Damless hps with forced stream acceleration (versions)

FIELD: energy.

SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to hydraulic power engineering and can be used for obtaining electric energy from hydraulic flows, including at low speed of water movement. In version of single unit device comprises storage water vessel filled with flow, accelerating device, turbine installed in vessel and connected via reduction gear with generator. Acceleration device is represented by rotary vane flow breaker connected by pull rod with float water level controller in vessel. When incoming water reaches specified level controller by means of pull rod connected with spring-loaded thrust, releases for movement switch blade and portion of water in the form of hydraulic pulse is transmitted on to turbine. Water level falls, controller releases thrust from tension which under spring action returns to initial position, stopping blade of turned flow switch for creating water reserve. In version of several modular devices installed in flow, their turbines are integrated with common shaft and connected via multiplexer to electric generator, and their float water level controllers in vessels are installed at different levels, which provides their series connection.

EFFECT: higher efficiency of damless HPS.

4 cl, 2 dwg



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FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to the impeller of Francis impeller for the hydraulic machine through which the forced water flow shall pass. The Francis impeller for the hydraulic machine contains rim (1) with symmetrical rotation around the rotation axis (Z) of the impeller, ceiling (12) and multiple bent blades (21) secured with rim (1) and ceiling (12), each of them has peripherical edge (212). Edge (212) of at least one of the blades (21) is bent and its concavity looks outside the impeller. Distance measured between any point of the edge (212) and straight line passing from one side through first point of interface between the edge (212) and rim (1), and from the other side through the second point of interface between the edge (212) and ceiling (12) is maximum at level of the intermediate point of the edge (212). Radius of the intermediate point is strictly lower the radius of first interface point and radius of second interface point.

EFFECT: invention designs the impeller which geometry ensure stabilisation of the impeller rotation speed during transient start-up phases at relatively low fall heights.

15 cl, 10 dwg

Inertial generator // 2553968

FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: device consists of interconnected vessels with the liquid 1, floats 2i, i = 1, …, 2, connectors 3i, i = 1, …, 2, converters of mechanical energy into electric one 4i, i = 1, …, 2.

EFFECT: solution of the problem of simplification and increase of production efficiency of electric energy for low-power self-contained units installed on moving objects.

1 dwg

FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the shore facilities, ensuring the use of wave energy with its subsequent conversion, for example into electric energy. Ramp wave energy storage unit comprises a storage pool that has fences against the wave forming water area. Part of the fence from the wave forming water area is designed in the form of optimal height of water storage barrier, which has the upper edge integrated with ramp, bevelled to the pool. The ramp is submerged into the wave forming water area by the bottom part and has horizontally placed channels from the front side with respect to the water area, providing the opportunity to take water from waves in case of wave setup on the ramp. Horizontally disposed channels have tubular outlets, through which water flows into the storage pool. Ramp wave energy storage unit provides the water flow into the storage pool not only in stormy weather, but also at moderate wave setups and back drafts at coasts of seas, lakes and other wave forming water areas.

EFFECT: invention makes it possible to ensure protection of onshore facilities and at the same time to accumulate the wave energy.

2 cl, 1 dwg

FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: device comprises a floating element 10, which is placed onto the sea surface and connected to a pump, rigidly fixed to the sea bottom or to massive floatage 8. The pump is made in the form of a cylindrical pipe-shaped vertically arranged chamber 1 semi-submerged into the sea, which in its upper and lower parts is equipped accordingly with lower 3 and upper 6 nozzles. At the lower nozzle 3 there is a hose 4 with certain length arranged in water depth. In the chamber there is a piston in the form of an inlet check valve placed on the stem 9, which is made as capable of passing water in the chamber only in direction from the lower nozzle to the upper one and is connected by means of the stem 9 with a floating element 10. The piston may be made within a membrane 12 adjacent to the plane of a disc 11 made with through holes, axes of which are parallel to the axis of the disc.

EFFECT: simplified design, expanded area of application of a device for water lifting.

2 cl, 1 dwg

FIELD: power industry.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to hydro power engineering. Device utilising tidal flow energy includes rotor 1 consisting of spiral vanes with segmented profile, attached by cross-beams to the shaft, and generator mounted on a platform and connected to the rotor. Lower end of rotor 1 shaft and generator connected to it are placed in a sealed capsule 2. Sealed capsule 2 rests on two bearing beams 4 with the help pf two pins 3 protruding from opposite sides of outer capsule surface and can rotate around horizontal axis perpendicular to the flow direction. Bearing beams 4 are attached to cylindrical cases 5, the ends of which are interconnected by braces 7 with segment-shaped cross-section turned with its convexity down and forming α angle to the horizon to produce lifting power directed towards the bottom.

