Porous mould for cellulose produced by sintering and having flat lower surface, partially exposed to mechanical processing

FIELD: pulp and paper industry.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to tooling for moulding articles from cellulose. Device for moulding comprises a mould and a support plate with a cavity and flat support surfaces. Mould has porous body made by sintering and having outer moulding surface and inner surface. Mould inner surface is machined after sintering powder zone. Said mould surface zone is intended for connection with support surfaces of support plate to make vacuum chamber.

EFFECT: producing a high-quality mould, which does not require a large amount of energy for heating of shaping surface, a method which does not require high time expenses.

15 cl, 11 dwg



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FIELD: process engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to woodwork. Wood-fibre plate comprises wood fibres, polyacrylamide resin representing an amphoteric-ionic resin containing monomers with cation groups and monomers with anion groups related to 7:3 - 3:7 in molar ratio that features molecular weight of 800000 to 3000000, and cationic paraffin. Wood-fibre board production comprises application of suspension with concentration of solids of 2-3 wt % and pH 3-5 and addition of polyacrylamide resin and paraffin to said suspension.

EFFECT: higher strength of and water resistance.

3 ex, 1 tbl, 4 cl

FIELD: textile, paper.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to manufacture of products from fibrous material, namely egg cartons, glasses for drinks, food trays. There used is the first device which is permeable to air and water and the second device which is heated up to temperature at least 220°C. Raw material is supplied to a forming bath. The first device is submerged into it and the initial product is shaped on it by means of application of negative pressure through it. After the first device is taken from initial raw material, it is supplied to the second device. Formed product from fibrous material is placed between the first and the second device. It is heated with the second device with evaporation of at least some water contained in the shaped product from fibrous material. Water is removed until dry matter content in it is at least 70%; after that the product is subject to drying with superhigh frequency radiation.

EFFECT: providing uniformity of strength properties of the product, effective dehydration and preventing its surface being burnt through.

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The invention relates to fibrous cellulosic materials and can be used in the field of building materials in the form of sheets and plates intended for thermal insulation of buildings and structures, furniture industry and other sectors of the economy

The invention relates to woodworking, and more particularly to a technology for fibre materials, mainly used for the production of plates

The invention relates to woodworking, timber and pulp and paper industry and can be used in the production of environmentally friendly solid wood-fibre boards (MDF) wet

The invention relates to the production of fibrous material having good heat and sound insulation properties and is intended for use in construction, shipbuilding, aerospace, industrial and furniture industry and other sectors of the economy

The invention relates to the pulp and paper industry, and in particular to methods of obtaining pressed lignocellulosic materials, mainly wood chipboard, for construction and decoration purposes

The invention relates to woodworking industry and can be used in the manufacture of flooring, furniture parts, parts for decoration of halls and wall panels

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: device contains top and bottom dies-conductors and made out of current conducting material matrix with insulation bushing, top bushing-conductor and bottom bushing-conductor. The bottom die is installed inside the bottom bushing, and by its end is located in the insulation bushing, and top die is installed in the top bushing, and by its end is located in the insulation bushing. The top die is made consisting of top and bottom current conducting parts separated from each other by the electric insulating material. The top part of the top die is made with possibility of connection to the power supply with current flowing via the top bushing-conductor, matrix, bottom bushing-conductor, and bottom die, and bottom part of the top die is made with possibility of connection to the power supply with current flowing via the bottom die and composite powder.

EFFECT: increased quality of products.

1 dwg

FIELD: process engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to moulding hardware and can be used for detection of bolts used for fixation of top die at the mould. This system comprises detector of bolts fitted at top die and that for detection of bolts in store compartment. The former is arranged at the press moving crossbar. The latter is arranged inside or nearby bolts store compartment Every said device is provided with contactless pickup connected with the press.

EFFECT: ruled out press activation in case any bolt stays at the mould.

7 cl, 3 dwg

FIELD: metallurgy.

SUBSTANCE: powder is loaded in the die mould, levelled and pressed in vertical direction in parallel to the item sides. Powder is loaded in the die mould via the slotted funnel in vertical direction in parallel with pressing direction with simultaneous powder levelling in the die mould by bottom shaped edges of the funnel slot by means of the slotted funnel movement using the support elements over the surface corresponding to profile of the item surface. By the shaped surface of the bottom piercer the shape of the other side of the item surface is formed. Funnel is used with slot edges made corresponding to the longitudinal shape of the side of item surface formed by the top piercer, at that the funnel and bottom pircer are made with possibility of movement parallel to the pressing axis.

EFFECT: increased uniformity of powders distribution and density in the item.

4 cl, 4 dwg, 2 ex

FIELD: technological processes.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to powder metallurgy and may be used in production of stocks of gas turbine engine discs from granulated powders of heat resistant nickel alloys. A container for hot isostatic pressing of items of circular shape with the ratio of item diameter to its thickness of more than 10 comprises a body with height not exceeding 0.7 of its diameter, and embedded elements placed in the body without rigid fixation to its inner surface and with formation of shaping cavities perpendicular to the axis of the container, which are made with the outer diameter of 1.12-1.15 of the item diameter and have surface that complies with the item surface configuration.

