Control system

FIELD: radio engineering, communication.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a control system for use in underground operations having two control computers and one network cable which connects control computers. The control computers are designed to transmit data over a first network cable using high-frequency signals. Each control computer is designed to transmit data using low-frequency signals over one network cable.

EFFECT: improved transmission.

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FIELD: physics, computation hardware.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to safety of info systems. Standard technical conditions of active network hardware are, first, recorded. The list of open network ports, check sums of configuration files and software files, check sums of the results of control effects over active network hardware control system are recorded. Intermittent monitoring of active network hardware is executed. Reference and current states of said reference and current hardware are compared. In case current technical state does not comply with reference state, appropriate message is generated.

EFFECT: higher level of active network hardware protection.

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FIELD: physics, communications.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to means of controlling packet processing. The method includes generating a processing rule which sets a matching and processing rule for a packet corresponding to a matching rule; generating processing and first identifier rules for identifying said first processing rule, wherein the processing rule includes a matching rule for matching with information included in the packet, and a packet processing instruction corresponding to the matching rule; sending the processing and first identifier rules to a node, said node determining whether to process the received packet according to the instruction depending on whether a second identifier attached to the first packet corresponds to the first identifier.

EFFECT: shorter time for establishing a connection.

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FIELD: radio engineering, communication.

SUBSTANCE: invention discloses a system for achieving traffic wholesale based on a soft switch, which includes a soft switch and one or more trunk gateways connected with the soft switch via an IP network. Logical resources of the soft switch include one or more trunk groups, and each trunk group includes a plurality of trunk circuits. Each trunk gateway corresponds to one or more trunk groups, and part or all of main circuits of the trunk gateways establish a corresponding relationship with the trunk circuits of corresponding trunk groups. The logical resources including the trunk groups and the trunk circuits of the trunk groups are allocated to lessees, and charging and service configurations for the trunk groups allocated to the lessees are set.

EFFECT: improved efficiency of allocating traffic.

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FIELD: radio engineering, communication.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a communication unit, a communication system, a communication method for measurement of state of a communication route. The communication system contains an adder section, a measurement section, a section of notification on measurement results, a processing rule storage section and a processing section. The adder section adds data for measurement of the communication state to the reception frame when the communication unit is an input boundary node of a network. The measurement section measures the communication state on the basis of data of measurement of the communication state when the communication unit is an output boundary node of a network. The section of notification notifies on measurement result the control unit which controls a network. The processing rule storage section addresses to data of the reception frame identifier and saves the processing rule, correlating the data of identification of the reception frame and processing of the reception frame. The processing section processes the reception frame on the basis of the processing rule.

EFFECT: possibility to switch a route at a high rate by means of server control according to network communication network.

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FIELD: radio engineering, communication.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to means of enabling one communication device to obtain access to data, such as a set of media items, accessible through another communication device. The method includes transmitting identification code information between a first communication device, a second communication device and a server; associating the identification code with the first communication device or providing said identification code with a set of media items accessible through the first communication device, wherein the set of media items is associated with access rules; sending, by the first communication device, information relating to said set of media items to the server, wherein the information includes access rules; receiving, by the server, the information relating to said set of media items; generating, by the server, account data relating to said set of media items and associated access rules; sending, by the server, the account data to the second communication device; receiving the account data by the second communication device, which enables the second communication device to access said set of media items.

EFFECT: obtaining access to a set of media items accessible through a different communication device.

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FIELD: radio engineering, communication.

