Ester-oil composition 'bioprotection' for treating asthenic syndrome in patients with dyscirculatory encephalopathy

FIELD: medicine, pharmaceutics.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to the pharmaceutical industry, particularly to a composition for treating asthenic syndrome in patients with dyscirculatory encephalopathy. An ester-oil composition for treating asthenic syndrome in the patients with dyscirculatory encephalopathy contains eucalyptus, mint, pine, cedar, lavender, carnation, flax essences taken in certain relations.

EFFECT: composition is effective for treating asthenic syndrome in the patients with dyscirculatory encephalopathy; it causes the selective harmonising action on the central nervous system, regulates the emotional status, improves cognitive functions, reduces clinical manifestations of asthenic syndrome considerably and improves the quality of life in the patients with dyscirculatory encephalopathy.

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The invention relates to medicine, specifically to the creation of herbal medicines for the treatment of dyscirculatory encephalopathy (DE).

The problem of chronic progressive vascular diseases of the brain being nominated by one of the leading places in modern cardiology. In recent years, an increasing number of patients with vascular diseases of the brain. DAE attributed to free radical pathology that brings to the fore in the pathogenesis of the disease processes of lipid peroxidation. The system of protection against the damaging effects of reactive oxygen species and products of their interaction with the main substrates of peroxidation of polyunsaturated fatty acids involves a number of enzyme systems (superoxide dismutase, catalase, glutathione peroxidase, etc.), localized in places of accumulation of active intermediates. In addition, the hydrophilic and hydrophobic phases of the cell present-enzymatic antioxidants, including ascorbate, a-tocopherol, glutathione, carotenoids, flavonoids and polyphenolic compounds nature occupy a leading place (Pospelov, M. L. the Use of medicinal properties of spices in the traditional systems of medicines / O. D. of Barnaul, M. L. Pospelova, M. A. Zaitseva // Integrative medicine 2010: proceedings of the international. forum. - M., 2010. - P. 159-160; Pospelova,M. L. The level of markers of endothelial dysfunction in patients with different severity of atherosclerosis brachiocephalic arteries / M. L. Pospelova, O. D. Barnaul, O. Y. Matvienko et al. // Man and Medicine: proceedings of the XVII Grew. NAT. congruence. - M., 2010. - S. 223-224; Pospelova, M. L. Markers of inflammation in atherosclerosis, the activity of the fibrinolysis system in patients with symptomatic and asymptomatic atherosclerosis brachiocephalic arteries / M. L. Pospelova, O. D. Barnaul, T. V. Osipova // Systemic circulation, hemorheology and microcirculation: proceedings of the VIII Intern. Conf. - Yaroslavl, 2011. - P. 73). Great place in the clinical picture DAE is a emotional personality disorders. In the initial stages of the disease they are presented asthenic symptom complex with a predominantly hypersthenic manifestations, irritability, loss of sleep, confusion, reduced alertness, headache, sensation of noise in the head. Modern methods of treatment of DE with the help of drugs do not solve the problem of asthenic disorders. Prolonged use of pharmacological agents reduces their effectiveness, contributes to the development of complications and the appointment of new medicines. The first in the world practice of medicine for the treatment of asthenia steel adaptogens, the mechanism of which is realized through the increased synthesis of DOPA�ina, such as ginseng, Manchurian aralia, Golden root (Rhodiola rosea), Rhaponticum carthamoides (maral root), schisandra chinensis, sterculia platanoides, Eleutherococcus senticosus, zamanihi high, pantokrina (St George's V. P. Komissarenko, N. F., Dmitruk, S. E. Biologically active substances of medicinal plants. - Novosibirsk: Nauka. - 333 p.; Clinical pharmacology. V. G. Kukes. - Moscow. Moscow: GEOTAR - medicine. - 1999. - 526 p.).

