Cosmetic product for fast skin repair

FIELD: medicine.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to medicine and cosmetology, namely to deep cosmetic products, and can be used for normalising physiological functions of skin and eliminating endogenous or exogenous defects. The invention represents a cosmetic product for fast skin repair containing superoxide dismutase, dexpanthenol, succinic acid, trolox and L-arginine. The product is applied on the skin for 20 minutes with using a material holding the agent and feeding it to the skin over the period of exposure.

EFFECT: cosmetic product enables extending the range of products for improving the skin state, reducing the risk of lower controllability of the effect, and a probability of allergic and inflammatory reactions.

3 cl, 10 ex


The invention relates to medicine and cosmetology, namely to cosmetic preparations deep action, and can be used to normalize the physiological functions of the skin and eliminate the defects that have endogenous (for example, the General condition of the body) or exogenous (for example, ultraviolet (UV) radiation, high or low temperatures, incorrect cosmetic care) nature.

The disruption of physiological functions of the skin and blemishes are quite common problem. In particular, this increased production of sebum, irritation, redness, peeling, tightness of the skin and discomfort, swelling after traumatic cosmetic procedures (for example, after peeling, facial cleansing, depilation, hair removal, mesotherapy and biorevitalization - puffiness around the papules at the injection site), burns (e.g., thermal, chemical), abscesses and eruptions, the effects of acne, capillary veins, uneven skin tone. Discomfort causes the duration of the recovery process of the skin.

The object of the present invention is to achieve rapid recovery of the skin with impaired function and cosmetic defects, without the induction of allergic and irritant reactions.

To solve this problem is proposed a cosmetic product containing superoxide dismutase (WITH�), arginine, a water-soluble analogue of vitamin e, trolox, dexpanthenol (D-panthenol) and succinic acid in aqueous solution.

This composition is unique due to the careful selection of components.

In the course of inflammation on the skin stand out free radicals [1] that cause damage to the surrounding healthy tissues and prevent reparative processes. Key enzyme that protects tissue against free radicals, is SOD, which removes superoxide radicals and prevents the formation of other, more dangerous for the body oxygen radicals [2]. Preparations on the basis of ODS are among the most promising anti-inflammatory drugs.

Arginine - aliphatic primary α-amino acid is a substrate of NO-synthase in the synthesis of nitric oxide NO, which is the local tissue hormone regulating blood microcirculation in the skin tissues. Intensification of blood circulation in the skin necessary for the maintenance and regulation of biochemical processes. Cosmetics, stimulating the microcirculation in the skin tissues. Due to the vasodilation and increased blood circulation ingredients to better penetrate the skin, which enhances the effect of the small exposure time. Arginine also increases the rate of healing of damaged tissues.

Argini� is also an "indirect antioxidant", activating the enzymes responsible for the rejuvenation and restoration of tissue before free radicals cause cellular damage and are used in cosmetics, such as sunscreen [3].

L-Arginine is also a good stabilizer that allows you to store at room temperature, preserving the integrity and activity of components of the funds and, consequently, its properties.

Vodorastvorimyi analogue of vitamin E trolox acts as antioxidant. Trolox (TEAC) is equivalent to measure the antioxidant strength of complex mixtures, as well as the ability of the plasma to the reduction of iron (FRAP).

Is known to use trolox as preservative stem cells or progenitor cells in the composition of hypothermic solution [4]. It is shown that it allows one to maintain neural stem cells for 2 days in saline solution at room temperature.

Is known to use trolox (vitamin E or its derivatives) in the composition to reduce the leakage of potassium ions from the cells undergoing photoinactivation a photosensitizing means [5].

Is known to use trolox in combination with gallate as a cytoprotective composition against oxyradical damage (injection into the blood or as part of food), as well as compositions for slowing R�recession edible and inedible (fuel) oils [6].

Also known to use this connection to initiate recovery of the amino acid radicals resulting from radiolytic degradation of the protein in solution [7]. Known composition in which the protein protects against ionizing radiation by the addition of antioxidants of o-vanillin and trolox [8].

