Crankshaft bearing cap with optimised supports

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to and crankshaft bearing caps, in particular, to attachment of these bearing caps. Cap (10) of crankshaft bearing of internal combustion engine has a shape of semicylinder (13) with its axis aligned with crankshaft axis and comprises diametrically opposite attachment supports (20). Each support (20) is made in the form of a post resting on the heel (26), and has essentially oval top surface (18), which includes a support surface (16), surrounding the hole (15) for passage of a fastening screw and bearing surface for screw head, the said surface surrounding passage opening (15). Attachment Support (20) comprises at least two vertical slot on its outer side surface extending from the base support on heel (26) and continued in the section support height. Slots are arranged outside of vertical support cylinder, its base equal to the support surface (16), and outside the volume confined by crosswise plane passing through the axis of the fastening holes and located symmetrically relative to direction along the length.

EFFECT: optimised shape of bearing cap supports.

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FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: metal cap (1) comprises an arched section (2) forming the bearing surface, left and right flange sections (3) which are placed and connected with the opposite ends of the arched section (2), bush sections (4) placed so that to rest on the back surfaces of the left and right flange sections (3) and through which assembling bolts are inserted, and a recess (12) formed between the two bushes (10). Each of the bush sections (4) is formed with a recess (12) and includes two holes (11) for a bolt passing through each of the flange sections (3), and two bushes (10) embracing the holes (11) for the bolt. The bushes (10) are interconnected by a rib (13) placed so that to be able of crossing the recess (12) between the bushes (10) on the front end face side.

EFFECT: provision of a cap that shall be cast inside a light-metal element as a frame and that provides for the reduction of bearing surface deformation and is suitable for improving the connection with the light-metal element.

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FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: method involves measurement of diameters of primary supports of case, main journals of crankshaft, their misalignment values, thickness of upper and lower inserts, sorting of parts as per dimensional groups, selection of sets of parts in a batch by simulating the assembly considering all the measurement parameters and calculation of total completing error. At that, inserts are chosen as to their thickness by calculating "working" gaps in the zone of their maximum approximation under load, considering the measurement parameters of each primary support and similar main journal. Parts are sorted, and at the same time, accuracy of radial gap is calculated by comparing it to allowable limit values of radial gaps and by choosing the measured dimensions of contact surface of completing parts, which are the closest as to the value. Simulation is performed by using geometrical plane model of mounting assembly and performing mathematical simulation and computer-aided selection of the required combination of sizes of thicknesses of upper and lower inserts of secondary journals. Then, the required thicknesses of inserts are chosen by deducting from "working gap" value the corresponding values of limit values of radial gaps in each similar pair of main bearing-main journal of crankshaft, by using the data of actual measured sizes of diameters of holes of primary support of diesel engine casing, main journals of crankshaft, thicknesses of upper and lower inserts of main sliding bearings using combinatory relationship of design radial gap.

EFFECT: improving the accuracy of radial gaps and efficiency of assembly process due to automation of completing process of multi-support bearing assembly.

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FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: unit of transmission mechanism, particularly, of internal combustion engine, consists of shaft (1) and of at least another one part (2, 3); also, shaft has bearing journals for installation in corresponding bearing orifices made in said part (2, 3). Surface of a bearing journal is equipped with antifriction coating; also, surface of a corresponding bearing orifice directly contacts this anti-friction coating. Anti-friction coating has a multi-layer structure. Here there is also claimed the shaft for the said unit of the transmission mechanism; the shaft can be a crank- or camshaft of the internal combustion engine.

EFFECT: simplified design of transmission mechanism unit; reduced weight and cost of units.

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FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to bearing unit of crankshaft of internal combustion engine. The bearing unit consists of bearing (10) mounted on crankshaft (16) of the internal combustion engine, of seat (11, 15) of the bearing designed for placement of bearing (10) and of system (20) of packing designed for sealing relative to crankshaft (16) and seat (11, 15) of the bearing. At least one part of seat (11) of the bearing has a reinforcing element (12) positioned in the seat of the bearing. Also, surface (13) of at least one part of seat (11) of the bearing adjoining bearing (10) is made out of plastic. There are also claimed the internal combustion engine comprising the said bearing unit and a hand tool with a mechanical drive containing the said internal combustion engine.

EFFECT: improved bearing unit of crankshaft due to bearing unit sealing and optimal installation of bearing and/or bushing of bearing in seat of bearing with decreased allowances, which prevents bearing and/or bushing of bearing rotation in bearing seat; minimised hazard of bearing distortion and bearing and/or bushing of bearing compression in bearing seat under force causing finite destruction of bearing and/or bushing of bearing.

