Wind wheel

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: wind wheel comprising a hub and blades from a bent resilient strip connected to the hub is proposed. Every blade is made by single-sided joint of the opposite ends of a bent resilient strip. Additionally its blades are set with the designed incidence angle at their end and at the units of their connection to the hub.

EFFECT: use of the invention will allow for the increase of wind turbine efficiency.

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The invention relates to wind energy and can be used as a source of mechanical energy (and also used as an engine).

Known wind wheel (rotor of a wind turbine) having a hub and blades, each of which is formed by one-sided dock opposite ends of the curved elastic bands, characterized in that the blades mounted on the hub with the calculated angles zaklinania nodes in their connection with the hub the angles of zaklinania on the end of them is zero, which eliminates end loss (SU 1787207 A-3, F03D 1/06 from 07.01.1993 G., formula 2).

The disadvantage of this propeller - low efficiency due to the fact that half of the air flow within the swept them square wraps around it and is not converted into mechanical energy, because the angle of zaklinania the end of the blades is equal to zero.

The purpose of the invention - improving the efficiency of the propeller.

This object is achieved in that the blades are installed with the calculated angles zaklinania on their end and the junction with the hub.

Fig. 1 is a diagram of the propeller blade, front view;

Fig. 2 General view of the propeller, front view.

Wind wheel comprising a blade 1 is formed by one-sided dock opposite ends of the curved elastic bands, and the hub 2.

The hub 2 has a sleeve 3, the ring 4 and the flanges 5 (shown only one).

The blade 1 of the propeller is installed with the calculated angles zaklinaniaϕR*(not shown) on the ends and at the junction with the hubϕrwith mounting pads and bolts (not shown).

The manufacture of the propeller is shown in Fig. 2 calculated eccentricity


where e is the eccentricity;

the angleϕRequal to the calculated corner of zaklinaniaϕR*the ends of the blades of the propeller;

R is the radius of the propeller.

The goal is achieved by the fact that it (the propeller) blades are fitted with the calculated angles zaklinania on their end and the junction with the hub.

When designing the propeller designer may provide the possibility of the helical shaped blades (by twisting them around the longitudinal axis of the blade or spacing of the curved ends of the elastic bands along the axis of rotation), what is known and provides maximum efficiency.

Wind wheel comprising STU�Itza and blades each of which is formed by one-sided dock opposite ends of the curved elastic bands, characterized in that the blades are fitted with the calculated angles zaklinania on their end and the junction with the hub.


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Windwheel // 2542161

FIELD: power industry.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to wind power industry, particularly to windwheels of wind power and wind electric power plants with horizontal rotation axis, designed mainly for operation in segmented-type power generators. The effect is achieved by equipping the main blade of windwheel with a joint where L-shaped arm is attached, with tensioning gear with a cable fixed at one side and rocker system at the other side. Sail fins are made in the form of band loops with band ends attached to the rockers, and the loop put on the cable.

EFFECT: simplified and more cost-effective structure, twist enabled.

4 dwg

FIELD: power engineering.

SUBSTANCE: inventions relate to wind-power engineering and can be used for conversion of wind power. The rotor blade (200) consists of a body (206) with aerodynamic structure (204) with a pressure side (204.2) and suction side (204.1), base on the first end of the body (206) and tip (100) on the second end of the body, besides, for connection with the tip (100) the bode (206) has the second components of the connecting mechanism, which contain mating with the first guides (110) of the tip (100) the second guides (210), and also the second blocking devices (220) interacting with the first blocking devices (120) of the tip (100). The tip (100) of the rotor blade (200) is designed as an independent detail, connected with the blade (200), and has the first connecting surface (102), facing towards the connected blade. To make the connection with the blade (200) on the connecting surface (102) the first guides (110) with the direction (FR) of input and first blocking devices (120) are provisioned as the first components of the connecting mechanism for fastening the tip (100) on the blade (200).

EFFECT: inventions allow to simplify the unit operation and reliability of its transportation.

16 cl, 7 dwg

FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to electrical engineering and wind energetics. Rotor of the segmental electric generator includes shaft, hub, rim and magnetic cores in form of two angle connections of straps, one is inside the other one. The straps have fixtures for securing on the rim. Technical result is improvement of the generator efficiency upon minimisation of its price as the rotor is magnetically interacts with the stator via two air gaps: outside and inside, thus reducing magnetic dispersion. Additional electromotive force increasing is due to additional rotor elements only, at that the magnetic field source is the same.