Dexpanthenol (R-2,4-dihydroxy-N-(3-hydroxypropyl)-3,3-dimethylbutyramide) refers to water-soluble vitamins. The local application quickly absorbed by the skin and turns into Pantothenic acid, also known as vitamin B5, and as a component of coenzyme A, plays a Central role in the metabolism of the skin. In addition, dexpanthenol the local application increases the skin's ability to retain moisture and therefore helps to increase the elasticity of the treated skin. Regeneration of damaged tissue after application of dexpantenol goes faster. In addition, dexpanthenol, Pantothenic acid - anti-inflammatory and antipruritic agents. Dexpanthenol is renowned for its excellent tolerability [9].

Succinic acid (butanedioic acid, ethane-1,2-dicarboxylic acid) - dibasic limit carboxylic acid, soluble in water. Succinic acid when applied topically provides multiple benefits: provides a powerful antioxidant action, preventing PE�economy oxidation of lipids of the cell wall and stopping the process of formation of free radicals, cleans ducts of the sebaceous glands, preventing the clogging of the pores of the skin, thus prevents the formation of comedones, inhibits inflammation, normalizing the content of histamine and serotonin, eliminates acne and acne, exfoliates dead cells of the Horny layer of the epidermis, giving the skin a more youthful, healthy and well-groomed appearance, contributes to the saturation of the skin, normalizes cellular respiration (involved in the tricarboxylic acid cycle), helps to smooth out scars, scars and stretch marks on the skin, allows you to withdraw excess fluid from the tissues, eliminating the puffiness, tightens the skin, improves its firmness and elasticity, contributes to the perception of skin cells other active ingredients, enhancing their effects.

Known compositions containing one to three of the above components, for various aesthetic purposes, the various forms of administration. Basically, these compositions are used to improve the condition of the body, in particular to improve the skin condition.

Known cosmetic for wrinkle removal, containing botulinum toxin type A, ozone and saline, which may also contain vitamin E (0.1-1 part), alpha - hydroxy acids (0.1-1 part), or SOD (0.1-1 part), and human serum albumin [10]. This agent is injected. Not specified how get �vortochny human albumin. Obtaining using only recombinant protein ensures the safety of the composition in which add this protein.

Known essence, allowing you to save your health, containing the fruit of Lycium, SOD, taurine, arginine, phytic acid, extracts of shrimp and vitamin C [11]. Essence is used in the form of wine.

Known composition for anti-aging for the introduction of a warm-blooded animal, comprising one or more mono-, di - or trivalent metal salts, one or more amino acid, amino and vitamin b complex [12]. Amino acid represented by glutamine, arginine, lysine, ornithine, Proline or histidine, vitamin b-complex is a pair aminobenzoic acid, B1 (thiamine), B2 (Riboflavin), B3, B5, B6 (pyridoxine), or B12 (cobalamin). The composition may also contain L-taurine, Inositol, choline, vitamin e, Oligopeptide, resveratrol, folic acid, Biotin, vitamin D, vitamin a, Ginkgo biloba extract, lycopene, grape extract, gelosamente, bromelain, lipase, catalase, colloidal silicon dioxide, iodine and immunostimulant. This composition is for oral administration (oral administration).

Known multifunctional facial cream containing the extract of Sargassum fusiforme, which, in turn, contains polysaccharides, vitamin E, vitamin C, SOD and other components of caring for the skin [13. The disadvantage of this invention is the fact that some components of the extract of the specified plants can have a negative effect on the skin, for example polysaccharides are rich breeding ground for various microorganisms, which can cause their active reproduction and metabolism both at rest and on the skin that may cause inflammation on the skin. It is shown that vitamin C can brighten the skin [14] that is not true for all consumers. The disadvantage of this invention is to reduce the degree of control of the funds due to the multicomponent character.

