Refrigerating device with refrigeration chamber

FIELD: household appliances.

SUBSTANCE: disclosed is refrigerating device with compressor and cooling chamber. Refrigerating device comprises temperature metering device for refrigerating chamber temperature recording. Refrigerating device is made with possibility of heater switching on at refrigeration chamber temperature drop below preset value.

EFFECT: use of invention enables prevention of undesired temperature drop in refrigeration chamber.

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FIELD: heating.

SUBSTANCE: refrigerator for automatic supply of the sport balls contains cooling system keeping temperature of the sport balls from +6C to +25C, gear for sport balls supply, and receiver of sport balls, pipe for tennis balls. Method of the sport balls storage and supply includes the refrigerator loading with the sport balls, balls storage at temperature from +6C to +25C, sport balls supply upon definite amount payment.

EFFECT: use of this group of inventions limits quality decreasing of the tennis balls until their use.

11 cl, 8 dwg, 1 tbl

Refrigerating unit // 2553251

FIELD: heating.

SUBSTANCE: refrigerating unit includes a heat-insulating housing that envelopes a cooling chamber, a refrigerant circuit that includes a compressor, a condenser, a throttle and an evaporator. A throttle for cooling of the refrigerant circulating through it is located at least partially on the side wall of the housing between the outside skin and the insulating layer of the side wall.

EFFECT: use of this invention allows improving efficiency of a refrigerating unit.

8 cl, 4 dwg

FIELD: personal use articles.

SUBSTANCE: facing package for a device used domestically or in catering or retail trade, in particular, a refrigerator device, has two lateral walls, a cover, a rear wall, two lateral facing element for covering the device lateral walls, a top facing element for covering the device cover and a rear facing element for covering the device rear wall. The lateral facing elements and the top facing element (each) have one curved front edge section for enclosing the front edge of the lateral wall or the front edge of the cover accordingly; on the side opposite to the curved front edge section, the lateral facing elements have a fixing profile wherein the rear facing element is retained.

EFFECT: using this group of inventions makes it possible to easily and simply withdraw and re-mount the facing package.

20 cl, 17 dwg

FIELD: heating.

SUBSTANCE: refrigeration device includes a case forming fresh product compartment and freezer compartment. Refrigeration compartment includes cooling system for cooling of space inside fresh product compartment and freezer compartment. Two rotating doors are connected to the case by joints. Each door includes side section between external surface and internal door section. Side sections of the doors are opposing each other when the doors are closed. User interface is also positioned at a side section of at least one door and includes input device for user control of temperature setting in at least one compartment out of fresh product and freezer compartments.

EFFECT: easy access to interface.

21 cl, 4 dwg

FIELD: heating.

SUBSTANCE: refrigerating device with the refrigerating section and the fan with impeller designed with a possibility of forming of air flow inside the refrigerating section. The refrigerating device contains the heating device, and the fan provides blowing of the heating device with air flow and comprises the housing with at least one plug for installation of a heating device.

EFFECT: invention allows to ensure functioning of the refrigerating device in conditions of low ambient temperature with minimum formation of condensate in the refrigerating section.

18 cl, 7 dwg

Cooling device // 2551532

FIELD: heating.

SUBSTANCE: cooling device comprises an internal casing, a cooling chamber for frozen products and at least one device intended for effecting by various temperatures the refrigeration chamber, vapour lines arranged vertically and adjoining a sidewall, a channel for catching of thawed snow, an electric heating device located in the channel. The lowermost vapour line is located, in essence, at the same height, as the channel.

EFFECT: invention provides improvement of efficiency of defrosting at low power consumption.

3 cl, 6 dwg

FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: method of unwinding of a bellows tube spiral of the temperature regulator is implemented using the device with a holder on one end of which on the axis the spring-loaded spinner is installed. On the other end of the holder at his end face and at the end face of the spinner the rollers are installed. The holder roller is protected from two sides by diametrical ledges. The holder ledge of the device is brought behind the first spiral turn of the bellows tube in the place of its exit from the temperature regulator housing - the tube is laid on the roller. Then to the tube by pressing on the spring-loaded spinner its roller is brought and by movement of the device the tube spiral is unwound before its calibration in a rectilinear state.

