Complete delivered building

FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: complete delivered building includes crossbars (or their parts) and stands (or their parts) of the framework, consisting of universal standard elements containing a variable and corrugated wall, or from the complex of universal standard elements one part of which, located on sections of intensive cross forces and/or torques, contains traditional or variable and corrugated wall, and another part of the elements located on the section with high intensity of bending moments and rather small intensity of cross forces and/or torques contains the flat wall. Stands and/or crossbars in the level, at least, of one of belts (most compressed) contain the rolling metal profile of the closed cross section, with filling of the cavity with the grout based on non-shrinking or expanding cement. Girders operate statically according to non-cutting design.

EFFECT: decrease of metal consumption of the building framework, reduction of nomenclature of bearing elements, improvement of technological effectiveness of production and installation of the building structures, building protection from progressing collapse at emergency impact.

12 cl, 11 dwg



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FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: unit is made using additional elements of Z-shaped cross section, which are inserted one into the other under a run on a support and are connected to each other and to runs using bolts via oval holes in walls of elements. At the same time forces are transferred directly from an element to an element without loading of fastening elements in oval holes.

EFFECT: increased bearing capacity and reliability of a supporting unit.

3 dwg

FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: beam with a continually retained wall comprises a compressed and an extended belts and a wall, besides, a flat wall in areas of action of transverse forces and/or torques of considerable intensity is reinforced by mostly transversely installed stiffening ribs in the form of preferably metal shapes adjoining each other with a gap providing for reliable connection of ribs to each other and to a wall, at the same time the shape and calibre of ribs may change along the length of the wall in accordance with variation of intensity of acting forces.

EFFECT: reduced material intensity of a beam and its increased bearing capacity.

9 cl, 5 dwg

Biplastic beam // 2535865

FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: biplastic beam consists of the upper and lower flanges, a vertical wavy wall, an adhesive composition and stiffening ribs, installed in bearing sections and places of the application of concentrated loads. The upper and lower flanges are made of carbon fibre channels, the walls of which form the upper and lower edges of the beam, at that the vertical wavy wall made of fibreglass plates is adjacent to inner horizontal surfaces of the upper and lower flanges by longitudinal edges, and glued to the inner vertical surfaces of the upper and lower flanges by ridges, at that the inner space of the channels is filled with the adhesive composition, and stiffening ribs are glued to the vertical wavy wall and to the upper and lower flanges.

EFFECT: increase of the load-bearing capacity of the beam, its torsional stiffness.

4 cl, 6 dwg

Long-length profile // 2529209

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: invention is related to long-length hollow multisided profile. A long-length hollow multisided profile intended to be used in support structures of pipelines and cable conduits has at least three sides, and a bolt hole is provided on at least one side of the profile and a fixing hole is provided on at least one side of the profile. Two adjacent sides located in essence at a right angle to each other are fitted by bolt holes with the length of the latter in longitudinal profile direction being greater than that in transverse direction, the third profile side is fitted by a fixing hole that provides for passing of a bolt through the fixing hole to the bolt holes on both adjacent sides located in essence at a right angle to each other.

EFFECT: lower labour inputs for the connection of the profile to other components, reduced labour expenditures.

5 cl, 4 dwg

FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: beam with a wall corrugated with an asymmetric profile comprises a compressed and an extended belt and a wall. The wall at least on some sections is traditionally or alternately corrugated with transverse corrugations. The profile of corrugations is asymmetric relative to the plane stretching via the corrugation top and normal to the longitudinal axis of the beam.

EFFECT: increased bearing capacity of a beam.

10 cl, 8 dwg

FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: shape comprises two shelves and a side wall between shelves with a groove in the central part. Shelves contain perpendicular bends directed towards each other. The groove forms ledges with height exceeding shape thickness. The shape is made as capable of coupling and joining of two shapes. Shelves are made of different width, with a difference equal to double thickness of the shape. Ledges are made of different height, with a difference equal to thickness of the shape. The large ledge is arranged at the side of the larger shelf. The composite element comprises a coupled pair of single-type shapes. Shapes are turned towards each other by inner surfaces and are matched to form a shape element of closed box-shaped cross section. The large shelf covers a smaller shelf coupled with it at the opposite sides of the element.