Known cosmetic product containing Royal jelly, ginseng extract, the active component is one or more of vitamin C, ethyl ester, acetate vitamin E, allantoin, ethoxy urea, flavonoids licorice, extract of Barbados aloes, papain, tea tree oil, phenolic acid meadowsweet, virgin witch hazel, pine pollen, Matrena, vitamin A, horse chestnut extract or purslane [15]. Used saponins, polysaccharides, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, SOD, in the composition of Royal jelly and ginseng extract. The disadvantages of this invention is to reduce the degree of control of the funds due to the multi-component nature and the risk of side effects associated with the presence in the mixture Aller�anov, components that can serve as a breeding ground for microorganisms (polysaccharides), while the absence of antimicrobial components. Antiseptic can kill the microorganisms useful to humans.

Known composition containing SOD and vitamin e and vitamin C [16]. ODS serves to isolate from the blood of animals, especially from the blood of oxen, which is a drawback of this invention, since with this method of obtaining a high probability of impure preparation (e.g., contaminated by viruses). Getting SOD with the use of biotechnology or chemical synthesis allows to obtain a sterile product.

Known composite fat-soluble antioxidant that contains fat-soluble vitamin E, coenzyme Q10, and SOD to protect the lipid part of the cell membrane from free radicals [17]. However, jirorastvorimogo determines that use these substances with a base of fats, which is also a prerequisite for the reproduction of various microorganisms with simultaneous absence of antimicrobial components.

Known cosmetic composition for improving skin barrier function to protect against aging, for initiating the regeneration and long-lasting moisturizing of the skin that contains natural ingredients with long-lasting moisturizing effect: 0.1-5 wt%� - soy extract, 0.05-0.2% of the weight is an aromatic essential oil, 1-30% by weight hyaluronic acid, 1.5-3.5% weight - vitamins (0.3-0.7 weight - vitamin C, 0.3-0.7% of the weight - vitamin B3, 0.3-0.7% of the weight - vitamin B5, 0.3-0.7% of the weight - vitamin B6, 0.3-0.7% of the weight - vitamin E), 0.1-5% - sodium citrate, 0.1-5 weight - % - citric acid, 0.1-5% weight - lactic acid, 0.5-2% weight - arginine, the rest is purified water [18]. The composition also contains jojoba oil (2-8% by weight), lecithin (3-8 wt%) and xanthan gum (0.01-10% wt). The disadvantage of this invention is to reduce the degree of control of the assets at the expense of complexity. The presence of citric acid and vitamin C in the composition provides a lightening of the skin that is not suitable for all patients.

Known composition for hair care that contains oil of Australian walnut, oil of seeds of Shorea stenoptera, D-panthenol, dl-alpha-tocopherol acetate, vitamin E, all consisting of liposomes and nonionic emulsifying agent [19]. This composition is to create products for the treatment of dry, very dry and damaged hair, especially creams, shampoos, balms for use after shampoo, gels or jelly.

Known nanoemulsion containing ODS, modified polyethylene glycol (MPEG-SOD), for external application, which is made using isopropyl myristate, supralocal macrogolglycerol, polyglyceryl-3-dioleate,�a national solution MPEG-ODS, vitamin E [20].

Known product oil series, presents a composition containing ODS, the composition comprising SOD and vitamin A, the composition comprising SOD, vitamins A and D, the composition comprising SOD, vitamins A, D and E [21].

Known agent for century, a cream containing a cosmetic base, epiderm, Malawi, Eleutherococcus extract, juniper oil, jojoba oil, citric and succinic acid, tocopherol acetate (vitamin E) and retinol acetate (vitamin A) [22].

Known composition for external use on the skin, containing a mixture of panthenol, fish oil, alpha-Tocopheryl acetate, arginine, isoleucine, leucine, methionine, phenylalanine, threonine and valine with a suitable carrier [23]. The mixture was used to treat burns, cuts, abrasions, insect bites, inflammation from the sun and wind, dry skin, psoriasis, seborrheic dermatitis and eczema.

