Method for extraction of juice from juicer

FIELD: food industry.

SUBSTANCE: juice extraction module contains a container with a juice outlet port, a sieve, a screw for extraction of juice from a food product, a cover with an inlet section through which material is charged and a protective covering element. The protective covering element contains two sections. The first section is arranged so that to enable the main outlet hole opening and closing in the first and in the second positions respectively. The second section is designed so that to enable movement of the protective covering element into the second position by way of it being pushed by a downward force from the first position and the main outlet hole blocking by the first section.

EFFECT: juice extraction module excludes the necessity of the product preliminary milling, with the protective covering element enhancing the product charging safety.

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FIELD: process engineering.

SUBSTANCE: soybean juicing machine with grinding function comprises two concentric rotors (13) and stator (14) arranged vertically in the housing. Said rotor (14) has at least two convex ribs of turns 16 distributed uniformly on rotor body outer surface. Clearance for revolution is arranged between rotor (13) runs (16) convex ribs and stator inner wall (14). Mid top part of rotor body (15) is composed of revolving part with smaller top side and larger bottom part. Clearance of rotor top side corresponding to top filter screen (17) on stator (14) is the largest and makes the squeezing section to handle material after its feed. Clearance of rotor body mid part (15) corresponding to stator (14) abrasive wheel mid top part has mean value designed to crush the material. Clearance of rotor body bottom part (15) corresponding to stator (14) abrasive wheel bottom part gets gradually shorter by at least 1 mm that makes the material grinding section. Rotor part (13) under grinding section corresponding to filter screen (18) at stator (14) that makes the section of separation of soybean milk and residue.

EFFECT: stable spinning of the rotor, reduced noise, fine grinding.

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FIELD: personal use articles.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a juice squeezer module. The juice squeezer module comprises a juice squeezer container with an open top; the lid which is provided with a loading chute for raw materials in the wall of the lid, and is connected with the upper section of the juice squeezer container; a mesh drum rigidly located inside the juice squeezer container; and a screw located inside the mesh drum, at that the screw is equipped with a spiral portion formed on the lateral surface of the screw, and a rotating shaft which passes through the hole for the shaft of the juice squeezer container. The juice squeezer container comprises a lower inclined surface descending out from the hole for the shaft, and at the lower end of the screw there is a lower inclined surface which is at least partially formed in contact with the said lower inclined surface. The guide rotating section is formed on the upper end of the screw, and the lid is provided with a rotary guide for the direction of rotation of the screw.

EFFECT: invention facilitates cleaning the juice squeezer and the lid, and reliably prevents leakage of liquid out of the container of the juice squeezer, improves effectiveness of juice squeezing.

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Pulping device // 2423903

FIELD: personal use articles.

SUBSTANCE: pulping device (1), especially for use in a food processor, which comprises a cup-like sieve (2) with a bottom (5), equipped with through holes (4), and with a shell (6), which surrounds the bottom in the form of a collar, and also comprising a pulping tool (3) with a hub (8), arranged with the possibility of connection with a driving shaft, to put the pulping device (1) into rotary motion around the axis (A) of rotation, passing in longitudinal direction of the shell (6), and at least with one pulping blade (11, 12), passing from the hub (8) radially outside. The shell (6) along its perimeter on its inner side has at least one section (7) in the form of a niche, distance from which to the axis (A) of rotation is more than the distance from the other section of the inner side of the shell (6) to the axis (A) of rotation. That edge (15, 16) of the pulping blade (11, 12), which takes the lead during the specified direction of rotation, at least on a partial section is equipped with the first cutting edge to grind the pulped product. Using the pulping device (1) proposed by the invention, a product with solid particles, such as ripe tomatoes, may also be pulped.

EFFECT: increased efficiency of pulping.

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FIELD: personal use articles.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to a device for mechanical processing of food products, in particular a type of vegetable cutter containing a kitchen appliance for cooking vegetable purees. This kitchen appliance contains a grid, a device for compression of food products to place food products opposite the grid, the disk intended to remove the finished food products. At that the device for compression comprises a means for cutting food products before they are placed opposite the grid of the kitchen appliance for preparing vegetable purees. The invention also refers to use of this device for preparing purees at the standard of catering institutions.

EFFECT: device for mechanical processing of food products which contains a kitchen appliance for preparing vegetable purees is proposed.

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Compact juicer // 2388394

FIELD: food industry.

SUBSTANCE: fruit and vegetable juicer contains a motor whereabove a filtering basket is positioned surrounded by a collection chamber. The feed-in nozzle is supported above the filtering basket and forms a single whole with the collection chamber lid. The distribution chamber contains a central part for liquid collection and a part for pulp collection surrounding the first part. The cylindrical inner side wall separating the pulp collection chamber and the juice collection chamber tapers on the inside relative the central rotation axis. The side wall and with a minor diametre is positioned next to the filtering basket upper rim.

