Geometry of the coaxial conic channel is preferably made controlled.

EFFECT: reduced operational pressure fall of fuel; increased radial and circumferential uniformity of fuel distribution in spray; control of distribution of drops around diameters.

5 cl, 1 dwg

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: module of burner for gas generator consists of two-step spreader of two-component mixture flow, of two component supplying tubes running from two-step two component mixture spreader, and of face plate of burner, where there pass tubes for supply of two-component mixture. The face plate contains a cooling system designed for plate cooling. Further, the module of the gas generator burner consists of circular nozzles built in the face plate of the burner; also each circular nozzle envelops a corresponding tube supplying two-component mixture. The two-step flow spreader of two component mixture flow contains a main cavity consisting of spreaders of flow of the first step and of secondary cavities diverging from the main cavity on further ends of the spreaders of the first step. Also each secondary cavity comprises the spreaders of flow of the second step. Tubes for supply of two-component mixture run from each secondary cavity on the further ends of the spreaders of the second step flow. The face plate of the burner contains a porous metal partition with nozzles passing through it; the cooling system has a porous metal partition cooled with reagents infiltrating through the porous metal face plate. The face plate of the burner contains a back plate, a front plate and a channel of cooling medium between the back and front plates. The cooling system contains the cooling medium channel. In the cooling system cooling medium flows through this channel to cool the front plate. The front plate contains transition metal. The burner module additionally contains conic elements running through the back plate and the front plate; also each conic element is installed on the end of each tube for supply of two component mixture. Each conic element contains a circular nozzle.

EFFECT: raised efficiency of installation for gasification of carbon containing materials.

20 cl, 8 dwg

Coaxial jet nozzle // 2291977

FIELD: power engineering.

SUBSTANCE: coaxial jet nozzle comprises hollow tip that connects the space of one of the fuel components with the combustion zone and bushing that embraces the tip to define a ring space and connects the space of the other fuel component with the combustion zone. The exit section of the tip is provided with the radial grooves so that the periphery of the central jet bounded by the generatrices of the beams is no more than 3s, and the beam length is 2.3-2.5s, where s is the beam thickness.

EFFECT: enhanced completeness of combustion.

1 cl, 3 dwg

FIELD: mechanical engineering; gas-turbine engines.

SUBSTANCE: proposed gas-turbine engine has central stage arranged in gas duct of engine from its part arranged higher relative to direction of main gas flow to part lower in direction of main gas flow and provided with exhaust gas cone forming device in direction of main gas flow, and guide arrangement. Gas-turbine engine has group of blades, group of fuel nozzles and group of igniters. Guide arrangement is located in zone of edge of exhaust gas cone-forming device arranged higher relative to direction of main gas flow. Group of blades is located in gas duct out of the limits of central stage. Blades are provided with atomizing guides extending through blades. Fuel nozzles are installed on inner ends of corresponding atomizing guides. Each nozzle is provided with input, output and passage between input and output. Passage has part arranged to direct fuel flow to first part of passage surface located across and widening downwards in direction of flow with subsequent deflection fuel flow by first part of surface and its outlet from nozzle. Igniters are arranged in corresponding atomizing guides for igniting fuel from corresponding fuel nozzle.

EFFECT: provision of reliable lighting up in afterburner, improved recirculation of fuel in flow.

13 cl, 8 dwg

FIELD: burners.

SUBSTANCE: burner is made of well of specified length (up to 650 mm). The fuel flowing through stabilizer of fuel supply enters the fuel supply pipe and then through fuel nozzles to the mixing chamber of the nozzle. The fuel jet impacts on the conical hollow in the working face of the deflector, thus enhancing the spraying of fuel. The compressed steam enters the ring passage defined by the fuel and steam supply pipes. The steam then enters the first (hydraulic) spraing stage of the mixing chamber through the steam nozzles drilled in the swirler radially and tangentially. The mixing chamber is interposed between the hydraulic deflector and exit section of the fuel nozzle. The steam entrains the fuel jet broken down with the deflector and then continues to break it in the second (gas) spraying stage, in the zone around the rod of the hydraulic deflector.

EFFECT: improved quality of spraying.

3 cl, 4 dwg

FIELD: burners.

SUBSTANCE: nozzle has mixing chamber whose section arranged downstream of the radial nozzles of the first sprayer is conical. The nozzles of the third sprayer are arranged over the periphery at the outlet of the conical section of the chamber. The nozzles of the third sprayer are connected with the ring row of the passages of the first sprayer. The nozzles of the third sprayer are mounted at an angle of to the vertical axis of the nozzle and under an angle of to its plane.

EFFECT: enhanced efficiency.