EFFECT: higher bearing capacity and reduced labour inputs in manufacturing.

8 cl, 4 dwg

FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: invention pertains to construction, in particular to constructions of netted thermo profiles with C or U-shaped section, used as bearing frame elements of pre - fabricated buildings, roofs, fronts, balcony walls, where it is necessary to eliminate "cold joints" effect, and to the method of manufacture of netted thermo profiles. Set task is solved through consecutive vertical drawing of slots made in the central part of the blank symmetrical to the profiling axis from utter rows of the blank to the center in drawing cages forming a netted construction, and further in smoothing cages netted construction is displaced from the center to the edges by smoothing rollers with simultaneous leveling of the netted surface, whereat cells in internal rows of the netted construction acquire diamond shape, and lateral - triangle shape with rounded top, thereat excess of longitudinal draw of the metal on the bridges between the through cells are eliminated by knurling in the shape of buckles in the extension zone.

EFFECT: creation of netted thermo profile having smaller width of the initial blanks (strip) to save up material, retaining geometric characteristics and heat conduction of thermo profiles of identical cross section.

3 cl, 5 dwg

FIELD: technological processes.

SUBSTANCE: method for thermoprofile production involves strip feed to profile bending mill, sequential transit-wise element overcast by profile-bending mill rollers, perforation of slit row with deflanging in apron form, in checkered order on profile wall. Before feeding to profile-bending mill strip is unrolled from roll and shifted to form compensation loop. After perforation of slit row the profile surface is evened in leveling unit with further profile cutting at given length. Transfer line of cold shaping for thermoprofile production includes profile-bending mill with instrumental adjustments, device for perforation of checkered pattern of slits deflanged in apron form in wall of continuously moving profile. Unrolling and receiving units are positioned in series before profile-bending mill, and after slit perforation device a cutter is positioned. Slit perforation device features leveling unit.

EFFECT: extended functional capacities.

2 cl, 1 dwg

Beam // 2276239

FIELD: building, particularly load-bearing structure of different buildings and building structures.

SUBSTANCE: beam comprises main frame composed of upper and lower belts and stiffening ribs arranged in-between, side walls of corrugated thin sheets connected with the frame so that corrugations of the sheets extend along longitudinal beam axis. Beam also has reinforcing ribs extending along longitudinal beam axis and arranged in side wall corrugations. The reinforcing ribs have flanges unconnected with stiffening ribs and belts along the full beam length or in beam zones characterized by maximal stresses.

EFFECT: increased load-bearing reliability, rigidity and stability in plane of flexure.

2 cl, 4 dwg

The superstructure // 2243314
The invention relates to a bridge, namely the metal span structures, which can find application in overpasses, pedestrian bridges or galleries

FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to quick-erect building structures. A multifunctional construction complex comprises structural elements and devices with an electronic system of monitoring and control. Elements and devices are made in the form of telescopic vertical and horizontal beams, trusses, elements and devices. Vertical beams and trusses are installed along the perimeter of an erected building structure and are connected to each other by horizontal telescopic beams and trusses, are fixed in required positions with the help of hydraulic, pneumatic and electromechanical equipment.

EFFECT: invention makes it possible to reduce time of building structure erection.

6 dwg

FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to construction of residential and public multi-storey buildings from precast and in situ reinforced concrete. A structure of a multi-storey building is made of column assemblies installed on each other through joints with protruding bars, which consist of vertical branches forming L- or T-shaped sections in a plan view, collar beam assemblies installed on the floors between the columns, floor slabs supported from collar beams, and self-supporting, hinged or load-carrying walls. Branches of T- and L-shaped columns in the upper part have grooves with a support for installation of a collar beam equipped on the ends from above with projections connected to working reinforcement of the branch of the upper column. Branches of T- and L-shaped columns in the lower and upper parts on the edges are equipped with loop-type protruding bars connected above each other. An outline of the slabs in corners repeats the profile of sections of T- and L-shaped columns.