EFFECT: ensuring unwinding of spiral coiled bellows tube in a rectilinear view with the help of the simple and convenient in use device.

3 dwg

Cooling chamber // 2551024

FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: cooling chamber has a body comprised of vertical and horizontal rods, a heat-insulating enclosure, a door, an air cooler connected by a pipeline through a thermal expansion valve to a refrigerating unit, a metal rack, a control switchboard, an indicator board. The body is shaped as a cylinder and its vertical rods are fixed to a metal circle with wheels. The metal rack with a ledge is placed at the circle. The metal rack is connected to an electric motor. The electric motor is connected to the first source of direct voltage through normally closed contacts, rack and bar.

EFFECT: reduced energy consumption at the operation of the chamber.

3 dwg

FIELD: food industry.

SUBSTANCE: cooled showcase contains a body, a display chamber, a transparent facade glass, a perforated grid, a compressor-and-condenser unit, an air cooling system and two transparent butt-end glasses. The butt-end glasses and the facade glass are straight. Evaporators are installed in the upper part of the chamber and the body rear wall, separated from the latter by the perforated grid. One of the shelves is equipped with luminescent illumination. The body is made of moisture-resistant laminated chipboard; the cooling plant has two pressure relays (for the cooling plant protection against suction underpressure and injection overpressure) and a system for automatic defrosting of the evaporators with tubular electric heaters and for condensate evaporation from the tray.

EFFECT: invention allows to reduce specific metal consumption and energy expenditures, increase confectionary goods display area, enhance the quality of cooling equipment operation and client servicing.

4 dwg

FIELD: heating.

SUBSTANCE: refrigerating unit includes refrigeration chamber with wall and tubular evaporator positioned along that wall. Tubular evaporator is attached to the refrigeration chamber wall by fastening device. Fastening device includes at least on spring clamp mounted on, or connected to, the refrigeration chamber wall. Fastening device includes pad that maintains a gap between the tubular evaporator and wall, and spring clamp holds the pad by fixation joint.

EFFECT: simplified fastening of tubular evaporator.

12 cl, 10 dwg

FIELD: heat vacuum insulation, for example, in refrigerators or domestic ovens.

SUBSTANCE: the heat-insulating wall has two external vacuum-tight layers. They are positioned at a distance from each other and vacuum-tightly connected with the aid of a connecting profile passing along then. The space between the walls and the profile is filled with vacuumized heat-insulating material. The profile consists of several sections. In annular zones of the heat-insulating wall the sections of the connecting profile are made integral. The profile may have a U-shaped cross-section. The elements of the profile sections are interconnected by welding.

EFFECT: provided leak-proofness of vacuum insulation due to absence of a joint point and piling of welded joints in angular zones; provided required profile geometry determined by functional-technical considerations, since the angular sections are preliminary manufactured parts.

9 cl, 3 dwg

Cooling chamber // 2259520

FIELD: components of cooling equipment, particularly for charging, supporting or discharging the articles to be cooled.

SUBSTANCE: cooling chamber has isolating container with outer surface, isolating lid adapted to close opened upper container part, cooling means to cool inner container space without outer container surface cooling and supporting structure, which supports container, lid and cooling means. Container is installed on the supporting structure and may move relative the structure and relative the lid to open container for the purpose to provide access to container interior or to close container. Then container is closed with lid at least major part of outer container surface is exposed to ambient air.

EFFECT: increased shelf life of products stored inside the container.

78 cl, 20 dwg

FIELD: refrigeration or cooling.

SUBSTANCE: method comprises applying sizing agent between the outer side and evaporator. The applying of sizing agent comprises injecting semi-liquid sizing agent from the nozzle of the spraying head mounted opposite to the surface which is at a distance from it and converting the jet into sprayed aerosol before it impacts the surface so that the surface undergoes the jet and is covered with a homogeneous layer of sizing agent.

EFFECT: reduced cost.

