Method for laying road marking

FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: road marking laying method consists in forming the lower layer of asphalt concrete layer of the roadway platform. After that, a geogrid is laid and beacons are installed. The geogrid is then raised to the desired level and fixed with beacons. The top layer of the asphalt concrete pavement is formed in such a way as to form cavities corresponding to dimensions of road marking elements, which is filled with a construction mixture of a different colour.

EFFECT: better road safety, improved self-descriptiveness of pedestrian crossings, dividing lines and zones for comfortable movement of pedestrians and vehicles, with better service life of the marking.

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FIELD: construction, road engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to methods to warn drivers on availability of pedestrians on a pedestrian crossing and may be used to reduce chances of running down a person by a vehicle in the zone of pedestrian crossing. The method to warn drivers on availability of the pedestrian on the pedestrian crossing includes lighting of the pedestrian crossing as the sensor of pedestrian presence on the pedestrian crossing actuates. Lighting of the pedestrian crossing is made as visible, regardless of the time of the day, with the light using a light diode projector. The light beam is sent via a template frame that imitates the "Zebra" marking as the light beam goes through it on the surface of the pedestrian crossing. Additional warning is provided to drivers with the help of at least one window that imitates a signal of traffic lights facing toward the approaching transport.

EFFECT: invention creates a reliable system of warning and lighting of a pedestrian crossing.

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FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to construction and operation of urban motorways Front and rear wheel on one side of automobile run in metal guide strip secured on road along traffic lane. Automobile steering wheel is set into neutral position, while said metal strip sets up wheel run direction. Said metal guide can represent a chute to accommodate tires of front and rear whhels on one side of automobile. Guide strip cross section can have horizontal and vertical parts. Note here that vertical part represents a rib that enters unobstructed into annular groove made on metal sick of aforesaid wheels on automobile outer side to provide interaction with guide strip. To enter and move down at whatever road section, a shoe can be used comprising case with site and slope for wheel to run on and off. Wheel disk outer side can have a boss with annular groove along its edges, or, incompliance with the other version, additional disk can be secured to main disk arranged sideways of wheel tire. Note here that outer round surface of said additional disk has additional circular groove. Urban motorway carriageway comprises overpass made up of superstructure fitted on supports and represents two metal lengthwise strips with free space there between. Each strip has vertical rib on its outer side.

EFFECT: high-safety traffic, better stability.

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FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: traffic sign assembly of road traffic movement control is connected to and fixes the support beam of traffic sign of road traffic movement control and has the design which provides the return of traffic sign to initial position even if impact of typhoon or collision with transport is applied to road traffic sign of traffic movement control.

EFFECT: traffic sign assembly of road traffic movement control prevents change of initial fixed position of traffic sign of road traffic movement control caused by typhoon impact or by collision with transport vehicle, which is applied to traffic sign of road traffic movement control thus; thus, loss of control function of road traffic movement with traffic sign is avoided.

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FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: invention is related to the field of motor roads construction and may be used to increase safety of road users. Method for increase of road traffic safety, when technical facilities are installed on roads for orientation of road users. Orientation borders are narrows to the size of one-and-a-half width of wheel. Technical facilities are arranged in the form of parallel installed guide devices for wheels of motor transport with sections of entry-exit, every of which is mounted for passage of its group of machines that has been previously grouped along wheel tyre width. Installation of guide devices is started from the side of sidewalk along axial line of road with interruption in the area of pedestrian roads, and free traffic lane is formed for joint operation of quick response transport and road-patrol service. Several guide devices are arranged on each traffic lane, one for left or right wheels for single unit of transport, lanes are limited from each other for their independent functioning. Zone of roads with guides is equipped with entry sections of drug control.

EFFECT: reduction of road-transport events, exclusion of possibility of speed mode violation, exit to oncoming lane and sidewalks, creation of driver-caused traffic jams, parking of cars on both sides of road during daytime, increased throughput capacity of existing roads.

