Silencer and motor driven working machine

FIELD: engines.

SUBSTANCE: working machine with motor drive, including: two-stroke engine, including piston made for reciprocating inside cylinder, to which exhaust channel is bonded, and tool in front part, made so that to be driven by motor, wherein expansion chamber is connected with exhaust channel via connection channel, wherein connecting channel includes first and second ends, and connection channel extends from first end in exhaust channel axial direction, bent in direction from exhaust channel axis of the and connected to expansion chamber on second end, and wherein expansion chamber casing is located on connecting channel inner side, and engine unit comprises cylinder and crank case.

EFFECT: machine operation.

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FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: invention can be used in four-stroke engines used in portable motorised tools. Four-stroke engine (1) includes housing (3) of a cylinder, which has opening (5) of the cylinder, in which piston (6) is located with a possibility of back-and-forth movement. Case (4) in which crank shaft (10) is installed with a possibility of being rotated is attached to housing (3) of the cylinder. Partition wall (43), (44) divides the inner space of case (4) into crank case (41), in which crank shaft (10) is installed and oil chamber (42) containing the oil that serves for lubrication of crank shaft (10). There is connection passage (45) connecting crank case (41) to oil chamber (42) and guiding the oil contained in crank case (41) and dripping under action of gravity force into oil chamber (42) and a supply assembly of oil contained in the oil chamber, which provides oil pumping to crank case (41). If an upward direction is determined as a direction in which piston (6) moves from the lower dead point to the upper dead point, then a cross section of partition wall (43), (44) is actually V-shaped if to look in an axial direction of crank shaft (10) and faces with its apex downwards, and connection passage (45) is made at the apex of the V-shaped cross section. A bush cutter is developed, which contains a four-stroke engine and a motorised tool containing a four-stroke engine.

EFFECT: preservation of reliable oil supply irrespective of location of an engine in an inclined state.

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Carburettor unit // 2553481

FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to appliances for carburettors used for drives of hand-held tools. Proposed unit comprises carburettor (9) with inlet channel section (10). Said section accommodates throttle element and air choke element. First coupling element is fixed with throttle element while second coupling element is fixed with air choke element. In compliance with this invention, first and second coupling elements make a locking device which impedes closure of air choke element at idle throttle element.

EFFECT: simplified design, inhibited closure of air choke at idle throttle element.

19 cl, 22 dwg

FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: proposed engine comprises cylindrical housing with cover and bottom, percussion piston axially spring-loaded and fitted therein, combustion chamber arranged under housing cover, rod end composed of percussion piston second end and bottom, return spring fitted in said rod end and working tool stem extending through the hole on housing bottom outward, vent and bypass channels made in said housing, ignition unit electrically connected with spark plug fitted in housing cover. It differs from known devices in that said housing and piston are made of nonmagnetic material. Besides, this engine includes electronical unit, storage battery, generator, magnet fitted in nonmagnetic main piston, fuel pump, buffer fuel, electrically controlled atomiser and contactless ignition control system.

EFFECT: higher efficiency and reliability.

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FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to hand-held devices driven by ICE. Proposed device comprises housing of engine (200) and ICE (202) with cylinder (204) and crankshaft. It incorporates fan wheel (214) driven by crankshaft to run about axle A. Fan casing (216) surrounds fan wheel (214) to interact therewith. Inlet (224) for air to be combusted is arranged radially outside fan wheel (214) to direct air to ICE (202) and has inlet (226) and channel (228). Inlet (226) has first edge (230) radially abutting on has wheel (214) outer periphery (220). Angle X between first line L1 extending radially from axle A parallel with the main direction of cylinder (204) and radius L2 extending radially from axle A so that to cross said first edge (230), is smaller than 70 degrees, preferably, smaller than 66 degrees and, more preferably, than 62 degrees. Invention covers the versions of hand-held device.

EFFECT: decreased weight.

20 cl, 6 dwg

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to bearing unit of crankshaft of internal combustion engine. The bearing unit consists of bearing (10) mounted on crankshaft (16) of the internal combustion engine, of seat (11, 15) of the bearing designed for placement of bearing (10) and of system (20) of packing designed for sealing relative to crankshaft (16) and seat (11, 15) of the bearing. At least one part of seat (11) of the bearing has a reinforcing element (12) positioned in the seat of the bearing. Also, surface (13) of at least one part of seat (11) of the bearing adjoining bearing (10) is made out of plastic. There are also claimed the internal combustion engine comprising the said bearing unit and a hand tool with a mechanical drive containing the said internal combustion engine.

EFFECT: improved bearing unit of crankshaft due to bearing unit sealing and optimal installation of bearing and/or bushing of bearing in seat of bearing with decreased allowances, which prevents bearing and/or bushing of bearing rotation in bearing seat; minimised hazard of bearing distortion and bearing and/or bushing of bearing compression in bearing seat under force causing finite destruction of bearing and/or bushing of bearing.

