Positioning system and method for automated alignment and connection of components

FIELD: pipes.

SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to systems for alignment and connection of components for assembly of pipelines and pipe strings lowered into well. System for alignment and connection of components comprises: support structure; a measuring apparatus coupled to support structure and operatively arranged to spatially analyse a first tubular component with respect to a second tubular component for determining an adjustment vector therebetween; an alignment apparatus coupled to support structure and in data communication with measuring apparatus, and including a plurality of actuators operatively arranged in parallel for moving at least one of first or second tubular components relative to other for coaxially arranging first and second tubular components in accordance with adjustment vector; connection apparatus coupled to support structure and operatively arranged for connecting first and second tubular components together.

EFFECT: technical result is improvement of quality and reduction of time for assembly of tubular components.

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FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: device using the centraliser from drilling steel, which moves along run beam of drilling machine, and containing feed cylinder for movement of drilling machine in the drilling direction and backwards, at least one steering wheel rigidly installed relative to feed cylinder and elastic feed member moving around the wheel and connected to drilling machine and to run beam, centraliser from drilling steel installed with possibility of being moved on run beam and rigidly relative to feed cylinder in longitudinal direction of run beam and containing central hole for the drilling rod, feedthrough hole on the side of central hole for movement of drilling rod to central hole and from the latter, and device for closing the feedthrough hole during drilling process, and channels for fluid medium under pressure for supply of fluid medium under pressure to and from fluid medium chambers under pressure of feed cylinder. Centraliser contains actuator actuated with fluid medium under pressure for closing of feedthrough hole, channel for fluid medium under pressure is connected between feed cylinder chamber, to which fluid medium under pressure is supplied during drilling to move the drilling machine in the drilling direction, and actuator of centraliser so that pressure of fluid medium under pressure makes the actuator close the feedthrough hole.

EFFECT: automatic closing of centraliser hole.

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FIELD: mining, particularly to construct horizontal or inclined wells by rotary drilling in fissured rock with the use of rotary drilling rid and adapted to be used during exploration drilling in pits and mines for iron-ore mining.

SUBSTANCE: prior-art rig is provided with artificial head comprising a number of sections secured one to another and fastened to frame pivotally connected to support frame of drilling rig. The rig also has throttle located at drainage cavity of cylinder to provide drilling rig installation outside dangerous zone so that the drilling rig may be displaced in horizontal plane from drilling axis due to artificial head usage. The artificial head is installed on ledge extending from drilling rid to face along drilling axis and is assembled out of dangerous zone. The artificial head is provided with head string. Drilling assembly passes through the head string. Predrilling is performed in drilling regime at minimal advance speed. The advance speed is controlled by throttling of discharge cavity of advancing cylinder and at high rotational frequency for depth exceeding fissured rock zone thickness.

EFFECT: increased safety and productivity of horizontal or inclined well construction, reduced labor inputs for equipment movement and enhanced technological effectiveness of drilling operation, provision of drilling direction control and drilling rig arrangement at safe distance from slope, increased well construction capacity, extended functional capabilities.

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Drilling rig // 2259456

FIELD: well drilling equipment, particularly light or superlight drilling rigs.

SUBSTANCE: drilling rig includes frame and guiding means pivotally connected to frame, rotary supplying system arranged on guiding means and anchoring members. Drilling rig is provided with support member displaceable relative guiding means and anchoring members secured to the support member through clamps. Guiding means has clamps of anchor members. Secured to lower side of support member is grouser. In the case of inclined well boring drilling rig is provided with drill steel support. Drill steel support has pins, tension bars secured to pins by clamps so that tension bars may to perform adjusting longitudinal movement and adjusting rotation about the pins. Another tension bar ends are provided with clamps. During inclined well boring frame extensions secured to the frame are used if required. Guiding means and support member have means for alternate drill steel support fixation.

EFFECT: reduced dynamic loads applied to drilling tool, increased drilling rig stability and increased drilling rig weight utilization ratio.

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FIELD: mining industry.

SUBSTANCE: device has pressing blocks of saddle-like shape, each of which is spring-loaded relatively to rotation levers with axes via springs and is freely mounted at rotation levers with their possible rotation during wear of spiral of worm working tool along diameter, without displacement of the latter from drilling axis, for certain angle around fixing axes for pressing blocks, placed in parallel to longitudinal axis of drilling device, levers rotating drive, centering rollers, fixed at ends of pressing blocks by axes in parallel to longitudinal axis of drilling device. At ends of pressing blocks grooves are made, radially directed to longitudinal axis of drilling device, wherein resilient inserts are placed, pressing axes of centering rollers in direction of longitudinal axis of drilling device. Axes of centering rollers are made with possible displacement along grooves. Rigidity of springs of pressing blocks is not greater than rigidity of resilient inserts.