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The invention relates to the field of construction of roads and can be used for visual orientation of the drivers in difficult weather conditions

The invention relates to the field of construction of roads and can be used for visual orientation of the drivers in difficult weather conditions

The invention relates to the field of construction of roads and can be used for visual orientation of the drivers in difficult weather conditions

The road buffer // 2193085
The invention relates to the construction and for the construction of roads for visual orientation and the direction of traffic, and also to bypass the obstacles and retention of vehicles stopping at a frontal impact front protected by a barrier in the case of using the buffer complete with road sections

The invention relates to a reflective sheets and plates that are used in road signs, information boards and reflectors, etc

The invention relates to the construction of automobile roads

FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to road construction, namely, to patching of asphalt concrete pavements. A method for patching roads is that the defective pavement area is milled, cleaned from dust and ground, treated with bitumen emulsion, after which the mixture is placed and rolled. The asphalt mix is placed in the pothole with arrangement of a small conical mound near the edge of the arranged pavement, before the drum of the road roller, with account to the pressing-out of the road material towards the edges of the pad when the roller runs over the mixture, and for compacting the asphalt mix a compact vibratory roller is used in the dynamic operation mode; the final stage of compaction process is the use of plate compactors for additional compacting of the borders of the repair area after the vibratory roller.

EFFECT: improvement of uniformity of the compacted pavement, improvement of strength and durability.

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FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: method to repair an asphaltic concrete pavement after sampling with a core barrel includes filling of a hole with crushed stone and insertion of a plug into the hole. Besides, a bitumen net is laid onto the bottom of the hole and on top of crushed stone, the plug is inserted, made in the form of a cylinder with a diameter that is 4-8 mm less than the diameter of the core barrel crown, the slot between the plug and the hole is filled with sand, on top the joint is poured with hot bitumen, or edges of the road pavement and the plug are heated with a burner, and a bitumen tab is applied.

EFFECT: increased quality of closing of holes and durability of a repaired section, reduced labour intensiveness and time of repair works.

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FIELD: chemistry.

SUBSTANCE: composition includes a mixture of asphalt and aggregates in a system of additives distributed therein, said system of additives including: i) from about 10 to 60 wt % amine or modified amine surfactant and ii) from about 20 to 90% asphalt rheology modifying components. Said asphalt rheology modifying component includes: i) at least one wax component, ii) optionally one or more infusible components that are insoluble in asphalt and ii)at least one resinous component, and mixtures and combinations thereof. The amount of said system of additives in the asphalt composition ranges from 0.2 to 10 wt % per content of asphalt in said composition. The invention also relates to a method of improving water-resistance properties of a hot asphalt mixture containing aggregates. Said method involves adding an effective amount of said system of additives to said asphalt.

EFFECT: system of additives affects adhesion and cohesion properties of asphalt by considerably improving resistance of hot asphalt mixtures to damage caused by moisture.

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FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: method for arrangement of a coating from cast asphalt concrete using briquettes of asphalt concrete includes delivery of asphalt concrete briquettes to the place of works performance, besides, bitumen is melted in a previously heated thermal bunker, then a bitumen-rubber compound is added, afterwards in process of continuous mixing asphalt-concrete briquettes are added, boiled to production of homogeneous mass, and the produced mixture is discharged to the surface.

EFFECT: possibility to produce a cast asphalt concrete having higher wear resistance, strength, elasticity and water impermeability from previously prepared briquettes directly in place of works performance.

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FIELD: chemistry.

SUBSTANCE: concentrated binding substance contains at least 50 wt % a soft aromatic petroleum base, at least one polymer and optionally an asphalt base. The soft aromatic petroleum base contains one or more aromatic petroleum fractions taken separately or in form of mixtures, where said aromatic petroleum fractions are obtained during dearomatisation of petroleum fractions obtained when refining crude oil. The polymer contains one or more copolymers based on links of conjugated diene and an aromatic monovinyl hydrocarbon and content of its binding substance is greater than or equal to 20 wt %. The invention also relates to a method of producing a concentrated binding substance and use thereof to produce diluted asphalt-polymer binding substance which is used in various areas of road construction, as well as for industrial use.

EFFECT: binding substance has slowed gelling, is stable during storage and has low viscosity, which allows for its pumping using ordinary pumping systems.

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FIELD: chemistry.

SUBSTANCE: asphalt binder composition contains 90-98 wt % asphalt component and 2-10 wt % block copolymer composition. The block copolymer composition contains (i) a copolymer which contains one block of monovinyl aromatic hydrocarbon and one conjugated diene block and (or) one or more block copolymers which contain at least two blocks of monovinyl aromatic hydrocarbon and at least one conjugated diene block. In another version, the asphalt binder composition contains a block copolymer composition which contains (i) a block copolymer obtained via a coupling reaction, which has a plurality of beams comprising at least two blocks of a monovinyl aromatic hydrocarbon located on at least two of the plurality of beams, and at least one conjugated diene block located on at least one of the plurality of beams, and (ii) one or more block copolymers comprising at least one block of a monovinyl aromatic hydrocarbon and at least one conjugated diene block. The ratio (i)/(ii) in the polymer compositions is greater than 1:1.