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FIELD: mechanical engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to two stroke internal combustion crankcase compression engine designed for use in hand tools. According to invention, engine has at least one air channel between air intake and upper part, two scavenging channels with scavenging ports directed to side of discharge and located close to exhaust hole of cylinder. Engine has at least one scavenging port pointed to side of intake and located close of intake port of cylinder, delivery to said port being provided by at least one scavenging channel. Air channel and scavenging channels are of such design that such amount of air is fed and held in scavenging channels that nothing but air will get out during following scavenging process. Air intake from which air channel branches if provided with limiting valve controlled by at least one parameter of engine, for instance, under action of throttle valve of carburetor. Scavenging ports(s) pointed to side of intake is (are) arranged to provide beginning of delivering of air-fuel mixture later than scavenging with air through scavenging ports pointed to side of exhaust.

EFFECT: reduced consumption of fuel and discharge of noncombusted fuel with exhaust gases.

16 cl, 5 dwg

The invention relates to two-stroke crankcase of the internal combustion engine with scavenging, in which in the upper part of the transmission channels is added to fresh air for use as a buffer in relation to the mixture of the air/fuel below

FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: vortex ejector comprises exhaust gas ejection booster, adapter sleeve and jet sleeve. Vortex chamber is composed of thin-wall hollow cone at vertex angle not exceeding 15 degrees arranged behind the adapter sleeve facing the exhaust gas flow and hollow conical cylinder. N lengthwise direct-flow plates are arranged between cone and hollow conical cylinder surfaces. Cross-section of flow channels changes from triangular to trapezoidal cross-section from cone vertex to its end. Ejector is composed by the end of thin-wall hollow cone, N flow channels and direct-flow circular channel composed of outer surfaces of hollow conical cylinder and air intake directed along the car motion. Spring blades are arranged at 30-60 degrees to the flow to make the lengthwise plates extension at the vortex chamber inlet. Exhaust gas inlet flow cross-section area and cross-sections of other functional elements are in the ratio of ~ 1:1.38:1.626:1.38. Jet chamber length and vortex chamber length and outlet diffuser length are in the ratio of ~ 1:1,2:0,4 mm. Through circular channel inlet cross-section and inlet exhaust gas flow cross-section as well as outlet diffuser convergence diameter and vortex chamber inlet cross-section are in the ratio of ~ 0,65:1.

EFFECT: higher wear resistance and reliability of brush seal, higher ICE efficiency, lower toxicity, fuel consumption and exhaust noise.

4 dwg

FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: invention can be used in diesel engines. A four-stroke diesel engine includes cylinders (1), upper cylindrical cover plate (2) attached to cylinders (1), a crank-and-rod mechanism, a gas distributing mechanism, an actuating mechanism of auxiliary units, an engine control mechanism and lubrication, feed, cooling and start-up systems. Cylinder (1) contains partition wall (4) from inside, which has a central hole with sealing elements (5) and divides inner volume of cylinder (1) into two equal cavities and closed from below with lower cover plate (6) having a central hole with sealing elements (7). Inside both cavities of cylinder (1) there inserted are pistons (9) with sealing elements (10), one for each cavity, which are connected to each other with stock (11) passed into central holes of partition wall (4) and lower cover plate (6). Lower end of stock (11) is connected to piston-rod (12). Piton-rod (12) is connected to crank of crankshaft (13). Partition wall (4) and pistons (9) with lower cover plate (6) form four working chambers in cylinder (1), each of which has an inlet device and an outlet device. The gas distributing mechanism includes input and output horizontal shafts with gears, each of which is connected to gears of crank shaft (13) by means of chain transmissions. Input and output vertical shafts (42) and (44) have cams to bring inlet and outlet valves into action. The horizontal input shaft is connected to vertical input shafts (42) by means of gears. The horizontal output shaft is connected to vertical output shafts (44) by means of gears.

EFFECT: simpler design of a gas distributing mechanism.

13 dwg, 1 tbl

FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: device includes housing 1 having inner cavity equipped with inlet 2 and outlet for gas flow, and gas flow swirler 5 located in inner cavity of housing 1. Inner cavity of housing 1 is made in the form of conical part 3 and cylindrical part 4, which are adjacent to each other. Conical part 3 has the shape of flattened cone diverging in the direction of movement from inlet 2 to outlet. Cylindrical part 4 is located after conical part 3 and includes gas flow swirler 5. Swirler 5 is made in the form of cylindrical shell 6 the outer diameter of which is less than inner diameter of cylindrical part 4 of housing 1 cavity. At the bottom 7 of shell 6 there is central cylindrical hole 8, and in its wall 9 there are slots 10 located tangentially to the circle of the above central hole 8. Inside shell 6 and coaxially to it there located is conical nozzle 11 converging in the gas flow movement direction.

EFFECT: creating effective device for exhaust system of internal combustion engine, which is capable of optimising its operation, reducing the fuel consumption and improving operating flexibility.

6 cl, 2 dwg

FIELD: mechanical engineering; internal combustion engines.

