Marine propulsion installation

FIELD: shipbuilding.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to designs of ship electric propulsions of ship electric propulsion systems. Proposed propulsion system comprises encased in sealed streamlined body drive motor, pipe, which connect drive motor with vessel hull, tractor and pusher propellers. Drive motor is bi-rotary, with rotating in different directions stator, which is connected with tractor propeller and rotor, which is connected with pusher propeller. Stator and rotor shafts are aligned and come out of housing of drive motor in opposite directions. Stator of drive motor on outside of the birotatory motor contains current-collecting ring and bearings, resting on motor housing. To collector rings adjoin brushes with brush mechanism secured at ship hull. On inner side of stator between stator and rotor bearings are installed, in which rotor rotates.

EFFECT: higher efficiency, reduced weight and dimensions of the propulsion motor, increased capacity and capacity of ship is achieved.

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FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the area of electrical machines with rotary parts. Air-cooled engine generator (10) comprises rotor (34) with shaft (11), which is placed so that it can be rotated around the machine axis (15) whereat the rotor winding (16) is placed, and stator (35) with package (18) of active steel and winding (17) placed in it and covering concentrically rotor winding (16), at that closed air-cooling loop is envisaged, wherein cooling air passes through rotor winding (16) and stator winding (17) radially inside-out, it is cooled in coolers (19) placed outside stator (35) and then returned back to rotor (34).

EFFECT: being changed before operation or in process cooling is implemented in a simple way due to the fact that regulated throttling devices are mounted at coolers (19) in order to control volume flow of cooling air in the cooling loop.

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Off-heat use // 2506687

FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: it is suggested to use off-heat received in industrial process from alternate-current converters to direct-current and electric engines in order to use is for heating at another stage of the process. For this purpose liquid cooling is used for elements generating off-heat.

EFFECT: saving of electric energy or energy accumulated in fossil fuel thus leading to direct or indirect reduction in emission of greenhouse gases.

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Compressor unit // 2461737

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: proposed unit 1 comprises compressor 2 and motor 3 arranged preferably in common gastight housing 4. Motor stator is cooled by cooling system 5. Web 41 separates working fluid 6 from cooling fluid 23 in zone of stator 20. Definite ratio between pressures of both said fluids by pressure compensator 53.

EFFECT: decreased mechanical load at web.

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Cooling device // 2334920

FIELD: heating.

SUBSTANCE: invention is referred to electric engineering and may be used for cooling devices. Cooling device freezes products without additional inducer due to compressor motor operation in cooling cycle at alternating speed rates from power supply voltage.

EFFECT: improvement of productivity by freezing.

4 cl, 7 dwg

FIELD: electric mechanical engineering, possible use for cooling electric generators and electric engines.

SUBSTANCE: in proposed system for cooling electric machines, containing compressed air source with force pipeline, splitting vortex pipe, having as a result of energy division to hollows - hot one and cold one, thermal pipe made inside the hollow shaft of electric machine, as a special feature, along axis of hollow shaft a tubular channel is made for passage of cold flow from splitting vortex pipe, and space, formed by external surface of tubular channel and internal surface of hollow shaft is thermal pipe, condensation area of which - external surface of tubular channel, and evaporation area - internal surface of hollow shaft.

EFFECT: efficient and even cooling of electric machine, simplified construction, increased manufacturability.

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FIELD: electrical engineering; electrical machines including electrical generators.

SUBSTANCE: electrical machine has part of magnetic circuit representing part of electrical machine rotor or stator. This part of magnetic circuit loses its magnetic properties at temperature higher than definite preset value and conveys magnetic flux around electrical machine stator. As a result, any magnetic flux escaping the rotor does not enclose the stator any longer when temperature rises above mentioned value, and machine stops running as generator. This part of magnetic circuit is in thermal contact with windings carrying stator current of electrical machines. Material of above-mentioned part of magnetic circuit has Curie temperature lower than thermal breakdown point of machine which, in its turn, limits operating temperature of stator windings thereby preventing in-service temperature rise of machine usually occurring as a result of trouble due to heavy currents flowing in electrical machine and liberation of great amount of heat, especially from stator windings, that may cause melting and even inflammation of electrical machine. Proposed electric generator is available of two design alternates.

EFFECT: enhanced reliability of electrical machine protection against excessive temperature rise.

