Breakwater and caisson breakwater unit

FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to a caisson breakwater and, in particular, to a caisson breakwater unit containing an oscillating water column. Unit 100 of a caisson breakwater has windward and leeward sides 110 and 120 and comprises an oscillating water column. Caisson breakwater comprises base 20 installed onto sea bottom 5 and cover 50 made able to be arranged over base 20. Base 20 makes a water intake on windward side 110 and additionally forms water oscillating chamber 21. Cover 50 forms breakwater section 52 on windward side 110, turbine chamber 51, at least one air duct 58 connected with chamber 51. Cover 50 has a built-in additional essentially tight chamber 57.

EFFECT: group of inventions is aimed at creation of an improved breakwater structure.

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FIELD: power industry.

SUBSTANCE: wave electric power station includes fixed support 1, pneumatic hydraulic chamber 2 the underwater part of which is interconnected through open lower edge 3 with water reservoir, and above-water part is interconnected with atmosphere through pressure air line 6 fixed on upper edge 5 of chamber 2. Turbine 7 with blades 8 of wind-type profile is installed across air line 6. Turbine 7 is kinematically connected to generator 9 installed on upper edge 5 of chamber 2. On opposite inner surfaces of air line 6 there made are projections with concave walls. Projections adjoin cylindrical surface swept with blades with a gap. On support 1 there arranged is rotating actuator 15 kinematically connected to chamber 2 which is fixed on support 1 with possibility of vertical movement in compliance with oscillations of medium level of water surface.

EFFECT: higher efficiency of wave electric power station.

7 cl, 5 dwg

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to water-power engineering and is designed to be used for producing electric power by exploiting the sea or lake wave energy. The wave power generation plant comprises a vacuum-generation ejector device and an air turbine mounted in the flow passage. The said air turbine is connected to the electrical generator. The said ejector device is fixed underwater below the float with air accumulator and represents a vertically arranged confuser-diffuser passage arranged in the minimum flow passage section communicating via, at least, one check valve with the float chamber communicating via pipeline with the flow passage chamber outlet.

EFFECT: higher reliability and output thanks to possibility of vacuum generation irrespective of reciprocation of confuser-diffuser passage.

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FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: proposed power generation plant exploits the power of sea wave and tides. The plant comprises a hollow cylindrical housing with its bottom open. It communicates with seawater and is anchored to sea bottom. The said housing features a narrowing forming a smaller cylinder. The casing is attached to the aforesaid cylinder. The aforesaid casing houses an impeller driven by air sucked in/out from the housing inner space via air ducts formed by the aforesaid casing and non-return valves mounted inside the upper small cylinder, the air force being directly dependent upon the water level caused by the running wave.

EFFECT: simple low-cost high-efficiency power generation unit to be mounted at whatever sea- or-ocean coast line.

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FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to power engineering and can be used for transforming the river stream and tides power into electric DC or AC energy. The proposed floating electric power station comprises a water craft with electrical generator mounted thereon and connected to the turbine and a confuser pipeline arranged in water stream and narrowing along the said stream. The said confuser pipeline is arranged horizontally. Note that the confuser pipeline narrower end is provided with a horizontal diffuser pipeline with an intake entrance accommodating an air nozzle arranged coaxially with the said entrance. The nozzle inlet is connected, via an air duct, to the pipeline with its shape changing from curvilinear into vertical. The aforesaid air duct is hinged to the air confuser pipeline. The latter accommodates the turbine mounted at its outlet. The air duct is hinged to turn relative to the said air confuser pipeline and to allow mounting confuser pipeline together with diffuser pipeline along the water stream.

EFFECT: higher profitability and reliability.

5 cl, 7 dwg

FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the plants exploiting the rough sea energy. The wave power generation plant includes a ship with a wave compressor using roughness energy to produce compressed air, working chambers arranged along the ship board working chambers with inlet and outlet openings submerged into water and converting the compressed air power of the turbine with electric generators. With the wave out coming, the chambers communicate during suction stage via inlet valve with the low-pressure manifold open to atmosphere and during compression stage, with the wave in coming, they communicate via outlet valves, with the high-pressure manifold. The ship features the sizes and the number of chambers allowing simultaneous exploiting of several waves. The chambers are arranged stepwise along the depth. Every subsequent stage of chambers is located deeper than the previous one. The high-pressure manifold of the previous stage makes a low-pressure manifold of the subsequent stage. The high-pressure manifold has in its lower part a drain shafts with outlet valves. The ship incorporates also a system of ballast compartments to accommodate a wave compressor on the ship water-line at the level of the first stage working chambers. At the stern and bow the ship engines are mounted.

EFFECT: higher efficiency; higher output power.