1 cl, 2 dwg

The invention relates to a technique of spraying a liquid and can be used in burners, oil-fired and intended for carrying out roofing work, as well as to heat the bitumen in the bitumen tank trucks and concrete

Injector // 2218521
The invention relates to energy, namely the technique of spraying fluid with compressed air or steam in the process chambers for the combustion of liquid (gaseous) fuel boilers for atomizing liquids, in particular slurries, solutions, suspensions

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: atomiser includes the injector sprayer, fluid injector and casing, containing the converging air header with reducing cone for air. The reducing air surrounds the air injector, that is connected with central blowing pipe. The blowing pipe is fed via the input hole. The casing contains at least one hole for air inlet intended for gas supply as straight ring flow around the injector. In the atomiser the fluid is supplied via the central blowing pipe to the fluid injector. The gas is supplied via the hole for air supply. Gas is accelerated in the converging reducing cone in the ring straight gas flow, and enters in the contact with sprayed fluid leaving the fluid injector. The technical result of the inventions group is assurance of the possibility to form more small droplets with increased micronised volume flowrate, at that large air volumes are added to the liquid sprayed from the injector.

EFFECT: increased volume ratios result to such average length of free run between the carried-over droplets, that minimises collisions and prevents the droplets consolidation.

37 cl, 17 dwg, 3 tbl

FIELD: process engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to lubrication of the rod of mechanical cleaning of feeder of several components. This device comprises mixing head for mixing of at least two fluid components. Mixing head has inlets for at least two fluids and mixing module arranged between them. Feeder comprises cleaning rod arranged inside mixing head to slide therein. Cleaning rod can get in front position whereat flow from inlets is shut off and in rear position whereat said fluid components flow from inlets into mixing module. Cleaning rod is displaced between said two positions by appropriate drive. Besides, this device comprises lubing chamber arranged behind said mixing chamber accommodating cleaning rod to slide therein. Lubricant is fed to cleaning rod inside lubing chamber. Beside, feeder has cartridge with lubricant and communicates with lubing chamber. Said feeder can comprises mixing mechanism secured to the housing for mixing of at least two fluid components. Proposed method comprises provision of first increased pressure for first fluid, second fluid and in cartridge with lubricant. Besides, this method comprises displacement of cleaning rod backward for mixing said component in mixing chamber. Then cleaning rod is continuously lubed with lubricant at pressure at ruled out ingress of lubricant into mixing chamber.

EFFECT: simplified servicing and replenishing.

20 cl, 8 dwg

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to gasification systems and can be used in chemical reactors and pipeline systems for raw material injection. Injection system for raw material feed contains several ring channels 314, 316, 318 arranged in concentric configuration around longitudinal axis, and several helical elements 312 passing into path for fluid flow. The helical elements 312 are made with possibility to move axially in ring channel. At least one helical element 312 contains several blades placed along helical path and spaced from each other. In this structure, one of helical elements 312 is made capable to impart the first circular rotation to fluid flow, and the other helical element 312 is made capable to impart counterflow circular rotation.

EFFECT: invention permits to mill and mix raw material, to increase time of its presence in the device and to improve efficiency of processing.

23 cl, 9 dwg

FIELD: agriculture.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the field of agriculture. The method comprises spraying the agricultural crops with an initial crushing the solution flow of microelement fertilisers by the air flow and the subsequent drops electrocharge in corona electrostatic field. The liquid-air mixture is prepared at a distance from the hydraulic sprayer nozzles, then fed under pressure to hydraulic nozzles, at the output of which it is crushed and passes in the form of a torch with bubbles of air through the electrostatic field, where the mixture in the form of liquid-air drops is electrostatically charged, is additionally crushed thus increasing monodispersity, surface moisture of the fed plants, the number of free ions of nutrients of microellement fertilisers, which, precipitating on the surface of the agricultural crops, penetrate into the plant, improving its nutrition. The drop size, their crushing, monodispersity of drops and the amount of free ions is regulated by the pressure of microelement fertiliser solution from 0.2 to 0.3 MPa, the air pressure of 0.4 to 0.5 MPa, injected in the solution of fertilisers in the pumping mains, microelement fertiliser solution flow through one nozzle to 0.3 L/min, electrocharging of the sprayed liquid-air drops with the electrostatic voltage on the electrodes of 3 to 5 kV and a current of 10 mA.

EFFECT: method enables to increase the saturation of the solution mixture of fertiliser with air and to increase the monodispersity of the sprayed solution of microelement fertilisers.

2 dwg

FIELD: process engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to fluid spraying and can be used for spraying of growth liquid promoter in boiling bed granulator. In compliance with proposed method gas and fluid are fed via appropriate channels into mixing chamber inside nozzle 1. Gas velocity approximates to sound speed or exceeds it. Fluid speed at mixing chamber inlet is notably lower that that of gas. Mass flow of gas fed into mixing chamber varies from 1 to 10 wt % of fluid mass blow. This produced emulsion of gas and fluid inside pressurized chamber formed by gas bubbles and surrounded by filmy fluid. Sprayed flow results from expansion of emulsion whereat fluid film gets sprayed at nozzle outlet. Proposed nozzle comprises gas and fluid feed channels. Besides, said nozzle includes mixing chamber communicated with said channels via gas and fluid control valves. Said gas and fluid control valves allow formation of high-speed inlet gas flow and low-speed inlet fluid flow for making gas emulsion if fluid. Proposed nozzle can be used in boiling bed granulators.

