Switching system

FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: invention is related to switching system (1) for relays or contactor switch, which is comprised of a contact bridge (5) placed between two contacts (4a, 4b) so that it can rotate around the axis (6). Besides, the switching system (1) comprises a magnet element (15) that generates magnetic filed (28) parallel to the rotation axis (6) of the contact bridge (5) in order to force out electric arc occurring at open contacts (4a, 4b) to arc-quenching chamber (16).

EFFECT: improved efficiency of the switching system at voltage of 450 V and at passage and interruption of current of 250 A.

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FIELD: electrical engineering.

SUBSTANCE: arc suppressor contains an arc suppression chamber (21) formed by a package of de-ionising plates (22), an arc generation chamber (11) delimited by the first side wall (12) and the second side wall (13) and a means for removal of gases generated during electric arc occurrence, the means containing a removal channel (31) positioned behind the second side wall and connected with at least one exchange space (24). The arc suppression chamber contains permanent magnets, at least part of them placed behind the first side wall (12). The removal means has a hole formed partially in the second side wall (13) and opening to the arc suppressor outside.

EFFECT: enhanced effectiveness of arc suppression without increase of the commutation device volume.

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FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: arc chute (4) comprises an arc-quenching chamber (21) formed by a package of deionising plates (22), and an arc-generating chamber (11) restricted with the first and the second flanges (12, 13), besides, the arc-quenching chamber comprises permanent magnets, at least partially arranged behind the first flange (12). The arc-generation chamber (11) comprises a higher induction section (31), in which the arc moves towards the arc-quenching chamber by the first part (32, 33) of permanent magnets, and a diverging section (51), in which the arc diverges to the first flange by the second part (52) of the permanent magnets, besides, the magnetic field in the longitudinal average plane developed by the second part, is substantially weaker than the field developed by the first part. An automatic circuit breaker is also disclosed, comprising opened contacts (1, 2) and the arc-quenching chamber described above.

EFFECT: improved reliability of arc quenching and current interruption.

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FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: contactor for operation on DC and AC currents is equipped with at least one contact part made of a fixed contact and a movable contact; at least one permanent magnet placed near the contact part and intended to develop a permanent magnetic arc-quenching field and at least one coil placed near the contact part and intended to develop an electromagnet arc-quenching field to suck-in the arc that originates when the contact part opens at least into one arc-quenching chamber. The contactor is also equipped with at least two contact parts, movable contacts of which are placed on the contact bridge; at least one permanent magnet placed near each contact part, besides, permanent magnets related to two contact parts are polarised in opposite directions.

EFFECT: provision of fast and reliable opening of contacts and arc-quenching, simplified design and manufacturing.

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FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to devices for electric arc extinguishing at interruption both of short-circuit currents, and low currents with commutation device, and is intended for being used in arc extinguishing devices of current-restricting and quick-operating switches. Magnetic blow device includes a set of magnetic conductors with coils, movable and fixed contacts. Each next magnetic conductor of the set is located above the previous one; at that, each next magnetic conductor of the set is offset relative to movable contact in horizontal plane by shorter distance to this contact in comparison to previous magnetic conductor of the set. Coils of magnetic conductors are in-series connected to contacts.

EFFECT: eliminating deceleration of travelling speed of electric arc in arc extinguishing device, and its extinguishing efficiency.

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FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: electromechanical circuit breaker is intended for opening and closing the current in power circuit (3, 4). It includes fixed (5) and movable (6) contact elements which, when in position of contacting each other, provide current drainage from power circuit (3, 4), and arc extinguisher (2) with magnetisation coil (8). Arc extinguisher (2) includes electrode assembly (12) connected to magnetisation coil (8). Magnetic field used for the arc discharge is created with the arc itself. Electrodes (12) are connected to contact elements (5, 6) so that electric arc obtained during opening of contact elements is divided at least into the first arc (13a) located between one contact element (5) and electrodes (12) and the second arc (13b) located between electrodes (12) and other contact element (6). The first or the second arc (13a, 13b) are installed parallel to magnetisation coil (8) connected on one side to electrodes (12), and on the other side - to one of contact elements (5, 6).

EFFECT: increasing the breaking efficiency and possibility of breaking at smaller current values.