7 dwg

Wave power plant // 2080478

Wave power plant // 2023905
The invention relates to a wave energy installations, allowing you to use the energy of sea waves, and can serve as an environmentally friendly energy source

The invention relates to hydropower, in particular power plants using energy waves

Wave power plant // 2010995

Tidal hydroelectric // 2006661

FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a generator for energy generation. Generator (100) includes floating platform (1) adapted for partial submersion into fluid medium, mast (2) located on platform (1) and containing at least one wind generator (3), at least one first energy storage device and one converter. Generator (1) also includes at least one system for storage and conversion of mechanical energy. At least one system for storage and conversion of mechanical energy includes at least one rechargeable mechanical storage battery (14), at least one balance arm (12) with a flywheel, which is connected to storage battery (14), and a device for conversion of mechanical energy to electrical energy. Wave motion or flow of fluid medium, into which platform (1) is submerged, determines oscillating movement of platform (1), mast (2) and at least one balance arm (12) for charging of storage battery (14), which in its turn outputs the energy generated by its movement to the mechanical energy conversion device.

EFFECT: invention is aimed at improvement of energy generation efficiency.

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FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: installation for conversion of roll and pitch energy of the going vessel comprises a body of anticorrosive material with ratchet mechanisms arranged in parallel to its sides, one end of the mechanisms is placed in the rear part of the installation while the second is in the front part and is fixed to the cylinder-shaped shaft. Both ends are interconnected by a circuit connected to side outputs of a rectangular tank placed inside the installation. On the top of the tank there are a front and rear handles. Wheels of the tank are placed at the rails fixed to the installation bottom. Between rails in the front and rear part of the installation there are spring-type brake systems consisting of a heel and a spring. At the installation top part, from inwards, at both sides there are gripping mechanisms, which consist of a latch hook, a lock and spring.

EFFECT: simplification of the installation design, reduction of manufacturing costs.

5 dwg

Hydraulic unit // 2534642

FIELD: power industry.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to hydraulic unit for removal of energy from wave movement. Automatic adjustable hydraulic unit 200 for conversion of wave energy includes pump 201 intended for fluid medium pumping through hydraulic unit 200. Pump 201 has housing 202 forming chamber 203 and piston 207 allowing separation of chamber 203 into working compartment 208 and blind compartment 209. A provision is made for an activating element that is connected to piston 207. The inlet hole is interconnected with working compartment 208 of chamber 203 so that a provision of fluid medium flowing from the inlet hole to working compartment 208 of chamber 203 is provided. The outlet hole is interconnected with working compartment 208 of chamber 203 so that a possibility of fluid medium flowing from working compartment 208 of chamber 203 to the outlet hole is provided. A provision is made for a hydraulic control device having a possibility of control of pump 201 by controlling the fluid medium pressure at the inlet hole and the outlet hole so that optimisation of pump 201 output power as a response to tidal variations and/or sea state is provided. Control of the fluid medium pressure at the inlet hole and the outlet hole is performed in compliance with a control algorithm.

EFFECT: invention is aimed at achievement of higher volumes of production at lower costs.

21 cl, 12 dwg

FIELD: power industry.

SUBSTANCE: hydrojet device includes a water passage with nozzles formed with vertical side walls and flat plates. The water passage is divided at least into two cascades. Each successive cascade has bigger height. Cascades are connected to each other by means of connection planks. Each cascade of the water passage has upper and lower outside channels, at least one upper inner nozzle, one lower inner nozzle and one central nozzle. An inlet water intake hole of the central nozzle is located vertically and perpendicular to the longitudinal axis of the water passage. Connection planks are inclined to the longitudinal axis of the water passage in a vertical plane. The water passage diverges along the longitudinal axis of the water passage in a horizontal plane. Flat plates are bent symmetrically and in a convex manner relative to the longitudinal axis of the water passage in a horizontal plane so that a blunt angle is formed. Water flow turbulisers formed with spiral-shaped vertical strips are installed on the outer side of the side walls of the water passage.

EFFECT: improving use efficiency of a hydrojet device at conversion of oscillating motion energy of a ship to hydrojet energy.

3 dwg

Wave power plant // 2482325

FIELD: electrical engineering.

SUBSTANCE: wave power plant contains at least one float 1 or several interconnected floats. The float 1 is shaped asymmetrically relative to the waves propagation direction; alternatively, the interconnected floats are positioned asymmetrical relative to the waves propagation direction. The said asymmetrical shape or the said asymmetrical position results in a circular motion of the float 1 or the element linking the interconnected floats in response to the pushing action of a series of waves propagating in the said direction. The power plant additionally contains elements for converting circular movement into rotation for extraction of energy.

EFFECT: conversion of waves reciprocating movement immediately into continuous rotation.

18 cl, 10 dwg

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: transmission (10) is supported by turbine (5) housing and includes inlet (12), outlet (20) and gear train (14, 16) between inlet and outlet, which is intended to increase the rotation speed at the outlet in comparison to the inlet. Gear train includes many gear wheels for transmission of torque from inlet to outlet. Transmission also includes static carrier (44) of stage of planetary transmission (14), which is elastically connected to housing (50) of turbine to receive reactive torque of a single elastic gear train. Transmission also includes elastic support that includes extended torsional element (60) designed for elastic twisting around torsional axis (C).

EFFECT: improvement of turbine transmission design.

11 cl, 12 dwg

Hydrojet unit // 2447316

FIELD: power industry.

