Suspension device

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to device of vehicle suspension. Suspension comprises damper and working force adjustment mechanism intended for adjustment of inclination or vehicle in transverse direction, or vehicle inclination in lengthwise direction. Shock absorber includes cylinder with working fluid, piston divides cylinder inner chamber into two chambers, piston rod, channel connecting two chambers located in channel of mechanism creation of damping force braking fluid flow in piston displacement, and control mechanism of damping force depending on position of piston rod, damping force adjustment mechanism is configured to provide one of following characteristics in range when piston rod is protruded from cylinder beyond first preset position, damping force extension zone is located in soft mode, and damping force compression zone is in hard mode, in range, when piston rod is pulled in cylinder beyond second preset position, damping force zone extension is in hard mode, and damping force compression zone is located in soft mode.

EFFECT: improved comfort during movement and improved stability of controllability.

7 cl, 18 dwg



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FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to machine building. A shock absorber comprises a cylinder, a piston casing with compression and return channels, a piston rod. The first valve unit including the first valve disk and the second valve unit are engaged with the piston casing. A normally open valve receiving the piston travelling is connected to the piston rod and comprises the second valve disk. A shock absorber as per the second version additionally comprises a tube embracing the cylinder and forming a container chamber, and a base valve unit set between the working chamber and the container chamber. A shock absorber as per the seventh version additionally comprises the second piston with a channel engaged with the cylinder and set inside one of the working chambers. Other versions of a shock absorber are characterised by the location of the second valve disk.

EFFECT: faster action of valve units in a shock absorber.

66 cl, 14 dwg

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: shock absorber includes an external tube-reservoir and a working cylinder, which form an annular cavity. A solid piston with a stock is arranged inside the working cylinder in a movable manner. There are through working openings in upper and lower parts of shock absorber walls. Bypass valves are installed at the bottom and the stock guide. There is a restricted closed cavity in the annular cavity, which attaches upper and lower working openings to the inlet cavity of the adjustable electromagnetic valve. A bypass valve is installed on the lower working opening. The valve gate is movably located on outer surface of the guide sleeve by means of a spring. A control gate pressed to the pusher with the spring is movably fixed on the inner surface of the guide sleeve. There are through segmented tangential slots made on side cylindrical surfaces of the guide sleeve, valve and control gates.

EFFECT: improving reliability and simplifying the design of shock absorber.

2 cl, 13 dwg

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: inclination angle of relationship between resistance force modulus and deflection speed modulus of an elastic member is changed if current resistance force modulus differs from the specified value. The specified value of resistance force is changed depending on current deflection of the elastic member. The specified current value of resistance force is set so that it is directly proportional to modulus of current deflection of elasticity force, which is corrected to resistance force vector, of the elastic member of its static value. The device for implementing the method represents a hydraulic telescopic damper, in which the resistance force, the modulus of which depends on the modulus of deflection variation speed, is created during the suspension deflection variation. As per the first version, the damper includes a bar fixed at the compression chamber bottom. The bar has a four-sided variable cross-section in the working section of its length. At the damper compression, the bar is retracted into inner cavity of the stock. As per the second version, the damper includes two bars, as well as a compensating chamber that is separated from the compression chamber with a partition wall and partially filled with liquid. The bars are made in the form of a rotation body and installed inside the first and the second guide elements respectively with possibility of longitudinal movement.

EFFECT: preventing resonance, and minimising the resultant force acting on the under-spring mass of the transport vehicle.

17 cl, 10 dwg

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: shock absorber includes an operating cylinder, inside which a piston with a hollow stock moved in the guide and covered with a cover plate from above is arranged in a movable manner. A limiting sleeve enclosing a stock is installed in the operating cylinder. Upper working through openings are made in lower part of the stock. A tube is rigidly and concentrically fixed inside the stock on the piston. A spring-loaded valve with through lower working openings is installed on lower tube end in a movable manner in axial direction. A closed cavity between a stock and the tube is connected via a pipeline to an inlet cavity of the controlled electromagnetic valve. Shock absorber includes a control unit, an accumulating tank and a controlled hydraulic differential valve with electromagnetic control. The inner tube cavity is connected to the outlet cavity of the electromagnetic valve. Through tangential openings (throttle and valve one) are made on the plunger and the sleeve. A bypass valve is arranged on side cylindrical surface of the tube.

EFFECT: improving reliability and simplifying the design of shock absorber.

