Horizontal platform for movement of vehicles in multistorey garage boxes

FIELD: transportation.

SUBSTANCE: horizontal platform for vertical and horizontal movement of vehicles in multistorey garage boxes comprises metal structure with running tracks on overlapping and building facade able to move horizontally to left and right, as well as vertically upwards and downwards, and lifting platform. Lifting platform consists of two main parts: external platform capable to move horizontally left and right by means of hydraulic engines, as well as move vertically for lifting and lowering of vehicles from 3 m or more using a winch, and inner, located on outer platform capable of moving up and down for lifting and lowering of vehicles from zero level to 3 m. During operation a vehicle enters inner platform, is elevated to external platform with help of hydraulic cylinders, after which vehicle is supplied to any said box provided metal structure. Driver enters independently in box and leaves vehicle. Similarly, vehicle is supplied in reverse direction.

EFFECT: simplified design and improved operating conditions during car parking in urban conditions.

1 cl, 3 dwg



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Parking area // 2551555

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to parking area which includes several car-places located near each other and/or above each other. The parking area which includes several car-places located near each other and/or above each other where the car-places respectively determine parking position for a vehicle which parking position determines gear position for a vehicle, transfer area for handing-over a vehicle from user to parking and vice versa, transporter with drive to move vehicle between transfer position and parking position, control device to control drive by means of control line, as well as user control panel being in functional connection with control device. Control device controls transporter so that it moves a vehicle from parking position to mode change position located on the route of movement from parking position to transfer position and vice versa in automatic mode, that control panel contains control element to maintain mode switching off transporter equipment when operator hand is removed, and that transporter moves from mode change position to transfer position and vice versa in the mode switching off equipment when operator hand is removed when control element is actuated by user.

EFFECT: uninterrupted vehicle loading to parking area and giving out from parking area while providing compactness of transfer area design.

16 cl, 4 dwg

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a transfer device (34; 1034; 2034; 3034) designed with a possibility to transfer a carriage (20) in a guide system (12) from the first guide section (14) of the latter (12) located at the first height level to the second guide section (16) located at the second height level that differs from the said first one. The device (34; 1034; 2034; 3034) comprises at least one first and one second carrier carriages (42; 1042; 2042; 3042; 60; 1060; 2060; 3060) to carry at least one carriage (20) to displace in the opposite direction between the two height levels. Both the first carrier carriage (42; 1042; 2042; 3042) and the second carrier carriage (60; 1060; 2060; 3060) can displace between the first guide section (14) and the second guide section (16).The invention relates also to a transfer device that comprises the said device (34; 1034; 2034; 3034).

EFFECT: perfected design.

12 cl, 9 dwg

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: proposed device comprises main frame 1, main frame carrier 10, front frame 2 arranged nearby main frame front top part, front lifting assy 30 arranged on both sides of front frame 2 to lift vehicle front wheels, rear frame 3 arranged nearby main frame rear top part, and transfer assy 20. Said transfer assy 20 drives rear frame 3 forward and backward on main frame 1 and displaces rear lifting assy 40 located on both sides of rear frame 3 to lift vehicle rear wheels. Besides, this device comprises holders of front and rear wheels composed of conical elements.

EFFECT: ease of use.

8 cl

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: proposed method comprises placing the vehicle in parking zone at lifting device bearing surface and driving it over inclined bearing surface to parking place and locking it thereat. Vehicle directed at said bearing surface toward adjacent vehicles parked at flank and there between is locked at lifting device. Said device is located between vehicle wheels to lift the vehicle so that its wheels do not touch said bearing surface. Note here that the vehicle is placed inclined perpendicular to its lengthwise axis and towards parking side between adjacent parked vehicles and driven to parking place. Then said lifting device is used to down the vehicle to full contact with bearing surface. In exiting the parking lot all jobs are performed in reverse order. Invention covers also the device for implementation of above described method.

EFFECT: parking in uneasy conditions.

