Wheel antitheft interlock

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to automotive industry, particularly, to antitheft devices. Antitheft interlock comprises thrust or thrust shoe with limiter interacting with wheel inner side surface while L-like pin is fitted in the disc vent opening or between spokes and locked at thrust shoe at point corresponding to wheel appropriate width. This interlock this interlock suits most forged and cast light-alloy discs. To prevent wheel removal wheel nits securities are used.

EFFECT: simplified design and fitting in place.

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The invention relates to anti-theft devices for vehicles, in particular for locking the wheels of the car.

The known structure of the lock wheel, covering the tire or mounted on the outside of the disk for its ventilation slots, as well as fixed installed on the drive wheels nonstandard elements.

The disadvantages of these devices are large mass, the inconvenience of installation, the difficulty of placement because of its large size in the cabin or the trunk of a car in the inoperative position, as well as the complexity of the design or violation of the dynamic characteristics of the wheel during installation.

To eliminate these drawbacks anti-theft lock, consisting of resistant Shoe has a stop that interacts with the inner side surface of the wheel, and the pin is inserted into the vent hole of the drive wheel, is fixed and locked on the corresponding width of wheel location on resistant Shoe.

The lock is suitable for the vast majority of stamped and cast alloy wheels. To prevent removal of the wheel is the secret bolts.

Fig.1 shows a lock on the wheel, and Fig.2 is a General view of the lock.

The lock includes resistant Shoe 1 with limiter 2 and the pin 3 is inserted into the ventilation hole of the wheel 4,and the locking device 5.

The lock operates as follows. For installation on the wheel 4 pin 3 is inserted into the vent hole of the disk, resistant Shoe 1 is supplied to the wheel so that the limiter 2 interacted with the inner side surface of the wheel 4. Then pin 3 is fixed and locked with the help of the device 5 on the appropriate place on the resistant Shoe 1.

To remove the lock from the wheel opens the locking device 5, is given resistant Shoe 1, and pin 3 is output from the ventilation holes of the drive wheel 4.

Anti-theft lock the wheels of a vehicle having wheels with ventilation or other purposes holes containing resistant Shoe with stop interacting with the inner side surface of the wheel, and a lock, wherein the lock has an l-shaped pin with the possibility of inserting into the holes of the disk or between the spokes, fixing and locking the lock on the corresponding width of wheel location on resistant Shoe.


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FIELD: radio engineering, communication.

SUBSTANCE: method of protecting a car security system from unauthorised use includes a receiving device mounted on a car and a portable transmitting user device, wherein the transmitting device creates a code package using an encryption key and transmits the package to the receiving device. When reprogramming the system, particularly in case of real or imaginary malfunction of the system, communication between the portable transmitting device and the receiving device is carried out through an information transmission channel which does not use a radio signal.

EFFECT: low risk of information interception.

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FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: auxiliary interlocking mechanism is proposed which mechanism locks interlocking element (6) in steering column locking position. In the auxiliary interlocking element, its sliding plate (91) is engaging with auxiliary catching section (95) of interlocking element (6) being in steering column locked position, so that engagement between holding element (21) and holding/receiving section (93) could disengage. Closer to the side of interlocking element (6) rear end relative to relative to auxiliary catching section (95), fragile section (74) is fitted permissible loading on which is less than loading which can sliding plate (91) can withstand. In case when loading of specified or greater value is applied to interlocking element (6), the latter (6) breaks in fragile section (74).

EFFECT: enhanced antitheft protection.

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Vehicle terminal // 2537892

FIELD: physics, navigation.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the field of navigating, namely to vehicle terminals. The vehicle terminal includes the master microcontroller, antenna GPS/GLONASS, SIM-chip, housing. The housing contains the standby power supply and printed circuit board. The printed circuit board has flash memory, three-axial accelerometer, GPS/GLONASS receiver, power supply control unit, GSM module with antenna, LED indicators, interface unit connection module, slot for installation of SIM-card of mobile communication operator, external power supply module. The output of GPS/GLONASS antenna is connected to the input of GPS/GLONASS receiver. The master microcontroller contains minimum 7 inputs-outputs. SIM-chip and slot for installation of SIM-card are connected to GSM-module. The power control module is connected with the external power supply module and standby power supply module. The acceleration sensor is designed with additional function of determination of acceleration values by three coordinate axes. The standby power supply terminal contains the lithium - polymeric battery.

EFFECT: improvement of reliability of obtaining operating and reliable monitoring information at simultaneous decrease of the sizes of the vehicle terminal.

8 cl, 1 dwg

FIELD: radio engineering, communication.