SUBSTANCE: hydrojet unit contains water conduit as system of channels with input water intake holes, vertical side walls and horizontal curved walls in channels cross-section. Water conduit is divided into two or more cascades and in each cascade there are systems getting narrower along flow direction of channels. Each further cascade has bigger height. Side walls of each conduit cascade are made with front and rear edges bevelled along the flow direction. Each conduit cascade has upper and lower outside channels, at least one upper inner channel, one lower inner channel and one central channel. At each side wall of cascades there vertical chambers formed by concave plates along rear edge of vertical side walls.

EFFECT: invention allows improvement of hydrojet unit efficiency at conversion of roll and pitch energy of a ship into hydraulic-jet energy.

3 dwg

FIELD: information technology.

SUBSTANCE: device for data transmission over water surface - marine notification column (MNC) - contains mast with equipment to receive and transmit communication signals, pivotally connected via rods with at least three floats connected with device for electric power generation made capable to convert work executed during relative movement of the floats and the mast into electric power as well as mooring device located in the lower part of the mast. MNC is also equipped with solar battery installed on the mast and being capable to be folded and deployed. The system of data transmission over water surface contains MNCs spaced-apart on marine and/or ocean water surface in at least one chain or network so that robust communication is ensured, and fixed in their locations using mooring devices. It is easy to estimate that to cover with complete square grid of MNCs with square side of 40 km providing robust communication in all directions of various water surfaces of seas and oceans it would be enough and to spare to have 200000 such masts.

EFFECT: obtaining information from remote regions, communication over marine space, placement of data transmission device directly on sea surface and providing robust communications within World ocean.

7 cl, 4 dwg

FIELD: power industry.

SUBSTANCE: hydraulic jet device includes water conduit made in the form of system of channels with inlet water intake holes, which is located symmetrically relative to its longitudinal axis, vertical side walls common for all channels and horizontal curved walls in cross section of the channels, which form nozzles converging in the flow direction, which are meant for conversion of mechanical energy of the ship's pitching to hydraulic jet energy. At that, on each side wall of channels on outer side of water conduit there is vertical chamber with inlet hole on the side of front side of water conduit; vertical side walls have front and rear edges which are chamfered in the flow direction, each of which forms an angle respectively on the inlet side, to water conduit and on outlet side from it with vertex of an angle, which is located on longitudinal axis of water conduit; water conduit has upper and lower external channels, at least two internal upper and two internal lower channels and one central channel; at that, inlet water intake hole of central channel is located vertically, perpendicular to water conduit longitudinal axes; external walls of upper and lower external channels are concave relative to water conduit longitudinal axes; upper and lower walls of upper and lower internal channels respectively, which are common with channels adjacent to them of upper and lower external and internal channels, as well as upper and lower walls of central channel consist of straight plates with concave inlet section relative to water conduit longitudinal axis; at inlet of central channel in the middle between its horizontal curved walls there installed with possibility of being bent relative to its inlet edge is horizontal flat plate the inlet edge of which protrudes forward and is located in front of inlet water intake hole of central channel; at the inlet of external and internal channels there installed are flow turbulators made in the form of the rods located in middle section between curved walls across the flow entering the channels, and vertical chambers are formed with concave plates located along rear edge of vertical side walls so that concave plates form together with side walls of water conduit the convergent-divergent nozzles.

EFFECT: increasing use efficiency of hydraulic jet device at conversion of pitching energy of ship to hydraulic jet energy.

3 dwg

FIELD: power industry.

SUBSTANCE: store of energy created with wind force includes sufficient amount of energy to meet the demands of the whole mankind. The invention represents effective device supplying this energy store for practical use. On rotating drive shaft 3 there installed is a pair of shaped parts 1, 2 of convex and concave profile, open V-shaped profile with rounded top, which reverses its orientation through 180 degrees, i.e. it is rotated from convex state to concave state. Drive shaft is rotated through 180 degrees. Circular movement of water, which takes place in the wave, effectively brings into operation such turbine, while the wave dies away. Pair of concave and convex shaped parts 1, 2 is spirally spread about drive shaft 3, by means of which the streams in all directions, which come into contact with pair of shaped parts, create the torque moment.

EFFECT: improving the use efficiency of streams and multidirectional oscillatory movements occurring in waves.

25 cl, 20 dwg

FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the shore facilities, ensuring the use of wave energy with its subsequent conversion, for example into electric energy. Ramp wave energy storage unit comprises a storage pool that has fences against the wave forming water area. Part of the fence from the wave forming water area is designed in the form of optimal height of water storage barrier, which has the upper edge integrated with ramp, bevelled to the pool. The ramp is submerged into the wave forming water area by the bottom part and has horizontally placed channels from the front side with respect to the water area, providing the opportunity to take water from waves in case of wave setup on the ramp. Horizontally disposed channels have tubular outlets, through which water flows into the storage pool. Ramp wave energy storage unit provides the water flow into the storage pool not only in stormy weather, but also at moderate wave setups and back drafts at coasts of seas, lakes and other wave forming water areas.

EFFECT: invention makes it possible to ensure protection of onshore facilities and at the same time to accumulate the wave energy.

2 cl, 1 dwg