Highly-functional modular waterborne vehicle

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: waterborne vehicle consists of multipurpose modules, two separators. Each module includes air-filled float in the form of empty plastic bottle plugged with screw plug. Upper and lower separators are performed as horizontally oriented plates made of waterproof material with holes for floats installation and securing.

EFFECT: higher loading capacity, functionality, structure reliability and convenience in transit.

5 cl, 6 dwg


The invention relates to shipbuilding, in particular to ultra-light boats, intended for the construction of water areas in the form of rafts, jetties, pontoons, pontoon bridges and transitions, booms, fences bathing areas, temporary water intakes, etc.

Known flotation device containing oriented parallel to each other longitudinal air floats, bottom, connecting the longitudinal air floats on the top and forming a Board, framing on top of the bottom (Patent for useful model RF # 1055, WV 07/08, publ. 16.11.1995).

The closest analogue is a flotation device containing a bottom, side, framing the bottom on top, and the air floats in the form of empty stoppered bottles, which are connected to the cassette by means of an elastic flexible element covering the top and bottom of the bottles and attached to the Board (the Patent for useful model RF # 134512, WV 7/00, publ. 20.11.2013).

The disadvantage of this craft is the limited capacity, inability to build l-shaped, U-shaped or O-shaped structures, i.e. limited functionality that reduce the scope of its use. In addition, the flotation device is inconvenient in assembling, disassembling and transporting, requires a large investment of time to prepare for the operation.

The technical problem.� the claimed invention, is to increase the capacity, functionality and reliability, convenience when assembling, disassembling and transporting.

A solution to this problem is achieved in that in the proposed flotation device consisting of a universal modules, each of which contains an air float in the form of an empty plastic bottle, corked screw plug, and two separators, locking the float in an upright position, according to the invention, the separator is made in the form of horizontal plates from water-resistant material with holes for mounting and the fixing of floats. To increase the rigidity and functionality of the design, ensure reliable connection of modules in a single flotation device when mounting the separators are rotated relative to each other by 180 or 90 degrees in a horizontal plane, between the floats set spacer.

The invention is illustrated by drawings, in which Fig. 1 is a perspective view of the boats on top of the rectangular embodiment of Fig. 2 is a perspective view of the boats from the top l-shaped execution, Fig. 3 is a perspective view of the boats from the top of the U-shape of performance, Fig. 4 is a perspective view of the boats from the top O-ring embodiment; Fig. 5 - section when viewed from the front,Fig. 6 - scheme of the module.

The craft consists of modules 1, each of which includes an air float 2 mounted in the holes 10 and 11 on the separators 4 and 5. As an air floats use an empty plastic container in the form of bottles, which are secured in cages screw 3 using the spacers 9. Separators can be made of a waterproof material such as vinyl plastic. They have two holes: one 11 for installation in it of the neck of the bottle and secure the bottle with the cork, another 10 to install the body of the bottle. When assembling the module, the separators 4 and 5 rotate relative to each other by 180° or 90° depending on the design configuration for the overlap between adjacent modules and a reliable connection. On each float can be fixed from one to four separators on each side: the separators 4, 5 longitudinal rows of modules, separators 7, 8 transverse rows of modules. To impart rigidity to the floats set spacer 6. The number of necessary modules to build them into the design depends on the amount of used bottles in the module (5 to 20 l) and the required capacity.

Craft is essential in the organization of leisure on the water, sport fishing and hunting, in the regeneration on the waterfront wharves, piers, Pont�nnyh bridges, booms and other infrastructure. It guarantees high safety, maintainability and reliability.

The proposed design allows to make products of all capacities, lengths and configurations, including l-shaped, U-shaped and O-shaped, is lightweight, reliable and convenient in assembling, disassembling and transporting in comparison with analogues.

1. Watercraft, consisting of universal modules, each of which includes an air float in the form of an empty plastic bottle, corked screw plug, and two separators, the top and bottom, locking the float in an upright position, characterized in that the separator is made in the form of horizontal plates from water-resistant material with holes for mounting and the fixing of floats.