EFFECT: simplified design, extended application range covering water areas of large-capacity navigation and ice cover.

4 dwg

FIELD: power industry.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to hydraulic power industry, particularly to wave and tidal power plants. Wave and tidal power plant includes buoyant tank 1 with at least one pulley 2 attached to it, at least one vertical underwater cylinder 3 connected by a flexible link 4 with anchor 5 set at the sea bottom, plunger 6 featuring at least one stem 8 and positioned inside the cylinder 3 with a possibility of reciprocal movement down under its own weight or spring or up along with buoyant tank 1 upheaval with a wave or tide, resulting in work medium suction and displacement from the cylinder 3 and transfer to an electric power generator or to the land. Cylinder 3 is buoyant and is located under water completely or partially, or is non-buoyant and is attached to levelled sea bottom. The cylinder 3 is connected to the plunger stem by flexible link 7 passing through the pulley 2 of buoyant tank 1, and thus the rising travel distance of the plunger 6 is approximately equal to two rising travel distances of the buoyant tank 1.

EFFECT: enhanced efficiency of the plant due to increased plunger travel amplitude.

8 cl, 3 dwg

FIELD: power industry.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the power industry, namely to sea wave energy removal devices in a near-shore area. A combined wave energy converter is made in the form of a hollow reinforced-concrete mass 1 forming a pool having the front (facing to the sea) wall 4 with inlet plate-like valves 8 in the underwater part and an inlet valve in the upper part and a rear wall 6 with an outlet water line and low-pressure hydraulic turbine 11 in the underwater part. The upper valve of the front wall 4 is made in the form of a floating pontoon 9 on a hinged connection, which is inclined inside the pool. On the upper edge of the rear wall there attached by means of a hinge is a flap 12 elevated above the water surface and retained in a vertical position with elastic couplings 13, which is capable of being swung by crests of big waves and has an additional line power takeoff device 14.

EFFECT: invention is aimed at the improvement of the wave energy takeoff efficiency, automatic control and coordination of operation of a combination of different working elements of the device.

1 dwg

Wave power station // 2536413

FIELD: power industry.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to hydropower industry and can be applied in wave and tide power plants, and as shore protection structure. Wave power station includes vertical guide racks, cross-beam between them, bearing two turbine plants separated by space. Cross-beam can move in vertical direction on the racks to the turbine plant submersion depth depending on wave height. Additionally the wave power plant includes two dams between which waves pass, reflecting screens directing water stream to turbine plants and mounted on the cross-beam made in the form of metal frame, and one-side gate valves mounted on the dam ends. One turbine plant can be operated by a wave approaching the shore while the other plant can use retreating wave.

EFFECT: simplified device, expanded application scope and area for conversion of wave and tide energy to electric power.

3 dwg

FIELD: power engineering.

SUBSTANCE: run-of-river micro station comprises hydraulic turbine with blades 1, generator 7 fitted at pontoon 8 with anchor pole 9. Diverging blades 1 are curved in conical screw line or in conical logarithmic spiral. Front ends 2 of blades 1 bent through 90 degrees are secured inside hear case 3 at shaped bush 4. Rear ends 5 of blades 1 are secured to spider 6.

EFFECT: fast-assemble-disassemble portable run-of-river plant.

3 cl, 4 dwg

FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: electrohydraulic system contains multi-step concrete pedestals placed in one or more rows where the pedestals in the second row and next rows are placed in gaps between the pedestals in the previous rows. On the steps of the pedestals there are installed wave electric power stations united in the common power generating system, and their floats are placed awash. The pedestals are made as multi-step polygonal prisms, e.g., hexagonal ones, installed around the wave generator. The wave generator is made as a motor 3 mounted on a polygonal, e.g., hexagonal, platform 2, the motor shaft is coupled to a cam gear 4, on which a rod 5 lies with a ball 6 fixed at its end. The second end of the rod is fixed to the platform. The wave electric power stations are installed around the wave generator on multilevel polygonal, e.g., hexagonal prisms with their floats floating awash. All wave electric power stations are coupled to the unit of electric energy accumulation and distribution and the latter is coupled to the motor. Neighbouring groups of polygonal prisms around the wave generator are placed in damped wave zones.

EFFECT: invention of additional electric energy generating sources due to wave properties use of different natural water bodies.