11 dwg

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: shock absorber includes an external tube-reservoir fixed in the stock guide and forming an annular cavity with a working cylinder. A piston with a stock is arranged inside the cylinder in movable manner. Upper and lower through working openings are made in the cylinder walls. Bypass valves are installed at the bottom of the cylinder and in the guide. Shock absorber includes a control unit and an adjustable electromagnetic valve of indirect action, which is installed in the tube-reservoir. Main valve pressed with a spring to the housing is arranged in the cavity of the main valve. Spring-loaded valve of direct action, which is rigidly connected to the electromagnet armature connected to the control unit, is arranged in the cavity of the control valve. A restricted closed cavity connecting an above-piston cavity through upper working opening to inlet cavity of electromagnetic valve is formed in annular cavity by means of a closed element. Below-piston cavity is connected via lower working opening through bypass valve to inlet cavity of electromagnetic valves, and annular cavity is connected to its outlet cavity.

EFFECT: improving reliability and simplifying the design of shock absorber.

10 dwg

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to railway transport. The system contains vertical hydraulic dampers installed under body. Each damper is made as piston pump with discharge and free-flow intercommunicating via throttle chambers for working fluid. The throttle is equipped with rod of variable cross-section with thrusts for end positions. Throttle rod movement drive is made as return spring and solenoid. Solenoid core is connected with throttle rod. Solenoid coils are attached to output terminals of control unit. Input terminals of control unit are connected with electric power source and oscillation frequency sensors installed on body in the area of each damper location. Control unit provides automatic change of end positions of throttle rod by solenoid electric power switching on or off according to indications of corresponding sensors of body vibration frequency.

EFFECT: design simplification and improvement of car movement smoothness.

3 cl, 1 dwg

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: damper comprises working cylinder, control unit and accumulation tank. Piston with hollow rod is arranged inside working cylinder to displace therein. Said rod is closed by cover with elements for attachment to vehicle. Indirect-action controlled solenoid valve comprises distribution chamber and serial inlet chamber, outlet annular chamber, gate chamber and that of control valve. Working cylinder top cylindrical part accommodates limiting bush surrounding said rod. Rod bottom section has through upper working openings. Tube with spring-loaded valve with through lower working openings arranged at its lower end, inside said rod in piston, and rigidly secured therein. Closed cavity between rod and tube at rod top is communicated with inlet chamber of said controlled solenoid valve while tube top is communicated with distribution chamber of said solenoid valve.

EFFECT: higher reliability, simplified design.

8 dwg

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: damper comprises external tube secured on rod guide, idle cylinder and working cylinder with piston secured on rod. Indirect-action controlled solenoid valve is arranged inside said tube. Valve inlet communicates with chamber composed by said working and idle cylinders. Valve outlet communicates with chamber made by idle cylinder and tube. Working cylinder piston and rod end chambers are communicated with chamber made by external tube and idle cylinder by means of bypass valves arranged in rod guide and base. Working cylinder walls have through working walls to communicate piston and rod end chambers with chamber made by working and idle cylinder. Bypass valve is arranged at lower working opening.

EFFECT: higher reliability, simplified design.

9 dwg

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: damper comprises reservoir to accommodate viscous fluid. Web divides reservoir inner into two chambers. Opening made in web allows communication between said chambers via variable-cross-section adjustable duct. Said opening is provided with viscous fluid restrictor. The latter comprises adjustable duct shaping element with through hole arranged to displace linearly. Annular elastic element is arranged between shaping element face and web side surface. Seat comprises backrest, headrest, actuator and retainer. Unlocking appliance incorporates mechanism for converting load in rotation and mechanism incorporating said damper.

EFFECT: damper stiffness adjusted in response to impact force, adjustable headrest.

25 cl, 23 dwg

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: pneumatic damper consists of case and hollow piston forming closed working volume for working medium and of fasteners of device or system. A free of fastening edge of the case is equipped with a device consisting of brake shoes and a drive pressing them at a proper moment to external surface of the hollow rod with required force. The first and the second additional closed volumes are communicated with working volume by means of valve units and are made as separate tanks of high and low pressure with devices of automatic inlet and outlet of working medium from closed working volume. A processor controls operation of devices for inlet and outlet and also operation of a drive of the brake shoes. By means of sensors the processor continuously tracks specified working parametres of the damper according to one or a rank of programmed damping characteristics. The tanks can be replaceable, while the processor is common for several dampers.

EFFECT: simplified design, upgraded quality of damping and reliable contact of vehicle wheel with road bed.

4 cl, 1 dwg

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: shock absorber comprises a jacket of a cylinder, a piston chamber filled with oil, a piston with a stem. The shock absorber includes within the length of piston travel an initial part, in which the piston starts moving, the main moderating part and the final part, in which the piston stops. In the initial part a bend forms a diameter, which is larger than the diameter of the imaginary narrowing surface. In the main moderating part the deviation of diameter reduction gradually increases, as a result of which the diameter becomes less than the diameter of the narrowing surface. At the same time the bend is formed so that a change in the deviation of diameter reduction reaches highest point of the deviation and changes from the positive to the negative one. In the final part the deviation of diameter reduction gradually reduces, as a result of which the bend is formed to stop the piston by damping.

