Method for constructing energy-efficient structures and system for maintaining temperature in construction

FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to construction, particularly, to development of design solutions to create efficient, environmentally friendly buildings and structures, where the specified air temperature is maintained, and can be used in construction of facilities for heating and/or cooling rooms in residential and industrial buildings, warehouses and livestock farms, in greenhouses for heating the soil when growing early vegetables, by means of pipes with passing in them a heat carrier or a coolant. Assigned task is solved by that method of construction of energy-efficient structures, according to which a foundation is erected in a process sequence, on the foundation a base is installed, after that, wall are erected, then mounted are covering, elements of the roof and the roof, ventilation and heating system is mounted by means of which the specified temperature is maintained in premises, in the heating system to transfer the floor heat of the specified temperature heating mats are used, which are made modular in the form of multilayer panels, which are placed on a prepared base with a hydraulic insulating heat-reflecting layer and are connected to the power supply system of the structure. Herewith each heating mat is equipped with a thermal element and is made with a heat-insulating and a heat-accumulating layers, which are made from sieving into fractions of 3-16 mm of encapsulated porous aggregate, mainly, expanded clay, the porous aggregate is bound with a cement-glue composition only at contact points of capsules, herewith the aggregate layers are laid one by one and continuously by fractions, the heat-insulating layer is laid of the aggregate with fractions of 5-16 mm, the heat-retaining layer is laid of the aggregate with fractions of 3-10 mm, herewith the heat-insulating layer is laid with thickness of not less than 20 mm, and the heat-retaining layer - with thickness of not less than 30 mm and not less than 3.5 diameters of the thermal element. Besides, a system for maintaining temperature in the construction containing the heating device accommodating thermal elements for heating and heat transfer to the floor. Herewith the heating device is made in the form of a heating mat with a heat-insulation layer and a heat-retaining layer, and the thermal element is made in the form of a corrugated thin-wall pipe and is arranged in the heat-retaining layer between two metal grids mounted on distancers, inside the thermal element there is a heating element in the form of a wire or a spiral, which is made from a heat-resistant and chemical-resistant alloyed with rare-earth metals alloy, and the free thermal element inner space is filled with a mixture of non-conducting electricity-refractory, fire-refractory materials.

EFFECT: technical task of invention is to develop a project of a building and a structure, in which supported is a preset uniform temperature, for which a system for maintaining a preset temperature in a room shall be developed, including for this purpose a heating device shall be developed supporting the specified temperature.

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FIELD: heating.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to room floor heating and/or cooling systems and can be used for creation of optimum microclimate parameters in domestic and office buildings and structures. A floor heating (cooling) system containing a heat-insulating layer, a concrete layer with a low-inertia heat exchange coil arranged in it for circulation of a heat carrier or a cooling medium, which is located near the floor surface, a heat-conducting metallic material, additionally contains an accumulation heat exchange coil located deep in the concrete layer, with that, low-inertia and accumulation heat exchange coils are combined with bypass lines provided with gate valves and a circulating pump, and a metal mesh contacting the low-inertia heat exchange coil is used as a heat-conducting material.

EFFECT: invention allows increasing efficiency of use of cold (heat) accumulated in solid mass of the flooring and control of cold (heat) release to maintain the most optimum room microclimate parameters.

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FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: method to develop heating devices based on resistive film elements is carried out by cutting sections from a heat film roll, which are connected by current-conducting buses with a stapler with the help of brackets, areas of connection of current-conducting buses with heat film sections and with assembly wires are coated with an insulating tape. The current-conducting bus is a solid copper bus. Connection of the current-conducting bus and the wire is carried out by wire bending and fixation with brackets, areas of connection of current-conducting buses with heat film sections are glued with a heat-resistant insulating tape, which is applied at one side of the insulated heat film, and the second side is insulated, bending the insulating tape along the line of heat film cutting.

EFFECT: method makes it possible to accelerate process of assembly, to increase heat emission and to reduce its cost.

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FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: structure comprises bearing layer, in which at least one slot is provided, passing from layer surface deep down. Slot is intended to locate line to maintain even temperature. Slot has several sections, axes of which are displaced and/or arranged at the angle relative to each other. Sections follow each other directly or via transition parts. For fixation of line at least one lateral side of slot in specified areas in sections of slot and/or on transition sections is partially arranged with undercut. Slot continuously narrows to its mouth in one area between bottom and mouth of slot.

EFFECT: simple and reliable fixation of line for maintenance of even temperature.