As an independent method or in combination with other types of physiotherapy and medicines used hydrocromotherapy. It is reasonable to prescribe oxygen therapy in the form of oxygen cocktails that has a General stimulating effect and improves the condition of the nervous system. The combination of aeroionotherapy and oxygen therapy gives good clinical effect: improves health, memory, headaches disappear, reduced vestibular and emotional-volitional disorders. The known method coaching therapy intermittent hypoxic exposure by inhalation of air-nitrogen mixture containing 10% oxygen (Neretin, V. J. Complex therapy of chronic ischemia of the brain. - M., 2002). New in the treatment of DAE procedures have become combined effects of light, aromatic oils, heat, massage, music and aeroionotherapy air. (Rybkin V. M., Bragar A. S., MA�fishing I. N., Smolsky O. E. Comprehensive rehabilitation of patients with discirculatory encephalopathy / Rehabilitation and physiotherapy. 2008. - No. 6). In the literature, there are evidence of the successful use of acupuncture and herbal medicine (Morozov O. G., Zdebski V. I., A. A. Yaroshevsky Rehabilitation treatment of chronic cerebral ischemia with the use of methods of acupuncture and Eastern herbal medicine // international journal of neurological, 2010. - 8(38)). Leaf extract gingko biloba has a nonspecific anti-hypoxic effect on the tissue of the entire body, including at the level of neurons. Affects neuroransmitters transsynaptically transmission, affects the release, re-uptake and breakdown of neurotransmitters (norepinephrine, dopamine, acetylcholine) and their ability to connect with membrane receptors. Contained in preparations of flavonoids bind free radicals and neutralize their damaging effects (Gromova O. A., Burtsev E. M., Limanowa O. A. structural Features of the spectrum of a standardized extract of Ginkgo biloba on the example of bilobil and its antioxidant activity // Free radicals and human disease. - Smolensk, 1999. - P. 52-56; Chandrasekaran K, Mehrabian z, Spinnewyn B. Neuroprotective effects of bilobalide, a component of Ginkgo biloba extract (EGb 761) in global brain ischemia and in excitotoxicity-induced neuronal death // Pharmacopsychiatry. - 2003. - Vol.36, No. 1. - P. 89-94.Inhaling the stimulating fragrance of peppermint rosemary, Basil has resulted not only in a clinically significant improvement in mental alertness, more clearly manifested in the performance of intellectual tasks, but was accompanied by an increase in the number of beta waves in contrast to the control group, where the specified was not observed. Inhalation of soothing aromas of Valerian, lavender, on the contrary, there was an increase in the number of alpha, theta and Delta waves. The positive influence of biologically active substances of plants on cerebral circulation is proved by researches of L. S. Leszczynski with co-authors (Soldatchenko S. S., G. F. Kashchenko Prevention and treatment of diseases of the essential oils. - Stavropol, 1998. - 144 p.). L. G. Dudchenko reports on the effective use of aromatherapy in patients with hypertension, when along with the hypotensive activity of the essential oil has beneficial effects on clinical indicators: headache, tinnitus, dizziness. (Dudchenko L. G Fragrances health (treatment of aromatic plants and essential oils) / ed. by K. V. Krivenko. - Kiev: Globe, 1997. - 150 p.) have also been found to effectively carry out aromatherapy can not only in the period of wakefulness of a person, but during sleep, which is confirmed by the distinct electroencephalographic changes, the dynamics of the cardiac frequency R�TMA, blood pressure, electrocardiographic indicators. Clinically proven that even the inhalation of the aroma of apples is able to reduce the pathogenic effects of stress, normalize blood pressure. Clinical trials and scientific studies have shown high therapeutic efficacy of biologically active substances of plants, surpassing in some cases, medicines. So, the scent of lavender, chamomile, lemon, sandalwood is able to reduce the activity of the brain faster than the number of depressants. And Jasmine, rose, mint and cloves excite the cells of the gray matter is more powerful than therapeutic dose of caffeine (Soldatenko S. S., Nikolaev V. V. Essential oils. Ancient remedy. - http://Linkz.Ru. - 2004). It should be noted that the formulation of herbs is made empirically, based on the preferences and experience of the doctor. Virtually no standardized phyto-compositions.