SUBSTANCE: proposed method of exhaust noise silencing with division of cycle portion into flows with subsequent discharge into atmosphere and ejecting of remnants of products from cylinder comes to the following: prior to opening of exhaust port by piston. Pressure of combustion products on cylinder is reduced by bypassing part of products from cylinder into bypass space by two synchronous flows. For this purpose first, part of combustion products is let out through hole opposite to exhaust port arranged at beginning of pre-exhaust sector-sector of mainly cross displacement of crankshaft journal and slowing down of axial displacement of piston to BDC, said part is divided into two semiflows into which jets of combustion products from following holes of pre-exhaust are fed in pairs in succession, and these semiflows are connected after exhaust port in flange of exhaust pipeline, and combustion products remaining in cylinder are fed into common flow after opening of exhaust port by piston. Two-stroke internal combustion engine consists of at least one cylinder with liner and piston moving in liner, piston being mechanically coupled with crankshaft, means for preparing working mixture and delivering it into cylinder, ignition and discharge of combustion products with means of scavenging, for instance, loop scavenging. Bypass space connected with exhaust port and flange of exhaust port and flange of exhaust pipeline is made on outer surface of cylinder over level of exhaust port. Cylinder and linear are provided with system of pre-exhaust holes communicating with space with at least one means for dividing combustion products bypassed into bypass space. Area of exhaust port is reduced by summary area of pre-exhaust holes owing to reduction of height of exhaust port.

EFFECT: improved exhaust noise silencing.

The invention relates to engine, in particular to the improvement of the thermodynamic cycle as a method of internal combustion engine

The invention relates to the field of engineering, in particular to engine, namely the way the organization process exhaust and noise reduction of emissions of two-stroke internal combustion engine (ice) and device for its implementation

The invention relates to engine and can be used in the exhaust systems of internal combustion engines to provide a more thorough cleaning of the cylinder from combustion products

The invention relates to the automotive industry and can be used, in particular, in devices of the exhaust to increase the efficiency and power of the internal combustion engine, and reduce exhaust emissions

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: used gas exhaust system (10) for mechanical vehicle comprises proportioner (14) to feed reducing means to exhaust pipe (12) for additional treatment of used gas. At least one vent element (18, 26, 28, 34, 38, 40, 44, 46, 48, 50) feeds gas (24, 36) to exhaust pipe section (12) for feed of said reducing means. Note here that vent element (18, 26, 28, 34, 38, 40, 44, 46, 48, 50) at discharge pipe (12) nearby wall (22) can set higher content of gas (24, 36) than that in section of exhaust pipe (12) remote from wall (22). Besides, invention relates to operation of abode described system (10).

EFFECT: higher reliability.

18 cl, 8 dwg

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: device (2) for vehicle (4) exhaust gases (20) aftertreatment by means of liquid reducing agent (18) delivery to exhaust gases (20) in exhaust pipe (32). The device (2) can locally heat surface (31) inside exhaust pipe with the help of Peltier element (6) using heating energy of exhaust gases (20) to evaporate liquid reducing agent (18) which reaches surface (31) and thus to prevent formation of reducing agent deposits inside exhaust pipe (32). Proposed invention also relates to method of vehicle exhaust gas aftertreatment using device (2) containing Peltier element (6).

EFFECT: higher speed of injected reducer evaporation and providing device operation at low temperatures of exhaust gases.

12 cl, 6 dwg

FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: proposed device comprises mixing pipe (2), fluid injector (4) to force fluid in the latter and inlet channel (6) arranged upstream of mixing pipe. Inlet channel comprises first and second circular-section sections (14) and (15), second one being arranged downstream the first one to surround the mixing pipe. First section surrounds the second section. Mixing branch pipe comprises flow reversing section (18) to communicate first section circular outlet (16) with second section circular inlet (17). It can reverse exhaust gas flow in inlet channel to make it flow via second section in direction opposite that of exhaust gas flow in first section.

EFFECT: efficient distribution of urea solution in exhaust gases to decrease risks of urea solution attack the one and the same wall point at mixing pipe.

10 cl, 2 dwg

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to automotive industry. This system comprises first flange to be connected with engine exhaust pipe. Second flange is connected with exhaust gas removal pipeline. First and second flanges can have appropriate converging surfaces to level second flange relative to first flange. Second flange comprises, preferably, magnets for reliable joint between first and second flanges for quick-release joint.

EFFECT: simplified coupling and uncoupling.

14 cl, 4 dwg

Ice noise killer // 2517464

FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: noise killer comprises case with chambers composed by webs and intake branch pipe. Said case is composed by outer cylindrical shell, its solid bottom and spherical perforated cover. Inner cylindrical shell is arranged inside the case and parallel therewith that has solid web and solid spherical cover. Said inner and outer cylindrical shells are connected by circular perforated web. Vertical webs making the active chambers filled with loose material are arranged in inner chamber formed between circular perforated web and covers. Reactive chamber is arranged under active chambers and composed by the inner cylindrical shell solid web and the part of inner cylindrical shell, circular perforated web, the part of outer cylindrical shell from circular perforated web to case bottom and its solid bottom.

EFFECT: simplified design, higher efficiency of noise killing without pressure loss in noise killer.

2 dwg