EFFECT: use of strap elements increases produceability.

1 dwg

FIELD: power engineering.

SUBSTANCE: wind wheel of the segment type electric generator, containing a hub, blades with the stringers designed as a sailing fin assembly, according to the invention, has fastening of stringers to the rim connected to the hub by means of spokes which are designed as flat-topped brackets on vertical sides of which the pairwise cuts are made which contact to the rim. Flat-topped brackets are connected to the rim fasteners, and stringers are fixed on horizontal shelves of flat-topped brackets.

EFFECT: possibility of use of stringers of the blade both as structural elements and magnetic conductors of the segment generator that provides simplification and reduction in cost of the design due to the use of the sailing fin assembly.

5 dwg

Wind motor // 2508468

FIELD: power industry.

SUBSTANCE: wind motor includes a horizontal shaft with a wheel with blades, which is installed on it. In addition, the wind wheel includes a conical air flow guide fixed on a wheel hub shell and an external shell. Blades of the second level are uniformly arranged on the external shell. Blades of the first level are attached to the wheel hub shell and to the conical guide. Generatrixes of blades of the first and the second levels are curved and have an ascending air flow attack angle.

EFFECT: improving efficiency.

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Vane blade // 2499155

FIELD: power engineering.

SUBSTANCE: vane blade of a rotor wind engine, formed by side surfaces of the streamlined profile, connected by links so that one of them has length from the front edge to the zone of its maximum thickness, and the other one is a fully stretched contour of the hollow wing, having inside the front edge a longitudinal cavity between these side surfaces. The blade is made in the form of a sectioned wing of alternating sequence of the above surfaces turned mutually by 180 degrees in the open streamlined profile. In the front part of the wing this profile is formed by two bent sheet surfaces fixed on a "П"-shaped central wing spar and a connecting angle of the front edge of the wing, and its open sections are formed by the third sheet surface with transverse cuts that do not reach its rear edge, and partially closed by transverse links - half-ribs. Half-ribs provide for through air link between open parts of the third sheet surface fixed on rear edges of two longitudinal sheet surfaces at the central wing spar.

EFFECT: invention increases efficiency of wind usage.

3 cl, 7 dwg

Wind wheel // 2493428

FIELD: power engineering.

SUBSTANCE: wind wheel comprises a hub with radially attached blades. Each blade comprises a groove for placement of a photoelectric generator in it. The groove is made at one side of the blade. Grooves may be made at each side of the blade.

EFFECT: invention expands functional capabilities of a wind wheel and makes it possible to use it as a single wind and solar power plant.

3 cl, 7 dwg

FIELD: power engineering.

SUBSTANCE: rotor-blade impeller of an electric generating device based on Magnus effect comprises a shaft, at least one rotor, blades and a ring of rotor rotation. The ring of rotor rotation is fixed on the body, is kinematically connected with the rotor to ensure rotor rotation around its own axis by means of rotor swinging on the ring edge. Blades are installed on the common shaft with the rotor and are a drive of this shaft.

EFFECT: simplified design of a unit, its higher capacity, reduced prime cost of its manufacturing, increased reliability and production of cheap power.

6 dwg

Windwheel blade // 2469208

FIELD: power industry.

SUBSTANCE: windwheel blade includes tubular spar and sections into which a blade is divided along the span. Spar is made so that it is lowered from the blade outline. Sections include covers and ribs. Sections include connection profiles arranged between covers and flanges of spar and connection parts installed on webs of ribs, which are attached to the above profiles. Connection parts are attached by means of fasteners to spar webs. Adjacent sections are connected by means of connection straps to each other with possibility of mutual movement. Separation of blade into sections is made so that at least two ribs in the most loaded sections are connected by means of connection and fastening parts to spar. Connection profiles in them are disconnected from spar flanges. As for other ribs, connection parts and connection profiles are made and mounted so that a gap is formed between them and spar along webs and flanges by the value of spar deflections. Protective patches are installed on the spar in the zone of connection parts and connection profiles.

