Diagnostic technique for aggravated cytomegaloviral infection in third trimester of gestation accompanied by erythrocyte glutathione reductase reduction

FIELD: medicine.

SUBSTANCE: method involves measuring pregnant women's blood anti-cytomegalovirus antibody titre and glutathione reductase activity in erythrocytes of the obstetric patient suffering the cytomegaloviral infection. If the anti-cytomegalovirus antibody titre is 1:1600, whereas the measured glutathione reductase activity is below 4.48±0.22 units/gHb, the aggravated cytomegaloviral infection is diagnosed.

EFFECT: higher diagnostic technique.


1. The purpose of the invention is to identify that by reducing the activity in erythrocytes of peripheral blood of pregnant women in the third trimester of gestation glutationreductaza marked exacerbation of cytomegalovirus infection.

2. The invention relates to medicine, namely to develop a method for the diagnosis of acute cytomegalovirus infection in the decrease in peripheral blood erythrocytes glutationreductaza.

3. Disclosure of the invention

Along with glycolysis (anaerobic breakdown of glucose) in erythrocytes occurs, the direct oxidation of glucose to carbon dioxide and water - ecomonically shunt [2]. In this cycle NADP restored in NADP-N. Violation of the reactions of pentose cycle in certain diseases is associated with the destruction of the structures of red blood cells and the onset of hemolytic crises [3]. Formed in the reaction of pentose cycle NADP-H is used in red blood cells to restore oxidized glutathione with the participation glutationreductaza. Restoration of glutathione with the participation of NADP-N glutationreductaza associated with the regeneration of the oxidized form of NADP-N. Restored glutathione (GSH) is 96% participates in the reaction with thiol groups. Maintaining glutathione in the reduced state it is necessary for protection of erythrocyte enzymes from inactivation and prevention of the action of peroxides on meme�the wound of red blood cells [4-6]. When oxidation of the reduced glutathione decreases the intensity of glycolysis in erythrocytes [4]. Given the above, to maintain normal level glutationreductaza in erythrocytes provides sustainable fermentative metabolism and morphological and functional integrity of membranes. When acute infectious processes in the body, pregnant women marked decrease in the activity glutationreductaza in peripheral blood erythrocytes [1]. Changing the content glutationreductaza during exacerbation of cytomegalovirus infection in the available literature were not observed.

4. New technical problem

Determining the level of glutationreductaza in peripheral blood erythrocytes of pregnant women in the third trimester of gestation, diagnosed exacerbation of cytomegalovirus infection.

5. In the available literature counterparts on this issue is not marked.

6. The implementation of the invention

6.1. The research was performed in the obstetric Department of the research center of the far Eastern scientific center of physiology and pathology of respiration SB RAMS. The study included 25 pregnant women in the age group of 18-25 years with chronic cytomegalovirus infection in the acute stage (study group) and 20 pregnant women without pathology (control group). The diagnosis of exacerbation of chronic cytomegalovirus infection was established with a comprehensive study of peri�aricescu blood for the presence of IgM or a fourfold or more increase in titer of IgG antibodies in paired sera in the dynamics after 10 days, the avidity index (65%), and the availability of DNA to CMV.

6.2. The research was carried out taking into account requirements of the Helsinki Declaration of the world medical Association on Ethical principles for conducting research with people" as amended in 2008 and the good clinical practice in the Russian Federation, the approved order of the Ministry of the Russian Federation No. 266 dated 19.06.2003.

6.3. Verification of CMV, the definition of type-specific antibodies, the avidity index was performed by ELISA on spectrophotometer "Stat Fax 2100" (USA) using test systems CJSC "Vector-best" (Novosibirsk), using PCR apparatus DT-96 (Russia) using the kits of the NGO "DNA-technology" (Moscow).

6.4. Glutationreductaza was determined by a spectrophotometric method using a set of reagents "Sentinel Diagnostics (Italy) on spectrophotometer "Stat Fax-2100" (USA).

6.5. Statistical analysis was performed parametric unpaired student's criterion and the method of Fisher.

In the process of research the following results were obtained: in the peripheral blood erythrocytes of pregnant women in the third trimester of gestation reduced content glutationreductaza to 4,48±0,22 U/b (control - 9,00±0,15 U/b). Examination of peripheral blood notes that at this time there is an exacerbation of cytomegalovirus infection until the titer of antibodies to cytomegalovirus�su 1:1600.


1. Lutsenko M. T., Andrievskaya I. A. "a Method for diagnosing respiratory function of erythrocytes of pregnant women by determining the activity glutationreductaza in peripheral red blood cells in cytomegalovirus infection." Patent No. 2402276 published 27.10.2010 Bulletin "Inventions, utility models," No. 30.

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Method for the diagnosis of acute cytomegalovirus infection in the third trimester of gestation, which includes the determination in the blood of pregnant titer of antibodies to cytomegalovirus and the activity of glutathione reductase in erythrocytes of mothers with cytomegalovirus infection, and if the value of the titer of antibodies to cytomegalovirus 1:1600 and significance of glutathione reductase activity below 4,48±0,22 U/b diagnosed exacerbation of cytomegalovirus infection.


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EFFECT: improved assay method.

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EFFECT: higher efficiency of detection.

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EFFECT: higher efficiency of diagnostics.

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FIELD: medicine, biology.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to nutrient medium used for accumulation of cells for the following cytological and/or immunocytochemical analysis carrying out. Invention relates to medium containing salts NaCl, KCl, anhydrous CaCl2, MgSO4 x 6 H2O, MgCl2 x 6 H2O, Na2HPO4 x 2 H2O, KHPO4, NaHCO3, and also glucose and Henx's solution, 10% albumin solution and polyglucin taken in the ratio 1:1:1. Invention provides enhancing the preservation of cells.

EFFECT: improved an valuable properties of nutrient medium.

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