A unified approach to the treatment of asthenic syndrome in TE according to the literature the authors found. Aromatherapy is used unreasonably rare, the selection of herbs is made empirically, there are no standardized phyto-compositions. Analogs of the invention can serve as a "Antisept" company "Armaform" (oil Caapucu, niaouli, ravensara, tea tree, eucalyptus); "Inhaler" cor�Orazio "Arterium" (eucalyptus oil, mint, fir, turpentine).

The technical result of the proposed method is to create the best mix of oils of eucalyptus, pine, cedarwood, peppermint, lavender and clove, with a maximum efficiency of treatment of asthenic syndrome in DAE by holding patients with asthenic syndrome in TEH essential oil inhalation by photocomposite "Biosecurity" containing 100 ml of eucalyptus oil 3.5 g, pine - 2.5 g, cedar - 2.5 g, mint - 3.5 g, lavender - 2.5 grams cloves - 0.5 g, base of linseed oil to 100 ml. the Course of treatment contains ten treatments. The first has a duration of 5 min (3 drops of aromatose), 2 and 3 treatments in 6 min (4 drops), 4 and 5 of the procedure for 7 minutes (5 drops), 6, and 7 procedures for 8 min (5 drops), 8 and 9 procedures 9 minutes (5 drops), 10 procedure - 10 minutes (5 drops).

A study of the effectiveness of aromatherapy in 78 patients with asthenic syndrome in DAE (mean age 45,4+11,2 years), the control group consisted of 38 patients of similar age who received standard therapy.

The proposed composition is prepared as follows: in a volumetric capacity alternately poured eucalyptus oil 3.5 g, pine - 2.5 g, cedar - 2.5 g, mint - 3.5 g, lavender - 2.5 grams cloves - 0.5 g. the Mixture is brought to a volume of 100 ml linseed oil. The mixing is performed by stirring. Inhalation was conducted in a physiotherapy�ucebnici OBUZ "City polyclinic №5", Ivanovo daily for 15 minutes in the Sauna apparatus inhaler TAKIO YH 1502. Complete apparatus consists of a steam inhaler, nozzles for inhalation and spray.

As criteria of effectiveness used the dynamics of clinical indicators, neuropsychological tests (short-term memory tests "Memory", "Memory of images", emphasis on "tables Schulte"), emotional status (test "Spielberg-Hanina", multifactor questionnaire RESINS), the dynamics of quality of life test "Health Status Survey (SF-36"). The study of cerebral blood flow according to rheoencephalography and bioelectrical brain activity using electroencephalography was performed on neurophysiological complex "Neuron-spectrum" (Ivanovo).

Statistical processing of results was carried out using parametric and nonparametric statistics on personal computer with using the program "Statistica 6.0" with the definition of mean values (M) average error (m), the criterion of reliability of student-Fisher (t), significance level (p), the criterion of homogeneity χ2. Differences were considered significant at p<0.05 or χ2>3,8.

In the study of clinical symptoms on the background of aromatherapy in the treatment group was observed the most marked improvement: intensity� headache decreased from 64.4 per cent (p< 0,05) patients, the noise in my head - in 24.5% (p<0,05), dizziness, sleep disturbances, memory loss and attention 31.1; 46,7 and 44.5%, respectively (p<0,05 in all cases). In the control group also demonstrated a positive trend, but it was significantly lower than in the main group.

After a course of aromatherapy average time spent on search numbers on the test Schulte, decreased in the main group of 24.2% (p<0,05). In the control group also demonstrated a positive trend, but it was significantly lower than in the main group.

After the treatment was observed an increase in the speed characteristics of blood flow by 10% in the first group. The positive effect of therapy was displaying in the trend to normalization of the main EEG rhythms. In patients on background treatment were registered, increasing the total spectrum of alpha-activity (mostly in the frontal and temporal areas), beta-1 activity (mainly in the Central region) and beta-2-activity (mostly in the temporal and Central regions). The average value of the total spectrum of theta and Delta activity decreased during treatment. The largest growth was recorded in the temporal, parietal and frontal lobes.