EFFECT: increasing the blade service life.

1 cl, 9 dwg

FIELD: power industry.

SUBSTANCE: rotor of segmental wind-driven electric generator includes rim, disc, hub and rotor elements. Rotor elements are made in the form of plates which are connected in the form of an angle and fixed on disc.

EFFECT: reducing the weight and dimensions of rotor of wind-driven electric generator at minimisation of its cost due to simplifying the manufacturing technology; providing high manufacturability and possibility of both classic design, and design in the form of magnetic flux modulator for inductor generator.

FIELD: power industry.

SUBSTANCE: wind-driven power plant has hollow blades fixed on its hub, which are made in the form of rotation bodies with longitudinal slots made in their walls, in which there arranged are convergent curved channels with tangential slots at the outlet, which are directed at a tangent to the outer surface of the blades. Air supply to tangential slots on the blades is provided by means of a compressor. The compressor includes an impeller driven from a device with an adjustable rotation speed, which is fixed on the shaft cantilever. At rotation of the compressor impeller, compressed air is supplied to tangential slots and ejected from them in the form of near-wall high-speed jets. As a result, a ring-shaped vortex is formed around the blades, at interaction of which a torque moment is created with an incident air flow on a windwheel.

EFFECT: increasing wind energy use coefficient and decreasing aerodynamic noise at operation of a wind-driven power plant in a wide range of wind speed variation at constant rotation speed of a windwheel and an electric generator.

2 cl, 1 dwg

FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: electric drives system of vehicle includes at least one electric generator, accumulator battery, charger and inverter interconnected electrically, electric motor coupled electrically to the accumulator battery and kinematically to vehicle transporter. The electric generator is of flow type; it includes a hollow rotor where vanes of multistaged turbine and stator are installed. The drive system is equipped with generated power converter, speed sensor, battery charge level sensor and commutator switch, at that the converter is coupled electrically to the electric generator and commutator switch, the commutator is coupled to speed sensor, battery charge level sensor, charger and electric motor, the speed sensor is coupled to vehicle speed measurement tool, the battery charge level sensor is coupled to accumulator battery or charger.

EFFECT: improved efficiency of the power supply system for vehicle electric drive with potential generation of counterflow energy of the medium where the vehicle moves.

8 cl, 4 dwg

FIELD: power industry.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to wind power engineering. An energy generation method consists in the fact that energy generation is performed due to the rotation of working blades by means of wind accelerated by a structure made in the form of a converging-diverging nozzle in the upper part and representing a plane in the lower part, and due to solar batteries, as well as solar beams that fall on the battery, and due to their reflection from the inner plane of the converging-diverging nozzle. Energy generation can occur both due to the solar beams and wind flows; with that, a wind flow directs the station to capture it, and if there is no wind flow, the station is directed to capture solar beams.

EFFECT: invention is aimed at an improvement of the electric power station efficiency.

3 cl, 12 dwg

FIELD: power industry.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to wind industry and can be used for electric power supply to domestic and industrial energy consumers. A wind-power unit with a wind turbine orientation and power limitation system, which has a support with a pin gear and a vertical axle with a wind-power unit head put on it, a device responding to wind direction, which is put on a hollow vertical axle in the head of the wind-power unit so that it can be turned at least through 90°, rigidly attached to a side shovel, a vertical shaft passing through the hollow vertical axle in the head of the wind-power unit and having a drive gear installed on the lower end and kinematically connected to the pin gear, as well as a power-assisted counteracting mechanisms with force application points between the head of the wind-power unit and the side shovel; with that, as a device reacting to wind direction there used is a screen located in wind direction in front of an impeller put on the upper end of the vertical shaft.

EFFECT: invention is aimed at improvement of serviceability and reliability of a wind-power unit.

3 dwg

Wind turbine // 2531478

FIELD: power engineering.

SUBSTANCE: this invention relates to the field of wind power engineering and may be used for production of electric energy. A wind turbine comprises a set of bent blades fixed on a central rotary hub and a rim surrounding the ends of the blades and fixed to them, at the same time the rim is made as capable of rotation together with the specified hub and the specified blades. Each blade has fixed inclination relative to the central axis of hub rotation. The angle of inclination of each blade in the hub end is determined by the result of the ratio produced, if the radius of the hub is divided by the turbine radius and is multiplied by the angle of inclination at the end, at the same time the blade comprises a complex curve, which causes deviation of wind dashing against the blade as the wind enters the area of the blade. The turbine additionally comprises a device, which controls speed of turbine rotation, so that it is possible to control angle of blades inclination relative to wind direction.