3 dwg

Downcomer // 2556452

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: downcomer contains input and main sections with walls limited by surfaces of rotation. Walls of input and main sections are provided with internal superhydrophobic film coating. Wall of the main section is made in form of connected power mesh and internal superhydrophobic film with system of microholes. Axes of the microholes make with the pipe axis directed from input section to output of the main section the angle from 90 to 160 degrees.

EFFECT: reduced lifting force.

2 cl, 3 dwg

FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: floating microhydrosolar power station relates to renewable power sources and is intended for supply with the low electric power of residential and non-residential premises, electric and electronic devices, street lighting devices, and also social and field-based facilities located near the flat current rivers, streams, channels, spillways. The power plant uses two renewable energy sources, in particular, water and solar energy simultaneously. The water energy is taken by means of Ugrinsky two-stage turbine with hydrodynamic profile blades. Blades of one stage are turned with reference to another stage by 90° that eliminates unevenness of speed of rotation of this turbine. The water energy conversion directly into electricity is performed by means of the magnetoelectric generator. The solar energy is taken by means of the solar photo-electric modules placed on an external surface of the hemispherical dome located on the hollow cylindrical housing over Ugrinsky armatures. Inside the hemispherical dome the generator is located the shaft of which is connected to an integrated shaft of Ugrinsky armatures.

EFFECT: obtaining an energy efficient integrated solution for power generation from renewable water and solar energy sources.

4 cl, 8 dwg

FIELD: power industry.

SUBSTANCE: unit contains the bladed wheel immersed into the water flow under the river ice cover. The wheel by means of the shaft installed in the cylindrical housing on bearings is kinematically connected with the generator. The housing is fixed in a vertical position in the ice cover in such a way that its top part together with the generator is located above the ice cover surface. The top part of the housing is designed with formation of adjusting disk to which the generator is attached. The unit also comprises a base board with longitudinal rectangular cut in the middle, and two supports. The base board length is greater than the ice-hole length along the direction of the water flow in the river. By means of two longitudinal and transversal surfaces of the cut the board is able to interact with the external surface of the housing. Supports are able to interact with the base board and the adjusting disk and are placed perpendicular to the axis of symmetry of the basic board.

EFFECT: creation of the simple hydro-electric power plant with a possibility of its use for power generation utilising the energy of hydraulic flow of the river covered with ice.

2 cl, 3 dwg

FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: power generation system of navigation lock contains the navigation lock chamber for connection of the first navigation reservoir with high water level and the second navigation reservoir with low water level, a flow-through passage with the turbine and holes, at least one hole for each reservoir respectively and two holes at the navigation camera of the lock, and also the lock control unit the first output of which is connected to the turbine. The navigation chamber of the lock has a pair of gates with the drives respectively for their opening and closing. The system is additionally fitted with reservoir water level sensors with high and low water level and the navigation chamber water level sensor of the lock the outputs of which are connected respectively to the inputs of the control unit of the lock. The holes are fitted with shutters with actuators. The control inputs of actuators of shutters and gates are connected to outputs of the control unit of the lock. The turbine is placed in the flow-through passage between the input and output holes of the navigation chamber of the lock.

EFFECT: simplification of power generation system of navigation lock.

1 dwg

FIELD: power industry.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to hydroelectric power industry, particularly to methods of small river and artificial flow utilisation for electric power generation. Method of midget hydroelectric power plant construction involves construction of hydroelectric aggregates in the form of converters of kinetic water flow energy to potential hydraulic shock energy, and rotating drive of electric power generators. Water ducts of hydroelectric aggregates feature walls moving in radial direction and injectors with actuators driven in reciprocal motion by water duct walls moving in radial direction. Electric power generator drive is made in the form of propellers rotated by energy transferred from injectors to propellers by intermediate energy carrier, a work medium other than water.

EFFECT: simple method of midget hydroelectric power plant construction in low-intensity water flows.

4 cl, 1 dwg

FIELD: power industry.

SUBSTANCE: at implementation of a construction method of OTPP combined with SP 1, all the component parts of the object being built in the form of ready-made reinforced concrete or metal blocks from the works to the assembly site are delivered by means of a float-on method. Sequence of construction work is started from an earlier installed supporting and restricting barrier consisting of a metal, reinforced concrete or wooden grooved pile projecting in an underwater position through the height sufficient for fixed retention of flooded threshold blocks with orthogonal turbines 4, including foundation of SP 1. First, assembly of the foundation is started by afloat attachment into a common structure of a rectangular shape, the margin of buoyancy of which is sufficient for retention of posts for laying of board panels. Assembly of SP 1 is completed by installation of double-leaf gate 7. Gate 7 is left open till completion of work on installation of threshold blocks with turbines 4 connected through shafting 5 to generators 6 installed on the shore.