EFFECT: stable stop in the end of damping travel in a wide range of an impact load.

8 cl, 3 dwg

Vibration isolator // 2480643

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: vibration isolator contains the first and the second base, bearing flexible element and hydraulic damper attached between bases and two retainers. Hydraulic damper is made in a form of cylinder with piston and rod. At the bottom front part of the cylinder there is a subsidiary cavity and installed valve and throttling element. The valve is designed for fluid passing from subsidiary cavity to under-piston cavity of the cylinder. Subsidiary cavity is connected to above-piston cavity of the cylinder by hydraulic channel. Throttling element is designed for fluid passing from under-piston cavity into subsidiary cavity with obtaining stepped characteristic of dissipative force. The first retainer is attached to the first base and pin-connected to the rod. The second retainer is fixed on the second base and pin-connected to the cylinder. These two connections provide horizontal location of hydraulic damper.

EFFECT: increase of vibration isolation efficiency of objects via obtaining optimal stepped-falling characteristic of compensating influence.

5 dwg

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: device 100 comprises damping system 10 retained in case 11 and provided with flexible element 12, and hydraulic damping device. Device 100 has also piston con rod 2 to displace in lengthwise direction L relative to case 11 and piston head 3 formed in con rod face section. Piston head 3 is retained in hydraulic chamber 7 to displace relative to first hydraulic chamber 17. Piston head divides first hydraulic chamber 17 into front part 17a distant from con rod 2 and rear part located nearby con rod 2. Hydraulic damper has first system to transfer hydraulic fluid from front part 17a via extra valve 4 into rear part and second hydraulic chamber 18 is piston head moves along first hydraulic chamber 17 toward front part 17a. Hydraulic damper has second system to transfer hydraulic fluid from rear part and second hydraulic chamber 18 via ball check valve into front part 17a if piston head 3 moves along first hydraulic chamber toward rear part.

EFFECT: reduced wear and device length.

24 cl, 7 dwg

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: shock absorber includes cylinder sleeve, cover plate under piston and cover plate above piston, stock seal, stock with piston; at that, piston includes a seal. Cylinder sleeve includes two sections of various inner diameter in the area adjacent to cover plate under piston and two sections of various inner diameter in the area adjacent to cover plate above piston. Stock includes two sections of various outer diameter in the area adjacent to free stock end from piston and two sections of various outer diameter in the piston area.

EFFECT: improving damping properties of shock absorber.

11 dwg, 1 tbl

Damper // 2426921

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: damper consists of cylinder 1 and of rod 2 with piston 3 installed in cylinder. Throttle 12 is installed in piston 3 and communicates above-piston 4 and sub-piston 5 cavities between them. The damper is equipped with safety valves of compression strokes 13 and rebound stroke 14 set in piston 3. Compensation chamber 15 is located in a lower part of cylinder 1. Inside upper ring 17 there is made groove 20 communicated with over-piston cavity 4 through back valve 8. Inside lower ring 18 there is made groove 21 communicated with sub-piston cavity 5 through back valve 9. Inside middle ring 19 there are made upper 22 and lower 23 grooves. Upper groove 22 of middle ring 19 is communicated with over-piston cavity 4 through orifices 6 in the middle part of cylinder 1 and is connected with groove 21 of lower ring 18 by means of left hydraulic valve 24. Lower groove 23 of middle ring 19 is communicated with sub-piston cavity 20 of upper ring 17 by means of right hydraulic valve 25.

EFFECT: simplified design and reduced dimensions and weight of damper at simultaneous raise of its vibro-protecting properties and reliability of operation.

3 dwg

Shooting mechanism // 2334933

FIELD: weapons.

SUBSTANCE: invention concerns area of launching gears. The shooting mechanism contains a cylinder connected telescopically with a rod, gas producer with ignition cylinder, a gas cavity, a lock connecting the cylinder with the rod, and a stop block of the rod on the cylinder. The rod is located outside the cylinder. The gas producer contains a nozzle supplied with the device for changing of traction vector. The ring space is created between the rod and the cylinder with the damper located on the cylinder, the said damper being executed in the form of elastic capacity with damping liquid and capable of moving against the rod and destructing of elastic capacity in the end of travel. There is a recoil-dampening cavity with throttle apertures from the side of ring space in the rod. The gas cavity is supplied with an operated valve of dump of gases.

EFFECT: decreased vibroimpulsive loads, increased power characteristics, ruling out influence of high-temperature gases on a design, reduced overall dimensions of the mechanism.