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Sliding bearing // 2398141

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: sliding bearing consists of half-round upper insertion and half-round lower insertion separated one from another. The upper insertion consists of the first oil-conducting channel for supply of lubricating material (motor oil) from outside into a gap between the bearing and a shaft and the second oil-conducting channel facilitating flow of oil in a circular direction of the bearing. The first channel includes an opening in internal circumference opened into internal circumference of the upper insertion. The upper insertion includes a part without an internal recess without a channel on a back side relative to the opening in internal circumference in the direction of shaft rotation. An auxiliary oil-conducting channel for oil release from the second channel is made in at least one of lower insertions and in a zone on the next side of the opening in circumference in the direction of rotation. The second channel runs to a front side in the direction of shaft rotation from the opening in internal circumference to the auxiliary channel. In the second version the upper insertion of the bearing included a front end part on the front side relative to the opening, while the lower insertion includes the back end part corresponding to the front part. The auxiliary channel is formed with channels of an unloading recess and a face made on the internal circular side of at least one of the front parts of the upper insertions and the back part of the lower insertion. Oil consumption of the face channel is bigger, than oil consumption of material in the channel of the unloading recess. Also there is claimed the facility of torque transfer and the engine containing the sliding bearing.

EFFECT: sliding bearing with decreased amount of lubricating material coming out of oil gap preventing damages caused with foreign impurities.

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FIELD: mechanical engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to automobile engineering, to river craft and marine. The bearing for an internal combustion engine with reciprocal motion of a crank mechanism consists of a separator, rollers and of internal and external rings. Also the separator is connected to the housing of the engine by means of threaded connection wherein wear of the separator, rollers and internal and external rings can be regulated.

EFFECT: increased service life of engine.

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FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: invention is related to intermediate bearings of engines and more precisely to devices and methods for installation of intermediate bearing on crankshaft. Method consists in the fact that intermediate bearing (162) is placed on central hub (160), and further intermediate bearing (162) is pressed between central hub (160) of crankshaft and central partition (116, 118) of engine tray. To install intermediate bearing (162) in tray (110) of engine and to connect it to central partition (116, 118), device is used, which represents tool (200) comprising two halves (210, 230).

EFFECT: creation of simplified method for installation of intermediate bearing, in which: number of elements required for installation is reduced, installation flexibility and adaptability are provided.

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The invention relates to mechanical engineering, in particular for the bearing slides, and can be used in friction units operating in distortions

The invention relates to bearings

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the casing (1) of the roll bearing made with internal passage (7) with inlet hole (8) and outlet hole (10) for the cooling medium. The casing (1) is one-piece-cast element with passage (7) for the cooling medium, completely build in the product casing (1). Besides, rolling line for the continuous casting machine containing the said casing (1) is described.

EFFECT: increased service life of the bearing casing, and guarantee during manufacturing the absence of possible quality problems of the product, mainly cracks and corrosion due to welds.

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FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: main bearing journal of the bearing of gas-turbine engine inner shaft as well as assembly of the main bearing journal and a sealing bush. The main bearing journal comprises a device to hold the sealing bush (200) embracing the said shaft. The holding device includes a solid radial ring flange made on the inlet side on the axial cylindrical part of the main bearing journal and tangential blocking tools. The solid flange is designed for axial stop against the ring radial flange of the sealing bush. The tangential blocking tools are made on the outlet side of the axial cylindrical part of the main bearing journal and are designed for tangential blocking of the sealing bush in relation to the main bearing journal. The assembly comprises the ring radial flange including a lubrication ring, the lubrication ring is in surface contact with the inner side of the main bearing journal and its input end axially rests against the radial ring flange of the axial stop provided at the main bearing journal.

EFFECT: reducing wear due to the distribution of tangential and axial stresses in main bearing journal.

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FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: in compliance with this invention, bearing sleeve assy comprises inner sleeve. Outer case is secured to turn about inner sleeve. Bearing element arranged in outer case, nearby inner sleeve, facilitates the outer case turn relative to inner sleeve. Bearing element features axial size (for example, width) smaller than outer case inner axial size Said bearing element is arranged relative to inner sleeve and outer case to make first lubing chamber located between one of outer case sides and bearing element and second lubing chamber arranged between opposite side of outer case and bearing element. At least one through hole is made between said first and second lubing chambers to allow lubricant to displace there between. Lifting mechanism asst incorporates aforesaid sleeves spaced apart on fixed rod, outer cases and bearing elements arranged around sleeves in every outer case to make lubing chambers, end flanged elements and cable drive pulley.

EFFECT: longer life.

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FIELD: invention refers to field of machine building and may be used in highly loaded rotor machines.

