Food package

FIELD: packaging industry.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a food package containing a product, which has visual elements formed in such a way that they create a three-dimensional image on it and in observing them provide a three-dimensional view in the package so that the package looks transparent. And the visual elements are arranged so that the image of the product on the package is aligned with the product in the package.

EFFECT: implementation of the package enables to provide precise handling of the packaged product without prior opening the package; furthermore, by suitable design of the image on the packaging material of the package and selection of appropriate image properties the package can be obtained, having a visually attractive appearance.

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FIELD: packaging industry.

SUBSTANCE: partially metallised packaging film and method for its preparation is described. According to one of the peculiarities of the invention, the flow parts of the evaporated metal do not allow to contact with the sheet of the packaging film during metallisation. The screen is used, which is a rigid plate, which can be made in such a way as to provide sharp transition from a transparent film to a lightproof film or gradual transition from the transparent film to the lightproof film. The partially metallised packaging film is used in a forming-filling-sealing machine or other packaging machine to obtain packages for food products with a viewing window. According to one of the peculiarities of the invention, the barrier film is a film based on biological substances.

EFFECT: creation of the partially metallised packaging film with barrier properties, which are close to the properties of fully metallised packaging films.

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FIELD: transport, package.

SUBSTANCE: proposed wrap serves to be fitted on conveyor and is made from film folded in halves to make closed loop with two end zones connected together. Said film that makes a cartridge-like wrap is lightproof on its entire surface except for window zone closed by lightproof detachable adhesive strip. Note here that detached strip allows access to window zone to observe the container contents.

EFFECT: control over substance availability or level in container under reduction of negative effects of light thereon.

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FIELD: packaging industry.

SUBSTANCE: package and method of making a container for smoking articles having a discontinuities tactile coating is proposed. The method comprises applying one or more pigmented lacquer on the outer surface of the flat semiproduct in the form of a pattern comprising a plurality of relief parts having a height of at least about 10 mcm and separation of at least about 20 mcm, curing of the said one or more pigmented lacquers with UV light or in the inert gas atmosphere and bending the flat semiproduct around the group of smoking articles.

EFFECT: claimed method enables to obtain a clear image on the surface of the article, and has good tactile properties.

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FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: ventilation panel made of multilayer material comprises a layer having the first hole and adjacent layer having the second hole. Besides the first and second holes do not match with each other and are not substantially overlapping, forming ventilation channel. At the same time this channel mutually joins the first and second holes, thus providing for passage of fluid medium both from hole to hole and through ventilation panel outside. Device also comprises insulating channel connected to one of holes, thus providing for insulation as a result of fluid medium passage along and inside of insulating channel. Invention also relates to ventilation system, method of ventilation panel manufacturing, and also to method of box manufacturing and to insulating panel made of multilayer material. Besides application of this panel is also possible in other areas of equipment, where it may be useful.

EFFECT: creation of ventilation panel, which preserves heat of hot products and prevents formation of undesirable moisture inside package.

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FIELD: packaging industry.

SUBSTANCE: package is implemented in the form of folding box, allowing several closing it catch at least with one opening, forming in put one on other condition cover of folding box with located in area of opening hole. Into opening it is placed attachment section of suspending element, allowing at one end plate, which at fixed on folding box suspending element is located under generatrix opening catch. Plate is implemented with opening in the form of notch, jut out plate from its outside edge, with ability of introduction of plate by opening edge into hole and following driving of plate into opening up to its total putting in folding box.

EFFECT: more simple fixation of suspending element excluding weakening or destruction of package.

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FIELD: container.

SUBSTANCE: collapsible wooden container with flexible bottom is designed to transport, store and sell products, mainly fruits and vegetables. Collapsible container is comprised of flat billet divided into bending zones to form bottom and four collapsible side walls. Container includes flexible bottom netting, wooden lattice or kraft-paper, stiffening element fixed to container and clamping in assembled position. Stiffening elements are represented with wooden lamellas glued along bottom perimeter and side walls. Wooden lamellas are glued to both sides of flexible bottom opposite to each other so that container corner connections can be tied up. Wooden lamellas are of similar width and their thickness is within the range from 0.6 to 6 mm.