SUBSTANCE: control points are placed on motorways and are provided with receivers for detecting a source of interference for GPS and GSM signals. Photographic and video capturing of vehicles on the motorway is performed upon detecting interference and the data are transmitted to a remote server. Data received at the server from multiple control points are processed to detect licence plate matches. Data on said licence plates and direction of movement are transmitted to road patrol service posts nearest to the last point where the interference was detected.

EFFECT: high efficiency of detecting stolen vehicles.

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FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: steering wheel interlocking device consists of rod, braces rigidly fixed on it, grip installed on steering wheel and locked by lock mechanism. Lock mechanism is made as separate unit with key. The grip is made as levers with pin. The braces are made as plate with holes in butt ends and in base. In one of butt end holes, rod is installed, and in the other butt end hole pin is installed on which pin levers are fixed opposite to each other with possibility to rotate around this pin for specified angle. In the hole in plate base, lock mechanism is installed.

EFFECT: improved protective properties and reduced dimensions of steering wheel interlocking device.

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FIELD: physics, computer engineering.

SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to public information systems and intelligent transport systems. The method comprises installing an intelligent transport system on vehicle, completely adapting the system to the electrical system of the vehicle, using the system continuously in automatic and manual mode together with cellular communication means, the Internet and navigation satellite systems, and performing video surveillance and monitoring of the vehicle at a distance using cellular equipment which supports 3G technology. The intelligent transport system consists of the following basic interlinked structural components: a video surveillance system, a video recorder, a touch screen display, a processor board with a SIM module, a transceiver, an emergency unit with an antitheft system module, a uninterrupted power supply, a multimedia device, a distance meter and a preventive security system.

EFFECT: achieving comprehensive protection of a vehicle, the driver, passengers, pedestrians and creating favourable traffic conditions overall.

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FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to automotive industry. Proposed device comprises valve (7) to reciprocate in antitheft device (1) for locking the steering column. Lock is fixed to antitheft device (1) to displace said valve (7). Locking means displace when lock gets disengaged from antitheft device (1) between inactive position and working position whereat locking means lock said valve (7). Antitheft device (1) comprises extra retainers of locking means to lock the latter at working position. Said retainers comprises clip and second spring means to act thereat in direction of the position whereat said clip retains said locking means at working position.

EFFECT: higher reliability.

12 cl, 6 dwg

FIELD: physics; control.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to automated systems for monitoring road traffic and is intended for automatic identification of vehicles and generating an algorithm of actions with respect to further use thereof, and for real-time notification of the driver on all remarks relating to use of a vehicle as a road traffic participant. The vehicle monitoring system includes an electronic device mounted on the vehicle and capable of storing the identification number of the vehicle and information necessary and sufficient for mutual authentication of said device and devices at control points of the system, which are connected via a single telecommunication network to a distributed data base in which the obtained information is processed. To improve protection from unauthorised access, broadcast data are encrypted and accuracy of obtained information is further verified.

EFFECT: designing a reliable system for informing a driver on use of a vehicle as a road traffic participant.

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FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: proposed device comprises case to house lock 20 composed of latch 4 displacing between open position whereat it stays at a distance from steering column and closed position whereat it locks the latter and latch drive slider 10 to drive said latch 4 into open or closed position. Slider 10 is driven by said lock 20. Extra locking means can lock latch 4 in locked position. Said extra locking means are retained in passive position by actuator 28 of slider 10. Cam 24 of lock 20 acts at actuator 28 to control latch 4 and to release extra locking means at detachment of said cam 24.

EFFECT: simplified and compact design, higher reliability.

22 cl, 7 dwg

Truck coupler // 2503573

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to automotive industry. Proposed coupler comprises plate with hole to received the pin, pin lock and retainer acting on said lock and displacing from locking position and unlocking position. Coupler comprises safety device with retainer and displacing from locking position and unlocking position. When in locking position, it is directed into aforesaid hole. Lock can be retained in locking position when retainer is in unlocking position.

EFFECT: ruled out unauthorised trailer uncoupling.

40 cl, 14 dwg

FIELD: transport engineering; security systems.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to radio-electronic systems used for monitoring immovable property objects and vehicles. Proposed system contains one or several dispatcher centers, personal information centers, stationary and carry-on alarm complexes. System is provided with over-territory distributed retransmission-radio direction finding network with retransmitters-radio direction finders made for reception of signals containing code messages from carry-on alarm complexes, measuring power of received signals and bearings of sources of radiation and transmission of said code messages and results of measurements to dispatcher center. Said dispatcher centers and at least part of personal information centers are made with possibility of access to external information sources. Stationary and carry-on alarm complexes are made for transmission of voice and text messages and video pictures by cellular mobile communication network. Dispatcher centers and personal information centers are made for reception of said voice, test messages and video pictures by cellular mobile communication network.