4 cl, 6 dwg

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: superthin device for parking and access with fully floating mechanical handlers includes longitudinally moving carriage provided with symmetrical fully floating mechanical handlers on its each side. The longitudinally moving carriage consists of lower frame, driving motor for running gear, driving wheel which supports lower frame, driving shaft for driving wheel and driving gear wheel for driving wheel. The mentioned lower frame on each its side is provided with the mentioned driving motors, and the mentioned driving motors rotate the mentioned driving wheels via the mentioned driving shaft and the mentioned gear wheel. Fully floating mechanical handler consists of mechanical lever, transmission gear of mechanical lever, sliding panel for pushing mechanical handlers, straightline guide rail on inner side of longitudinal girder of the mentioned lower frame and guide groove for pivoted lever on outer side of longitudinal girder of the mentioned lower frame. Four symmetrically located mechanical levers and two sliding panels are provided on each side of line passing through midpoints of longitudinal girders of the mentioned lower frame. Each of the mentioned sliding panels is connected on each its side with mechanical lever via pin shaft. Two sliding panels on one side are in sliding engagement with the mentioned lower frame via straightline guide rail. These two sliding panels have transmission gear between them for mechanical lever. The mentioned transmission gear for mechanical lever which contacts in sliding manner with the mentioned lower frame via the mentioned straightline guide rail imparts propulsion to two sliding panels on one side via left-hand ball-bearing screw and right-hand ball-bearing screw respectively. Each mechanical lever is equipped with at least three freely rotating rollers. The mentioned rollers lift wheels above ground when mechanical levers grip and clamp vehicle wheels. Each mechanical lever is equipped with intermediate wheels in knee part on its inner end. The mentioned intermediate wheels move along curves of guide grooves for pivoted levers, and the mentioned sliding panels actuate the mentioned mechanical levers.

EFFECT: lower device manufacturing cost, reducing parking time, higher quality of technical service.

6 cl, 12 dwg

Piece goods storage // 2436919

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: proposed device comprises bearing structure made up of two parallel towers with paired cells in superimposed rows and bases of said towers provided with two structural guide beams with thrusts and pectinate support elements arranged on sides and above them. It includes also elevator with two platforms and counterweights mounted between said two towers. Elevator structure comprises two portals and post arranged there between. Top sections of said portals are jointed together by cross beam. Hydraulic cylinders and two interacting pulley blocks are arranged inside said portals. Moving block of the first pulley is arranged on hydraulic cylinder rod while fixed block of the second pulley is mounted on elevator structure cross beam. Note here that ends of second pulley block rope fast line are secured at appropriate platform. Note also that platforms are equipped with two support guide beams and carriage that shifts toward aforesaid cells. Said carriage supports the platform with pectinate support elements that move vertically relative to the carriage. Platform stops may be aligned with thrusts of cell guide beams and carriage thrusts. Cell carcass is furnished with pedestals with tubular posts and bushes secured on one their end. Bush inner surface adjoins outer surfaces of the posts to interact with end faces of appropriate posts or aforesaid pedestals and cross beams secured on said pedestals and elevator structure. Note that cross beam of portals and structure posts are secured on pedestals of top floor of said towers.

EFFECT: increased number of floors, costs and time saving.

3 dwg

FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to construction and may be used for designing multi-storied garage and parking places. Module-type multi-storied automated parking place consists of a dismountable framework with several tiers arranged in two lines with cells for cars storage. There is a cage between two cell lines inside framework. It is provided with horizontal displacement mechanism to move along rail tracks. Lift-type lifting mechanism with a platform is available inside the above-mentioned cage. The lifting mechanism can displace cars vertically to the required tier. There is an articulated arm mounted on the platform in order to grip front car wheels to lift car and displace it by guiding channel from the platform to the storage cell and vice versa.

EFFECT: reduced cost price, increased reliability, improved maintenance and service, car transportation to place of storage and vice versa without trays, reduced periods of transportation.