EFFECT: invention ensures a juicer wherein inner characteristics of juice flow are optimised to facilitate cleaning and minimise splashing.

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FIELD: food engineering, in particular, fruit and vegetable equipment.

SUBSTANCE: juicer has main parts such as upper and lower supports, netted filter, plate for juice, and cover. Lower support has drive mechanism and plate for juice fixed on drive mechanism. Fruit or vegetable is introduced into juicer through cylindrical opening provided in cover. Juice is expelled owing to high-velocity rotation of juice plate. Plate for juice is equipped with plurality of radial toothed blades and central intersecting arcuate blades, with end of one of said arcuate blades extending through center so that during crushing of fruit, dead crushing sector is eliminated from center. Such construction allows cylindrical opening provided in juicer cover to be positioned in center by increasing size of opening and whole fruits and large-sized vegetables to be directly laid into juicer.

EFFECT: increased efficiency and wider range of juices produced by means of juicer.

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Juicer // 2195853
The invention relates to household appliances, in particular to a device for extracting juice from fruit

The invention relates to food primarily for the canning industry, can be used to produce natural juices from fruits and vegetables in your home, and in farms and processing plants

The invention relates to food industry, namely, devices for processing of fruits, vegetables, and can be used in a domestic environment for the production of juices

FIELD: food industry.

SUBSTANCE: inventions group relates to a method and a device for production of puree-like cooked food products of lump raw materials and a blades system for food products milling in the said device. The method consists in preliminary milling of lump raw materials in the preliminary milling unit (1), preliminarily milled raw materials cooking in the cooking installation (6) designed with the possibility of continuous loading, final treatment of the cooked product in the final treatment unit (12). Before cooking, lump raw materials are cut into small pieces in the preliminary milling unit (1) by means of the blades system (2) so that lump raw materials become a pumpable mass. The device contains a preliminary milling unit (1), a preliminary milled raw material transporting pump (8), a cooking installation (6) designed with the possibility of continuous loading and a final treatment unit (12) for the food product final treatment. The preliminary milling unit (1) has exclusively the first rotation blades system (2) for lump raw materials cutting to produce a pumpable mass. The blades system contains in the preliminary milling unit (1) a coarse milling device (56) and at least two cutting units (60, 61), each of them including a rotor (62, 63) and a stator (64, 65).

EFFECT: during cooked puree-like food products manufacture raw materials compression is prevented thus to separate a solid phase from a liquid one.

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FIELD: food industry.

SUBSTANCE: device contains a charging bin, a toroid-shaped body with a charging and a discharging apertures, the body having a perforated section in its lower part along the whole length of the juicing zone, and a working tool represented by a spring with rectangular coils and positioned inside the body, one end of the tool connected to the drive. A core, rigidly attached with the butt to the body in the discharging zone, is installed in the inner cavity of the working tool. The core has s shape of a toroid; the toroid axis coincides with the working tool rotation axis. The second end of the working tool is in a free position. The core diameter is determined from the expression DC=DI-(1…3 mm), where DI - the working tool inner diameter.

EFFECT: invention usage will allow to enhance the juice production process efficiency.

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FIELD: food industry.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to food industry, in particular, to fruit cutting devices. The blade platform (1) of a drum mill (11) for fruit cutting contains multiple blade elements (2) that, on the operation side (A) of the blade platform, project so that they circumscribe a circular cylindrical side surface around the central axis (X) and pass perpendicular to the circumferential direction of this circular cylindrical side surface. Positioned between the blade elements (2) are passage holes (7) for withdrawal of pieces separated with the blade elements (2) from the operation side (A) 1) to the withdrawal side (B). Individual blade elements (2) are positioned in the bearing structure (3, 4, 5, 6) with the help of form closure with the bearing structure (3, 4, 5, 6) of the blade platform in the direction away from the central axis (X) and radially relative to the corresponding blade element (2) and in both circumferential directions of the circular cylindrical side surface circumscribed by the projecting blade elements (2). The blade elements (2) are fixed in their position in the bearing structure (3, 4, 5, 6) by means of fixing means (8a, 8b, 9). After the fixing means (8a, 8b, 9) removal the possibility is ensured to individually remove blade elements from the bearing structure (3, 4, 5, 6).

EFFECT: invention usage will allow to ensure blade elements interchangeability.

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Juicer device // 2504304

FIELD: food industry.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to food industry, in particular, to devices for juicing fruit, berries and vegetables. The device contains a charging bin, a body with a charging and a discharging apertures, the body having a perforated section in its lower part along the whole length of the juicing zone, and a working tool that is positioned inside the body so that to be capable of rotation round its axis, one end of the tool connected to the drive with the other fixed inside a bearing support. The body is toroid-shaped. The working tool is represented by a spring the coils whereof have a rectangular cross-section. The working tool rotation axis coincides with the axis of the toroid forming the body. The working tool length is determined from the expression: L=h·z+πDK, where L is the working tool length; h is the spring coil thickness; z is the spring coils number; DK is the body inner diameter.

