Yk submarine

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to ship building, particularly, to design of submarines. Proposed combat submarine has block-module hull. Fore and aft blocks are composed of one-piece cylindrical (conical) shell with end spherical bulkheads. Mid block is shaped to rectangular prism with recesses with missile containers and central bulkhead for accommodation of stiff compartment for communication between fore and aft compartments with commando apparatus and floatable rescue chamber.

EFFECT: enhanced combat performances.

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The invention relates to an underwater shipbuilding and is intended for use in the design and construction of submarines, which are armed with ballistic or cruise missiles.

Currently in the world adopted adopted two types of submarines - single-hull and double-hulled. For monohull scheme build submarines shipyard USA and England, for example boat "Dread-nought" ("Histoire des navires" par Peter Kemp editions ATLAS). Boats of this type have only a solid cylindrical body along the entire length of the boat and only light in the extremities of the shell, which are used as ballast tanks and are used to host the stations hydroacoustics.

Russian submarines are composed of two axially of the casing is durable and lightweight, for example, submarines of the project "Antey" ("Kursk". The Operation Of "Up", M" Publishing House "Rus", 2003).

Any noticeable advantages of one type over the other doesn't, and the US, and Russia missile submarines are the same in displacement, the immersion depth, speed and armament. And both options have disadvantages in placing missiles. The American boats containers with missiles mounted inside a durable case on both sides of a diametral plane they occupy almost the entire volume of the compartment, leaving only space for passage In the upper portion of the container cut the shell durable housing, when large diameter requires additional reinforcements of the hull.

Domestic boats containers missiles are installed in mezhdunarodnom space, which requires increasing the diameter solid case for their accommodation, and this leads to increased full-displacement underwater and to deterioration of characteristics of a ship.

The technical result of the invention is to provide a submarine that allows you to retain the advantages monohull variants, but with the placement of containers missiles out a solid case that is achieved in that the hull is composed of three blocks: bow, middle and stern.

Nasal block 1 and the feed unit 2 - single cylindrical (conical) durable shell with a spherical end bulkheads, perceiving outboard pressure.

The average unit 3 - light design in the shape of a right rectangular prism of the parallelepiped, the length of the sides of the base equal to the diameter of the hull, bow and stern blocks. Inside middle block installed on the sides of the longitudinal bulkheads 4 for the entire length of the interblock space, forming a recess in which a container 5 for missiles.

In the lower part of the middle unit 3 between the walls of NIS 6 is a solid cylindrical crew compartment 7 connecting the bow and stern solid blocks. In�rhna parts over inhabited compartment hosted Autonomous underwater sabotage the apparatus 8 and a pop-up rescue chamber 9, the transition in which water is carried out through the suction chamber POS.10.

In nasal block 1 is placed hydroacoustic station 11, the ballast tank 12, the Central post 13, torpedo compartment 14. The feed unit 2 is placed energy system: compartment paradiesvogel installation (SPF) 15, main compartment turbozubchatyh unit (gtsa) 16, ballast tanks 12.

The design of the submarine is illustrated by drawings.

Fig.1 shows a boat in longitudinal section.

Fig.2 shows the boat in the plan.

Fig.3 is a cross-sectional view of the boat of the reactor block.

Fig.4 is a cross section of a boat on the middle block.

The submarine is equipped with all necessary systems, devices, power plant, propulsion complex, system of a dive-surfacing, control and communication systems, weapons.

Underwater combat boat, including durable and lightweight housings, characterized in that the housing is designed on a modular concept in which the bow and stern blocks are made in the form of a single cylindrical, conical shell with spherical end bulkheads and the average block in the shape of a rectangular prism with niches on the sides of containers for missiles and the Central enclosure to accommodate a durable compartment connection bow and stern blocks placed in in�rhna parts sabotage and rescue pop-up camera.