EFFECT: reduction of materials consumption, automation of container assembling process and reduction of container utilisation costs.

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FIELD: textiles; paper.

SUBSTANCE: crude product from crimped cardboard consists of middle panel between two main case panels and terminal flap, located on one of the ends of the case panels. Each main case panel and the middle panel have opposite lying lateral flaps. Lateral flaps of the main case panels have an opening. Terminal flaps have a length, essentially equal to the length of the middle panel. The proposed second invention is a support made from the above mentioned crude product.

EFFECT: invention allows for convenient storage and transportation due to the possibility of flattening the crude product with retention of the required durability in the operating condition.

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FIELD: packages, particularly for tobacco goods.

SUBSTANCE: box 1 is folded from sheet material 9. Box comprises wall 7 defined by overlapped inner part 22 and outer part 21 made of sheet material. One section of inner part 22 covered with corresponding section of outer part 21 is elongated and form depression 27 to provide thickness of corresponding outer part 21 section. Depression 27 is surrounded by corresponding the first free outer edge 29 and the second inner edge 30 connected with remainder sheet material 9. Outer part 21 has the third free edge 21 located from outer side of the second edge 30 and coplanar thereto. This provides stepless continuous outer surface of corresponding wall 7 free of projecting edges 31.

EFFECT: increased efficiency and provision of smooth outer wall surface.

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FIELD: equipment for making paper articles.

SUBSTANCE: package is produced of laminated packing material formed of cellulose pulp and having three-dimensional layer which gives a three-dimensional configuration to the package, and at least one side layer formed on one side of three-dimensional layer. Side and three-dimensional layers are directly or indirectly connected one to another over the full surfaces thereof facing each other. Method for package production by creasing and folding laminated packing material involves pressing creasing device in one side of laminated packing material to form crease lines and holding the packing material by supporting tool from opposite side thereof, wherein the supporting tool is substantially flat in area corresponding to area of creasing device application; folding the packing material about crease line. Above three-dimensional layer has latticed structure formed of cellulose fibers.

EFFECT: decreased thickness of obtained package, possibility to fold packing material through 180° in which total thickness of folded material is approximately equal to double unfolded material thickness.

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FIELD: stomatology.

SUBSTANCE: invention is designed for determining color tints of tooth. Proposed device contains package and element with set of specimens of tooth color tints. Element is secured on package with possibility of breaking off.

EFFECT: convenience at comparing color tint of natural tooth with tint of specimen.

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The invention relates to a locking device

The invention relates to the packaging of products, mainly cigarettes

The invention relates to arts and crafts art of woodcarving and can be used in the manufacture of crafts with utilitarian function, for example, boxes, salt shakers, dippers, etc
Decorative material // 2538856

FIELD: textiles, paper.

SUBSTANCE: decorative material comprises a substrate of waterproof paper or paperboard coated with a light-accumulating coating containing luminophor SrAl2O4:Eu,Dy and a solvent binder with the ratio of components, wt %: SrAl2O4:Eu,Dy - 1045, the solvent binder - 5590. The luminophor particles have a size of 100160 microns. The solvent binder is used as the paints based on extender oils.

EFFECT: density and uniformity of the coating layer is ensured, which does not crumble and does not break when bent, the material does not absorb moisture.

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FIELD: physics, optics.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to special types of printing allowing to create in the body the sheet material of image from crystals. The method of image forming consists in adding to the sheet material of the composition of solution of materials for formation of crystals containing metals, metalloids or semiconductors, action by laser impulses on specified points of the sheet material with formation in these points of blind channels, creation in channels of low-temperature plasma with formation of gaseous medium with presence of atomic hydrogen, recovery in this medium of material of crystals up to clean material with formation of high concentration of clusters, melting with formation of fluid substrate, with the subsequent obtaining of germs, their growth with formation of crystals, coalesced with the sheet material. Before action of laser impulse on the solution in the body of the sheet material the surface is coated by a layer of material with reflecting surface. A hole there is made with laser above the channel in the body of the sheet material. It is impeded by a layer of the material with reflecting surface releasing a heat. The phase of existence of material melt is prolonged at formation of the fluid substrate during crystallisation. Growth of crystals is decelerated, with growing in channels of the oriented crystals, and creation of the image visible in transmitting and reflected light from the specified set of channels with the crystals, grown in them.