SUBSTANCE: method comprises: detecting change in the connection between an external station (E1) and a proxy gateway (G1); generating, if change has been detected, a proxy information serial number (PISN) either (i) through increment of the existing proxy information serial number (EPISN) for a specific MAC address pair (SMACAP) by at least one, or (ii) using the serial number of a message of item encoded by a standard hybrid wireless mesh protocol, wherein said serial number is greater than the serial number of a previously created message or item, encoded by the standard hybrid wireless mesh protocol; generating an extended proxy information item (EPI) through: a first field (F1), which indicates addition or removal of a connection, presence of a third field (F3) and presence of a fifth field (F5); a second field (F2), which includes an external MAC address (EMACA); a third field (F3), which includes a proxy MAC address (PMACA), wherein presence of the third field (F3) is indicated by the first field (F1); a fourth field (F4), which includes the proxy information serial number (PISN); a fifth field (F5), which includes the proxy information life (PILIFE), wherein presence of the fifth field (F5) is indicated by the first field (F1).

EFFECT: faster data transmission in a network.

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FIELD: physics, computer engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a method of transmitting information over a network. The method comprises transmitting from a first station to a second station, wherein the first station comprises at least one buffer memory for storing data packets intended for transmission, wherein the method includes steps where (a) the first station estimates the status of at least one buffer memory, (b) the first station transmits at least one buffer status packet which is the buffer memory status, wherein the method further includes a step (c) of adapting the value of the first parameter of the buffer status packets based on data traffic characteristics.

EFFECT: buffer status reporting (BSR) providing sufficient information on the real state of buffers of the second station during high activity thereof.

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FIELD: physics, computer engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to wireless cellular/self-organizing (ad hoc) networks, particularly, to processing of route request messages at routing protocols to request. Proposed is the method of detection of route between source node and destination node including intermediate replay flag of reply of route request message by source node, avalanche distribution in said wireless network and reply to said request by means of the first intermediate node and having an actual route to destination node. Described are system and method for detection of the best route. Note here that route reply message becomes the first route message. Here, selection of the best route is effected between them and source node on the basis of cumulative metrics received in route request messages receive by destination node. Extra route reply message is created to perform single-address transmission thereof to source node.

EFFECT: fast detection of the route with optimum metrics between source node and one or more destination nodes.

26 cl, 6 dwg

FIELD: radio engineering, communication.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to means of receiving/transmitting data in a wireless communication system. The method includes fragmenting a data packet into two or more fragments; configuring a medium access control protocol data unit (MAC PDU), the MAC PDU including at least one of the two or more fragments, a first header containing control information about the MAC PDU which includes the at least one of the two or more fragments, and a fragmentation extended header (FEH) providing information on the data packet fragment, wherein the first header contains an indicator indicating that the FEH is present following the first header, wherein the FEH contains a type field identifying a type of the FEH and the FEH has a variable length depending on whether the fragmented data packet is a real-time data packet or not, and wherein the FEH has a shorter length when the fragmented data packet is a real-time data packet than when the fragmented data packet is a non-real-time data packet; and transmitting the configured MAC PDU to a receiving side.

EFFECT: shorter header processing time.

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FIELD: physics, computer engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to Internet communication. The system employs network elements, which include an acceleration server, clients, agents and peers, where communication requests generated by applications are intercepted by a client in the same computer. The IP address of the server is transmitted to the acceleration server, which provides a list of agents for use for said IP address. One or more agents respond with a list of peers who previously possessed some or all of the content, which is a response to said request. The client then downloads data from said peers in parallel and in parts.

EFFECT: reducing network overload for content owners and Internet service providers.

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FIELD: transport engineering.

SUBSTANCE: hand-held machine comprises a body (2) made from several parts and consisting of a handle case (4) and a motor case (3) to set a drive motor (5), and a plug-in device set in the hand-held machine. The plug-in device comprises the first plug-in part (16) connected to the drive motor (5) of the hand-held machine and the second plug-in part (17) connected to the other unit (11) of the hand-held machine. At that the first (16) and the second (17) plug-in parts are joined in a common plug-in part (15) which is set in the handle case (4) and from which electric connection cables (13) are laid to at least one electric component (5, 11) placed in the motor case (3). The first plug-in part (16) and the second plug-in part (17) are fitted by plug sockets (20, 21; 22, 23) to plug-in the electric connection cables with the sockets being arranged on the same side and one above the other.