Example 1. Patient N. 45. Suffered from hypertension for 10 years. During the year notes irritability loss of sleep, confusion, reduced alertness, headache, sensation of noise in the head. In the neurological status is found expressed mild symptoms of oral automatism, asymmetry and abdominal tendon reflexes, mild incoordination. Background recording of the EEG is characterized by a decrease in the amplitude of the alpha rhythm (54 mV) and its disorganization. The oscillation frequency is 8.5 Hz. Beta rhythm has no clear topical characteristics. Periodically recorded slow wave Delta-, theta-band amplitude up to 30 mV in parietal derivations of the right hemisphere. According to REG showed signs of amiodarone, reduction of pulse blood filling, easy venous Disgaea. On the basis of complaints, anamnesis and neurological symptoms in a patient diagnosed with stage I-DAE, characterized by asthenia mainly with hypersthenic manifestations. A course of aromatherapy in the form of a daily inhalation of the essential oil composition "Biosecurity" scheme of treatment, consisting of ten treatments. The first has a duration of 5 min (3 drops of aromatose), 2 and 3 treatments in 6 min (4 drops), 4 and 5 of the procedure for 7 minutes (5 drops), 6, and 7 procedures for 8 min (5 drops), 8 and 9 procedures 9 minutes (5 drops), 10 procedure - 10 minutes (5 drops) on the unit Sauna inhaler TAKIO YH 1502. As a result of treatment marked improvement from the tummy.�I, associated with a heart rate and a decrease in the intensity of headaches and improved sleep.

Dynamics of indicators of neuropsychological tests in patients with DAE in the studied groups before and after treatment (M±M)
TestsPatients with TE
Main group (n=78)The control group (n=38)
The average number of stored images on the test "Memory images"7,1±0,510,6±0,4*
The average number of memorized numbers on the test "Memory for numbers"5,2±0,59,1±0,4*

Essential-oil composition for the treatment of asthenic syndrome in patients with discirculatory encephalopathy that contains oils of eucalyptus, peppermint, pine, cedar, Laban�s, carnations, flax in the following ratio of components:

eucalyptus oil3.5 g
peppermint oil3.5 g
oil of pine2.5 g
the cedar oil2.5 g
lavender oil2.5 g
clove oil0.5 g
oil flaxto 100 ml


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EFFECT: technical result consists in increased efficiency of prevention and treatment of inflammatory diseases of oral cavity, parodentium, in particular gingivitis, periodontitis, as well as increase of cleaning ability of toothpaste with simultaneous reduction of abrasive influence on tooth enamel; and technical result consists in extension of arsenal or toothpastes of complex action, which render healing and preventive action on organs and tissues of oral cavity.

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EFFECT: drops possess pronounced antiviral and immunomodulatory effects.

15 tbl, 5 ex

FIELD: food industry.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a polyphenol grape extract, a compound for oral administration, a food product, beverage, a taste additive, a nutraceutical product, a revitalising composition and therapeutic remedy including the said grape extract. According to the invention, the grape extract contains nearly 5-15 wt % of monomers, nearly 5-20 wt % of dimers, nearly 3-10 wt % of trimers, nearly 2-10 wt % of tetramers and nearly 2-10 wt % of pentamers.

EFFECT: grape extract reduces blood pressure with patients suffering from prehypertonic condition or metabolic syndrome.

27 cl, 4 dwg, 8 tbl, 7 ex

FIELD: medicine, oncology, amino acids.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates, in particular, to the development of an antitumor preparation based on natural substances. Invention relates to an amino acid preparation comprising at least one modified essential amino acid obtained by treatment of amino acid by ultraviolet radiation (UV) at wavelength 250-350 nm for 12-80 h at temperature 15-30oC or with ozone at temperature 15-25oC. The modified amino acid has no toxicity for health cells. Also, invention relates to a method for preparing such preparation. Invention provides the development of an antitumor preparation based on modified amino acids and expanded assortment of antitumor preparations being without cytotoxicity for normal cells.

EFFECT: valuable medicinal antitumor properties of preparation.

8 cl, 4 tbl, 2 dwg, 4 ex