Method for preparation of liquid antioxidant

FIELD: chemistry.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to method of liquid antioxidant preparing. Method consists in fact that in fresh water in vessel in equilibrium with environment, potato starch is filled at a weight ratio of starch to water of 1:(50-100), then liquid is mixed and left in vessel for 16-24 hours, during this period contents of vessel is stirred 4-8 times. Before filling in starch, water is boiled and cooled to room temperature.

EFFECT: ease of producing liquid antioxidant and low price of its main component, potato starch.

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FIELD: medicine, pharmaceutics.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to pharmaceutical industry, namely to selenium nanocomposites of natural hepatotrophic galactose-containing polysaccharide matrixes, representing water-soluble orange-red powders containing zerovalent selenium (Se0) nanoparticles sized 1-100 nm in the quantitative content of 0.5 - 60 wt %, possessing antioxidant activity for treating and preventing redox-related pathologies, particularly for treating toxic liver damage, to a method for producing and to an antioxidant agent containing the above nanocomposites.

EFFECT: invention provides the targeted agent delivery to liver cells, as well as higher agent accessibility and lower toxic action of selenium.

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FIELD: medicine.

SUBSTANCE: method involves chelation of ferric (III) ions both in vivo, and in vitro with using 2-ethyl-6-methyl-3-hydroxypyridine succinate (Mexidol) to produce a stable stained complex having a high molecular weight and a complex (organic-inorganic) composition not identified among the known compounds.

EFFECT: high effectiveness of the chelation process and low toxicity of Mexidol that makes it promising for biomedical application.

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FIELD: chemistry.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to field of organic chemistry, namely to novel compound - 5(6)-nitro-1-(thietanyl-3)-2-ethoxybenzimidazole, inhibiting peroxidation of lipids.

EFFECT: novel compound, possessing useful biological properties, has been obtained.

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FIELD: medicine.

SUBSTANCE: invention represents a mixture of two structural isomers: 2,6-di(1,7,7-trimethylbicyclo[2.2.1]hept-2-yl)-4-methylphenol and its diastereomers, and 2-(1,7,7-trimethylbicyclo[2.2.1]hept-2-yl)-6-(2,2,1-trimethylbicyclo[2.2.1]hept-5-yl)-4-methylphenol, and their diastereomers with the ratio of the first and second structural isomer isomers from 60:40 wt % to 95:5 wt %.

EFFECT: extension of the arsenal of means, possessing simultaneously haemorheological, anti-aggregate, anti-thrombogenic, retinoprotecting, endothelium-protecting, neuroprotecting, anti-arrhythmia and anti-ischemic activity, enhancing the cerebral blood flow.

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FIELD: medicine.

SUBSTANCE: what is presented is using Histochrom (same as echinochrome A or pentahydroxyethyl naphthoquinone) as an agent able to prevent pulmonary fibrosis developed under cytostatic agents. The invention can be used for the pharmacological prevention and correction of the pulmonary tissue disorders caused by administering the cytostatic agents.

EFFECT: preventing hypertrophy of interalveolar connective tissue in the lungs associated with administering bleomycin.

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FIELD: medicine.

SUBSTANCE: drops possessing antiviral and immunomodulatory effects characterised by the fact that they represent a 95% ethanol infusion of wild strawberry leaves and fruit specified in: red raspberry fruit, mountain ash fruit, bilberry fruit, blood-red hawthorn fruit, cinnamon rose fruit; 15-25 mg of the substance in 1 ml of the infusion.

EFFECT: drops possess pronounced antiviral and immunomodulatory effects.

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FIELD: medicine.

SUBSTANCE: melanin having water-solubility of at least 80% and an paramagnetic centre concentration of at least 8·1017 spin/g is administered orally into the animals having been exposed to the radiation in a dose high enough to cause a spinal radiation injury; melanin is administered after dissolved in distilled water in the effective concentration. Melanin water is used as drinking water for the mice having been exposed to single and fractionated acute radiation, which is able to cause acute radiation disease. Melanin water is taken from the 1st to 30th day following the single radiation, or from the 1st day of the fractionated radiation to the 30th day on completion of the radiation.

EFFECT: higher survival rate, faster recovered haemopoiesis, body weight and orientation and motion activity.