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FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: proposed system comprises carrier craft to be submerged from support vessel which is equipped with underwater robot connected with said surface support vessel via power cable, control cable and preventer. Driving ballast tanks shaped to circular sectors in plan and provided with vent valves arranged at their top part and sea grates at their bottom and equalising ballast tanks are additionally incorporated with this system. Said tanks are interconnected by rigid split fasteners in perimeter of their adjacent surfaces to make a circular hull of underwater carrier craft and spaced apart by, primarily, equal spacings and are located equidistant from said circular hull centre. Carrier craft is equipped with compressed air cylinders, manipulators, their control unit and propulsion-steering complex composed by rotary propulsors with drives, compressed air systems and equalising ballast. Support vessel hull has underwater carrier craft and robot up and don silo.

EFFECT: enhanced operating performances.

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Submariner base // 2539610

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to ship-building, specifically to enterprises intended for basing, technical inspection and renovation of vessels, as well as for initial operations connected with hydrocarbon production. Base of underwater oil-producing fleet includes administration and on-site facilities, dock, osmotron, railway station, airport with helipad. Dock is made with possibility of technical inspection of underwater vehicles which produce oil under drifting ice and represents transshipment point when oil is delivered by radio-controlled raiders in meshy containers which fill polymeric reservoirs with oil on dry-cargo vessels to deliver containers to oil refineries. Dock roof is equipped with snow-saving canisters from which melt-water can be used to raise water level in separate compartments of dock and to generate electric energy in hydraulic turbine.

EFFECT: base for underwater oil-producing fleet is organized to provide vessel technical inspection, crew rotation, replenishment of completion materials and to serve as transshipment point when oil is delivered by raiders to dry-cargo vessels.

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FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to shipbuilding and can be used during submarine manoeuvring. Method for improvement of submarine mobility is proposed which submarine includes main submarine hull with screw propeller in its aft and with crew, which is functionally linked by docking unit with auxiliary submarine with remote control and screw propeller, herewith, functional link of main submarine hull docking unit is positioned from beneath of fore end of main submarine hull which is made in the form of cylinder, and docking unit is made with possibility of turning, and its lower end is fixed from above of middle part of auxiliary submarine hull so that it could be turned manoeuvring.

EFFECT: improvement of submarine mobility characteristics.

2 cl, 4 dwg

FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: invention is related to naval electronic equipment to be used at perspective non-nuclear submarines. The electric power system comprises an accumulator battery, two diesel generating sets, distribution boards, control switchboard with switching and protecting equipment, and electric propulsion system. The accumulator battery is made as lithium ion battery, and its each group is divided into semi-groups. The semi-groups are connected to the power system through doubled automatic circuit breakers. The distribution boards are connected to semi-groups of the lithium ion battery through diode isolation. The electric propulsion system is made as all-mode electric propulsion system consisting of a propulsion motor and its power supply system, bypass power diodes are also installed in it and the system is connected to the power line by these diodes.

EFFECT: increasing sea endurance of a submarine and providing reliable power supply of essential systems.

1 dwg

FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: electric power system comprises an accumulator battery, two diesel generating sets, two electrochemical generators, an automatic circuit breaker, electric propulsion system, control boards with switching and protective gear and switchboards. The electric propulsion system is made as all-mode electric propulsion system consisting of a propulsion motor and its power supply system, bypass power diodes are also installed in it and the system is connected to the power line by these diodes. The accumulator battery consists of two groups; each group is coupled to the power mains through automatic circuit breakers at the accumulator battery boards. The accumulator battery is made as a lithium-ion rechargeable cell; each group is divided into subgroups and connected to the power mains through double automatic circuit breakers. The distribution boards are connected to semi-groups of the lithium ion battery through diode isolation.

EFFECT: increased sea endurance of a submarine.

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FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to shipbuilding and concerns submarine operation. Method for submarine manoeuvrability improvement is suggested. The submarine includes hull of the main submarine with crew and screw propellers. The main submarine is functionally linked by docking unit with auxiliary submarine having remote control and motion screw. Screw propellers of the main submarine are positionally located at an angle of 120° relative to each other in the aft part of the main submarine hull for manoeuvring. Functional linkage of main submarine docking unit is positionally located in its aft part and temporarily fixed with fore part of auxiliary submarine for subsequent uncoupling in case of missile attack danger. Aft part of the main submarine and middle part of auxiliary submarine are temporarily - up to the moment of missile attack danger occurrence - fixed by streamlined device with conical surface.