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FIELD: heating systems.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to hydron or panel radiant heating or cooling systems used for heating living quarters and production facilities, and can be used in floor heating or cooling system both in independent systems wherein thermal conditions are provided by various heat sources, and in central heating system. Floor heating system of living quarters and production facilities consists of supply and return pipelines and heat energy transfer means, which are arranged in parallel grooves that are located at an equal distance from each other and routed in upper surface of heating panels above which there installed is heat-conducting surface. In the grooves of heating panels there arranged is a set of jet-type tubes serving as heat energy transfer means and made in the form of separate sealed metal housings with evaporation and condensation zones, into inner cavity of which there pumped in vacuum is liquid heat conductor, at that, each of those tubes is connected to supply pipeline at an angle of 2-3 relative to the base of heating panels.

EFFECT: reducing the volume of heat carrier and decreasing costs required for fuel and energy, reducing heating time and time of response to change of heating loads, and simplifying the system design and operation thereof.

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Plate heating panel // 2278332

FIELD: hot-water central heating systems.

SUBSTANCE: plate heating panel comprises top and bottom plates made in block one opposite to the other to define inner passage for hot water, a number of joining members each of which passes symmetrically from the top and bottom plates to the bottom and top plates and connects the top plate with the bottom plate, inner passage for hot water defined by a number of joining members, and two connecting members for supplying and discharging hot water.

EFFECT: enhanced reliability.

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FIELD: building, particularly floor members for underfloor heating/cooling systems.

SUBSTANCE: floor member comprises sheet with at least one groove, heat-conducting layer extending over one main sheet surface and along each groove side to form depression for heat-conducting wire receiving opened from top side thereof. Depression tightly encloses wire and passes over half of cross-sectional perimeter thereof. Upper wire side is flush with upper sheet surface or located below thereof. Sheet has thin foldable foil with thickness of less than 200 μm.

EFFECT: reduced floor member thickness, increased simplicity of floor member dimension selection by cutting foil inside the groove.

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The invention relates to a heating and/or cooling buildings, such as residential or office premises

Studded plate // 2220378
The invention relates to a studded plate for laying pipes embedded in the floor or wall heating or cooling devices

The invention relates to a heating

FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: suspended support guyed parking lot comprises two buildings with places for car parking lots suspended on guyed cables connected to a special pylon fixed on the roof of technical rooms.

EFFECT: increased strength and throughout capacity of a structure, minimum demand of a land plot.

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FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: automotive factory assembly shop includes the first assembly line and the second assembly line for the second automotive segment. The first assembly line contains site for body equipment installation and the second site. The second assembly line contains two sites of body equipment installation located along each other. One of the sites for body equipment installation of the second assembly line is located along the mentioned site for body equipment installation of the first assembly line. The second site for body equipment installation of the second assembly line is located along the second site of the first assembly line. Method for expansion of automotive factory assembly shop includes phase of accommodation of two sites of vehicle body equipment installation of the second assembly line of the second automotive segment in the mentioned space between sites of the first assembly line in such a way that the mentioned four sites are parallel to each other.

EFFECT: higher rate of vehicle production.

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FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the field of construction, in particular to building for location of chemical plants. Building includes foundations 4, which bear central and vertical functional units along outer contour of the building. Central block is arranged in the form of thick-walled reinforced concrete cylinder. Functional blocks are installed along the whole perimetre of cylinder coaxially to the latter. Side walls of functional blocks are arranged as radial to axes passing from centre of cylinder to outer planes of functional blocks. Dimensions of functional blocks with rising to another floor are reduced by shortening of established value of side walls lengths. Side walls of all functional blocks have inclined cuts, and inclined parts of side walls serve as support for part of each floor roof that transmits light. Building cap is arranged in the form of polyhedral truncated pyramid from light-transmitting material. In foundation 4 premises are provided, which are connected to each other by arc openings.

EFFECT: provision of safety and ecological safety.

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FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: building includes foundations 4, load-carrying central 2 and vertical functional units 3. Units form a polygonal prism along the external outline of the building. Central unit 2 is made in the form of thick-walled reinforced-concrete cylinder in the rooms of which there located is control equipment and instrumentation equipment. Vertical units 3 are installed along the perimeter of central unit 2 coaxially to it. Side walls of vertical units 3 are located radially from cylinder to edges of prism. In vertical units 3 there installed is process equipment. Foundation 4 and coverings 1 are common for all units and made in the form of a bowl for accumulation of spillages and wash-outs of chemicals and atmospheric fallouts. External planes of prism are formed with window crosses. In floorings and walls of functional units 3 there made are holes for passage of communications. Coatings of ceiling and floor of functional units 3 have slopes not more than 5 to floorings in directions of slope from external window to load-carrying cylinder and from load-carrying cylinder to external window.

EFFECT: providing safety and ecological cleanness.