16 cl, 8 dwg

The invention relates to electrical engineering and can be used for cooling generators and motors closed execution

The invention relates to the field of electrical engineering, namely the ventilation systems of the stator winding

The invention relates to marine electric propulsion

The invention relates to electrical engineering and for the production and operation of electrical machines in their operation period and the idle period

Propulsion system // 2553530

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to arrangement for electric energy delivery to propulsion system of marine vessel. The arrangement for electric energy delivery to propulsion system of marine vessel includes screw-propeller engine, AC generator and frequency converter. The AC generator is rotated by means of power train. The frequency converter is connected via switch to power connection which couples AC generator with screw-propeller engine. Electric power connection contains line circuit-breaker. Generator and frequency converter are made with possibility of alternative connection to screw-propeller engine during vessel maneuvering. Power and frequency are controlled using frequency converter.

EFFECT: providing electric energy on ship or marine vessel.

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Power plant // 2551050

FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: power plant includes a housing, a shaft, a propeller, a circular body and an inverted electric engine. The housing contains the upper and lower parts and is fixed at the hull with its upper part that can be rotated. The shaft is installed inside the housing so that it can be rotated in radial and axial bearings; it has the central axis and outer end in the lower part of the housing. The propeller is fixed at the haft outer end inside the first end in the lower part of the housing; it is rotated by the shaft. The circular body is fixed rigidly in the housing; it covers outer perimeter of the propeller and channel (45) for water passing through the circular body. The central axis of the shaft forms the central axis of the circular body. The inverted electric engine is comprised of inverted rotor and stator. The inverted rotor is made at outer perimeter of the propeller; it rotates together with the propeller. Stator is placed inside the circular body; it covers the inverted rotor.

EFFECT: improving and eliminating shortcomings in operation of the power plant.

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Propulsion system // 2544268

FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: device includes first propeller screw driven by rotating power aggregate and second propeller screw driven by an AC motor. Second propeller screw rotates in direction opposite to the first propeller screw. AC generator is driven by rotating power aggregate and has electric connection to the AC motor. Rotation speed of the first propeller screw is 95-150% of rotation speed of the first propeller screw. AC motor and AC generator have the same electric frequency, AC generator has 2 to 40 poles, and AC motor has 2 to 40 poles. AC generator to AC motor pole number ratio is 0.05 to 20.

EFFECT: profitability of device providing electric power at a ship or sea vessel.

14 cl, 9 dwg

FIELD: power industry.

SUBSTANCE: shipboard propulsive shaft-generator plant includes a drive shaft motor, a gear box, a shaft generator, buses, a frequency converter, three-phase stator windings, diodes, control circuits and rectifier bridges. The shaft generator through the frequency converter, a throttle, an LC filter, the first current sensor, the first voltage sensor and the first automatic circuit breaker is connected to buses of shipboard electrical consumers. Besides, an auxiliary generator mechanically attached to an auxiliary motor is connected to buses of shipboard electrical consumers by means of the second automatic circuit breaker. The frequency converter has a mode setting device, the first and the second control units, a reversible inverter and a capacitor-type accumulator of a DC link. As a shaft generator, a valve-inductor reversible shaft generator is used, to which an exciter is connected, which is connected with its input to the first output of the second control unit. Outputs of the first and the second three-phase stator windings of the shaft generator are connected to the frequency converter. Two rectifier three-phase bridges are installed in the frequency converter. A controlled shunting switch with conductivity directed opposite to diode conductivity is connected to each diode of each bridge. Control circuits of switches are connected to the second control unit. Rectifier bridges are connected to the capacitor-type accumulator.

EFFECT: enlargement of a range of devices, energy efficiency and economy of a shipboard shaft-generator plant.

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FIELD: motors and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to ship electric power plants with shaft generators and semiconductor frequency converter. Ship shaft generator plant comprises the main engine, disengaging coupling, shaft line, screw propeller, shaft generator, electric circuit, the first and second current sensors, input throttle, the frequency converter, the output throttle, LC-filter, the first and second circuit breakers, bus of ship electrical loads, an additional generator mechanically connected with an additional engine, capacitor accumulator of DC link with voltage sensor. Main engine, shaft generator and screw propeller are mounted on the shaft line coaxially. The rotor of shaft generator is mounted to the end of the shaft line, connected to the screw propeller. On the shaft of the main engine there is also the first shaft position sensor, and on the shaft line from the side of the screw propeller the second shaft position sensor is mounted in addition. Both shaft position sensors are connected to the control unit of torsional oscillations, which output is connected to the signal input of the mode selector.