EFFECT: improvement of submarine mobility characteristics.

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FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to underwater automatic and remote-control manned and unmanned low-speed submersibles for development of global ocean. Proposed chamber comprises flexible shell filled with gas via feed and exhaust lines and shell folding device. Flexible shell is arranged between top and bottom platforms connected be their edges with the help of sheet springs and hinges while at their centre parts resilient belted-bias hoses are arranged between said top and bottom platforms in hydraulic or pneumatic version.

EFFECT: fast surfacing or diving of submarine.

3 cl, 4 dwg

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: submarine comprises hull, tanks to be filled with outboard water or air to vary submarine floatage. For cruising under ice in shallow water this submarine has flat hull or catamaran hull equipped with two parallel skids made along upper part for protection against contact with ice, emergent deceleration and anchorage.

EFFECT: improved usability.

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to improvement of mobility of submarine including cylindrical hull with several propelling screws. Note here that said several propelling screws are composed of multiturn spiral or auger. It is positioned and locked at submarine bow bottom part to run in sector relative to submarine hull axial plane.

EFFECT: improved mobility.

3 dwg

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to improvement of mobility of submarine. It comprises the primary submarine hull with crew and propelling screws at stern the front part of which is coupled with rear end of extra remote-control submarine. Primary submarine fore part is combined and shaped to hemisphere aligned by conical part with its front part. Said fore part is arranged inside its hemispherical part accommodating the coupler to turn in whatever direction relative to the primary submarine axis. Extra submarine inner conical part is secured to said coupler, by conical part base there inside, for joint turn in whatever direction.

EFFECT: improved mobility.

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FIELD: shipbuilding; submersible vehicles for performing emergency and rescue work on submarines.

SUBSTANCE: proposed rescue submersible vehicle has suction chamber with bearing ring, motion control system and auxiliary maneuvering and dynamic positioning system. External illumination system is optically engageable with optic TV external observation system made in form of set of TV cameras; some TV cameras are used for long-range detection and are located on hull and other TV cameras are used for coupling and are located on suction chamber around bearing ring for observation of ring edge. TV cameras form multi-aspect stereo-pairs, TV information representation device is automated and is connected with auxiliary maneuvering and dynamic positioning system through motion control system.

EFFECT: improved service characteristics.

6 cl, 3 dwg

FIELD: shipbuilding; breaking ice cover by means of submarine ships exciting hydrodynamic action on ice during surfacing in unbroken ice.

SUBSTANCE: ice is broken when submarine ship has no way on by inclining her to maximum angle of list and imparting rotary motion relative to vertical axis coinciding with vertical main axis of inertia of ship and added mass of water formed during rotation of ship.

EFFECT: enhanced efficiency of breaking ice cover on limited areas of water basin.

FIELD: descent submersible vehicles.

SUBSTANCE: proposed dismountable assembled submersible vehicle includes dismountable assembled catamaran with side inflatable sectional floats, portable house mounted above them and manned submersible vehicle located in between them and suspended from catamaran by means of winch-and-rope system controlled from submersible vehicle. Proposed complex includes also ramp-frame mounted above floats and inclined by means of inflatable mat and provided with built-in rolls for lateral lowering on shore or for launching in detachable bottom-trough of said house which may be used as floating or ground house. Descent submersible vehicle has platform with detachable wheels mounted over edges on side of floats which form trailer together with platform for ground transportation of house. Platform consists of longitudinal extended members interconnected by means of transversal pipes and/or rods (at varying number) for obtaining required ballasting before submergence of vehicle. Seats with transparent hoods are located along lateral sides of platform; their lower edges are located in area of passenger waist.

EFFECT: extended functional capabilities; improved service characteristics; enhanced reliability and safety of navigation.

15 cl, 10 dwg

FIELD: sonar inspection of underwater medium and bottom by means of unmanned underwater vehicle running over preset trajectory.