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FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: making of panel walls, partitions, ceilings is carried out directly near places of house construction. Melting of rocks and product casting are combined and executed simultaneously in rock mass. Collection and displacement of melted liquid rock mass from bottom to casting dies are carried out with the help of tray, reservoir, foundry ladle pump, hoists of gantry crane telfer. Casting is carried out in casting containers on conveyor line, heat removal from casting dies is executed with the help of pump by means of cold water supply and steam generation at the outlet. Powder of mineral dyes and titanium or zirconium hydrides, etc, are added to melted rock mass. In open foundation pit walls are cast with the help of casting dies and wall shapers. Leveling and evening of pits, recesses of open foundation pit cavities are carried out by means of filling with liquid melted rock mass. Hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen are produced at the place of house construction. Hydrogen and oxygen are produced by means of electrolysis or decomposition of water into hydrogen, and nitrogen is produced by means of burning of air with oxygen and hydrogen.

EFFECT: increased efficiency, reduced labour intensity, energy saving, reduced transport costs, improved labour conditions, reduced contamination of environment.

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FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: invention pertains to construction of buildings for industrial purposes, in particular, to the building for location of chemical productions. Building for location of chemical productions includes footings and coated beam intermediate floors, walls, doorways, window crosses, production equipment, and controlling equipment, bearing central and vertical functional units forming polygonal prism along the outline of the building, central block made as a thick wall reinforced concrete cylinder, in the premises whereof controlling equipment and controlling-measuring equipment are set. Other blocks are set along the entire perimeter coaxially to the last one with their side walls placed radial to the exes stretching from the center of the cylinder to the edges of the prism with creation of raster form, and their premises wherein production equipment is installed are connected with the premises of the central block through doorways made in the walls of the latter. Whereat footing and coverings are made shared for all blocks in the form of a bowl for collection of spills and wash-outs of chemical products and atmospheric precipitation; external cavities of the prism are formed by window crosses embedded between the floorings and butt ends of side walls of functional blocks, whereat in the floorings and in the walls of functional blocks there are openings of various configurations for services passing through. Bowl of the footing part of the building is separated by vertical baffles into separate sections for independent collection of wash-outs and spills from different functional units.

EFFECT: ensuring safety and ecological purity in location of chemical productions.

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FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: invention pertains to aquariums and life ensuring systems of their inhabitants, namely to tanks-aquariums. Main tank of the oceanarium contains bottom, wall enclosures, at least, one whereof is made with a port equipped with sealed fenestration. Tank accommodates fixed in its volume full - passage observation device having an entrance and exit. Observation device consists of not less than one observation tunnel. Tunnel includes arched elements, preferably of single curvature and tapered in the plan, at least in the curve zone. Tank is equipped with environmental support system including devices and systems of preparation and/or making, supply, removal, clarification and recirculation of water including water distributing collector and introduced into the tank water distributing atomisers.

EFFECT: decreased material consumption and operational costs through combination of functions of enclosing and bearing structures of the tank and the building accommodating oceanarium.

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FIELD: construction, particularly buildings or groups of buildings for industrial or agricultural purposes.

SUBSTANCE: building comprises foundations and central load-bearing and vertical functional modules. The modules are covered with beam floor slabs and are provided with walls, door openings, window crosses, technological equipment and control equipment. Vertical functional modules are located at central module sides and create multihedral prism along outer building perimeter. Central module is made as thick-walled reinforced concrete cylinder including control equipment and test equipment installed in central module rooms. Other modules are installed along cylinder perimeter and are coaxial thereto so that side walls thereof are built along radii extending from axes aligned with center cylinders towards prism faces. The modules form predetermined pattern. Module rooms provided with technological equipment are communicated with central module rooms through door openings made in central module walls. Foundation and coverings are common for all modules and are shaped as bowl, which accumulates spills and washed-out chemical substances, as well as rain water. Outer prism planes are defined by window crosses mounted between floor slabs and functional module side wall ends. Orifices having different shapes are created in covering slabs and in functional module walls. Said orifices are adapted to lay service lines. Floor slabs are arranged along helical line defined by adjacent functional modules. Gutter used to remove atmospheric precipitations from building wall is mounted on outer building perimeter. The gutter is used for emergency people evacuation with the use of rescue evacuation module.

EFFECT: increased safety and ecological protection.

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FIELD: stores facilities.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to devices for loading bags in container and to keeping said containers. Bag container and container are furnished with cradles for one-by-one, layer-by-layer filling with cylindrical articles. Container can be furnished with means for loading bag containers with use of roller hoists and fire fighting system both for single container and great number of sealed containers forming product stores. Such store can be arranged in pit.

EFFECT: provision of safety of cylindrical articles at loading, shipment and storage.

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Building // 2085683

FIELD: stores facilities.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to devices for loading bags in container and to keeping said containers. Bag container and container are furnished with cradles for one-by-one, layer-by-layer filling with cylindrical articles. Container can be furnished with means for loading bag containers with use of roller hoists and fire fighting system both for single container and great number of sealed containers forming product stores. Such store can be arranged in pit.

EFFECT: provision of safety of cylindrical articles at loading, shipment and storage.

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