SUBSTANCE: combining support has body and in-series located in it on shaft antifriction bearing and sliding bearing. External ring of antifriction bearing is installed in body with usage of elastic rings in such way that antifriction bearing may travel relatively to axis of shaft in radial direction under influence of external loadings. With increasing of frequency of rotating of shaft in channels of sliding bearing hydraulic static dynamic reaction appears reducing loading on antifriction bearing, as result redistribution of external loading takes place between antifriction bearing and sliding bearing.

EFFECT: increases resource and reliability of "rotor-support" system.

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FIELD: mechanical engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to manufacture of bearing units forming supports of rotating parts of machines. Proposed method includes assembling of antifriction bearing from outer and inner races, solids of revolution, cage, bearing shields, mounding of bearing race into plasticized material of part of mechanism and mounting part with bearing into housing of mechanism with forming of support unit and adjusting of clearances to preset fits. Race is molded into plasticized material of blank separately from bearing. Blank is located to free surface of race on machine tool and is machined to get size and shape of required accuracy and ready part with molded-in race is assembled into antifriction bearing as common assembly unit.

EFFECT: increased accuracy of manufacture, longevity and rigidly of parts of bearing unit.

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FIELD: building equipment, particularly to prepare building mixers used to produce wall units, floor panels and for cast-in-place building.

SUBSTANCE: mixer comprises body with flanged bottom and drive shaft installed in bearing support having packing glands and arranged in independent case. The case is secured to flanged bottom of the body. Mixer also has blades and compressed air supply system. Bearing support case is arranged inside the body and is provided with protective shell made as an inverted cup. The cup includes cylinder with bottom flange fixedly secured in upper part thereof and adapted to secure above shell to end part of drive shaft above said bearing support so that lower edge of the cylinder wall and flanged bottom of the body define a gap. Blades are connected to above cylinder. The mixer is provided with additional compressed air supply system to deliver compressed air to upper part of above shell cavity directly under bottom flange thereof. End part of drive shaft projecting out of the shell is covered with air-tight lid.

EFFECT: increased time of undisturbed mixer operation, improved reliability, extended range of capabilities due to prevention of contact between packing gland assembly and aggressive working mixture, extended range of compressed air influence on the mixture, reduced material consumption of the structure and enhanced operational conditions of the mixture as a whole and of separate components thereof.

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Bearing // 2193704
The invention relates to equipment used in the mill, providing a grinding materials natural shelf

The bearing housing // 2192570
The invention relates to equipment used in the mill, providing a grinding materials natural shelf

The invention relates to mechanical engineering and can be used in the construction of machines, mechanisms and, in particular, in bearing assemblies

FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: invention can be used in four-stroke engines used in portable motorised tools. Four-stroke engine (1) includes housing (3) of a cylinder, which has opening (5) of the cylinder, in which piston (6) is located with a possibility of back-and-forth movement. Case (4) in which crank shaft (10) is installed with a possibility of being rotated is attached to housing (3) of the cylinder. Partition wall (43), (44) divides the inner space of case (4) into crank case (41), in which crank shaft (10) is installed and oil chamber (42) containing the oil that serves for lubrication of crank shaft (10). There is connection passage (45) connecting crank case (41) to oil chamber (42) and guiding the oil contained in crank case (41) and dripping under action of gravity force into oil chamber (42) and a supply assembly of oil contained in the oil chamber, which provides oil pumping to crank case (41). If an upward direction is determined as a direction in which piston (6) moves from the lower dead point to the upper dead point, then a cross section of partition wall (43), (44) is actually V-shaped if to look in an axial direction of crank shaft (10) and faces with its apex downwards, and connection passage (45) is made at the apex of the V-shaped cross section. A bush cutter is developed, which contains a four-stroke engine and a motorised tool containing a four-stroke engine.

EFFECT: preservation of reliable oil supply irrespective of location of an engine in an inclined state.

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FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: crankcase (1) of an internal combustion engine with built-in oil cleaning elements includes tray (2), in which intake oil bath (3) is arranged, filter (5) separating intake oil bath (3) from cavity of crankcase (1). Oil pump (6) and oil intake (7) for oil pump (6) are arranged in intake oil bath (3). Intake oil bath (3) is made in the form of vertical shell (4) with an open upper end face located below oil level in tray (2). Shell (4) is installed with a gap relative to the bottom of tray (2). Filter (5) separating intake oil bath (3) from the cavity of crankcase (1) covers the lower end face of crankcase (1). Oil pump (6) and oil intake (7) are arranged inside shell (4) above filter (5) with a gap relative to the wall of shell (4).

EFFECT: improvement of oil cleaning in an engine crankcase.

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