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FIELD: electrical engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to components of switching hardware, particularly DC switch. DC switch independent magnetic blow-out device on permanent magnets consists of permanent magnets and magnetic core. Every magnetic pole incorporates U-like horns. One pole of magnetic core is fitted between bifurcated horn parts of every electric pole, while another one is located at the bottom and aside of aforesaid U-like horns.

EFFECT: higher reliability of arc control due to DC arc blow-out in preset direction at whatever arc current direction.

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The invention relates to a device switching electrical circuits, DC and can be used in the construction of relays, contactors and other switching devices of automation, control and protection

Contact system // 2045791
The invention relates to a contact system of protection devices and control

FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: invention is referred to unidirectional direct-current contactor with double disconnection having two contact pads, each pad is equipped with one fixed contact and one movable contact, at that the movable contacts are placed at a jumper and at disconnection of the contact pads a switching electric arc is formed at each of them, and an electric arc quencher and a displacing device for displacement of at least one switching electric arc from the respective contact pad. The shunting guard is placed close to the movable contact of the first contact pad; the jumper and the shunting guard are insulated from each other; the shunting guard is connected by potential to the fixed contact of the second contact pad so that at the first contact pad by displacement made by the displacing device the first switching electric arc jumps from the jumper to the shunting guard.

EFFECT: providing small dimensions and low costs for manufacturing of the device.

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Low-voltage switch // 2505876

FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: low-voltage switch has a housing which holds at least one fixed contact and a movable contact which is engaged and disengaged with the fixed contact, a drive mechanism operably connected to the movable contact, at least first and second terminals electrically connected to the fixed contact and the movable contact, respectively, and an arc chamber placed between the fixed contact and a conducting element, having a first end which is electrically connected to the second terminal and a second end which ends with the lower side. The arc chamber has multiple moulded conducting plates which are inserted between the fixed contact and the second end of the conducting element, and a main part having a second insulating housing which holds an element made of ferromagnetic material. The main part is placed adjacent to the multiple moulded conducting plates and defines the space for passage of the movable contact as it moves between the closed position and the open position.

EFFECT: making a switch which, with a relatively simple design, provides highly effective cutting of overload current owing to sufficient rate of opening and control of the electric arc.

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Switching device // 2502147

FIELD: radio engineering, communication.

SUBSTANCE: switching device has at least one input terminal and at least one output terminal (3) for connecting electric conductors, as well as a first switching contact and a second switching contact. The switching contacts in the closed position close the current circuit between the input terminal and the output terminal (3). A circuit breaker is provided for opening the first switching contact and the second switching contact. In the zone of the switching contacts, there is at least one arc-extinguishing chamber (9) which holds a given number of metal plates (10). In order to achieve high reliability and safety during operation even after repeated disconnection, the invention proposes adjoining at least two metal plates (10) through separate areas.

EFFECT: high reliability and safety of operation.

12 cl, 2 dwg

FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: arc-extinguishing system includes movable contact, fixed contact and insulating housing. Insulating housing is made in the form of hollow pipe with slots made on inner surface and located at intervals along the whole housing. Metal magnetic inserts are located in each slot, and magnetic blow device for creation of longitudinal magnetic field is installed on fixed contact.

EFFECT: increasing the drop of voltage on the arc, increasing heat release from electric arc to the environment owing to its being rotated between slots of the housing, and decreasing the influence of exhaust gases on inner surface of the housing.

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Automatic switch // 2353536

FIELD: engineering industry.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to electric switch mechanisms of railroad automation and telemechanics, which include an automatic switch. The latter is provided with fixed contact shoes with drop-shaped spring-loaded contact plates. Movable shoes are provided with U-shaped contacts at the periphery thereof, and are equipped length-wise with covering contact plates interacting with drop-shaped contact plates of fixed shoe.

EFFECT: improving structural reliability and safe train movement.

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FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: invention is referred to electric commutation switches, in particular to circuit breakers. The invention suggests commutation switch (600) having at least one single-pole tripping unit (10) comprised of movable bridge contact (22), a pair of fixed contacts (41, 51) functioning in combination with movable bridge contact and connected respectively to input current conductor (4, 5), and two arc-extinguishing chambers (24) opening in response to opened volume of the bridge contact (22) and containing a set of at least two deionising ribs (25) separated from each other by gas exchange space. Each arc-extinguishing chamber (24) is connected to at least one outlet channel (38, 42) for cooling gas, at that outlet channels are open to the panel from the side of body line (12) of the tripping unit (10), and the above panel from the side of body line is opposed to another panel from the load side and made so that it can be contacted by the tripping device (7).