EFFECT: use of the polymer-modified mixture in the base course improved fatigue properties, high resistance to permanent deformation and cost-effectiveness.

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FIELD: chemistry.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to an additive complex for compositions of warm asphalt mixtures for road surface coating. Said additive complex contains a) a surfactant component and b) an asphalt rheology modifying component. The surfactant component contains at least one amine and/or modified amine surfactant or mixtures thereof. The asphalt rheology modifying component contains at least one of the following components: i) wax component selected from plant, animal, mineral or petroleum wax, ii) a resinous component which includes plant resin, petroleum resin or mixtures thereof. The additive complex is in form of powder, pelleted or flaky freely flowing solid substance. The invention also relates to a warm asphalt mixture which contains a mixture of bitumen, aggregates and 0.2-10 wt % said additive complex, and a road coating made from said warm asphalt mixture.

EFFECT: warm asphalt mixture has improved packing at lower temperatures, good adhesion properties and water-resistance.

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FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the field of road construction and may be used to improve construction and development of roads with high adhesive and bearing properties, which occur when using the proposed method. The method of road construction with a solid surface includes the following: at first design is carried out, then routing is performed, and soil is excavated for the depth of 0.8-1.2 m, then the route bed along side slopes is strengthened with reinforced concrete piles with height of Hpile=Gs.Hroute, where Gs. -golden section: 1.61, Hroute - route depth, and a metal grid is fixed to them along the entire height with a certain overlap, equal to the height of reinforced concrete piles, and this overlap is rigidly fixed to the surface of the road bed by any available method, then sand is filled into the produced road bed for the height of 0.4-0.6 m, compacted for the depth of 0.2-0.3 m, then find crushed stone of 3-4 cm is filled for the height of 0.5-0.7 m, then it is compacted, further coarse crushed stone of 6-9 cm is filled with thickness of 0.4-0.6 m, compacted, then find sand is filled onto the surface of coarse crushed stone, and the entire surface of the road is processed with rammers, until sand fills the space between coarse crushed stone for a half, then the remaining space is poured with melted liquid glass between coarse crushed stone, and liquid glass appears on top with a layer of 2-3 cm, and then sand is filled on it with average particle size of 3-5 mm, and then the road surface is compacted with simultaneous removal of unfixed sand, besides, all operations, starting from compaction of the lower layer of sand is carried out with formation of an inclination from the road centre to both sides of at least 2-5%, and further the section is left for cooling for 2-3 days, then for a day the water surface is poured with water.

EFFECT: method makes it possible to produce a road surface of high adhesive and bearing properties.

FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: composite includes the following components: an open mesh, including at least two sets of strands. Each set of strands has gaps between adjacent strands. Sets are aligned at a significant angle to each other. Adhesive film is layered over the open mesh. The adhesive film has the first and second main surfaces, so that material of adhesive film in its first and second main surfaces includes approximately 50% or more of resinous non-asphalt component and approximately 50% or less of asphalt component.

EFFECT: reliability improvement.

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FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: composite material to reinforce asphalt road carpet comprises the following: open mesh, which includes at least two sets of parallel strands, at the same time each set of strands has clearances between adjacent strands, and sets are aligned at an angle relative to each other; and a coating arranged above the specified mesh, to keep the clearances between the strands, activated at the temperature, pressure or both of the road carpet, to form a link compatible with the asphalt road carpet, at the same time the coating is not adhesive at normal temperature and pressure, it contains material, which includes approximately 50% or more of a resinous non-asphalt component and approximately 50% or less of an asphalt component. Also the method to reinforce road carpet, the method to manufacture composite material and the method to reduce crack formation in the road carpet with application of composite material are described.

EFFECT: improved intermediate layer between layers of the road carpet.

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FIELD: mechanical engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to devices to do small scopes of work on application of traffic strips onto roadbed - hand-operated machines with petrol engine intended to apply traffic strips onto roadbed. Machine comprises engine, paint sprayer, fastening tube of paint sprayer, the first and second beams of body. Fastening tube of paint sprayer is fixed to one of body beams in intermediate position between the first and second ends. Paint sprayer is installed in close proximity to the first end.

EFFECT: considerable reduction of vibrations and mobility of paint sprayer, reduced deviation in width of strip applied onto road bed.

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