1 dwg

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to hydraulic shock-absorbing struts, particularly, to the strut adjustment devices, primarily to such devices that allow stabilising the automotive suspension shock struts at ambient temperature varying from +40°C to -40°C irrespective of the used oil type. The hydraulic shock-absorber incorporates a hydraulic cylinder with drain ports communicating the piston and rod spaces, a rod, a drain port spring and drain port plate with one or several holes for oil to pass through. A part of one or several holes is constantly above the drain port or piston holes. The drain port twisted spring one end is rigidly attached to the plate, its second end being coupled with the rod. The said plate can rotate driven by the spring when the length of the latter varies at temperature variation. The said spring can be cylindrical connected to the plate via a sleeve rigidly linked with the plate and spring. Invention can be used, for example, in the VAZ-type car front suspension shock strut.

EFFECT: hydraulic shock strut featuring constant performances at whatever ambient temperature irrespective of the used oil type.

2 cl, 2 dwg

FIELD: transport engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to hydraulic shock absorber struts of vehicle suspensions, particularly, to devices providing their adjustment, stabilizing of characteristics of suspension shock absorber struts at ambient temperature fluctuations within +40°C and -40°C. Proposed hydraulic shock absorber contains hydraulic cylinder with working medium, piston and rod. Piston and rod spaces are connected by channels made in piston and additional channel made in rod. Capacity of additional channel is made adjustable depending on temperature of working medium by means of rotary bushing with hole and spring made of bimetal or material with memorized shape effect and rigidly connected by one end with rod and by other end with adjusting bushing.

EFFECT: provision of hydraulic strut of front suspension of VAZ car with constant characteristics at any temperature of ambient air which is important in winter.

1 dwg

Amphibian // 2268160

FIELD: transport engineering; amphibians.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to amphibian vehicles, particularly, to post of hydraulic systems suspension. According to invention, vehicle has at least one wheel shifted out from vehicle body to support vehicle when it is used on the ground and retracted for use on water. Vehicle is furnished additionally with hydraulic cylinder containing hydraulic fluid, piston installed for movement inside cylinder and dividing the cylinder into first and second chambers, device to connected piston with suspension lever mechanism connected with wheel, first two-position valve designed to control fluid flow between first and second chambers at least on section of working stroke of piston, and second two-position valve connected only with one of first and second chambers. When first valve is open, and second valve is closed, post provides functions of suspension and/or damping of wheel vibrations. When first valve is closed and second valve is open, post serves as drive to move wheel between extended and retracted positions.

EFFECT: provision of retraction and extension of wheel through distance exceeding that required for normal riding.

13 cl, 11 dwg

Shock absorber // 2247881

FIELD: mechanical engineering; shock protection equipment.

SUBSTANCE: proposed shock absorber contains reservoir, cylinder placed in reservoir, rod piston installed in cylinder, holes made in middle part of cylinder and overlapped in turn by piston, two valves designed to pass liquid from under-piston and over-piston spaces of cylinder into reservoir, throttling member made in form of insert with calibrated hole, two hydraulic channels and brake device. The latter is made in form of cylindrical capsule with two plungers dividing the space into three parts, namely, upper middle and lower ones, spring installed between plungers, and stop. First hydraulic channel connects over-piston space of cylinder with upper space of cylindrical capsule. Second hydraulic channel connects under-piston space of cylinder with lower space of cylindrical capsule. Stop is made in form of bushing being secured in middle part of cylindrical capsule. Plungers are arranged at different sides of stop. Ends of spring are secured on end faces of plungers. Reservoir is connected with middle space of cylindrical capsule by tube. Throttling member is installed in tube.

EFFECT: provision of optimum interrupted stepped compensating action.

3 dwg

Bearing assy // 2526305

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to a bearing assy used as a support for a tubular element, in particular, to a lower bearing of the sliding tube of shock-absorber strut of the aircraft landing gear. Bearing (2') assy comprises body (3') supporting the first and the second annular supporting portions with the supporting surfaces, which contact with inner tubular element (1') in the areas distanced from each other in the axial direction. The annular supporting portions are represented either by separate supporting rings (4") installed in body element (3') with the supporting surfaces of different diameters, or by one supporting ring (4"), which can bend in the radial direction and is supported in such a way that the second annular supporting part can bend under effect of a load in the radial direction, while its supporting surface will occupy a position with a diameter bigger than the diameter of the supporting surface of the first annular supporting part (4"). Supporting ring (4") is installed in body (3') in seat (5") with shaped base (7") or conical base (9").

EFFECT: removal of a pinpoint contact between a tubular element and a supporting ring reducing wear and pressure.

13 cl, 5 dwg