SUBSTANCE: when diversion forces are detected vehicle makes approach with object, performs TV survey, sends message to external control station, tracks object maintaining sonar contact with it, uses arms on command from external control station and inspects effective area. Device proposed for realization of this method includes autonomous underwater vehicle of torpedo-like construction which is equipped with control, navigation, communication, detection, classification and destruction means. Communication facilities include radio set and sonar communication equipment. Small-sized torpedoes secured on the outside of pressure hull by means of locks and automatic underwater fire mounts extending from trunks are used as destruction means. When not in use, mounts are brought to initial position.

EFFECT: enhanced safety of water area.

8 cl, 2 dwg

FIELD: shipbuilding; submersible rescue vehicles for conducting jobs on submarines.

SUBSTANCE: proposed submersible rescue vehicle has hull with suction chamber mounted on it, motion control system, auxiliary maneuvering and dynamic positioning system, external lighting system optically connected with optical TV external observation system and TV information display. Suction chamber is provided with lighting fixtures and light markers mounted on bearing ring. TV cameras of observation system are mounted on ship's hull around suction chamber, thus making it possible to perform observation of bearing ring and forming multi-aspect stereoscopic pairs. TV information display is automated and is connected via motion control system with auxiliary maneuvering and dynamic positioning system.

EFFECT: enhanced accuracy of dynamic positioning and maneuvering in automatic mode.

6 cl, 3 dwg

FIELD: shipbuilding; submarine loading gears.

SUBSTANCE: proposed loading gear includes loading hatch, stationary part of loading recess and swivel chute which is provided with drive and hinged horizontal and vertical struts. Vertical struts are provided with hinged platforms and stops and horizontal struts are provided with turnbuckles. Chute is provided with fore and aft catchers made in form of guides.

EFFECT: reduced mass of loading gear; increased rate of loading; enhanced safety both at base and at sea.

3 dwg

Submersible vehicle // 2282556

FIELD: submarine building; construction of submersible vehicles.

SUBSTANCE: proposed submersible vehicle is provided with trim system made of at least two tubes performing function of support members; they are secured on the outside of outer hull by means of pyro-unit. Arranged inside these tubes are reciprocating encapsulated cargoes connected with control unit of submersible vehicle by means of wire ropes of wire rope-and-block system and actuating member. Actuating member is made in form of winch whose drum is sectionalized by means of flanges. At one end, wire ropes are secured on encapsulated cargo and at other end, they are secured on drum for separate winding/unwinding of respective sections of wire ropes of each cargo in adjacent sections of drum. These wire ropes are provided with release units made in form of pyro-units which are enclosed in casings in sections between winch drum and tubes.

EFFECT: enhanced operational reliability and efficiency.

5 cl, 7 dwg

FIELD: shipbuilding; submarine ships breaking ice cover by resonance flexural gravitational waves.

SUBSTANCE: proposed device includes submarine ship running under ice at resonance velocity. Submarine ship is provided with hair coat on her upper surface at point of arising of first trough of flexural gravitational waves.

EFFECT: enhanced efficiency of ice breaking.

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FIELD: combat watercraft, target submarine in particular, for carrying-out strategic combat mission.

SUBSTANCE: target submarine is equipped with strategic ballistic missiles, underwater launcher, power plant consisting of atomic reactor, generators, low-noise propellers with drives located in compartment in aft section of submarine and hydrofoils with symmetrical convexities of upper and lower surfaces at narrowing angles of entry of submarine to deep layers of water and raising her to upper levels. Smaller submarines are equipped with defensive and attack combat materiel, radio electronic, optical and acoustic systems for detection, identification and misinformation of enemy and remote-controlled motors working from storage batteries which are regularly recharged from target submarine power source.

EFFECT: enhanced efficiency of protection of target submarine.

FIELD: manufacture of submersible vehicles.

SUBSTANCE: proposed submersible habitable chamber has hull and devices for underwater observation and securing the chamber at the working area. Chamber is provided with light conduit in form of mirrorized channel filled with water which is communicated at one end with hull located under water and with atmosphere at other end. Mounted between the hull and channel is translucent partition; translucent dome is secured at the end of channel which is communicated with atmosphere.

EFFECT: enhanced reliability.

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