EFFECT: reduced level of false alarms at revealing of facts of unauthorized action onto objects under protection, improved reliability of location of hi-jacked vehicle.

3 cl, 6 dwg

FIELD: transport engineering; security systems.

SUBSTANCE: proposed invention relates to security systems providing search, detection and finding of current location of vehicle and possibility of interception of hi-jacked vehicles security hazard express vehicle. Subscriber's complex with receiver installed on vehicle is connected by radio with mobile communication network, microcontroller connected to alarm units and actuating devices, satellite navigation unit and subscriber's signaling device radiating code messages on carrier frequency in form of hopping-signal with information of category of message and codes of identification symbols of vehicle. Retransmission network receives code messages from subscriber's signaling devices and transmits them to security hazard express vehicle furnished with radio-search complexes. Each of said complexes contains communication and data transmission unit connected to mobile communication network, unit to store information from external sources, unit to receiver code messages from retransmission network or subscriber's signaling devices, processing, displaying and coordinate finding unit, operator's personal computer, satellite navigation unit and electronic magnetic compass.

EFFECT: improved accuracy of determination of relative location of hi-jacked vehicle and security hazard express vehicle taking part in interception.

3 cl, 5 dwg

FIELD: transport engineering; security systems.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to protection of vehicles against unauthorized action and control. Standard electronic modules connected to vehicle supply bus are coupled with vehicle functional members and provide checking of state and control of vehicle functional members. System includes local data network controller, of data exchange protocol, external radio network terminal and security lo-jack subsystem. The latter includes controller connected to vehicle supply bus, electronic modules connected to corresponding functional members of vehicle and remote identification unit coupled by radio with vehicle-mounted and carry-on parts. System includes control PLC-unit consisting of PLC-controller, PLC-transceiver and PLC-adapter connected with vehicle supply bus. PLC-modes are built into standard electronic modules, controller and electronic modules of security lo-jack subsystem, each PLC-modem being coupled with vehicle supply bus. Controller-converter of data exchange protocol and controller of vehicle local data network are made for data exchanger with PLC-controller.

EFFECT: provision of high degree of vehicle protection, possibility of control of service devices, ease of mounting and connecting of nonstandard electronic equipment to standard equipment of vehicle.

4 cl, 3 dwg

FIELD: transport engineering; security systems.

SUBSTANCE: invention is designed to protect vehicle from unauthorized use. User remote identification unit consists of vehicle-mounted part and carry-on part connected with processor unit whose control input is connected with supply bus through ignition switch. Display unit input is connected to first output of processor unit. Each functional member locking unit contains series-connected first matching unit whose input is connected by communication channel to second output of processor unit, decoder, memory element and relay connected through contact groups to functional member to be inter locked, and also series-connected relay contact group test unit, nonvolatile memory, coder and second matching unit whose output is connected to first input of processor unit by communication channel. Delay element and movement sensor are connected to corresponding inputs of memory unit. Input of delay element and contact groups of relay are connected to supply input of processor unit. Second output of nonvolatile memory is connected to second input of processor unit. Display unit is made for receiving signals from processor unit indicating provision of jumper parallel to contact group of relay.

EFFECT: improved efficiency of protection of vehicle owing to possibility of detection concealed jumpers installed in interlock circuits of functional members.

5 cl, 2 dwg

FIELD: transport engineering; vehicle security systems.

SUBSTANCE: proposed system contains standard electronic modules some of which are made for revealing condition and controlling functional elements of vehicle, local information system controller, data exchange protocol controller-converter coupled with transceiver-terminal of cellular mobile communication system, security lo-jack subsystem with its controller, electronic modules connected to corresponding functional elements of vehicle and units of radio frequency identification, controlled parameters, deviation recording, controlled parameters deviation detecting and biometric identification, eyes movement video detector, controlled parameters deviation indicating unit, additional electronic module with video camera pointed to vehicle driver's face, video digitizer and picture compressor and multiplexed bus. Security-lo-jack subsystem controller is made for processing biometric data, for instance, outline of face and/or iris and forming, depending on results of processing, and transmitting orders to interlock or release corresponding functional elements of vehicle by multiplexed bus.

EFFECT: improved protection of vehicle from unauthorized use, improved safety on road.

3 cl, 4 dwg

FIELD: transport engineering; security systems.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to systems providing protection of vehicles from hi-jacking, theft and unauthorized use and location of current position of vehicle. Proposed system contains security lo-jack subsystem, vehicle-mounted computer consisting of system unit and monitor, video camera, navigation unit operating by signals from global satellite radio navigation systems, transceiver coupled with radio modem being terminal of standard mobile communication network, subscriber's receiver being terminal of paging communication and video processor unit consisting of video digitizer and picture analyzing unit. Security l0-jack subsystem includes processor control unit, vehicle-mounted radio frequency identification unit, security pickups and units to interlock functional members of vehicle. Picture analyzing unit includes video locking unit, background rejection unit, contour detector, buffer memory unit, comparator unit and frame storage unit. Video camera is arranged before user sitting at vehicle handwheel who has visual contact with monitor screen. System unit made to control cursor and pictograms on motor screen, and processor control unit is made to form and transmit commands for blocking or releasing functional members of vehicle.