5 cl, 7 dwg

FIELD: construction industry.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to transport and is meant for being used when building multi-storeyed parking areas-garages for storing and loading/unloading automobiles. Method of parking automobiles in multi-storeyed parking areas-garages with opposite location of storage boxes relative to lift opening consists in vertical movement of platforms non-loaded and loaded with automobiles with elevator cages and in horizontal movement of platforms to storage box and back to elevator cage. Storage boxes of movable platforms are located as per one of the versions - in one or more rows around elevator opening on each side, and horizontal movement of platforms is performed along guide surfaces with automatic wheeled towing vehicle having an electric drive and device of electromagnetic engagement with platform, vertical movement of platforms is performed by using single- or multi-celled elevator cage with one or more tiers. Device of parking automobiles in multi-storeyed parking areas-garages is described as well.

EFFECT: providing high loading/unloading efficiency, ease of fabrication, and ratio between technical, economical and operational properties, which is optimum for each version.

7 cl, 7 dwg

FIELD: transportation.

SUBSTANCE: multi-level module for storage of cars comprises the following parts installed in rectangular frame - platform for car entrance, cubicles for car storage, located on bearing frames in several layers, central well for weight-lifting cage, weight-lifting cage and drive for vertical motion of weight-lifting cage. Weight-lifting cage comprises car entrance platform in the form of car bearing platform, supplied with system for platform lifting and its plane-parallel reciprocal motion, in entrance platform floor and car storage cubicle floor there are openings provided for fixation of bearing platform motion.

EFFECT: minimisation of occupied area in multi-level parking lot, possibility to use single module and multimodular structure, simplified system of parking and car installation in module, reliability, reduction of parking time and car departure, possibility of visual supervision over location and safety of cars.

4 dwg

FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: method for loading and unloading of vehicle in mechanised multilevel garage with opposite location of storage cells relative to elevator shaft includes vehicle placement on tray installed on load platform, vertical displacement of tray with vehicle to the level of specified storage cell and back, horizontal displacement of tray with vehicle from load platform to storage cell and back. Loading of tray with vehicle into specified storage cell is done by means of vertical displacement of tray with vehicle on load platform by means of synchronous motion of bearing vertical chain drives that are connected to load platform with the possibility of control for provision of horizontal position of load platform without fixation of mutual location of load platform and storage cell in the end of working stroke, by horizontal plane-parallel, reciprocal motion of tray with vehicle and movable part of mechanism of horizontal displacement into cavity of storage cell, by further lowering of load platform by means of synchronous motion of bearing vertical chain drives until tray is put onto supports of storage cell and withdrawal of movable part of horizontal displacement mechanism from engagement with tray with return of movable part of horizontal displacement mechanism into initial position with provision of possibility for vertical displacement of load platform by means of synchronous motion of bearing vertical chain drives, and unloading of tray with vehicle from storage cell is done in reverse direction by strokes of working cycle. Mechanised multilevel garage comprises basement floor with entrance gates, metal frame that has vertical elevator shaft in symmetry axis with load platform and vehicle storage cells provided in every floor on both sides of shaft, unified trays for vehicles placement installed in location plates in every storage cell, and mechanism for horizontal displacement of trays installed on load platform, in which garage is equipped with guides for displacement of load platform and bearing vertical chain drives, which are equipped with drive that synchronises their traveling and are connected to units of load platform with the possibility for control and elimination of chains breaking consequences, and load platform is equipped with mechanism for horizontal displacement with movable part for location of tray with the possibility of forced plane-parallel motions in direction of vehicle storage cell cavities.

EFFECT: simplification of kinematic circuit, optimisation of dimensions and metal intensity, increased reliability and improvement of operational conditions.

6 cl, 2 dwg

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to hoist unit (12) with well wherein two cabins (14, 16) independently displace vertically. Every said cabin (14, 16) is provided with drive (23, 33) and brake (55, 57). At least one travel limiter incorporates thrust element (54, 56) to interact with retainer (60, 64). At least one thrust element (54, 56) is arranged at the elevator first cabin (14) to extend aside from the cabin vertical projection to interact with said retainer (60, 64) located outside the vertical projection of all cabins. Brake (55, 57) is arranged at appropriate cabin. Said brake is deactivated if elevator cabin decreases below preset limiting speed. Note here that cabin at speeds lower than limiting speed can be braked by thrust and retaining elements up to complete stop.