2. Watercraft according to claim 1, characterized in that the upper and lower separators can be installed rotated relative to each other by 180° or 90° in the horizontal plane.

3. Watercraft according to claim 1, characterized in that between the separators modules installed on floats spacer.

4. Watercraft according to claim 1, characterized in that the upper and lower separators contain two holes for mounting floats.

5. Watercraft according to claim 1, characterized in that the floats fixed screw on the top and n�press separators with rotating floats by 180° using one.


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FIELD: transportation.

SUBSTANCE: inflatable outboard motorboat comprises U-shaped body formed by inflatable balloons, cloth bottom, raised fore part and cantilever stern ends. Stern ends are arranged of streamlined shape: in plan - parabolic shape, at side view they have streamlined shape of truncated cones with cone tops shifted down to level of superposition of cone generatrix with lower part of balloons. Streamlined shape of ends is formed by means of balloon crossing at sharp angle with part of balloon cylindrical surface of the same radius and part of elliptical surface. Outboard motorboat has elastic gussets, every of which is connected to transom and balloon and antispray elastic cloth fixed to boat fore part and to pneumatic beam. Under elastic cloth detachable rigid element is installed, one end of which is installed in fore part of boat, and the other one - in pneumatic beam.

EFFECT: improved operational properties of device.

3 cl, 2 dwg

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SUBSTANCE: making of motor boar inflatable bottom comprises production of two webs from resilient material. Top web of these is shaped to inflatable bottom deck while bottom one is shaped to keeled bottom. Two shaping lengthwise webs are arranged between both bottom parts and webs are connected over perimeter. Bottom shaping webs as finished locating elements are secured at bottom one part. Produced assembly is secured at cut-outs of assembly table so that all free ends of shaping webs are located at assemble table surface to connected thereto the inflatable bottom mating part.

EFFECT: better manufacturability and quality of inflatable bottom.

5 cl, 13 dwg

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: inflatable motorboat includes open contour of A-shaped in plane boards, transom piece, inflatable bottom attached to boards in their lower part and consisting of upper and lower elastic canvases between which shaping elements are located which elements provide dead rise of bottom. Elastic canvases of bottom are interconnected by longitudinal inflatable balloons where central balloon is located along boat axis of symmetry in diametrical plane and number of balloons at both sides is equal. Shape and sizes of balloons provide specified longitudinal and transversal configuration of bottom. Aft end of each balloon has flat face, and fore end is pointed. All balloons are mutually bonded by their side walls throughout the length up to transfer to pointed part with vertical ribs formation.

EFFECT: improvement of operational reliability and speed characteristics of inflatable boat, providing manufacturability.

3 cl, 3 dwg

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to inflatable boats. Proposed boat has inflatable bottom and side cylinders. Said bottom is made up of cylinder with several internal vertical webs, or said bottom has vertical and one or two horizontal webs. Said webs are watertight. Height of vertical webs exceeds that of static waterline. Total width of horizontal webs is smaller than that of the bottom.

EFFECT: higher rigidity.

6 cl, 5 dwg

Air boat (versions) // 2446978

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention is intended for fishing, hunting, tourism and rescue operation, etc. Proposed air boat represents a polymaran configuration. Proposed air boat comprises four or more long air cylinders and bottom. Said air cylinders front sections are terminated in uplifted taper tips.

EFFECT: ergonomic sitting, smooth run in heaving.

8 cl, 6 dwg

Catamaran // 2443592

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to ship building. Proposed catamaran comprises two hulls and stern float interconnected by connection bridge to support one or two individual-drive paddle wheels arranged on the right or left of said stern float. Every said hull features the shape of outlines in plan of flat-convex rounded profile. Said hulls are arranged in symmetry about catamaran lengthwise axis so that their flat sides are opposed. Said flat sides are located in parallel along lengthwise axis. Note here that every outline represents a straight line in vertical section.

EFFECT: higher maneuverability.