9 cl, 12 dwg

FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: heat-insulating wall comprises two covering layers that are spaced and interconnected by means of a connecting member. The space between the wall and the member is filled with the evacuated heat-insulating material. The covering layers may be provided with through openings. The branch pipe mounted in the space interconnects the layers.. The branch pipe is flanged at the both ends. The outer wall of the flange is tightly secured to the inner side of the covering layers. The opening may be made in one of the covering layer. The outer wall of the flange is tightly secured to the outer wall of the covering layer.

EFFECT: enhanced reliability.

18 cl, 4 dwg

Refrigerating unit // 2289073

FIELD: refrigerating engineering.

SUBSTANCE: refrigerating unit can be used for quick frosting of food, including blood plasma. Refrigerating unit has compressor, which has output connected with input pf condenser and input connected with output of evaporator, main choke member mounted between output of condenser and input of evaporator. At least one electromagnet solenoid valve with coil, at least one commutation unit and capillary tubes cooling agent overheating temperature devices and set point device is introduced into refrigerating unit additionally. Outputs of valves ore connected in parallel with to output of condenser and with input of choke member. Outputs of valves are connected with inputs of capillary tubes. Outputs of capillary tubes and output of choke member are connected in parallel to input of evaporator. Ends of windings of any coil are connected with electric power circuit through commutation unit. First control input of the commutation unit is connected with outputs of cooling agent overheating temperature set point device. The second control input is connected with one temperature detector disposed onto pipeline, which connects output of evaporator and input of compressor. Capillary tubes are made to have hydraulic resistance that does not exceed hydraulic resistance of choke member. Different temperature modes can be provided at the same amount of cooling agent circulating in hydraulic line.

EFFECT: improved efficiency of operation.

2 cl, 1 dwg

Vacuum home freezer // 2296277

FIELD: manufacture of home freezers.

SUBSTANCE: proposed home freezer has hermetic shell with chambers with locking doors, replaceable shelves, electric motor with drive for vacuum pump for forming rarefaction of atmospheric air inside inner part of housing, vacuum pipe line, ozonator and microprocessor mounted in shell; connected to vacuum pipe line is branch pipe fitted with ozone supply valve; surface of inner part of shell is provided with copper coat applied by spraying.

EFFECT: complete decontamination of freezer interior; enhanced tightness of doors; automatic control and maintenance of electric motor temperature and operation.

2 dwg

FIELD: refrigeration engineering.

SUBSTANCE: device comprises compressor motor, condenser, evaporator of freezing compartment, evaporator of positive temperature compartment, and sucking pipeline. The main capillary tube operates at positive temperatures and additional capillary tube together with the main capillary tube operates at low temperatures. The outlets of the evaporators are connected with the compressor motor provided with the control system that has temperature control unit and switch connected with it. The main capillary tube is connected with the evaporator of the positive temperature compartment through a check valve that is mounted at the entrance to the evaporator of the freezing compartment. The outlet of the additional capillary tube is connected with the inlet of the evaporator of the freezing compartment.

EFFECT: expanded functional capabilities.

1 cl, 8 dwg

FIELD: wing hanging devices.

SUBSTANCE: support holder comprises load-bearing console and support pin extending from load-bearing console in the first direction. Household device leg is connected to load-bearing console and is oriented in the second direction opposite to the first one so that the leg is extension of the support pin. Support pin is made as a single whole with removable shoe to be put on load-bearing console end.

EFFECT: increased household device stability.

10 cl, 6 dwg

FIELD: refrigeration equipment.

SUBSTANCE: refrigerating plant has antimicrobial and/or antifungal surface layer and substrate substantially free of chemical substances included in said layer. Water supply built-in member is pipeline of potable water supply or ice generator supply system.

EFFECT: extended potable water holding in internal refrigeration plant compartments without water taste deterioration.

4 cl

Refrigerating unit // 2326298

FIELD: refrigeration industry.

SUBSTANCE: refrigerating unit with an inner space enveloped by a heat insulator housing and a door, incorporating an inner space air humidity sensor and an inner space heater to vary the temperature depending upon air humidity red by the sensor. Note here, that the inner space accommodates an appliance for hanging up clothes.

EFFECT: reduction in refrigerating unit power consumption in killing parasites in fabric products.

6 cl, 2 dwg