EFFECT: higher carrying capacity.

20 cl, 6 dwg

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: proposed elevator incorporates abnormal operation signalling and interlocking device to lock the motion in the case of lift passenger bowel and bladder habits inside the elevator cabin. For this, elevator cabin floor is inclined toward one side, slope lower part is provided with flute, also inclined. Urine got on the floor flows in flute to contacts (1) to close the circuit of relay coil (2). Said relay makes the contact (3) and contact (4) in bell coil circuit (5) fitted on cabin to output the signal (6) to operator for him to inform the law machinery on offence. Besides, said relay breaks contact (7) in elevator control circuit (8) to stop the cabin without opening of the door. Operator switches the elevator to "Normal Operation" mode. At flushing of the cabin, fouled water also gets on contacts (1) but said relay does not operate since contact 9 in cabin opened door relay coil circuit is broken. Optionally, elevator cabin does not stop but is forced to the ground floor.

EFFECT: efficient prevention of such offences.

1 dwg

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: one of inventions relates to lifter containing guide, cabin made capable to move along the guide, and cable laying between cabin and base station of the guide in which cable at least one run is placed into cable container in the area of the base station. The cable is guided using at least one diverter of cable trolley moving along the guide. Herewith, cable holder is attached on the guide between the cable container and the cable trolley. The inventions also relate to method for assembly/disassembly of this type of the lifter. Herewith, during lifter assembly after approximately half of guide has been reached the cable trolley is mounted, and during lifter disassembly this trolley is dismantled at the specified length.

EFFECT: design improvement.

9 cl, 6 dwg

FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: passenger lift for multistory buildings comprises a friction pulley kinematically connected with an electric motor, enveloped with a traction steep wire rope with a cabin fixed on one of its ends for accommodation of people, while making the rope-guiding pulley as multi-stream with rope reeving on it with the help of an additional diverting pulley. At the second end of the traction rope there is the second cabin for accommodation of people, dimensions and weight of which are equal to dimensions and weight of the cabin fixed on the first end of the rope. The section of the traction rope with the second cabin fixed on its end is placed as capable of enveloping the diverting block by the rope, and the diverting block is installed with displacement away from the driving friction pulley. The traction factor of the driving friction pulley is determined in accordance with the following formula: e≥1+Gp/Gc, where e - base of the natural logarithms, f - coefficient of friction of the traction rope against the friction pulley, Gp - design load from weight of people in the cabin, Gc - cabin weight.

EFFECT: considerable increase of lift efficiency during its operation, especially when the lift is installed in a multistory building, reduced capital and operating costs due to reduced required number of passenger lifts within a building.

1 dwg

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: elevator 10 comprises two cabin K1, K2 arranged one above another to displace independently. Both cabins K1, K2 are driven by bearing draw member 102, 202 and connected with counterweights G1, G2. Both said cabins comprises lower cable 110, 210 tensioned by separate tensioners. Lower cable 110 of the first lower cabin K1 is secured thereto and to first counterweight G1. Lower cable 210 of second cabin K2 passes nearby said cabin while at least one end of both ends 210.1, 210.2 of lower cable is secured to weight 214, 224 suspended and/or fixed with clearance. Lower cable 210 is connected with second cabin K2 at 1:2 ration and has two ends 210.1, 210.2, each being passed over guide roll 204.1, 204.3. Note here that first end 204.1 of lower cable is secured at first attachment point 213.1 while second end 210.2 is secured at second attachment point 213.2.

EFFECT: higher safety.