EFFECT: lower costs, simplified assembly/disassembly.

15 cl, 12 dwg

FIELD: process engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to generation of gas-drop jets and may be used in fire-fighting and agriculture for irrigation. Proposed device comprises fluid and gas feed systems and nozzle. Fluid is fed in two ways: axially via feed pipe and confuser and cylindrical nozzle aligned with said pipe, and tangentially via case composed of cylinder-conical sleeve aligned with cylindrical case. Vortex annular chamber with fluid feed branch pipe is secured on cartridge cylindrical part. Two lines of fluid feed tangential channels are made along edges of said annular chamber. At least three tangential channels are arranged in every said line to communicate annular chamber with housing cylindrical chamber. Shaped nozzle is secured to said chamber and aligned therewith and consisting of two concatenated confusers. First confuser connected with housing cylindrical chamber has conical shell with cone vertex angle smaller than that of second confuser connected with outlet nozzle. Nozzle outlet cross-section is shaped to rectangle.

EFFECT: increased atomisation.

2 dwg

Coat applicator // 2481899

FIELD: process engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to device 1 for applying coating on inner side 51 of hollow body 49 by sprayed fluid. Device has, at least, one outlet 9 to displace along, at least, portion of axial length of inner side 51 of hollow body 48 with the help of drive. Besides, proposed device allows centering sprayer tube 5 by centering device 47 in hollow body 49 relative to its lengthwise axis 65. Hollow body 49 may represent a syringe or a capsule.

EFFECT: good mixing of propellant and sprayed fluid, homogeneous distribution of fluid drops on hollow body inner surface.

20 cl, 5 dwg

FIELD: process engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention may be used for applying some components, for example, fast setting foam. Proposed sprayer gun comprises pneumatic piston, piston limiter and handle. Piston serves to shut off fluid channels selectively on displacing between closed position, partially closed position to allow limited fluid flow, and open position to allow full fluid flow. Stroke of said piston may be selected without breaking the operation. Mechanical limiter defines piston stroke limits. Handle is used to set piston into required position.

EFFECT: higher efficiency and reliability.

2 cl, 7 dwg

Double spray nozzle // 2441710

FIELD: sprayers.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to double spray nozzles used to spray liquids with compressed gas. The nozzle has mixing chambers. Mixing chamber (40) has liquid inlet (38), compressed air inlet (46a, 46b, 46c) and an outlet (52). Outlet (52) is situated in the mixing chamber (40) downstream. The mixing chamber is filled with liquid and compressed air. The mixing chamber includes circular clearance (64) surrounding the outlet (52) used for discharge of compressed air with high speed. It is made and located so that to spray liquid film into little drops to the outlet (52) inner wall.

EFFECT: increase of speed and reach of flow at the nozzle outlet with no additional power.

16 cl, 8 dwg

FIELD: cooking.

SUBSTANCE: this method covers device (1) for liquid injection into bulk solids, first and foremost, flour for batter preparation. In this device solids are fed down and move towards mixing area (12) along inner wall (11) of mixing chamber (4), which is vertically tilted - preferably a vertical chamber - and are soaked by liquid (4) under pressure from at least one nozzle (14), a fast jet striking inner wall (11) of mixing chamber, and run down towards below outlet (6). Meanwhile, the device is equipped with a discharge opening directed towards mixing chamber part and located between nozzle (14) and mixing area, used for liquid and paste additives feed. This invention also covers a method of liquid injection into bulk materials.

EFFECT: ease of additives injection and its intensive feed with liquid into solids using all possible mixing methods under pressure liquid jet.

16 cl, 1 dwg

FIELD: equipment for spraying of liquid preparation, in particular, trisodium phosphate solution for bactericidal treatment of meat product portions, in particular, carcasses of newly slaughtered bird.

SUBSTANCE: tunnel for bactericidal treatment of portions of meat product has apparatus for spraying of liquid preparation. Said apparatus has tubular nozzle open at both ends, vessel for solution, supply pipeline for connecting vessel with lower part of nozzle, and pipeline for compressed carrier gas, in particular, compressed air, said pipeline being incised into nozzle in the vicinity of liquid supply pipeline. At least one nozzle is not oriented directly to portions of meat product. Liquid preparation is discharged from each nozzle in the form of fog with diameter of droplets mainly of 0.005 mm. Small sizes of droplets allow risk of disturbing continuity of bird's skin upon collision with aerosol spray to be eliminated. Also, bird's skin is not subjected to thermal processing. Tunnel of such construction allows ecological problems connected with difficulty of catching phosphor-containing sewage to be decided in accordance with official rigidified norms.

EFFECT: increased efficiency by eliminating the possibility of obstructing tunnel owing to small sizes of droplets and improved quality of treatment of bird's carcass.

6 cl, 8 dwg