Products on a fat basis (plant, animal fats) without antiseptics in the composition are, as already mentioned above, a breeding ground for microorganisms, which is a prerequisite for their reproduction, which may adversely effect when applied on the skin. The application of an antiseptic may also have a negative impact on the quantitative and qualitative composition "useful" human microbiota.

Known liquid to repair damaged cells, containing�th ODS the aloe juice, hyaluronic acid solution, alpha-lipoic acid and vitamin E (0.5-4). Every 100 g of reducing liquids contain 40000-4000000 units of SOD activity. The disadvantages of this invention include the manufacturing complexity of the solution, namely the need for each component, and then a composition (receiving plant extracts).

Known composition, useful in sexual disorders and having the effect of an aphrodisiac, active components, lycopene, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B3, vitamin B5 (less than 0.2% or 0.2%-0.6%), vitamin B6, vitamin B12, vitamin C, caffeine, epicatechin, epigallocatechin of epicatechin, epigallocatechin, epigallocatechin gallate, L-arginine (less than 3.5% or 3.5%-12.0%), quercetin and vitamin E (up to 1.4% or 1.4%-18.0%) [24]. The disadvantages of this invention is the absence in the type formula of introduction into the body of this composition. The purpose of this composition is for the treatment of sexual dysfunction that is different from the offer.

The closest analogue of the proposed invention is a composition for skin whitening containing the component A and component B [25]. Component A is represented by astaxanthin, component B is at least one of the plurality of compounds, among which including succinic acid, vitamin E, vitamin B and its derivatives, SOD. The disadvantages of prototy�and invention is the fact, in addition to the above components, has announced a large number of other components, which increases the probability of entry into the reaction mixture components that may adversely affect the properties of the composition. To identify such components is quite difficult: the disadvantage is the complexity of the control components in the mixture. Moreover, not specified quantitative ratio of ingredients, which makes playing this composition and evaluation of its effectiveness. The disadvantage of this composition is the lack of specifying exactly what the vitamin from the vitamin b group is used, which is essential for the conditioning properties of the composition. Component(s) composition B is also a secondary additive, while the basic properties of the compositions according to the invention due to component A.

The claimed invention is free from these shortcomings.

The technical result from the use of cosmetic products according to the invention consists in expanding Arsenal of tools for improving the condition of the skin.

The technical result from the use of cosmetic products according to the invention is atraumatic due to the external use of funds to reduce the risks of side effects (compared with injectable, mostly, and oral types of introduction - from�OUTSTA effect on the gastro-intestinal tract (GIT)).

The technical result from the use of cosmetic products according to the invention also lies in the lack of induction of allergic and irritant reactions. Said technical result is achieved in that the medium is water-based and contains only water-soluble components, contains a nutrient medium for microorganisms, therefore there is no need to use antiseptic. Use water-soluble components, including water-soluble form of vitamin E, and water-based, which allows to eliminate the probability of reproduction and metabolism of microorganisms on the skin of the patient, therefore, irritation and/or inflammation of the skin.

Form of the drug involves a single use of one unit of the drug (ampoules, vials) that eliminates the possibility of getting and reproduction of microorganisms in the medium during storage.

The technical result from the use of cosmetic products according to the invention is expressed in increasing the safety of the drug. This technical result is achieved in that to create the means according to the invention uses only harmless components. Use of recombinant SOD, don't use components that serve as a breeding ground for microorganisms, do not use antiseptic.

The technical result from the use�of isawanya cosmetics according to the invention lies in its versatility - the tool does not cause discomfort, applicable for all skin types, for all ages, for both sexes, for different parts of the skin, due to the fact that normalize the skin and improves its appearance - resolves functional and cosmetic defects, in the absence of a brightening effect, tightens the skin, in the absence of belonging to anti-aging remedies.