EFFECT: invention usage allows to ensure continuity of the juicing process with a high degree of expression of the products processed.

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FIELD: food industry.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to food industry. The machine has an integral body (1) incorporating mixers (4) in accordance with the paste-containing containers (3), a centrifuge (7) equipped with blades (11) intended for individual radial placement of each container (3) containing the paste already mixed, the means (12, 16, 17) for pump delivery or means for generation of pressure exercising pressure onto the liquid produced after centrifugation and a filter (14) positioned downstream the means (12, 16, 17) for pump delivery and serving for final oil retrieval.

EFFECT: invention enables implementation of immediate oil retrieval from paste and the product quality improvement.

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FIELD: food industry.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to food industry. The line includes production bins, a washing machine, a sorting and inspection transporter, a screw chopper, a freshly milled puree preheater with a stirrer, a vacuum evaporator apparatus containing a heat exchanger preheater, a coil condenser and an automatic dosing-and-filling machine. After the vacuum evaporator apparatus a three-sectional installation is mounted for production of milk-and-vegetable desserts and oil; the first and the third section of the installation are equipped with a double-wall body for delivery of hot and cold heat carrier accordingly while the second section is equipped with a nipple for produced oil discharge. Bins for storage of oily, grain legumes and milk raw materials, a beating crusher and a vessel for the mixture standardisation and homogenisation are additionally mounted within the line.

EFFECT: proposed line allows to enhance the line versatility degree during functional purpose multi-component puree-like concentrates processing as well as to improve the ready product quality.

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Juicer device // 2410987

FIELD: food industry.

SUBSTANCE: invention is meant for use in food industry for fruit and vegetables juicing. The device contains a body with an auger installed in the lower part of the body, replaceable perforated meshes, a chopper blade positioned before the consolidating perforated meshes, a reverse motion device, a solenoid-actuated valve for adjustment of pressure inside the auger chamber. The valve is installed so that to enable closure of the meshes outlet holes during the auger reverse motion.

EFFECT: invention enables operation efficiency enhancement and decrease of labour intensity due to reduction of work time spent on cleaning the juice-separating mesh.

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FIELD: food industry.

SUBSTANCE: invention is intended for use in processing agricultural products, in particular the separation of juice from fruits, berries and vegetables. Press for juicing contains the lower roller with channels for juice outlet, the upper pneumatic roller, support rollers, the receiving and discharge devices, knives, a juice collector and an endless belt for transporting septum between the rollers. During the operation at the rollers contact the upper one is deformed and fits of the lower roller. As a result, the area of pressing increases. At that pressure across the contact of the rolls is equal.

EFFECT: invention provides efficient separation of liquid phase from plant material.

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FIELD: food industry.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a juicer machine that may be used, for instance at restaurants and hotels lacking free space. The juicer machine contains a rotating enclosed and enclosing drums with an automatically positioned blade, a retention pendulum and a turn device equipped with a triangular support detail. The retention pendulum serves to provide for passage of the fruit into the cavity of the enclosing drum and to retain the fruit while being cut by the blade which, together with the turn device triangular detail, directs a half of the fruit, holding it within the enclosing drum cavity, towards the enclosed drum protruding element for juicing. The turn device is designed so that to ensure rotation of the fruit half left after cutting and its correct relocation within the topmost open cavity of the enclosing drum. At the same time the turn device pushes the retention pendulum and actuates the distribution device of the feeder fruit detection system and frees passage for another fruit.

EFFECT: invention enables reduction of the machine material intensity, improvement of its hygienic safety and high yield of final product.

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FIELD: food industry.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to food and preserve preparation industry and can be used to obtain natural juices from fruits and vegetables in the conditions of farming enterprise, processing plants and in domestic conditions. The device includes a case with loading neck, consequently installed feeding and expressing augers, grinding elements, drive, filtering screen and extraction drawoff. The pitch of the first flight of feeding auger is 0.8÷1.2 of the diameter of case loading neck. The height of the feeding auger flights is 0.3÷0.5 of the diameter of case loading neck. The feeding auger has a detachable shaft assembly extension with a slot for installation and centring adjustment of the expressing auger and a fixing stud in the inner channel. The case of juice squeeser has extraction regulator. The screen between feeding and expressing augers has grooves for juice flow to filtering screen.

EFFECT: usage of the invention provides quality processing of fruit and vegetables to obtain juice.

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FIELD: food industry.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to technology in processing vegetable raw. Method involves disruption of juice-containing structures and separation of solid components from juice with pulp. Cobs are loaded into vacuum chamber and structures are disrupted by steam and juice at violent boiling, intensive change of pressure, continuous supply of heat, at temperature 60oC, not less. Steam is condensed to form distillate, juice concentrate is separated, solid components are rinsed with distillate and rinsing suspension is combined with the juice concentrate. Invention provides the more complete utilization of raw and to enhance quality of juice.

EFFECT: improved extracting method.