EFFECT: provision of commutation switch with effective means to remove cooling gases.

15 cl, 10 dwg

FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: invention pertains to a single-pole disconnecting device. The single-pole disconnecting device is suggested with the following composition: contacting bridge (22) with at least one fixed contact (41, 51) operated together with the contact bridge as well as a tuner bar (26) having a cross bore (21) wherein the contacting bridge is mounted and protruded from each side of the turner bar (26), at that the bar (26) is inserted between two side plates (14) of the disconnecting device. The contacting bridge comprises two seal flanges (27) placed between radial surfaces of the turner bar (26) and side plates (14) respectively. At least one arc blow-out chamber (24) is communicated to open space of the contacting bridge (22). The turner bar (26) comprises at least one channel (29) connected to transversal intake opening (21).

EFFECT: development of the disconnecting device with turner bar and effective sealing facility.

23 cl, 12 dwg

FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: application: in the field of electrical engineering. The invention relates to a switching device, comprising the following components: the first unit (1), comprising a driving organ (10), which may take idle position and working position; the second unit (2), installed on the first unit (1) and comprising a movable bridge (22) with movable contacts (221), acting relatively to fixed contacts (201) between the closing position and opening position, to accordingly close or open electric circuit depending on the position of the driving organ (10); at the same time: the movable bridge (22) is arranged as capable of rotation around the axis of rotation (A) and may take the third position for opening of an electric circuit, when the first unit (1) is mechanically disconnected from the second unit (2).

EFFECT: higher reliability and downsizing.

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FIELD: physics; control.

SUBSTANCE: present invention pertains to electrical machine building, particularly to apparatus for controlling electrically propelled vehicles. The controller contact system contains immovable contacts, fixed on an insulating case, movable contacts, fixed on a bridge contact holder, which interacts with one arm of a turning two-arm lever, fitted in a case on an axis with possibility of interaction of its other end with a driving element using a roller, as well as comprising a spring. The bridge contact holder is made in form of a metallic U-shaped plate with contacts, the sides of which are trapezium shaped. In the middle on the bends of the U-shaped plate, there are openings for fastening one end of the spring, the other end of which fixed to the case by a pin. The sides of the bridge contact holder lie on an axis, located on the arm of the turning two-arm lever with possibility of freely rotating in the opening of this arm. The axis in the arm of the turning two-arm lever, openings on the U-shaped plate for fastening the spring and fasting its second end to the case using a pin lie on a single line, which guarantees simultaneous touching and separation of contacts during commutation.

EFFECT: increased reliability of the controller contact system and its reduced size.

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FIELD: electric engineering, applicable for provision of functioning of controlled systems and mechanisms.

SUBSTANCE: the device has an electromagnet, contactor having a stationary commutating block and electroconducting shunt. The electromagnet movable armature is installed for axial action on the contactor electroconducting shunt. The stationary communicating block of the contactor is formed by the dielectric part and the electroconducting surface including the working sections of the contacts of the stationery commutating block facing the working sections of the electroconducting shunt. The electroconducting shunt is formed by the armature and contact parts. The armature part of the electroconducting shunt includes the lobed arms, and the contact part - the working sections of the contacts positioned on the planes of the lobed arms of the armature part. The lobed arms of the armature part of the electroconducting shunt are connected by means of the central block, they are positioned with a similar interval and uniformly spread along the generating line of its outer cylindrical surface.

EFFECT: enhanced durability and lowered price of production.

6 cl, 3 dwg

The invention relates to the field of electrical engineering, namely to the low-voltage apparatus, and can be used in the design of the contactors and starters

The invention relates to the field of electrical engineering, namely to the low-voltage apparatus, and can be used in the design of the contactors and starters

The invention relates to electrical engineering, namely to the low-voltage apparatus, and can be used in the manufacture of parts for electrical apparatus, in particular when welding silver linings movable bridging contacts of the contactors and starters