The technical result from the use of the funds is also expressed in fast (see examples) restore normal functioning and improving the appearance of skin by eliminating the effects of harsh environmental factors among and/or disorders in the body, due to the combination of selected ingredients in the composition means and the specifics of the application - outside local application, applications for sufficient for deep exposure time. The use of external how to use the allows you to deliver targeted active ingredients, which increases the effectiveness of the product and allows the use of fewer-compared with oral route of administration, by reducing the quantitative and qualitative losses during passage through the digestive tract.

Products that contain only water-soluble component, in contrast to those with fat-soluble component, does not form a film on skin�, preventing the exchange processes with the environment, including impairing cellular respiration. This allows for a rapid recovery of the skin.

The technical result from the use of the funds is also expressed in reducing the risk of decreasing control effect due to the lack of complexity.

The technical result is also expressed in the simplification of the manufacture of this tool. Said technical result is achieved due to the use of ready-made components, which are mixed in the absence of special conditions for the obtaining means according to the invention.

Summary of the invention

Proposed cosmetic for quick recovery of the skin containing superoxide dismutase, vitamin B complex, succinic acid, characterized in that it further comprises a water-soluble analogue of vitamin E trolox and L-arginine, the activity of superoxide dismutase is 200000-300000 U/mg, vitamin B complex represented by dexpantenol, the following ratio of components, wt.%: superoxide dismutase 0,1 (0,01 - 32), dexpanthenol 0,2 (0,1 - 20), succinic acid and 0.6 (0.5 to pH 6.0), trolox of 0.23 (0.13 to 45), L-arginine 1 (0,9-64), water for injections. The product is applied on the skin condition requiring the removal of defects - with impaired function and/or cosmetic defects 20 minutes (15-20 minutes), using material �maintenance tool in itself and giving the tool the skin, during the exposure time. The tool allows you to quickly restore the skin without the induction of allergic and irritant reactions.

Studies have been conducted showing specific examples of implementation of this invention. Studies were conducted to confirm the technical result.

Example 1. A composition.

Mixing the following substances in sterile conditions at room temperature to achieve the specified percentages of the total weight:

ODS ("NPP "Enzyme technology", Russia) - 0,1%

Trolox (HYDROXY-2,5,7,8-TETRAMETHYLCHROMANE-2-carboxylic acid

ACID) (Aldrich, Russia) - 0,23%

L-arginine (Panreac, Spain) is 1%

Succinic acid (CJSC "Inreaction", Russia) - 0,6%

Dexpanthenol (Fluka, Switzerland) and 0.2%

Water for injection - the rest.

To obtain cosmetics can be used these substances from other manufacturers.

Example 2. The patient is a doctor dermatologist after biorevitalisation.

Gender, age: female, 32 years.

The number of uses, exposure time: 1, 20 minutes.

Characteristics of the skin before applying: capillary mesh, papules (a patient with severe vascular disease).

Characteristics of the skin after application: noticeable even skin tone, lighten, vasoconstriction.

Example 3. The patient is a doctor dermatologist after the procedure, laser and plasma guns.�of peeling.

Gender, age: husband of 27 years.

The number of uses, exposure time: 1, 20 minutes.

Characteristics of the skin before applying: characterized by redness, initial stage of the inflammatory process, the subjective discomfort of the procedure.

Characteristics of the skin after application: reduction of the inflammatory process, a reduction in the redness, tight skin.

The comment of the doctor-dermatologist:

1. Ease of application and especially the removal tools (does not require additional rinsing);

2. Convenient to use after injecting and aggressive treatments;

3. Indispensable when performing peels, laser, warming procedures;

4. Convenient for use on male skin.

Example 4. The patient - care of skin prone to oiliness.

Gender, age: female, 24 years old.

The number of uses, exposure time: 5, 15 minutes. Frequency: every other day.

Characteristics of the skin before applying: skin, prone to fat, with the effects of acne on the cheek - a trace of a chemical burn.

Characteristics of the skin after application: reduction of redness, regeneration after a burn (spot the burn considerably brightened after five applications, the wound was tightened) and overall improvement in skin condition (fat content decreased, and good condition was kept in all day).