EFFECT: invention allows reducing weight and overall dimensions of member assemblies and reducing prime cost of construction.

3 cl, 5 dwg

FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: bearing structure with at least one bearing element, comprising at least one cavity, where there is at least one rod, besides, the total area of cross sections of all rods in the cavity is less than the area of the cross section of this cavity, and the remaining volume of the cavity is filled with substance, besides, when the bearing element is deformed, the rod may move along its longitudinal length relative to the bearing element, besides, the rod only in one place is fixed without ability to move relative to the bearing element and is made so that during relative displacement to the bearing element it scatters energy, besides, the substance consists of gas, and the cavity is made as capable of tight closing.

EFFECT: invention relates to a bearing structure with at least one bearing element capable of reducing vibrations as a result of dynamic actions.

14 cl, 31 dwg

Building cover // 2500861

FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: building cover comprises trusses rested against pillars, where runs of paired channels with struts are installed. Upper ends of struts are hingedly fixed between channels of runs, and lower ends of struts are arranged at the equal distance from the upper bent of trusses and are fixed to truss stands. In the framework pitch of building columns the lower ends of struts are connected to each other by means of ties, and in the longitudinal cross section of the building along the axes of columns the lower ends of struts are fixed to columns.

EFFECT: lower material consumption.

3 cl, 1 dwg

FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: prefabricated reinforced concrete frame of multistory building includes columns and crossbars of T-shaped section hingedly connected to them in level of slab to form closed cells, and slab flooring made of hollow prestressed boards. Columns in lower floors are made with longitudinal reinforcement arranged in at least two rows, with height for several floors, and with sockets at slab level, where metal wedging cantilevers are mounted for support and tightening with bearing crossbars, and are connected to each other with displacement from top of boards by 1/2-1/4 of floor height by means of flat joint. Lower end of column includes joint metal plates with holes for reinforcement protrusions, and at the angles there are slots framed with vertical metal plates. Upper end of column includes extensions of reinforcement arranged in holes of lower end of upper column, at the same time reinforcement extensions are equipped with adjustment nuts to make it possible to change thickness of seam, with each column the following components are fixed in orthogonal directions - at least one wide prestressed bearing crossbar, forming closed cell, with provided one or two shelves for rest of slab floorings, bearing walls with height of one floor, mounted with support one onto another via contact joint and rigidly connected to each other and to columns, at the same time bearing crossbars are arranged with lower shelves and inclined walls, cut at the same angle near columns, forming rigid contact joints in plane of slab, besides, bearing crossbars have vertical slots, and walls - slots and/or through holes within thickness of slab board to make keys as joints of connection of bearing crossbars and walls with slab boards are concreted.

EFFECT: reduced time of construction, lower material intensity and labour intensiveness in manufacturing and assembly and increased fire-resistance of building.

9 dwg

Frame building // 2381334

FIELD: construction industry.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to the field of construction industry, to frame building in particular. Frame building contains slabs 1 with cantilevers 2, columns 3, multilayer outer walls bearing against cantilevers 2 and including inner 4, middle and front 5 layers. Each cantilever 2 is designed in form of trapezoid which larger base is located inside floor slab 1. Cantilever 2 span is equal to value not more than outer wall thickness. Middle layer of outer wall includes tridimensional panel made of light thin-walled elements - bands 6, struts 7, trusses, inclined braces 8 formed tridimensional panel. Space between cantilevers 2, inner layer 4 and front layer 5 of outer wall is filled with heat insulation material 9.

EFFECT: improvement of thermal properties of wall, comfort, reliability and bearing capacity of building, reduction of labour costs and gross weight of building.

6 cl, 5 dwg

FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to construction engineering, mainly to ready-built and solid-cast building engineering. The system of ready-built and solid-cast building construction consists of outer frontal panels, ready-built solid-cast reinforced concrete framework formed by inner wall panels, ready-built columns and flooring slabs joint together by inter-slab seams. Flooring slabs are formed by supporting and aisle slabs. Longitudinal groove with open-end vertical holes for reinforcement is made in the middle of upper and lower surfaces of support slab in the points of inner wall panels' installation. In addition, support slabs are manufactured so that they can be installed on inner wall panels projecting into aisles. While the aisle slabs are manufactured so that they can be placed in the middle of aisle and can rest upon support slabs projections.