1 dwg

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to inflatable catamarans. In compliance with first version, inflatable catamaran comprises air cylinders, carcass, container for legs with exposed top with swing-back cover. Said container has openings or lugs on front and rear sides and cover to receive carcass crosswise tubes to be secured to inflatable cylinders. In compliance with second version, inflatable catamaran comprises cylinders, carcass and cockpit made up of a box with sidewalls inclined outward and bottom provided with lugs for carcass transverse tubes.

EFFECT: improved operating conditions.

6 cl, 2 dwg

Air boat (versions) // 2436703

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention is intended for whatever air boats. Proposed air boat comprises lateral air bottles, bottom, stern air bottle or transom. Lateral air bottles feature arched shape. Air boat features triangular shape in plan. Lateral bottle has an edge formed by conjugated surfaces of three and more air bottles. Said surfaces are formed by lengthwise air-penetrable webs made up of solid lengthwise tapes. Lengthwise sleeve is arranged on boat bottom on inner or outer side. Straight or curved bar is fitted into said sleeve.

EFFECT: increased smooth running, static and dynamic stability.

8 cl, 11 dwg

Air hydrofoil boat // 2433059

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to air boats for leisure and sport activities. Proposed air hydrofoil boat comprises cylinders and bottom and has lengthwise through pockets (sleeves) made on bottom surface of side cylinders to receive poles extending from said pockets on both sides. Hydrofoils are attached to pole ends.

EFFECT: higher safety in heading-on underwater obstacle.

5 cl, 2 dwg

FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: method to protect a boat bottom includes a process of an eyelet tape arrangement with the help of a glue on the bottom part of the boat perpendicularly to the vertical axial line. The tape is fixed at the distance of 18 cm from each other in 24 rows of tapes with the distance of eyelet holes on the tape making 5 cm from each other. Strong elastic scales made of plastic are fixed on the tape by means of double lacing with a waxed cord that has been previously boiled in wax using various fixation methods. Scales have rounded and streamlined shape and contain eyelet holes. Scales are attached from the boat bottom centre to side edges, ensuring protection of the boat bottom.

EFFECT: invention makes it possible to use the boat with a protective facility on the boat bottom as a universal type of transport.

4 dwg

Floating island // 2545128

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: floating island represents partially submerged volume structure made of floating facilities with positive bouyancy which are interconnected by means of flexible inextensible link and resilient damping link. Floating facilities are neighbouring each other and spaced in horizontal direction, and each one them represents volume hollow structure with side walls, bottom and roof which is base surface located above water for island infrastructure facilities to be installed on it. Each floating facility is made as hollow sealed block having positive bouyancy and shape of regular parallelepiped or regular prism with height less than length of any of base sides. Each wall of each floating facility facing wall of adjacent floating facility is connected with this wall by means of flexible inextensible link and resilient damping link throughout the length of this wall. The resilient damping link is made capable of damping in at least two mutually perpendicular directions.

EFFECT: reliability and durability of island, increased carrying capacity of island.

9 cl, 3 dwg

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: set of inventions relates to system of fluid product transportation between two vessels in open sea. The transportation system includes two tubular devices (2) which are mutually independent and each one of which contains two segments (2a, 2b) pivotally connected with each other by the first of its ends. The second end of the first of two segments is suspended with possibility of rotation on support arm (1) using unit (12) of three double rotating connections. The second end of the second segment is connected with connecting device (6) installed in the second location. The system contains the first device (13, 15) for rotation of each first segment (2a) relative to support arm in order to lower its first end from storage position to the same side as support arm, and the second device (33, 11) for connecting the second end of each second segment to connecting device (6) from beneath of connecting device by means of pulling the second end of each second segment (2b) up from the second location to connecting device.

EFFECT: better operation conditions for transportation system.