EFFECT: increase in reliability and increase in time between overhauls is achieved by reducing the dynamic loads on the main engine and reduction of fatigue phenomena in the material of the shaft line.

3 cl, 1 dwg

FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: proposed electric power generator plant has the main heat engine, disconnecting sleeve, extra heat engine connected with extra generator, main buses and buses of ship power consuming hardware. Plant control system comprises automatic circuit breakers, current and voltage transducers, first frequency controlled and reversible transducer incorporating controlled rectifier and inverter, DC link capacitor accumulator and local control system. Extra propulsion motor is connected to screw propeller and second circular propulsion motor with built-in second screw propeller. Besides, it includes second frequency transducer, voltage transducer and four power circuits.

EFFECT: decreased weight and overall dimensions, higher efficiency and reliability.

3 cl, 2 dwg

Ring propulsor // 2531631

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to ship building and may be used in screw propellers and active control means. Ring propulsor comprises motor, ring adapter and ring rotor that make a water-way duct and screw propeller. Screw propeller blade roots are fitted at ring rotor while blade tips are located in the area of water-way duct and fastened together. Blade tips are fastened together and roots are fitted in rotor via damping shims.

EFFECT: decreased vibration and noise pollution, longer life of propeller screw.

2 dwg

FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: ship electric generating plant contains main diesel engines or turbines, main synchronous generators, emergency diesel generator unit, stator windings, main distributing board, inputs of frequency conversion rectifiers. The stator windings through automatic circuit breakers are connected to power supply lines of main distributing board, to which through the automatic circuit breakers inputs of frequency conversion rectifiers are connected. The number of rectifiers is equal to number of lines of the main distributing board, the outputs of rectifiers are connected to inputs of multilevel invertors forming with rectifiers the frequency converters, feeding propulsion electric motors. To each line of the main distributing board through the automatic circuit breakers the primary multiphase windings of transformers with a rotating magnetic field are also connected, and the secondary three-phase windings of these transformers through automatic circuit breakers are connected to the three-phase power supply line of the distributing board of other on-board consumers. The stator winding of the emergency diesel generator through automatic circuit breakers is connected to the three-phase power supply line of on-board consumers. The stator of each main synchronous generator has one multiphase winding with a number of phases more than three, the phases of which are connected in a star or delta circuit, and the lines of the main distributing board have the same number of phases, as winding of main synchronous generators.

EFFECT: providing by the electric power of ship consumers and electric motors from one power plant, increase of efficiency and quality of the electric power in a ship network.

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FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: to generate thrust in said propulsor, water is off-taken via inlet channel by circular screw propeller to accelerated water in water flow channel. The latter is composed by nozzle and rotor while water is discharged via discharge channel. Additionally, water is off-taken via at least one lateral channel arranged in said nozzle between circular screw propellers.

EFFECT: higher efficiency of propulsor operation.

6 cl, 3 dwg

FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: slow-going propulsive motor excited by high-coercivity magnets with direct fluid cooling and power supply and control from frequency converter includes propulsive motor, shaft, reduction gear, electric power source and static converter of electric power parameters. Propulsive motor rotor is mounted directly on propulsive shaft, stator encircles rotor, and electromagnetic reduction is achieved by different number of stator and rotor pole pairs as well.

EFFECT: simplified design and reduced weight and dimensions.

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FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to ship building and can be used in structures of ship propellers. A propulsion-steering column includes a column base, a spindle, a drive shaft that is located inside the spindle, a column turning mechanism, an angular gearbox, a streamlined nacelle fixed on the spindle and closing the angular gearbox. A screw propeller and a screw shaft are located inside the housing of the nacelle that adjoins the hub of the screw propeller and transmits torque moment to it. The hub is installed through bearings on the nacelle housing and provided with an end transmitting element. The transmitting element is attached both to the hub of the screw propeller and to the screw shaft.

EFFECT: improving operating reliability of a propulsion-steering column and simplifying replacement of a screw shaft.

4 cl, 2 dwg