EFFECT: higher efficiency.

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The invention relates to mining, namely sabumnim devices for machines with a screw working body

The invention relates to installations for trenchless laying of pipes in the ground through artificial and natural obstacles with the use of the borehole expanders

FIELD: oil and gas industry.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to rotary drilling, namely to a pipe string suspension facility. The rotary table is fitted with the pipe string suspension facility and contains the rotary ring installed with a possibility of rotation around the central axis of the rotary table, meanwhile the rotary table is supported by the contact surface located perpendicular to the rotary table central axis. The rotary ring is formed by two or more sections of the ring, each of which is connected with the system containing the bearing housing section implemented with a possibility of rotation with reference to the base section. On the base contact surface of the bearing housing section the bearing housing groove is made. The corresponding base groove is made on the opposite surface of the bearing housing in the base section. The named grooves form curvilinear guide for a rolling body and have the centre of curvature coinciding with the central axis of the rotary table, the rolling diameter of the rolling body exceeds the total depth of the named grooves. In section of the bearing housing the channel is made which connects the ends of the groove of the bearing housing which contains transitional parts, each of which is fitted with a guiding part fitting into a base groove.

EFFECT: improvement of reliability of the device operation is provided.

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FIELD: oil and gas industry.

SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to the device and method of drilling with continuous bit rotation and continuous drill mud supply. The device for drilling rig that contains the first drilling machine with top drive, installed with possibility of vertical movement along guide, and second drilling machine installed between the first drilling machine and well with possibility of the vertical movement along the guide regardless of the first drilling machine with top drive and provided with rotary table, able to withstand weight of the drilling string, rotation drive ensuring continuous rotation of the drilling string, and mud chamber ensuring liquid connection between end of the drilling string and unit for mud supply, at that the mud chamber is equipped with holes for the drilling string containing devices that can close holes for the drilling string ensuring liquid tightness. The second drilling machine is also equipped with the driven casing tongs that ensure connection and disconnection of the element and drilling string, at that the specified driven casing tongs are installed in the mud chamber and are made with possibility of vertical movement to connect/disconnect element and drilling string.

EFFECT: connection/disconnection of pipe elements with drilling string is ensured with continuous bit rotation and with continuous mud supply.

10 cl, 7 dwg

FIELD: oil and gas industry.

SUBSTANCE: claimed group of inventions is related to method and device for round-trip well operations. The device for drill string running and pulling in a well comprises at least two pulling-and-running devices. Pulling-and-running devices are installed near opening at the drill site intended for string receipt. Notwithstanding one or several more pulling-and-running devices each pulling-and-running device is made to fix the string or the string section and to move the string or the string section in axial direction as well as to rotate the string section around its axis during axial movement. Each pulling-and-running device is equipped with pipe grab installed over opening at the drill site and made to move the string in axial direction. The pipe grab comprises a unit that ensures detachable connection with the string, prevents its rotation and a unit that is installed at or close to the string end and made to prevent rotation of the string section around its axis and to move the string section in axial direction. At that units of the pipe grab are made so that they may be removed from motion path of one or several running-and-pulling devices.

EFFECT: invention ensures reduction of round-trip time and improvement of automatic control over these operations.

5 cl, 2 dwg

FIELD: oil-and-gas industry.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to equipment used for servicing and repair of oil and gas wells, particularly, to mechanised pipe wrenches. Pipe wrench driven jaw comprises head designed to receive the hook with threaded end. Note here that said threaded end is secured to head end opposite the hook-like end with adjusting wrench equipped with hydraulic drive. Note here that adjusting wrench can be actuated by control unit for opening/closing the jaws or handling different-diameter pipes.

EFFECT: pipe wrench for fast handling of pipes.

20 cl, 16 dwg

FIELD: process engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to pipeline joints, for example, coupling and nipple joint. Machine comprises headstock (4), nipple clamp-and-revolve chick (5), rpm first transducer (6) of first element (1) arranged at headstock (4) and articulated with headstock (4) drive shaft, pipe (3) rpm transducer (7) to interact with pressure roller (8), clamp (9) arranged to slide along pipe (3) axis and force transducers (10) arranged at opposite sides of clamp (9). Said clamp (9) is equipped clamping chuck (11) rigidly jointed with rotary shaft (12) and two-arm lever (13) interacting with force transducers (10). Pipe (3) rests on supports (14) of frame (15). Machine control system (16) incorporates a display (17).

EFFECT: reliable tightening of the joint between two pipes.

2 dwg

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: combined grab retraction control mechanism includes a gripping tool with radial gripping elements and a grab retraction control mechanism containing an annular housing with a central inner channel and a peripheral outer surface, stiff spokes and guide spokes located on the annular housing so that they can radially move from retracted position to engaged position. According to the method of enlarging the grab working range, the gripping tool is provided with radial gripping elements; the above grab retraction control method is provided; the item or the cylindrical gripping tool is installed in a central inner channel of the annular housing and the other item or the cylindrical griping tool around peripheral outer surface of the annular housing with spikes located in annular space between gripping elements of the gripping tool and the item. One end of each spoke is engaged with gripping elements, and the other end of each spoke is directly or indirectly engaged with the item; gripping elements of the gripping tool are moved radially so that gripping elements can exert pressure on the first end of each spoke. Besides, spokes are radially moved from retracted position to extended position and act as radial extension pieces of gripping elements of the gripping tool.

EFFECT: providing transfer of axial and torsional loads on the gripped tube item or from it; enlarging the grab working range.

16 cl, 8 dwg

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: hydraulic clamping device comprises a clamp set on a support inside a frame to which a hydraulic cylinder casing is rigidly fixed, the hydraulic cylinder includes a piston and is capable of producing force directed along the longitudinal axis of the hydraulic cylinder and applied to the clamp. An intermediate component is adjacent to the hydraulic cylinder piston and the clamp, one of its ends is fitted by a spherical end section included in the spherical support set in the piston.

EFFECT: reducing forces applied to hydraulic cylinder piston and pushing the clamp in the directions different from the hydraulic cylinder longitudinal axis.

8 cl, 6 dwg

FIELD: oil and gas industry.

SUBSTANCE: method consists in movement of a housing of a continuous circulation tool to an adapter having a channel passing through it and intended for connection in a pipe string in the well and selective movement of drilling fluid between the housing and a side hole in the adapter; in addition, the continuous circulation tool includes a shutoff device, and actuation of a shutoff mechanism to introduce a shutoff element of the shutoff device through the side hole in the adapter for insulation of drilling fluid flow through at least one section of the channel. A system for carrying out well operations with continuous circulation of drilling fluid, which contains a continuous circulation tool interconnected with a tubular column of the well, which contains an adapter and is intended for selective shutoff of the drilling fluid flow to tubular column of the well, a pipe manipulating device near the adapter, which contains the following: a pipe wrench, pipe wrenches, a pipe wrench, a retaining wrench, a pipe wrench and a spinning wrench and a device for mechanised suspension and unscrewing of pipes.

EFFECT: maximum drilling speed.

34 cl, 27 dwg

FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: support unit of a hydraulic wrench rotor includes support elements arranged in the body and contacting with the end surface of the geared rim and the cylindrical external surface of a split gear of the rotor, besides, support elements are made of two cylindrical support plates installed in the body and joined together, having cavities along the inner diameter in the place of their connection, at the same time the end surface of the geared rim and the cylindrical outer surface of the split gear of the rotor contact with appropriate surfaces of the support plates cavity arranged from a composite material.

EFFECT: increased reliability of device operation with simultaneous simplification of design and cheapening of assembly and repair.

4 dwg

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: rotor assembly of hydraulic wrench includes a drive rotor located in the wrench housing and having a connector, rollers contacting the drive rotor and a split bushing with jaws with plates, which are installed in it. Assembly is provided with two moving jaws with plates, which are mirror-like located symmetrically relative to axis of split bushing with a fixed jaw; at that, moving jaws have shaped curved convex and concave surfaces contacting the rollers.

EFFECT: improving operating reliability of the device and improving the productivity owing to reducing the number of readjustments during operation with pipes with simultaneous simplification in operation.

1 dwg

FIELD: drilling oil and gas wells; devices for screwing and unscrewing casing pipes.

SUBSTANCE: proposed wrench includes power unit in form of electric motor, hydraulic pump with constant power regulator and tank filled with working medium. Actuating mechanism includes hydraulic motor, gearbox, rotor with pipe grip, movable doors with locks and hydraulic distributor. Constant power regulator is provided with delay unit in form of prestressed spring. Axial-flow piston-type pump is used as hydraulic pump; it is provided with movable unit with spring and its pistons are arranged in inclined position. Constant power regulator inlet is connected with main hydraulic line and its outlet is connected with cylindrical movable unit of hydraulic pump. Constant power regulator may be switched-off by delay unit. Regulator is switched on when output power of power unit and output of hydraulic pump reach the magnitudes preset by the following formulae: where N, are respectively output power and normal output power of power unit; Q are respectively output and nominal output of hydraulic pump; P are respectively pressure and nominal pressure of working medium in hydraulic line, k is proportionality factor equal to 1.

EFFECT: enhanced efficiency, reduced wear; increased universality factor.

4 dwg

FIELD: drilling equipment, particularly devices adapted to lower and lift drill string.

SUBSTANCE: device includes connection parts formed on drilling pipe sections, for instance as sleeve or male half of tool joint with tool-joint threads, rotary key for above members and supplementary means. Supplementary means have cavities with sensors and is built in drilling string. The means are also provided with detachable reinforcing clamp made as bails connected one to another. The bails are arch-shaped and plate-type and are pivotally connected one to another. Inner bail surfaces have extensions inserted in grooves formed in supplementary means so that groove dimensions correspond to that of bail extensions.

EFFECT: reduced size of lock connection and increased free space for measuring tools installation.

3 cl, 4 dwg

FIELD: mechanical engineering, particularly connecting or disconnecting drilling and casing pipe couplings or joints.

SUBSTANCE: key is divided into separate independent technological units and has upper and lower bodies with connectors in front parts thereof. Built in the front parts are toothed rotor wheels in which pipe clamping means are arranged. The key also has gear and intermediate gear assemblies, common drive to rotate and stop the pipes. The drive comprises differential and high-speed reduction gears with hydraulic motors. Upper body may be rotated about pipe clamping means axis to lift or lower thereof relative lower body. The body is provided with thread torqueing/loosening means, braking means and means to supply process lubricant to threaded nipple part of pipe to be screwed on. Lower body has thread torqueing/loosening means. The key also comprises positioner provided with horizontal and vertical key displacement mechanisms.

EFFECT: extended functional capabilities, reduced time to replace clamping members of upper and lower key executive tools and braking system members, increased reliability of device units, increased load-bearing capacity of pipe interlocks.

3 cl, 6 dwg

FIELD: mechanical engineering, particularly connecting or disconnecting pipe couplings or joints, spinning wrenches adapted to connect drilling and casing pipes.

SUBSTANCE: device comprises rotary gear with connector provided with pentahedral profile from inner side thereof and cartridge built in the pentahedral profile. The cartridge has upper and lower discs with four clamping means arranged between them in radial direction. The clamping means are made as shuttle mechanisms comprising bodies and jaws with hard-alloy dies. The bodies are built in guiding cartridges and may perform radial movement during rotary gear rotation. Movable pins are built in clamping device body. Projected pin ends mate projections made in cups. The cups are arranged between cartridge discs and provided with spring. Jaw with die is connected with the body by pin so that after pin disconnection the body may be removed from the guiding cartridge.

EFFECT: increased reliability along with increased load-bearing capacity.

2 cl, 3 dwg

FIELD: mechanical engineering, particularly drilling string and casing pipe connection equipment.

SUBSTANCE: method involves stopping one pipe and rotating another pipe for screwing and unscrewing of above pipes with the use of hydraulic drive and braking system to transmit differently directed torques with the same data along with reactive moment reduction by drive and braking system. Device comprises two coaxial power tongs. Each power tong includes body and pipe squeezing mechanism. The power tongs have common drive including high-speed reducer and differential block kinematically connected one to another. Differential block comprises body with outer and inner toothed crowns, planet carrier with three satellites installed on the carrier, the first tong arranged in body, driven gear kinematically connected to planet carrier and the second tong installed in the body and adapted to cooperate with corresponding gears of pipe squeezing mechanisms. Pipe squeezing mechanism of the first tong is fixedly secured to braking pulley of braking system installed on the first tong body. The braking system comprises four pressing shoes and cylindrical case with hydraulic cylinder for shoe pressing arranged so that cylindrical case may rotate with pulley and pipe squeezing mechanism of the first tong relative pipe squeezing mechanism axis. The cylindrical case is additionally provided with two rests. One rest is fixedly connected with cylindrical case and cooperates with two hydraulic cylinders, which are adapted for thread tightening/unfastening. Another rest is connected with cylindrical case by hinged axis and also cooperates with two other hydraulic cylinders, adapted for thread tightening/unfastening, which provides elimination of reverse reaction and increase of pipe squeezing mechanism torque and locking moment.

EFFECT: possibility to use one drive provided with differential gear to perform screwing/unscrewing operations.

2 cl, 2 dwg