19 cl, 16 dwg

Submariner base // 2539610

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to ship-building, specifically to enterprises intended for basing, technical inspection and renovation of vessels, as well as for initial operations connected with hydrocarbon production. Base of underwater oil-producing fleet includes administration and on-site facilities, dock, osmotron, railway station, airport with helipad. Dock is made with possibility of technical inspection of underwater vehicles which produce oil under drifting ice and represents transshipment point when oil is delivered by radio-controlled raiders in meshy containers which fill polymeric reservoirs with oil on dry-cargo vessels to deliver containers to oil refineries. Dock roof is equipped with snow-saving canisters from which melt-water can be used to raise water level in separate compartments of dock and to generate electric energy in hydraulic turbine.

EFFECT: base for underwater oil-producing fleet is organized to provide vessel technical inspection, crew rotation, replenishment of completion materials and to serve as transshipment point when oil is delivered by raiders to dry-cargo vessels.

8 dwg

FIELD: transportation.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to floating barges used to install a superstructure for marine platforms, more specifically, to systems and methods of stabilisation of vertical rocking caused by wave impact at the barge system in process of superstructure installation. One or more damping plates may be connected in the position below the water surface with one or more barges for changing the period of barge movement relative to the period of wave motion for better stabilisation of the barge and resistance to vertical rocking. The damping plate may be connected between barges or at the end or side of the barge. Each barge may contain a damping plate, and damping plates may be connected to each other with the possibility of disconnection. Additionally the damping plate may turn in the upward direction in process of superstructure transportation to the place of installation for reduction of hydraulic resistance and then turn into submersible position during installation of the superstructure.

EFFECT: technical result is achieved in increased extent of resistance of a barge system to vertical rocking caused by wave impact when using the system for installation of a superstructure onto marine platforms.

20 cl, 23 dwg

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: self-moving drilling ship has hull made capable to rotate relative to turret mounted in it with vessel mooring system, deck, accommodations, drilling well under turret, technological drilling facilities and drilling rig with drill string passing through turret and well placed on the main deck, propelling-steering complex, power plant located in the hull. Drilling rig with underrig space, technological drilling facilities, deck walkways and accommodations of vessel are winterized - protected against adverse environmental conditions by safety cages with heating system. Around lower part of drilling well, ring-shaped guard is installed to prevent ice entering. Turret, drilling well and drilling rig with drill string are located in fore part relative to midship section, and accommodations are located in aft part of vessel. The vessel is provided with helicopter deck, system for personnel safe emergency vessel escape in icy conditions, as well as with dynamic positioning system.

EFFECT: improved operational characteristics of drilling ship during prospecting and exploratory drilling on arctic shelf.

1 dwg

FIELD: oil and gas industry.

SUBSTANCE: platform consists of a cylinder-shaped semisubmersible hull placed vertically above and below the sea level. The platform hull has a concave part, which reduces its cross-section area. The concave part is formed discretely at the outside peripheral surface of the platform hull, at that the depth of the platform submersion is regulated so that in extreme sea conditions the water line is at the concave part level.

EFFECT: preventing vertical resonance of the platform in extreme sea conditions due to increase of free oscillation period for the platform heaving.

7 cl, 5 dwg

FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to designs of floating pools for people bathing. A floating pool comprises a reservoir and pontoons connected by one side to an upper edge of the reservoir and arranged along its perimeter. According to the first version the pool is equipped with spreaders that connect the edges of the reservoir bottom along its perimeter with the side of pontoons, opposite to the side of fixation to the reservoir made in the form of a stiff frame with a shell from a flexible material attached to it. Fixation of pontoons to the reservoir is made as hinged and capable of rotation of the pontoons in a vertical plane. According to the second version the pool is equipped with a flexible supporting element and spreaders placed at the outer side of the reservoir bottom and spreaders that connect the supporting element with the side of pontoons opposite to the side of their fixation to the frame. The reservoir is made in the form of a stiff frame with a shell of a flexible material attached to it. Fixation of pontoons to the reservoir is made as hinged and capable of rotation of the pontoons in a vertical plane.

EFFECT: increased reliability of the pontoon fixation and the pool stability on water.

9 cl, 1 dwg

FIELD: agriculture.

SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to processing of dredge spoils excavated by the dredger. The method of transportation of dredge spoils from the fields of excavation located in the area of re-use at a great distance from them comprises the steps at which the marine transport vessel is located for anchorage near the excavation area, with the much larger size than the dredge, adapted to receive a large amount of dredge spoils in a condition suitable for transportation, the excavation of dredge spoils, using at least one dredger, bringing the dredge spoils to a condition suitable for transportation by the supply of dredge spoils from the dredger to a centrifugal separator separating dredge spoils onto wet fraction and dry fraction, and the dry fraction is collected and fed to the gravity separator additionally separating the collected dry fraction to the drier and wetter fractions in comparison with the dry fraction, in which the drier fraction is collected in a transport vessel made with the ability to receive the drier fraction of dredge spoils and transportation of the drier fraction to the area of re-use using the transport vessel, the location of transport vessel for anchorage in the area of re-use and unloading of drier fraction from the transport vessel in the area of re-use.

EFFECT: delivery to the consumer of finished construction products is ensured, immediately after the processing of the underwater ground on the watercraft.

17 cl, 2 dwg

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: proposed platform comprises hull with main deck with crew quarters, process and general ship equipment, device to discharge oil products to tankers, copter deck and riser shaft at platform centre. Crew quarters have closed shape and is arranged equidistant to main deck outer outline. Process equipment is located so that it is limited by crew quarter inner fire- and explosion-proof wall. Crew and working quarters are arranged along crew quarters outer wall. Platform is equipped with canopy-shape coating located above the main deck and connected crew quarters and composed by separated trapezoid-shape flaps aligned with platform centre. Canopy base flaps rests on crew quarters inner wall. Riser pit height equals that of canopy top parts and terminates in bearing platform jointed by horizontal hinged with every flap of said canopy.

EFFECT: perfected performances by reducing the platform's gravity center, uniform weight distribution on the body of the platform from the residential unit and to protect the process equipment from the weather wave and wind effects.

5 cl, 4 dwg

FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: method comprises use of marine technological complex comprising an offshore platform, subsea satellites and coastal technological base interconnected by technological communications. The drilling process is resupplied with robotic means of oil spill response at all possible stages of an emergency process. The wellbore fluid is pumped to the onshore processing facilities made in the form of a group of interconnected underground tanks. When pumping the wellbore fluid the energy of terrastatic pressure is used, if necessary, using the booster compressor station. Disposal of oil-field water is carried out by the method of geological purification by pumping into the absorbing deep ground, and only in case of critical terrastatic pressure drop is heated and used as liquid washing oil from the rocks of the productive formation. All the technological units of marine technological complex are supplied with electricity from the power unit of a nuclear reactor. The objects of the coastal technological base are electrically connected to the power unit of the nuclear reactor by means of the power cable.

EFFECT: increased efficiency and safety of development of hydrocarbon deposits of the Arctic shelf.

2 cl

FIELD: shipbuilding; manufacture of mobile research complexes.

SUBSTANCE: proposed complex is made in form of ship with small waterplane area having upper and lower hulls interconnected by means of telescopic columns for disconnection and autonomous motion of these hulls. Lower hull is submersible vehicle and upper hull is amphibian. Both hulls are provided with greenhouses and power units for generation of energy for motion of complex, domestic and technological purposes, as well as for growing vegetables, sea products and production of distilling water by motion of spheres with plant containers located spirally on their surfaces, thus ensuring generation of electric power. In addition to vegetation tubes with plants growing chains are provided where sea products are contained for distilling sea water by change in pressure and level of illumination and growing chains for growing fish and preparation of nutrient solution for plants. Lower hull is provided with plankton trawls for delivery of plankton for greenhouse and power plants of lower and upper hulls for growing fish and sea products. Amphibian supplies fresh air to submersible vehicle through its collector; it is also used for transportation of sections for erection of scientific research station. Provision is made for delivery of light to submersible vehicle through lenses, light conduits and structural sections and light conduits of collector of vehicle.

EFFECT: environment control.

4 cl, 22 dwg