EFFECT: invention provides for higher coefficient of metal use.

1 ex, 3 dwg

FIELD: metallurgy.

SUBSTANCE: press mould for pressing of powder material contains lower puncheon with holes, balls, major and minor disks from plastic material of the same composition, matrix, upper puncheon and additional lower puncheon pre-lubricated with grease lubricant. Major disk is placed on four balls, matrix is installed and minor disk is installed on three balls. On the surface of minor disk there installed is the additional lower puncheon, powder is put into matrix, upper puncheon is introduced into the matrix cavity and pressure is applied.

EFFECT: improving accuracy of measurement of pressure loss for external friction and providing possibility of nanosized powders pressing.

2 cl, 7 dwg, 3 tbl, 2 ex

FIELD: process engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to powder metallurgy, particularly, to production of circular oxide compacted article. It can be used for production of catalyst stationary bed used in shell-and-tube reactor pipes. Powder material containing at least one metal compound to be converted into metal oxide by heat treatment, or at least one metal oxide , or at least one metal oxide and at least one metal compound, are placed in loading chamber. Mechanical compaction is performed to preform ring-like article with side surface shaped to truncated cone expanding upward. Preformed article is heat treated at ≥100°C to destruct and/or chemically convert the article components with production of gas compound and final ring-like oxide article.

EFFECT: higher quality of finished articles.

50 cl, 10 dwg, 5 ex

FIELD: metallurgy.

SUBSTANCE: proposed tool comprises pot, female die and coupled dummy block and stem. Screw coupling is tightly secured in said stem by thread joint and key. Dummy block is jointed with screw coupling by bayonet joint composed of ledges on screw coupling and recesses in dummy block and locked by resilient split pin.

EFFECT: ruled out dummy block locking in the pot.

2 cl, 2 dwg

FIELD: process engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to powder metallurgy, particularly, to production of brushes from carbon-based powders. Brush workpiece is made in multicavity mould by vertical compaction. After vertical compaction, horizontal reduction force is applied from the side of the bush working end to make 10-15 % of vertical compaction at specific force of horizontal compaction 30-40% larger than specific vertical compaction force. Multicavity mould comprises female die 1, top vertical male die 2, chase 3, fixed male dies 4, set of cavity inserts to male cavities 6 to be filled with powder. Horizontal male die 8 and extra vertical male die 10 are conjugated in inclined surface 9 with inclination angle α=10…15 to the mould vertical axis. This mould incorporates the element designed to return horizontal male die to initial position and composed by resilient element.

EFFECT: higher density and strength, lower specific resistivity.

2 cl, 6 dwg

FIELD: process engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to powder metallurgy, particularly, to equipment for compaction of powders. It can be used for making the pellets from fine powders to be added to metal melts as allying additive. This mould comprises upper bed 2 with top male die 4, lower bed 1 with bottom male die 3. Lower bed accommodates opposed side male dies 5, 6 to displace towards each other. Note here that every pair displaces in its plane. Male die cavity is composed by top plate 10, bottom plate 9 and four side plates 12, 13, each stating in contact with working surface of one of male dies to reciprocate towards the center of male die coupled therewith and to displace in the plane perpendicular to male displacement owing to displacement of side plates adjacent therewith.

EFFECT: higher quality of pellets.

8 dwg, 2 tbl, 1 ex

Compacting press // 2501629

FIELD: process engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to powder metallurgy, particularly, to compacting presses. Press comprises column-type foundation with top and bottom booms, top and bottom male dies secured thereat, container with powder located in vacuum chamber and container drive. Vacuum chamber comprises cover with opening accommodating top male die and bottom sealed at press bottom boom. Cover and bottom are rigidly interconnected by four L-like posts. Side surface is composed by sections one of which being rigidly connected with cover, bottom and two posts and including pipe for connection for evacuation system. Other sections are mounted at said columns to turn thereabout. Container drive comprises hydraulic cylinder secured at bottom boom, bearing frame arranged to displace relative to bottom male die including top crossbar with four links rigidly secured thereat to support said container and bottom male die opening, and bottom crossbar rigidly connected with top crossbar by said columns. Columns can displace in openings of bottom boom. Top crossbar is arranged inside vacuum chamber while hydraulic cylinder is mounted between press bottom boom and bearing frame bottom crossbar.

EFFECT: higher quality of articles from powders.

2 cl, 3 dwg

FIELD: process engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to powder metallurgy and can be used for fabrication of hard alloy end tool, Tungsten carbide ultrafine powder with particle size of 50-100 nm is added in amount of 2-5% of the article weight to tungsten carbide-based alloy with particle size of 1-3 mcm. This powder is compacted and annealed.

EFFECT: microstructure grain homogenisation, higher surface finish, ruled out mechanical surface finishing.

3 dwg, 1 ex