Kommentar�th patient: a pleasant sensation when using the drug - feel fresh, relaxing effect.

Example 5. The patient cosmetologist final mask in complex care (home care).

Gender, age: female, 29 years.

The number of uses, exposure time: daily use for 3 days, for 20 minutes.

Characteristics of the skin before applying: dermatitis, complicated by the mixed seborrhea, rash with elements of suppuration.

Characteristics of the skin after applying a significant decrease in the sebum and skin rash with elements of suppuration.

Example 6. The patient cosmetologist after treatment enzyme peel.

Gender, age: female, 43 years.

The number of uses, exposure time: 1, 20 minutes.

Characteristics of the skin before applying: flushing of the skin after enzymatic peeling papain.

Characteristics of the skin after application: reducing congestion.

Example 7. The patient cosmetologist after the waxing procedure.

Gender, age: female, 36 years.

The number of uses, exposure time: 1, 10 minutes.

Characteristics of the skin before applying: irritation in the area of anti-hair removal (bikini).

Characteristics of the skin after application: reducing congestion, reduction of swelling during exposure tools.

Example 8. The patient cosmetologist sunburn

Gender, age: husband of 34 years.

The number of applications, the exposure time�tion: daily use for 2 days 15 minutes.

Characteristics of the skin before applying: redness, peeling of the skin.

Characteristics of the skin after application: reduces redness, no peeling on the face, unlike other areas exposed to intense sun exposure.

Comment esthetician, the results are good and interesting to use in other cosmetic procedures, a period in care, and for home use.

Example 9. The patient is a doctor dermatologist after thermal burn

Gender, age: female, 23 years.

The number of uses, exposure time: 2, the first application of funds - 5 hours after getting burn, 20 minutes, the second one the next day, 20 minutes.

Characteristics of the skin before applying: redness, blisters in the area of the burn.

Characteristics of the skin after application: acceleration of the process of rehabilitation - a week after getting burn full recovery of the skin.

Example 10. The patient is a doctor dermatologist after mesotherapy

Gender, age: female, 40 years.

The number of applications, the exposure time: a course of 3 treatments, every day, immediately after each procedure, mesotherapy 1 per day. The exposure time every day - 20 minutes.

Characteristics of the skin before applying: papules at the injection site of the drug (a person).

Characteristics chipotle applications: papules at the injection site of the drug (person) no swelling around the papules.

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1. Cosmetic for quick recovery of the skin containing superoxide�pelvis b-vitamin, succinic acid, characterized in that it further comprises a water-soluble analogue of vitamin e, trolox and L-arginine, the activity of superoxide dismutase is 200000-300000 U/mg, vitamin group represented by dexpantenol, the ratio of components, wt. %: superoxide dismutase 0,01-32, dexpanthenol 0.1 to 20, succinic acid 0.5 to pH 6.0, trolox 0,13-45, L-arginine 0,9-64, water for injection - the rest.

2. Cosmetic product according to claim 1, characterized by the fact that the optimal ratio of components, wt. %: superoxide dismutase 0,1, dexpanthenol 0,2, succinic acid 0.6, trolox of 0.23, L-arginine 1, water for injection - the rest.

3. Cosmetic product according to claim 1 or 2, characterized by the fact that the tool is applied on the skin condition requiring the removal of defects, with the use of the material holding the tool in itself and means giving the skin during the exposure time, the exposure time is 15-20 minutes.


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FIELD: medicine.

SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to medicine and is intended for oral cavity care. Compositions contain: a) guanidine-based active substance, b) film-forming polymer, c) hydrophobic modifier of viscosity in quantity, sufficient for provision of composition for oral cavity care with time particle sedimentation more than 20 minutes, and d) oil carrier. Guanidine-based active substance preferably represents L-arginine. Film-forming polymer preferably represented GANTREZ. Hydrophobic modifier of viscosity preferably represents thickened mineral oil. Oil carrier preferably represents natural oil. Composition is enclosed in gelatine capsule. Method of teeth cleaning includes application on teeth of composition for oral cavity care in such a way that composition for oral cavity care cleans teeth. Device for oral cavity care, which contains: handle, fastened on handle head, where head has external surface and a row of teeth-cleaning elements, projecting outwards on external surface, and gelatine capsule, which contains composition for oral cavity care, located on head.