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FIELD: chemistry.

SUBSTANCE: invention provides a composition having antioxidant properties in the form of a tablet, comprising an active agent based on nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide in reduced form (NADH) and inert filling agents, characterised by that the active ingredient is a complex which is a mixture of 10 wt % NADH with 63 wt % vegetable fats, 17 wt % beeswax and 10 wt % chlorophyll, and the inert filling agents are in the form of microcrystalline cellulose, Macrogol 6000, intense sweetener and a food flavourant.

EFFECT: invention provides a new tablet form of NADH.

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FIELD: medicine.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to a pharmaceutical composition with anti-ischemic and antioxidant activity in the form of tablets or capsules, and a method for preparing it. The composition contains 4-((3-oxo-3-ethoxypropanoyl)amino)benzoic acid in an amount of 40 to 80 wt %, an amino-containing compound and pharmaceutically acceptable excipients. The amino-containing compound is specified in a group of trometamol, methyl glucamine and L-lysine; 1 mole of 4-((3-oxo-3-ethoxypropanoyl)amino)benzoic acid is accounted for 0.05 to 0.25 mole of the above amino-containing compound. The composition also contains lactose, microcrystalline cellulose, calcium stearate and other pharmaceutically acceptable excipients. According to the method for preparing the composition, taking 4-((3-oxo-3-ethoxypropanoyl)amino)benzoic acid and amino-containing compound in molar ratio 1:0.05 to 1:0.25, pre-mixing, moisturising with a aqueous or alcohol solution of a binding agent, adding pharmaceutically acceptable excipients in such an amount to provide the content of 4-((3-oxo-3-ethoxypropanoyl)amino)benzoic acid from 40 to 80 wt %, granulating the mixture, drying and producing tablets or capsules according to the known technique.

EFFECT: implementing the above application.

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FIELD: chemistry.

SUBSTANCE: claimed is the application of 5(6)-nitro-1-(1,1-dioxothietanyl-3)-2-chlorobenzimidazole of formula (I) , earlier known as the means with broncholytic and spasmolytic activity, as the means, inhibiting peroxide oxidation of lipids.

EFFECT: realisation of the claimed purpose.

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FIELD: medicine, pharmaceutics.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to pharmaceutical industry and represents a pharmaceutical composition for control of pain accompanying individual's joint diseases containing hyaluronic acid, which is cross-linked by cycling a double bond in a group of cinnamic acid in partially amidated hyaluronic acid presented by formula (1) to form a cyclobutane cycle, wherein in the above formula, Ar represents a phenyl group, n is equal to an integer 2 or 3; HA represents a carboxy residue of hyaluronic acid, and m represents a relation of amidation of hyaluronic acid to all the carboxyl groups and is equal to 3-50% in relation to all the carboxyl groups, and a pharmaceutically acceptable carrier, wherein the pharmaceutical composition represents a product for injection, wherein the pharmaceutical composition represents the product for injection, wherein the amount of the cross-linked hyaluronic acid makes 1 wt % at the total amount of the product for injection, wherein a single dose of the product for injection makes 2-3 ml, wherein the pharmaceutical composition represents a single-use preparation, which is administered every 13 weeks and more.

EFFECT: invention provides the extremely long analgesic action after the single administration, earlier onset of the analgesic action.

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FIELD: medicine, pharmaceutics.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to pharmaceutical industry and represents medication, possessing virucidal activity, for preventive and therapeutic treatment of viral infections, caused by virus of herpesviridae family, characterised by the fact that said medication contains pyroxican in carrier substance.

EFFECT: invention provides extension of arsenal of means, possessing virucidal activity.

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FIELD: medicine, pharmaceutics.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to a microbiologically stable pharmaceutical composition containing an active agent specified in prostaglandins, and a carrier. The carrier contains an aqueous electrochemically activated saline containing 1 to 500 mg/l of free chlorine and having an oxidation-reduction potential from +150 to +1350 mV. The active agent is present in a phase separated from the electrochemically activated saline; the electrochemically activated saline is a hypochlorite solution.

EFFECT: invention refers to using the pharmaceutical composition for treating and/or preventing dry eye syndrome and for cleansing contact lenses.

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FIELD: medicine, pharmaceutics.

SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relate to field of pharmaceutics and deal with pharmaceutically stable compositions, which contain human antibody, specifically bound with human interleukine 6 (hIL-6R) receptor, where said human antibody is contained in concentration from 5 to 200 mg/ml and includes variable region of light chain with amino acid succession SEQ ID NO:26, histidine, arginine, sucrose, polysorbate.

EFFECT: group of inventions ensure considerable degree of antibody stability after storing for several months.

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FIELD: medicine, pharmaceutics.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to an injectable therapeutic anti-cancer formulation administered into cancer cells directly. The formulation contains 5-25% (wt/vol) of hydroxychloroquine or hydroxychloroquine sulphate, Lidocaine concentrated 1-2% (wt/vol), Riboflavin concentrated 0.1-0.5% (wt/vol) and physiologic saline.

EFFECT: invention provides the formulation which exhibits cytotoxic effect on the cancer cells without involving normal cells, and which is administered into the cancer cells directly.

2 cl, 3 tbl, 4 dwg, 4 ex

FIELD: medicine, pharmaceutics.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to pharmaceutical industry and represents a pharmaceutical composition in the form of a liquid solution for nasal administration of spray containing naltrexone in an amount of 0.005-0.02 wt/vl %.

EFFECT: invention provides eliminating the undesired side effects with preserving naltrexone activity.

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FIELD: medicine, pharmaceutics.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to medicine. Described is medical form for transmucousal per oral introduction of, at least, one active substance of antispasmodic and/or analgesic action, which contains said active substance in form of base and/or in form of salt, water-alcohol solution, with alcoholic content, at least, 35° of alcohol by weight, with said active substance being present in water-alcohol solution in condition of stable and complete dissolution. Invention also relates to method of said medical form preparation and its application for treating spastic attacks.

EFFECT: medical form makes it possible to realise instantaneous transmucousal per oral introduction.

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FIELD: medicine.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to medicine, namely represents a method for the therapy of respiratory symptom. The method involves administering a liquid composition containing a gel former and/or a mucoactive polymer, a non-menthol cooling substance; and contacting the oral mucosa with the liquid composition. The invention also describes liquid compositions applicable in the method for the therapy of a respiratory disease.

EFFECT: implementing the method provides improving the cooling properties of the cooling agent N-(4-cyanomethylphenyl)-n-menthane carboxamide in the liquid composition by combining the non-menthol cooling substance with the gel former.

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FIELD: medicine, pharmaceutics.

SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to the field of pharmaceutics and deals with a pharmaceutical composition, which contains feline erythropoietin as an active ingredient, to which two or more polyethyleneglycol molecules with a non-branched chain are attached, with a water-soluble long-chain molecule having the molecular weight, constituting not less than 30 kDa and producing the haemopoietic effect. A haemopoietic medication and a medication for the treatment of anaemia are based on the said composition.

EFFECT: group of inventions provides the haemopoietic effect, which lasts for not less than seven days, when introduced to humans and/or animals.

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FIELD: medicine.

SUBSTANCE: invention represents a composition for preventing and treating allergic conjunctivitis and keratoconjunctivitis, containing cromoglicic acid, boric acid and water-soluble polymers specified in a group of: carbomer, hypromellose, macrogol and polyvinylpyrrolidone with the components of the composition taken in specific relations, g in 1 ml of the mixture.

EFFECT: invention provides the better reduction of the inflammatory process and symptoms of the disease; there are also ensured ease of use with a smaller frequency of administration, prolonged action and no side effects.

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FIELD: medicine, pharmaceutics.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to medicine, more specifically to pharmacology, and concerts agents having an effect on the rheological properties of blood. What is presented is using the chemical modification product of hydroxyethylated starch O-(2-hydroxyethyl)-(1,4)-α-D-glucan, the hybrid macromolecular compound O-(4-hydroxy-3,5-di(1,7,7-trimethylbicyclo[2.2.1]heptan-2-yl)benzyl)oxy)ethyl)-O-(2-hydroxyethyl)-(1,4)-α-D-glucan as an agent improving the rheological properties of blood. The invention can be used in a complex therapy of pathologies accompanied by blood hyperviscosity.

EFFECT: limiting an increase in blood viscosity.

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