EFFECT: decrease of the number of components without functionality limitation as well as extended life and simplified installation.

10 cl, 11 dwg

FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: current-transmitting surface of dismountable contact connection (DCC) is cleaned and degreased. After application of liquid flux the surface is heated up to a temperature of 65-70C. After mechanical treatment and removal of flux excess bismuth-based alloy with melting temperature of 47-60C and thickness less than 0.1 mm is applied to the current-transmitting surface. In result of contact hybrid melting the coating is formed. In 3-4 minutes after application of the alloy to the current-transmitting surfaces they are cooled up to a temperature of 40C.

EFFECT: reduction of transient electric resistance for DCC, stabilisation of its value at the level of initial assembly within the whole period of its service life, expansion of the scope of DCC efficient application.

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FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: device (1) for electric connection of domestic appliances or electric tools comprises a female receiver (2), equipped with two seats (8a, 8b) and a male connector (3), which may be inserted inside the specified female receiver (2). The male connector (3) is equipped with the first facility (4a) of electric contact with a longitudinal axis (A-A), comprising a pin, and the second facility (4b) of electric contact. The male connector (3) is also equipped with a plastic body (5), to which the first (4a) and second (4b) facilities (4a) of electric contact are attached, which are concentric to each other, so that they may be inserted with the possibility to withdraw inside the specified seats (8a, 8b), providing for continuous rotation of the male connector (3) relative to the female receiver (2).

EFFECT: creation of an electric connecting device of simple design, preventing twisting and reducing wear of a cable of power supply during usage of a connected domestic appliance without limitation of freedom of its displacement.

6 cl, 4 dwg

FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: connection system includes a self-fixing system of pushing-and-pulling type, some elements of which are attached to socket connector (1). Socket connector (1) includes tubular housing (10) with insert (11) placed in it and having the possibility of receiving each of the ends of the first signal conducting device. Elements (12) of the self-fixing system, which are attached to the socket connector, are made on the above insert (11). Besides, invention refers to socket connector (3).

EFFECT: reduction of risk for insulation of a socket connector, the tubular housing of which is fully insulated and not weakened by available fixing devices at small size of a socket and small thickness of a tubular housing wall.

5 cl, 4 dwg

FIELD: electrical engineering.

SUBSTANCE: insert contains at least three contacts (from 101 till 108) having linear parts actually and at least one three-pole electric capacity (141, 143, 145, 144, 146, 148), between three contacts (101, 103, 105, 104, 106, 108). One of contacts (103, 106) of each three-pole electric capacity is connected to the central lining (143, 146). The first size of the central lining in direction perpendicular to linear parts exceeds the second size in direction parallel in essence to the linear parts, moreover this second size determines width of central lining areas. The average width of the central lining between areas where it is located opposite other so-called side linings connected to other contacts by three-pole electric capacity exceeds one third of the average length of the central lining in these areas. In at least one electric capacity the average width of the central area between areas where it is located opposite side linings should preferably exceed one third of distance between these side linings.

EFFECT: reduction of cross-noise.

22 cl, 26 dwg

FIELD: electrical engineering.

SUBSTANCE: device consists of an element with locking side members and plug-type connector connected to the specified module of aircraft passenger cabin and range of electric contacts. The above element is made as U-busbar element (2), which side members (2A, 2B) have fixing points (3A, 3B) in order to lock plug-type connector (7) connected to the module (5, 10) of an aircraft passenger cabin and which central part (2) connects two side members (2A, 2B) and has electric contacts (4-i) for power supply and data exchange with the above module (5, 10) of an aircraft passenger cabin.

EFFECT: minimisation of labour intensity for installation of the device which is resistant to vibration and accelerative forces.

