Ring rope drive for torque transmission

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a rope drives. The device for the torque transmission contains a set of at least three drive eccentrics, and the same set of driven eccentrics, and piston rods-ropes. Each appropriate to each other drive and driven eccentrics are connected by the ring piston rods-rope installed at diameters of the drive and driven eccentrics. To increase space for the structural elements installed on line between the axes of drive and driven shafts, the eccentric diameters of the drive shaft or driven shaft can have increased size at the same eccentricity.

EFFECT: device compactness.

2 cl, 4 dwg


Area of technology

The invention relates to the field of engineering.

Background art.

In the patent № RU 2426021 C1 from 10.08.2011 described cable drive in which torque from a main Cam on a driven eccentric is transmitted by a cable attached to the line passing through the axis of the driving and driven eccentrics. In some traditional designs of mechanisms, such as the use of a cable drive instead of a chain, on bicycles and motorcycles on the line between the wheel axle and the axle of the drive sprocket are design elements that may prevent the displacement of ropes. Cycling on a line between the axes of the leading and driven sprockets is the bracket of the rear wheels, and motorcycle axle rear suspension arm of the wheel.

Disclosure of the invention

The invention is aimed at giving additional possibilities of application the control cable in machinery, in which between the axes of the driving and driven shafts are structural members that may interfere with the displacement of ropes.

A prototype device was taken the construction described in patent No. EN 2426021 C1 from 10.08.2011. For obstacle avoidance, which is located on the line passing through the axis of the driving and driven shafts, it is proposed that the ends of each rod-rope splicing, having an annular rope,�EP ring which should allow you to install it without a gap on the diameters of the driving and driven eccentrics. Since the rotation is transmitted by the movement of the eccentrics, the fastening of the cables from turning on the periphery of the eccentrics is not required, it is enough to limit the movement of the cable-connecting rod along the axis (from saskachewan with eccentrics). These annular connecting rods-cables to put on the master and slave Cams all set. Outwardly, it will appear as widely used in engineering belt and gear transmission, with the difference that for the transmission connecting rods-cables should be not less than three annular rod-rope, as shown in Fig. 1 and 2.

In these drawings one unit more than the other eccentrics, at the same eccentricity, to increase the space needed to bypass the obstacles that are placed on the line connecting the axis of the driven and driving shafts.

If you need to increase the uniformity of the flow of torque to the driven shaft are mounted sets of eccentrics from four to twelve units, as proposed in the prototype.

Brief description of the drawings

Drive cable, which cables cranks are a closed ring shown in Fig. 1 and Fig. 2, where POS. 1 - a ring rope that passes around the outer eccentrics, POS. 2 - ring rope passing around medium eccentrics, POS. 3 - ring rope passing around the inner eccentrics, POS. 4 - �camping swing hanging at the back of the wheel.

Variant implementation of the invention.

Setting ring control cable on a motorcycle will allow you to bypass the axis of the suspension arm of the rear wheel, allowing the traditional design of the rear suspension is unchanged.

Fig. 3 and Fig. 4 shows the installation of dual-control cable on a motorcycle in the embodiment, when the use of closed ring ropes on the leading and trailing excentrico equal diameter, where POS. 5 - axle rear suspension arm of the wheel.

1. Apparatus for transmitting torque, containing a set of at least three leading eccentrics and the set of slave eccentrics and connecting rods-cables, characterized in that every match in the master and slave Cams are connected to the annular connecting rods-cables, which are installed on the diameters of the leading and trailing eccentrics.

2. A device for transmitting torque according to claim 1, characterized in that to increase the space for structural elements that are installed on the line between the axes of the driving and driven shafts, the diameters of the eccentric drive shaft or driven shaft can be increased in size at the same eccentricity.


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EFFECT: improving fuel economy, reducing thermal factor and reducing friction losses.

2 cl, 4 dwg

FIELD: automobile production.

SUBSTANCE: device includes eccentrics in the number of not less than three on each of the shafts, piston-rods - cables, drive and driven shafts, which represent elongated ends of bearing axes of differential boxes of front and rear axles, which are taken out of housings of differentials. In order to increase uniform rotation torque on driven shaft on each of the shafts there can be fixed four to twelve eccentrics.

EFFECT: reduction of production labour, reduction of transport vehicle weight and increasing transmission efficiency.

2 dwg

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EFFECT: possible distortions in kinematic pairs of the mechanism are compensated and possible adjustment of gaps in slide-to-piston connection is provided, which allows improving the reliability of the mechanism.

1 dwg

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EFFECT: increasing efficiency of energy of back-and-forth movement of piston and improving operating conditions of piston-cylinder pair owing to reducing the friction.

3 dwg

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: device for torque transfer from driving shaft to driven one consists of at least three cams on each shaft, and also of connecting rods coupling cams of driving and driven shafts through bearings. As connecting rods there are used not rigid elements, like cables operating only for tension. The cams on each shaft can be secured both uniformly along angle of rotation or with simultaneous set off of corresponding cams along angle of rotation to 50 degrees on the driving and driven shafts. From four to twelve cams can be mounted on each shaft.

EFFECT: increased specific loads and reduced weight of progressively moving weights; eliminated transition of vibrations caused with connecting rods to resonance of vibrations of whole mechanism and increased uniformity of torque moment on driven shaft.

2 cl, 12 dwg

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: crank-rod mechanism consists of case, of rotating crank installed in case and of swash plate hinged to crank. The swash plate has a through orifice with diameter equal to diameter of rod inserted in it; an end of the rod is hinged to a slider. Axis of the orifice of the swash plate is perpendicular to axis of the crank and is directed to a cross point of this axis with axis of crank rotation. The slider is installed in guides parallel to axis of crank rotation and is rigidly tied with the case.

EFFECT: improved weight-dimension characteristics of mechanism and its increased reliability.

1 dwg

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EFFECT: reduced cost of manufacturing.

3 cl, 4 dwg