EFFECT: minimised deflection of flooring, improved strength and strain characteristics as compared to solid-cast frameworks; multi-purpose structure and high reliability due to improved junctions of framework elements; improved hardness of framework at erection stage; high adaptability to framework assembling due to reduced labour output during building structures assembling; reliable and improved stability of structures to achieved earthquake-proof buildings and structures; reduced labour output during flooring slabs manufacture and esthetic appearance of living quarters.

8 cl, 11 dwg

FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: invention is related to the field of construction, in particular to construction of buildings. Block of building columns comprises columns of longitudinal and transverse row, spacers between rows of columns, arranged in the form of floors, ceilings and longitudinal walls of adjacent rooms, and also braces with armature grids and armature ties. Braces are arranged in the form of partitions in adjacent rooms, installed between columns of longitudinal and transverse row under inclination of 10-50 to columns of transverse row, and armature ties of partitions join units of connection of columns and spacers of transverse row with middle part of lower arranged spacer of neighboring transverse row.

EFFECT: increased resistance and seismic stability of building.

2 cl, 3 dwg

FIELD: construction industry.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to construction industry and can be used during construction of low rise apartment, public and industrial buildings, preferably with 3-4 stories. Building includes a frame made of vertical members connected to each other and flooring, internal and external walls, stairs flights and landings. Vertical frame members located in internal walls around stairs flights and landings are adjacent to vertical members located in internal walls adjacent to those walls. Vertical members have thickness equal to internal wall thickness.

EFFECT: increasing stiffness of the building frame.

4 cl, 2 dwg

Tall building // 2350717

FIELD: construction industry.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to construction of tall buildings with increased operating reliability. Tall building consists of foundation construction, central load-carrying stiffness shaft made from cast-in-situ reinforced concrete, composed tubes and concrete, composed steel and concrete, or their combinations, and structural frame system - multi-layered bents with support platforms made in the form of staged box-section structures of cast-in-situ reinforced concrete plates connected by orthogonal separation walls that are supported from load-carrying tube-and-concrete columns. The latter are located at the periphery about central shaft, with attachment points to the flooring disks, and with vertical stiffening diaphragms made of cast-in-situ reinforced concrete. There are enclosing structures that are rested on floorings. At that columns are connected by attachment points to each other and to flooring disks in the form of packages composed at the site of pre-stressed reinforced concrete plates, including with reinforced, storey-by-storey, floorings made of pre-stressed reinforced concrete plates braced with steel ropes the ends of which are provided with anchors fixed storey-by-storey in stiffness shaft walls and opposite steel beams connecting columns; and cast-in-situ reinforced concrete plates of staged box-section structures of support platforms are made with stress on steel rope plate concrete between external outline of support platforms and central stiffness shaft walls.

EFFECT: speeding-up construction process, increasing number of storeys, improving building reliability and safety, and reducing labour cost and construction cost.

4 cl, 6 dwg

FIELD: building, particularly building frames.

SUBSTANCE: frame comprises columns which are composite through height thereof and grouted one with another and with over-column floor panels and with inter-column floor panels. Over-column and inter-column are flat and have shoulders and transversal reinforcement loop extensions oriented in vertical direction. Shoulders and reinforcement loop extensions are made on panel ribs. Shoulders are formed in lower rib part of only one of adjacent panels. Reinforcement loop extensions have lengths not exceeding shoulder width and mounted in floor panels and overlapped in vertical plane of adjacent panels. Separate support seats are formed on ribs of over-column panels in lower parts thereof. Consoles mating them are made in upper part of longitudinal ribs of adjacent inter-column panels. Support seats and consoles are located in panel plane. Support seats and consoles have lengths equal to shoulder width.

EFFECT: simplified building erection.

4 cl, 6 dwg