EFFECT: improved resistance to attempts of unauthorized use.

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FIELD: transport engineering; security systems.

SUBSTANCE: security alarms reveal intrusion of criminal into vehicle and form alarms messages by which high frequency signals are modulated. The latter are transmitted by retransmission-radio direction finding network and by standard cellular mobile communication network to dispatcher center. Test signals confirming communication with of vehicle with dispatcher center are received on high-jacked vehicle by standard cellular network. Alarm messages are selected and processed in dispatcher center, identification signs of high-jacked vehicle and its location are determined and initial and current external target designations are transmitted to security hazard express vehicle and, if necessary, movement of high-jacked vehicle is blocked. When messages are transmitted by retransmission-radio direction finding network, coincidence of messages transmitted and received by radio are checked on board the high-jacked vehicle. In case of no coincidence, signal of interruption of reception by retransmission-radio direction finding network is formed. When test signals are received by standard cellular network on high-jacked vehicle, mean signal/noise ratio for preset internal is determined and compared with preset threshold, and if they drop to threshold level with simultaneous interruption of reception by retransmission-radio direction finding network, high-jacked vehicle interlock units are acted upon to stop the vehicle. Object terminal generates alarm signals which are taken by security hazard express vehicle. Bearings and external target designations are used to control movement of security hazard express vehicle at intercepting high-jacked vehicle.

EFFECT: improved efficiency of interception even if high-jacked use vehicles.

3 cl, 7 dwg

FIELD: transport engineering; centralized radio security systems.

SUBSTANCE: vehicle is provided with carry-on security set made for receiving signals of global satellite radio navigation system and determining real-time location of high-jacked vehicle, and for transmitting and receiving signals from standard cellular mobile communication network and radiating signals with hopping carrier frequency-hopping signals with code messages containing identification signs of vehicle and its current location. Balloon subsystems are distributed within the limits of observed territory, each consisting of air observation complex connected by variable-length cable and including retransmitter of hopping signals and flight parameters check unit, and ground complex with winch for variable-length cable to supply power to balloon carrier, receive flight parameters check signals from balloon complex and control winch. Data acquisition and processing center is made for receiving retransmitted hopping signals, selection and processing of code messages and presenting results of processing in form of vehicle marks moving on street-road chart, finding real-time location of vehicle and forming and transmitting coded messages containing identification signs of vehicle and its real-time location in the street to centralized security system stations to form orders to hazard express teams and to transmit by radio, or by wire communication channels, flight parameters control commands for balloon carrier and receive flight parameters control, signals from ground complex. Air observation complex includes video camera, video camera control unit, video image compression unit and video image transmitter made for transmitting compressed video images to data acquisition and processing center by radio from balloon carrier. Said data acquisition and processing center provides geometric and amplitude transformations of video images and registration of images with corresponding fragments of street-road chart and searching and identification of vehicle by received coded messages, verification of location of vehicle relative to elements of street-road network and correction of data transmitted to centralized security system station of form order to hazard express teams.

EFFECT: improved accuracy of location of high-jacked vehicle at violation of stable reception of signals of global satellite radio navigations system.

4 cl, 6 dwg

FIELD: transport engineering; security systems.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to radioelectronic protection of vehicles from unauthorized use. According to proposed method secret PIN-code is fixed in memory of protection system processor. Coded control radio signal to active system is fed by pressing corresponding pushbuttons on radio trinket. Receiver coded radio signal is identified in system processor. After identification, control signal is generated to active sensors of protection system, interlock functional units of vehicle and connect alarm. Under protection mode, presence of signals from protection system sensors is monitored. If sensors send signals on unauthorized action onto vehicle, alarm is switched on. Coded control radio signal to disconnect the protection is sent by pressing on corresponding pushbuttons. Received coded radio signal is identified in protection system processor. After identification, control signal is generated to disconnect sensors of state of protection system, alarm signaling and interlocking of vehicle functional units, except for engine interlocks. Then secret PIN-code signal is sent into system processor which compares said PIN-code with that fixed in processor memory and, if they coincide, engine interlock is disconnected. Secret PIN-code signal is sent to protection system processor in form of coded radio signal from radio trinket by pressing special pushbutton or combination of pushbuttons designed for remote control of protection system. