System for collecting waste gas

FIELD: environmental protection.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to nature protection. System for collecting waste gas includes sea platform and underwater wells of oil and gas production, floating gas-holder in form of typical tank with strapping with flexible pipes to supply waste “raw” gas from platform and subsea wells for their fractional separation in gas-holder into “dry” gas, formation water and oil. Dry gas under its own pressure extends from gas-holder top via flame arrester, safety valves, partially through automatic controller at specified operating mode of operating plug, and main part of gas is supplied to platform with consequent fuel supply of heat generator. Formation water and oil, collected in gas-holder, are supplied to platform under own pressure for complete utilization.

EFFECT: technical result consists in reliability, safety and environmental friendliness of marine structures of gas production without using flames at complete utilization of waste gas.

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FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to mining and can be used for dredging soil. The system to extract submerged sediments (3) of the geological allotment and their allotment is considered. From the free floating mining ship (1) the mixture of water and sediment is sucked by the submerged pump assembly through the flexible hose (7) made with the ability of winding on a rotating spool (5) located on the said mining ship when the ship sails over the geological allotment. The sucked mixture is then immediately fed into one of the series of free-floating cargo and transporting assemblies (27), which float along the board side. The system is provided with the length regulators of the suction hose and the length of the hanging ropes.

EFFECT: improving the efficiency of dredging soil.

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FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: complex comprises a floating facility, the following components installed on it: a receiving accessory, a lifting single-drum and double-drum scraper hoists, diverting units, head and tail traction ropes, a perforated vessel of rectangular cross section with cutting edges, bottom anchors with buoys. At the same time the head rope is kinematically linked with a longitudinal traction rod and ropes hingedly joined with levers of cutting planes as capable of their rotation to close a vessel base in the form of a spatial frame of square cross section with their closure by side edges, forming faces of a rectangular pyramid aligned with the top outside along the longitudinal axis of the device, the cutting plane of which is arranged in the form of isosceless triangles adjoining hingedly with their bases to bases of the specified frame bases, inside of which there is a screening drum of cylindrical shape, which rests with its circular bands with flanges onto rollers fixed in the inner corners of the frame faces, the cylindrical surface of the screening drum screening is formed by longitudinal bars installed along the cylinder generatrix and fixed on circular bands to form longitudinal slots between them, the cylindrical surface of the screening drum is embraced with ropes fixed on the drum and wound along the helical line, at one side in the right direction, and at the other side - in the left direction, and coming off the drum along the tangent to the cylinder circumference, the device is equipped with a polyspast with a fixed shell of units fixed on the frame, and a movable shell capable of its displacement along the frame face, and the angle of rotation of the screening drum by 360 degrees is provided with the length of the rod travel with the traction rope.

EFFECT: higher efficiency and environmental capability of works in mining of solid minerals from a sea bottom.

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The invention relates to mining, to methods and devices for the production of nodules from the seabed

FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: this invention relates to protective device intended for prevention of fluid leaks into ambient water. Proposed device comprises dome-like fluid impermeable membrane. Besides, it incorporates individual-control floating devices attached to membrane for its positioning and stabilisation. To extract fluid, membrane is provide with discharge hose. The latter comprises also said individual-control floating means for positioning and stabilisation of discharge hose. Note here that said individual-control floating means are underwater apparatuses.

EFFECT: higher accuracy and ease of positioning.

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FIELD: oil and gas industry.

SUBSTANCE: invention is referred to facilities intended for production of natural gas freed at gas-evolving bottom areas and gas evolved in result of induced flowing of gas hydrates. Offshore gas and gas hydrate production plant consists of double-layer polymer film (reinforced and heat insulating), heat generators at the bottom, heat generators in-built to ceramic plates and heat generator run at the rope along vertical trajectory in gas discharge pipe and magnetohydrodynamic generator. At natural flowing dome of gas collector made of the above film is risen above the bottom at capronic ropes for the purpose of natural filtration from hydrogen sulphide. Otherwise the bottom is covered with the above film for netter heating of gas hydrate at its withdrawal at induced flowing.

EFFECT: invention ensures simplified design for the equipment.

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FIELD: oil and gas industry.

SUBSTANCE: according to the method upper layer of gas hydrate mass is melted gradually by heating gas hydrate mass in bottom sediments of a water body up to temperature of 50-60°C. Heating is made by a heating element made as blade edge located along diameter of a cargo container lowered from a flotation device. The flotation device is made as a mobile underwater vehicle with retractable tract in the form of a container equipped with blade edge in the bottom part connected to heating elements inside container. Stability of the mobile underwater vehicle is endured in regard to the bottom of the water body. Container is rotated and electric current is supplied to heating elements. Gas hydrate stratum is heated up to 50-60°C. The container is lowered with rotation to the gas hydrate stratum with provision of single-point recovery of hydrates from the above stratum in solid state.

EFFECT: reduced material and operational expenditures and ecological consequences at gas hydrate extraction territory.

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FIELD: oil and gas industry.

SUBSTANCE: method includes production of gas hydrates, their transportation to a consumer and decomposition of gas hydrates with gas recovery. Gas hydrate recovery process is implemented at thermodynamic parameters corresponding to formation of gas hydrates. Transportation of gas hydrates is performed in sealed and heat insulated cargo spaces of a vehicle at thermodynamic parameters excluding decomposition of gas hydrates. Decomposition of gas hydrates with gas recovery upon completed transportation is made by reduction of pressure in cargo space of a vehicle up to atmospheric pressure. Process of gas hydrate recovery and their storage during transportation is carried out at temperature of -0.2°C and pressure of 1 MPa. At that gas hydrates are withdrawn in hydrate state as briquettes by n-containers run down in sequence to submarine reservoir of gas hydrates from a submarine vehicle. The submarine reservoir of gas hydrates is heated up by heating elements located at edges of n-containers. Each n-container is buried in sequence to submarine reservoir of gas hydrates to the depth twice exceeding the container height. Upon loading of each n-container by free falling of gas hydrates they are loaded to cargo space of a vehicle. The vehicle is made as a submarine vessel. While heating submarine reservoir of gas hydrates only reservoir section under the container is heated. Containers are filled with gas hydrates represented by briquettes of natural metastable mineral in hydrate solid state.

EFFECT: improving efficiency in recovery and transportation of gas hydrates due to reduced consumption of energy and reduced capital and current costs.

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FIELD: oil and gas industry.

SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to HC underwater production, in particular to systems connecting the field facility and underwater wells. Oil and/or gas underwater production system contains central production facility, many underwater wells, fluid transportation network and separate power supply and data exchange network. The transportation network connects each well with the central production facility. The power supply and data exchange network is intended for DC and data supply, it is in-line connected with each underwater well.

EFFECT: invention ensures power supply to long distances, increases system flexibility.

16 cl, 5 dwg

FIELD: oil and gas industry.

SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to shelf drilling. A drilling ship includes the first drilling centre including a storage for the first marine risers, the second drilling centre for drilling of the second well from the same ship, which includes a storage for the second marine risers. The latter have a diameter that is smaller than that of the first marine risers. The ship includes two blowout preventers for the second drilling centre. A drilling method provides for creation of a drilling ship with two separating and different drilling centres, each of which is capable of well drilling; provision of marine risers for each drilling centre; diameter of marine risers for one of the drilling centres is smaller than that of marine risers for the second drilling centre; provision of two blowout preventers according to the smaller diameter of a marine riser of an auxiliary drilling centre.

EFFECT: providing drilling of a well from one ship from two different drilling centres, and namely under arctic conditions.

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FIELD: oil and gas industry.

SUBSTANCE: production platform (1) is suggested with potential connection of branch connection coupled to a production manifold (10) in order to ensure connectivity to the production manifold (10) of at least two production connection strips from the respective subsea wellhead equipment. The production platform is made as a retrofitted module capable to be connected to a single inner tube (11) placed in the production manifold (10). The production platform comprises a frame (2), a pipeline (3), at least one connector (4) and rails (9). The frame (2) is made so that it may be placed on a support device (12). The support device (12) passes from the production manifold (10). The pipeline (3) forms a branching ended by a connector (4) and by at least two external tubes (6).

EFFECT: connection of two production strips to the manifold and reduction of boring rig time in the well.

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FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the devices for joining and connecting the first and second pipelines, containing the ends (E1, E2) of the first and second pipes at the sea bottom in the place of connection. Connecting device (10) comprises the first connecting part (1), holding the end (E1) of the first pipeline; the second submersible connecting part (2), holding the end (E2) of the second pipeline and connector (3), disposed between the connecting parts (1, 2) for the final connection of ends (E1; E2) of pipes inter se. The guiding device (5) cooperates with the guiding structure (4) during lowering of the second connecting part (2) to the first connecting part (1) and rotates the second connecting part (2) for preliminary alignment of the end (E2) of the second pipeline towards the end (E1) of the first pipeline, so that the first and second pipelines are brought to the alignment with each other at the sea bottom. Auxiliary inclined structure (6) with stop surfaces and guide means cooperates with the second connecting part (2) and facilitates the precise alignment of the ends (E1, E2) of pipes.

EFFECT: improvement of joining and connection.

14 cl, 13 dwg

FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: system and method of activation of underwater power consuming devices supplied with alternating current. System contains surface ship, underwater inverter and surface components installed on the surface ship. The inventor is made with possibility of underwater location and reception of DC power supplied from the surface ship. The inventor is made with possibility of DC power conversion to AC power for supply of the underwater consumer. The inventor is connected with cathode. Surface components are connected with the anode made with possibility of installation under water. The anode and cathode create reverse current channel via the sea water. The inventor is made with possibility to ensure three phase AC power for the underwater consumer at controlled frequencies based on control actions of the underwater control module.

EFFECT: invention ensures efficiency increasing of the supply process and control of the underwater consumers.

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FIELD: oil and gas industry.

SUBSTANCE: system contains at least one modular shaft with the central unit placed under water and an uprise buried to the ocean bottom and at least one air-lock chamber to transport duty shifts of workers, materials and equipment. Besides the system comprises at least one drilling area with a horizontal tunnel branched from the uprise in the central unit, and an inclined area for delivery of drill pipes and a vertical area in which bottom part there is a wellhead of at least one well. A power cable and control systems as well as pipeline in the protective shell for oil and gas transportation are connected to the modular shaft.

EFFECT: increasing development efficiency of subsea oil and gas deposits.

9 cl, 56 dwg

FIELD: pipeline.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the flexible ascendant pipelines designed for working in waters encumbered with ice. The ascendant pipeline is equipped with the protection device against the shock caused by waves and drifting ice. The protection device covers at least the upper part of the pipeline and can be removed to the non-operation position at the sea bottom or on board. The protection device is formed by the multitude of separate hollow elements of the blunt-nosed cone shape, which are hanged to one another with chains or wire ropes. When the pipeline is in the removed position, the separate hollow elements can be laid one atop another. The protection device must protect at least the upper part of the ascendant pipeline going from the sea bottom to the floating vessel.

EFFECT: creating the protection device for flexible ascendant pipelines used in waters encumbered with ice.

16 cl, 6 dwg

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: flexible pipeline or hydrocarbons transportation system between the installation, located on the seabed and the vessel on the sea surface. Uprise pipeline is equipped with a device for its protection against impact which closes at least the top of the uprise pipeline. The device to protect the uprise pipeline is formed by flexible element and a multitude of individual hollow components, each of which is suspended on chains or ropes. This device is equipped with tensile or tightening devices, which is preferably attached to the lower end of the device to protect the uprise pipeline.

EFFECT: protection of upper part of uprise pipeline.

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FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to development of offshore deposits of hydrocarbons and is intended for technical servicing of deposits with many places of dislocation of subsea wells (SW), each of them having one or several SW. The system includes a floating vessel, which can be transferred from one place of dislocation of SW to another place of dislocation of SW and two separate systems: one system to perform operations in the place of dislocation of SW, such as power supply, data transmitting and a system of underground servicing intended for underground servicing of a certain SW, such as repair servicing and operational servicing. The operational system can provide control of SW and other subsea equipment either in the first or in the second place of dislocation of SW irrespective of the position of the vessel.