1 cl, 3 dwg

FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to an electric connecting device (1; 20), which conducts high current, in particular, to a plug connection for operation in heavy mode with the first connector (2, 21) and the second connector (3, 22), every of which has a contacting element (4, 6; 25, 29) for provision of electric connection in connected condition of connectors. Connectors (2; 21; 3; 22) tightly adjoin each other in the area of connected in connected condition. At least one of connectors (2; 21; 3; 22) comprises a coolant line (8; 27, 28) with one or several points (9, 10) of access accordingly for supply and discharge of the coolant. The coolant line (8; 27, 28) is arranged in a contacting element to scatter heat from a point of contact between contacting elements (4, 6; 24, 29). All points (9, 10) of access in the coolant line (8; 27, 28) are arranged outside of the connection area.

EFFECT: development of a split connecting device with sufficient cooling in a point of contact, which is characterised by low space requirements and may be connected and disconnected without any preparatory actions.

12 cl, 9 dwg

FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: object of the invention is an electric connecting contact (20, 20'), arranged in the form of a metal plate (21, 21') with a hole (22, 22'), inside of which there are four tabs (23, 23', 24, 24') arranged in the form of a cross. The specified four tabs are in pairs arranged oppositely to each other and are bent to one side relative to the metal plate, limiting between each other a contact seat (25, 25') for entrance of a pin (50; 51) of the electric fork. At the same time the length of tabs of the first pair is more than the length of the second pair tabs.

EFFECT: simplification, higher compactness and manufacturability of contact design providing for the possibility of entrance and reliable retention of plug pins of various diameters in a side direction.

11 cl, 7 dwg

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: set of inventions relates to railway transport facilities. Connector 5' comprises contact holder 6 to be locked in train automatic coupler connection panel 7. Besides, it comprises contact metal case 20 to be plugged in front end of contact holder 6, metal contact element 21 locked in contact case to pass through insulated line terminal 22 of conductor arranged in contact holder rear end. Front part of connection panel 7 accommodates set of connectors 5' to be connected to appropriate connection panel of railway transport facilities interconnected by automatic coupler. Connectors 5' transmit signals in 100 MHz range via contact elements 21 provided with electromagnetic shielding. Data transmission circuit comprises data transmission interface including connection panel 7 of proposed device.

EFFECT: easy and independent replacement of contacts.

13 cl, 4 dwg

FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: electric socket has multiple contact elements, a face panel with at least one set of holes formed in it to receive according contact pins of a plug, and a facility to prevent displacement of contact pins from the face panel, when the contact pins are installed into holes. According to the invention, the face panel is made of a dielectric and is divided into two parts, one of which belongs to a base, and the second one - to a cover, besides, on the face panel that belongs to the cover there are holes to receive and let through according contact pins of the plug to multiple contact elements, on the face panel of the base there are slots for connection to the cover and the seat for placement of multiple plate contact elements with ends that are bent inside, every of which is spring-loaded with an elastic spring installed inside the contact element, at the same time the cover is rigidly fixed to the base onto threaded joints after installation of multiple contacts and its placement into the base holes.

EFFECT: improved manufacturability and repairability of a socket.

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FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: method of electric conductor manufacturing includes introduction of an additive consisting of a mix of heat-resistant organosilicone fluid (OSF) and heat-resistant fluororganic compound (FOC) in the amount of 0.3-1.5% by weight into granulate of radiation-synthesized compound based on copolymer of tetrafluoroethylene and ethylene. Proportion of OSF and FOC varies within limits of 1:3 up to 3:1. The obtained mixture of granulate and additive is delivered to a loading hopper of the extrusion machine, thereafter at least one coating of this mixture is applied as insulation to electric conductor and irradiated. Electric strength of conductor is more than 70 kV/mm.

EFFECT: improving manufacturability and productivity of the suggested method due to exclusion of destruction of radiation-synthesized compound at growth rate of its application to conductor, high physical and mechanical and electrical properties of insulation.

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