EFFECT: construction of HPP on navigable rivers, where it is impossible to erect dams and flood gates as per local conditions.

3 cl, 2 dwg

FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: hydraulic pulse lift includes feed pipe 1, guide case 2 with vanes 3 forming centripetal drain channels 4, vanes 5 positioned under the channels 4 and forming centripetal pressure channels, and rotor wheel 8 mounted on shaft 22 and featuring main 10 and additional blades forming drain 11 and pressure-head centripetal channels of hydraulic turbine wheel stage, so that outlet of channels 11 enters diffuser of suction pipe 26, with radial blades of centrifugal pressure-head pump stage of wheel positioned above pressure channels. At the level of vanes 5 forming centripetal pressure channels, feed pipe 1 features systems 27 of insulated electrodes with positive intensity of electric hydraulic impulse discharge device, installed in spiral or circle and connected with rotating switch 32 with low-speed high-voltage generator 31. Both are mounted on the common shaft 22. Negative electrodes in the form of metal blade fins 15 are installed in centripetal pressure channels of wheel 8 and connected to the earth.

EFFECT: improved output parameters and possible fluid supply and pressure at hydraulic pulse lift output.

2 cl, 7 dwg

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: invention is related to hydraulic machine building in terms of renewable power sources. A hydraulic pulser comprises a feed line 1, a guide vane 2 with blades 3 forming centripetal drain channels, blades set above the said channels and forming centripetal pressure channels 6, and an impeller 8 with blades 10 forming drain and pressure centripetal channels 11 and 14 of a hydroturbine stage of the impeller, the channels 11 lead out to the draft tube 26 with the radial blades of centrifugal pressure pump impeller stage being set above the channels 14. The output diameters of the impeller blades in the centrifugal pump stage are less than the outer diameters of the impeller blades in centripetal hydroturbine stage.

EFFECT: invention is aimed at the provision of design output parameters and possibility to regulate the supply and head of fluid at the hydraulic pulser output.

4 cl, 6 dwg

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: invention is related to hydraulic machine building in terms of renewable power sources. A hydraulic pulser comprises a feed line 1, a guide vane 2 with blades 3 forming centripetal drain channels, blades set above the said channels and forming centripetal pressure channels 6, and an impeller 8 with blades 10 forming drain and pressure centripetal channels 11 and 14 of a hydroturbine stage of the impeller is mounted on a shaft 22, the channels 11 lead out to the diffuser of a draft tube 26 with the radial blades of centrifugal pressure pump impeller stage being set above the channels 14. Electromagnets are set in the blades of the guide vane 2. The electromagnet windings are connected to a current source via a current reverse switch 32, the current source is installed on a common shaft 22 with a low-speed generator 31. The generator 31 contains a rotor position sensor. Permanent magnets 16 are installed in the cavities forming channels 11 and 14 of the impeller 8.

EFFECT: invention is aimed at the provision of improved output parameters and possibility to change the supply and head of fluid at the hydraulic pulser output.

2 cl, 7 dwg

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: flying collector for atmospheric water includes main fabric canvas, boundary toroidal balloon attached to it, rope bracing of attachment to lifting aerostat and captive cable. Main fabric canvas of collector is made as surface of rotation with increasing generatrix inclination to plane perpendicular to axis of rotation when approaching to this axis. Interior of boundary toroidal balloon and lifting aerostat is connected by fabric tube with valve. stiffness of structure is provided by boundary toroidal balloon supercharged with gas from lifting aerostats.

EFFECT: portable and quick-deployable device can be used in liftable and high-mountain parts of renewable energy and fresh water sources.

2 dwg

FIELD: power industry.

SUBSTANCE: conveyor-type hydraulic power station contains guide channel, actuating device with flexible element in form of closed chain-drive comprising connected with each other links-carriages with blade units, each contains symmetrical blade pairs. The guide channel contains main and secondary channel, its output is equipped with shutter. Each channel is divided to the contraction, work and diffuser parts. Each blades pair includes vertically oriented small and large blades. Large blades are secured on axles provided with rollers, and small blades are connected with each other and with large blades by means of the horizontally oriented arc-like jumper-blade. At that if the guide channel contains one secondary channel, then the later is located above the actuating device, and if several secondary channels, then they are arranged along the main channel from both sides. The secondary channels are connected with each other and with main channel by means of the tapering branches and windows equipped with shutters and guide partitions that guide the flow to the main channel and installed before the windows inside the main channel at angle to the casing.

EFFECT: increased power of hydraulic power station.

3 cl, 9 dwg