EFFECT: use of the invention provides for increased efficiency of wind energy use.

18 cl, 28 dwg

FIELD: power engineering.

SUBSTANCE: rails may be locked by means of a stop element, at the same time the stop element is located in a transition area to an elevator. The invention relates, in particular, to a wind power plant equipped with a blocking device, comprising a blocking mechanism for receiving the first blocking element and the second blocking element. The first blocking element is connected to the elevator, and the second blocking element is connected to the stop element, and the blocking mechanism is made to release one of two blocking elements by means of blocking of accordingly another blocking element relative to the blocking device. The invention also relates to a blocking device, an elevator and a wind power plant.

EFFECT: increased safety on a work site of a wind power plant.

19 cl, 6 dwg

FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to wind power engineering and can be used for production of electric or mechanical power. Windmill consists of windwheel with rotary cylinders, cylinder drive, power supply, electrical generator articulated with windwheel and device to direct windmill to counterblast. Horizontal windwheel is composed of drum with rotary discs running in bearings on fixed shaft secured at disc ends. Cylinders with drive run on their axles in said discs. Shield secured to windmill fixed shaft is located perpendicular to counterblast. Drive is composed by one motor transmitting rotation via flexible links to pulleys of cylinders located windward. In compliance with another version, cylinders drive is composed of reversible motors secured at the drum and equipped with contact current collector while extra disc with two current collecting rings is fixed at stationary axle. Note here that said rings can be composed of two semi-rings located windward and two semi-rings located leeward. Said semi-rings are connected to power supply opposite poles. Shield secured to windmill fixed shaft is located perpendicular to counterblast.

EFFECT: efficient usage of Magnus forces.

4 cl, 2 dwg

FIELD: power industry.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to wind power engineering, and namely to windwheels of wind-driven power plants and wind-driven electric power plants with a horizontal rotation axis, which is mainly intended for operation with electric generators of a segmented type. A windwheel includes a hub connected to the main one-piece blade, to the end of which a bow of a rotor element with teeth and slots is attached by means of bolt connections. The rotor element interacts with the stator element through an air gap. The bow of the rotor element is equipped with a roller that is enveloped with a flexible element, one end of which is fixed on the hub, and the other one is fixed on the tension device that represents a pulley with a worm wheel and a worm. Branches of the flexible element are enclosed with a flexible cover representing a tubular cover forming an additional blade.

EFFECT: simpler and cheaper design at the possibility of changing aerodynamic characteristics of the additional blade by its twisting.

3 dwg

Annular generator // 2506682

FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to electrical engineering and may be used in wind-driven power plant. Annular generator of the wind-driven power plant includes stator, peripherical stator ring for placement of stator windings, rotating part which is installed so that it can rotate in relation to stator and lid of the stator connected to stator ring. Lid provides formation of discharge chamber with high or low pressure; it is designed to ensure air flow passing through and/or in stator and/or rotating part in order to cool annular generator. At that in the stator lid there is at least one air blower with opening designed for it. The air blower can be rotated by driving mechanism in order to open the air blower opening for the purpose of maintenance and/or man passage through it.

EFFECT: more effective cooling of annular generator.

14 cl, 22 dwg

FIELD: power engineering.

SUBSTANCE: wind-driven plant with forced vacuum of exhaust space comprises a wind turbine, mechanically connected with a generator, at least two radially arranged diffusers, an outer shell, a diffuser. The wind-driven plant is additionally equipped with a chamber of forced air vacuum, in which exhaust devices are installed to create additional draught to wind turbine blades.

EFFECT: invention expands arsenal of technical facilities.

FIELD: wind-power engineering, electrical engineering, aviation, and the like.

SUBSTANCE: screw-shaped part of blade has transversal flexure, and screw-forming part of support is disposed on transversal flexure line; bearing part has base in the form of trapezoidal profile and turnbuckles.

EFFECT: enhanced efficiency.

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