EFFECT: group of inventions makes it possible to increase teeth cleaning efficiency.

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FIELD: chemistry.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the encapsulation of active ingredients and to processing textile materials. Claimed are: a method of processing textile materials, containing microcapsules of active ingredients, fibres and/or textile materials, obtained from the said method, and their cosmetic or pharmaceutical application and/or their application as a repellent.

EFFECT: claimed invention makes it possible to increase the active ingredient stability for an acceptable number of washings.

16 cl, 6 dwg

FIELD: chemistry.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to application of composition, which contains Polygonum aviculare grass 20-25 wt %, cowberry leaves 13-17 wt %, Viburnum sargentii koehne fruits 5-9 wt %, fruits of dog-rose of different of Far-East species 20-25 wt %, Schisandra chinensis seeds 13-17 wt %, Fragaria orientalis leaves 5-9 wt % and corn stigmas 5-9 wt %, as means with oil protective activity in treatment of glomerulonephritis.

EFFECT: invention provides positive influence on basic indices of glomerulonephritis: promotes recovery of diuresis, reduction of proteinuria, reduction of azotemia, cryoglobulinemia and level of circulating immune complexes.

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FIELD: medicine.

SUBSTANCE: integrated therapy additionally involves administering thin-walled Capsicum annuum powder of the type paprika in a dose of 30 g with the specified selenium contents of 1 mg/kg and a capsule of alpha-tocopherol acetate in a dose of 100 mg manufactured by Lyumi, LLC (Ekaterinburg) orally during meals 3 times a day. The length of the treatment is 20 days.

EFFECT: invention enables reducing the time of the treatment, increasing its efficacy, and prolonging remission.

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FIELD: medicine, oncology, amino acids.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates, in particular, to the development of an antitumor preparation based on natural substances. Invention relates to an amino acid preparation comprising at least one modified essential amino acid obtained by treatment of amino acid by ultraviolet radiation (UV) at wavelength 250-350 nm for 12-80 h at temperature 15-30oC or with ozone at temperature 15-25oC. The modified amino acid has no toxicity for health cells. Also, invention relates to a method for preparing such preparation. Invention provides the development of an antitumor preparation based on modified amino acids and expanded assortment of antitumor preparations being without cytotoxicity for normal cells.

EFFECT: valuable medicinal antitumor properties of preparation.

8 cl, 4 tbl, 2 dwg, 4 ex

FIELD: medicine, gastroenterology.

SUBSTANCE: after selecting all biliary portions one should introduce firstly a certain anolyte at the quantity of 100-150 ml at ORP = +700 - +1200 mV; pH = 6.0 - 7.3 for a patient through a sound, then one should introduce a certain catholyte at the quantity of 150-200 ml at ORP being -400 - -800 mV; pH = 8.5 - 9.5 into a free sound. The present innovation enables to decrease relapses in diseases of biliary canals at the background of restricted usage of chemotherapeutical preparations.

EFFECT: higher efficiency of curative sounding.

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FIELD: organometal chemistry, stomatology.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to titanium compounds of formula [TiF2L2] or containing group of formula [TiFxLy]z-, wherein x = 2, 4 or 5; y = 1 or 2; z = 1 or 2; L is group of formula II , wherein m = 1; n = 0, 1 or 2, in enantiomer, diastereomer forms, or mixture thereof, including racemates; as well as free bases or pharmaceutically acceptable salts. Composition containing claimed compounds for buccal application to prevent dental caries also is disclosed.

EFFECT: compounds with improved stability capable to form lacquer on dental surface.