EFFECT: invention provides not only its high protection from falsification, but also provides easy identification of the obtained image.

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FIELD: printing industry.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the basis for production of valuable documents with at least one recess, to a valuable document with such a basis, and also to a method of manufacturing such a basis. The basis for manufacturing of valuable documents (1) has a first layer (5) with a first transmission coefficient and with at least one recess (4) in the area of which the first layer has a second transmission coefficient which is greater than the first transmission coefficient, at that on the reverse side and/or the front side of the base the coating layer (7) is applied with a third transmission coefficient which is less than the second transmission coefficient.

EFFECT: creation of a basis for valuable documents, which would be cost-effective in manufacturing, and which would enable to create additional security features and thus would enable to increase the degree of protection against counterfeiting.

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FIELD: physics, optics.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to graphic art and specifically to paintings having visual three-dimensionality owing to translucent lighting. The painting consists of a frame 1, on the front side of which there is a canvas 2 with artwork, in front of which there is a light diffusing netting 3 and glass 4. Inner plates 5 and 6 with further artwork are mounted in the depth of the frame, said plates being auxiliary and constituting part of the front surface of the painting. Light sources 7 are installed in the depth of the painting behind the canvas 2. Said light sources are LEDs which are spread on the vertical and in the depth of the painting. Brightness and turn-on time of the light sources are controlled using an electronic board 9 which is connected to the electric mains through an electric cable 12. The electronic board 9 is also the back cover of the painting.

EFFECT: controlling brightness and turn-on time of light sources.

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FIELD: process engineering.

SUBSTANCE: this invention relates to protective element intended for protective element designed to protect bond papers and comprising first and second authentification attributes. First authentification attribute comprises first system consisting of multiple focusing elements that make first screen and second system comprising microscopic structures that make second screen. First and second systems are arranged so that spatial frequencies of two aforesaid screens slightly differ. Note here that microscopic structures of second system, when observed through focusing elements of the first system, are seen magnified due to moire effect. Second authentification attribute can be controlled with the help of hardware and/or visually and it is not susceptible to influence of the first system of the first authentification attribute.

EFFECT: protective element features high degree of protection against forgery.

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FIELD: polygraphic industry, decorative art.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to light industry and method for manufacturing of decorative items from glass with titanium coating. Method includes finishing treatment of item surface, its toning, formation of ornament with the help of laser beam and cleaning of surface from chips and dust. Ornament is formed at the temperature of light spot in point of laser beam focusing brought to the value of glass melt and/or microexplosion effect on treated surface. Simultaneously jet of compressed cleaned air at the pressure of not more than 1.5 atm is sent to point of laser beam focusing onto treated surface. After item surface has been cleaned from chips and dust, a layer of catechu mordant is applied on it, on which after drying a layer of tinsel is applied, and then a layer of protective varnish layer.

EFFECT: improved decorative expressiveness of manufactured decorative items by means of applied patterns contrast increase and expanded composition properties of applied ornaments.

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FIELD: polygraphic industry, decorative art.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to light industry and method for manufacturing of decorative mirrors and items made of optically transparent materials. Method includes finishing treatment of item surface, formation of ornament with the help of laser beam on back surface of item and further cleaning of surface from chips and dust. Prior to formation of ornament, a layer of non-transparent water-based emulsion is applied onto back surface of item and dried. Ornament is formed at the temperature of light spot in point of laser beam focusing brought to the value of glass melt and/or microexplosion effect on treated surface. Simultaneously jet of compressed cleaned air at the pressure of not more than 1.5 atm is sent to point of laser beam focusing onto treated surface. Afterwards surface is cleaned from chips and dust, and mirror coating is applied.

EFFECT: invention provides for improved decorative expressiveness of manufactured decorative mirrors and items from optically transparent materials by provision of image halftones peculiar features reproduction by light effects on faces of microchips, ie formation of mirror-spark image.

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