EFFECT: provision of repairs and servicing of subsea equipment or separate subsea wells.

28 cl, 5 dwg

FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to electric engineering and may be used for well operation with pumping units to supply power to remote electric arrangement. Power supply system includes AC-DC voltage transmitter connected with AC voltage supply to transmit AC voltage into high DC voltage in the first point. AC-DC voltage transmitter includes great number of AC-DC transmitter components which are parallel connected with AC voltage supply at their inputs, and serially connected with electrical conductor at their outputs. Electrical conductor is routed to a great number of voltage transmitters in remote point and their inputs are serially connected with electric conductor, while their outputs produce proper voltage for electric arrangement.

EFFECT: improvement of power supply system performance indicators.

53 cl, 38 dwg

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: when a vessel is moored to the submersible turret buoy, the vessel is brought above the submersible upward pipeline fitted with the turret buoy. The upward pipeline with the turret buoy is pulled upwards up to engagement with the appropriate on-board equipment. Then a protection device covering the upward pipeline and protecting at least its upper part is pulled out. The upward pipeline and its protection device can be completely retracted to the inoperative underwater position using the protective structure.

EFFECT: creation of the protection system for the upward pipeline laid between sea bottom and the vessel, of the method for vessel mooring to submersible turret buoy in waters tight with ice and of the system, in which loading system can be quickly retracted in a completely protected underwater position.

10 cl, 7 dwg

FIELD: oil and gas industry.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to engineering equipment for development from wells of such natural resources of World Ocean as oil and gas as well as other minerals form gravel sub-sea deposits. The complex for development of sub-sea deposits of minerals consists of an assembly frame either on a mother ship in the open sea, on an island or on shore; the frame is designed for fabrication, test and launching pressure tight chambers with equipment installed therein. Pressure tight casings with pipelines and casings with power and control cables are connected with chambers. Also the head part of the complex is transferred in submerged position from the site of assembly frame to the specified coordinates of the sea bottom by means of alternate switching on maneuvering devices of pontoon blocks; the length of transport system of the complex is being gradually increased by means of addition of the next sections inside the assembly frame. To maintain the course of complex traveling not less, than two submarines are used which are continuously coupled with the head part of the complex.

EFFECT: increased reliability of complex operation.

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FIELD: oil and gas industry.

SUBSTANCE: group of inventions refers to oil and gas industry, particularly to installation of technological assemblies on the sea bottom. The method consists in lowering the technological assembly, in introducing its first end into a receiving device, when a lower end is temporary formed out of the said first end, in maintaining the first end in the receiving device, and in lowering the second end of the technological assembly bringing the end into a horizontal position from a vertical on the sea bottom or on a module foundation. The first end of the assembly is left supported with the receiving device; a rotation axis is formed for the first end. The group of inventions also includes the method of retrieval of the assembly from the sea bottom and the receiving device for assembly handling and its implementation.

EFFECT: increased efficiency of installation-retrieval operation and of process of blow-out and cleaning of technological assembly.

26 cl, 22 dwg

FIELD: oil and gas production.

SUBSTANCE: sections of pipes (52, 54) are connected successively and are supported vertically relative to floating vessel (12) to assemble section of column (68B-68D); this section is immersed into sea so, that nearest end (56) of section rests on floating vessel. Towboat (30) stretches out the section of the column along a doubled chain line by means of hauling in towing cable (34) connected with further end (65) of the column. When further end of the column is situated near one of the borehole of underwater wells of the oil deposit, this end is transported for connecting it to the borehole using a transport vessel with remote control. During assembly tension in the pipe column is maintained at a required level by facilitating location of the section of the nearest end of the column, which is below floating vessel (12), so, that the column is stretched at angle (70) to vertical, which continuously stays within the preliminary set interval from 3° to 12°.

EFFECT: invention facilitates pipe-lay avoiding damage of pipe sections and simultaneously reduces operational costs.

8 cl, 5 dwg