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FIELD: cosmetology, food industry.

SUBSTANCE: the present innovation deals with compositions for cosmetic preparations, means for personal hygiene, purifying components, biocidal components, functional food and food additives. Due to these compositions one should introduce bioactive glass containing SiO2, CaO, P2O5 and Na2O, not obligatory, into the objects mentioned. Moreover, the present innovation deals with methods to obtain and apply the compositions mentioned. It enables to obtain cosmetic products capable to withstand bacterial infection.

EFFECT: higher efficiency.

134 cl, 19 ex, 5 tbl

FIELD: medical engineering.

SUBSTANCE: method involves acting in turn with ultrasonic and magnetic field with switch frequency of 10 to 160 Hz. Ultrasonic field intensity is set below cavitation threshold and ultrasonic oscillation frequency being equal to liquid acoustic relaxation frequency. Magnetic field induction being selected within the limits of 30-50 mTesla units.

EFFECT: enhanced effectiveness of liquid activation; reduced power consumption.

1 dwg

FIELD: medicine, infectious diseases.

SUBSTANCE: method involves administration of electroactivated aqueous solutions of salts with negative and positive redox-potential and definite pH value and with the concentration of active chlorine in the definite sequence and regimen. Invention promotes to arresting basic pathogenetic syndromes of disease due to normalization of metabolic processes in body and recovery of the normal microbiocenosis and by development of conditions promoting to using the own natural potential by human. Invention can be used for complex treatment of parasitic and infectious diseases.

EFFECT: improved method for treatment.

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FIELD: experimental medicine, immunology.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a method for immunization of intact animals with ram erythrocytes treated by alternating magnetic field 50 Hz and 25 mTl for 30 min. Method provides enhancement of induction of the primary immune response in experimental animals. Invention can be used for stimulation of immune response in experiment.

EFFECT: improved method for stimulating.

2 tbl

FIELD: medicine, stomatology.

SUBSTANCE: invention proposes an agent for prophylaxis and treatment of dental caries that comprises carrier and active substance wherein carrier is made as a bicomponent system consisting of rubber or rubber-like elastomer eliciting high residual deformation and spherical or approaching to spherical rubber particles or rubber-like polymer eliciting the residual deformation less 0.001% and showing deformation indices 10-25 kg/cm2 at relative elongation 0.1-0.25 and in the ratio of components in the carrier = (30:70)-(85:15) wt.-%, size of particles is 1.0-5.0 mm and wherein active substance involves active sources of fluorine, calcium and phosphate ions. Agent is made as plate, rod or block. Method for prophylaxis and treatment of caries involves chewing the indicated agent with strength providing release of active substance from carrier and maintaining the concentration of calcium and fluorine ions in saliva 10-4 - 10-5 M, respectively, for 5-15 min, not less. Agent and method show high effectiveness in treatment and prophylaxis of caries and comfortable using also.

EFFECT: improved, enhanced and valuable medicinal properties of agent and method.

3 cl, 2 tbl

FIELD: medicinal biotechnology, immunology.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to producing medicinal biological preparations. Invention relates to a method for enhancing specific activity of immunoglobulins of class G. Method involves freezing immunoglobulin G-containing fractions to temperature from -20°C to -196°C and subjected for gamma-irradiation in doses 5-50 kGr with power of absorbed dose 60-110 Gr/min. method provides elevating the specific activity of immunoglobulin G, increasing titer, avidity and reducing anti-complementary activity.

EFFECT: improved method for elevating activity of antibodies.

3 tbl, 3 dwg, 4 ex

FIELD: medicine, stomatology.

SUBSTANCE: therapy suggested should be performed due to applying a thin layer of 0.1%-butyric estradiol solution followed by a 5-min-long ultrasound treatment of the target surface. The method provides complex therapy and prophylaxis of parodontium diseases due to local substitution hormonotherapy with estradiol-containing solution.

EFFECT: higher efficiency of therapy.

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