12 cl, 6 dwg

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: system of elevators is installed in building with at least two elevators. Said building is divided into zones while every elevator has at least one elevator cab. Every elevator cab is displaced independently by its built-in drive arranged in appropriate cab area. Every elevator cab are has at least one interchange floor (U1.1, U1.2, U2.1, U2.2) and at least another floor. First elevator has three cabs in one well (15.1) arranged vertically one above the other to form medium and two adjacent cabs. Note here that medium cab displaces independently in mid zone (K 1.1, K1.2) while two adjacent cabs displace independently in two adjacent zones (K2.1, K3.1, K2.2, K3.2). Note that mid zone K 1.1, K1.2) and adjacent zone (K2.1, K3.1, K2.2, K3.2) attend to at least one common floor. Besides, one of said cab zones (K2.1, K3.1, K2.2, K3.2) is assigned to two zones (G1, G2) of the building.

EFFECT: higher efficiency.

38 cl, 8 dwg

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: proposed drive-in brake 3 comprises first retainer 3.10 and is arranged between two cabins and secured at first cabin 1. It comprises the system of brake elements with at least one first brake element mounted at said first retainer to displace with respect to guide structure. Said first retainer incorporates the device for forced orientation to transform relative displacement of said system of brake elements in drive-in direction of two cabins in relative displacement of said brake system to guide structure. Besides the brake comprises second retainer 3.20 secured at second cabin 2 and arranged between two elevator cabins. Said second retainer incorporates the device for forced orientation to transform relative displacement of said system of brake elements in drive-in direction of two cabins in relative displacement of said brake system to guide structure.

EFFECT: higher reliability.

17 cl, 7 dwg

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to elevators. This traction device may be arranged in shaft carcass 102 or elevator shaft 100 to accommodate cargo carrier 200 displacing up and down therein driven by, at least, one drive shaft coupled with drive motor and mounted at shaft carcass 102 or shaft 100, and traction device. Cross-section of shaft carcass 102 and/or cargo carrier, in particularly, elevator platform 200 features oval, round, polygonal, rectangular, preferably, square shape. Carriers secured at traction device drive shaft ends are arranged diagonally opposite to move in proximate spacing and parallel with vertical lengthwise sides of shaft carcass 102 that form angle areas.

EFFECT: simplified design, space saving.

20 cl, 12 dwg

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to elevators. Shaft carcass 29 may be an independent structure and/or arranged in elevator shaft 100 to accommodate cargo platform 200 driven up and down in shaft carcass 102 by pulling device 203 via driven shaft engaged with drive motor and mounted horizontally at carcass 102 or in elevator shaft 100. In compliance with this invention, driven shaft extends approximately horizontally between two diagonally opposite angular areas of carcass 102 and is connected, directly or indirectly, with opposite parts, particularly, with shaft carcass lengthwise sides or parts of shaft walls, and comprises drive roller arranged in areas of its two ends to drive aforesaid platform 200 up and down.

EFFECT: simplified production, optimum design.

17 cl, 12 dwg

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: elevator counterweight comprises buffer element 40 secured therewith to move in tandem in elevator shaft. Said buffer element 40 comprises first part located inside outer boundary of counterweight base part. Buffer element second part is located outside said boundary. In compliance with invention versions, set of inserts is secured with the frame. Note here that first insert features first width and, at least, one second insert smaller in width. Second insert may be located sideways from buffer element first part 40. Elevator system comprises above described counterweight.

EFFECT: saving of space.

9 cl, 3 dwg

FIELD: transportation, packing and storage.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to automation of assembly processes and can be used in manufacture of bottled waters, namely in fitting transport handle on bottle neck. Proposed device comprises accumulative magazine with aligning rod arranged in the channel formed by walls and parts piled in a certain way. Feeding bar for piece delivery of details is located at the channel bottom with its length exceeding that of the rod by the part thickness. Rod with parts strung thereon has the S-shape, its position in magazine case being subjected completely to part shape. Magazine channel features a bend that follows the rod shape. Channel sidewalls accommodate disks with radial brushes and drive to rotate the latter in direction of parts motion along aforesaid channel.

EFFECT: higher reliability, continuous operation.

3 dwg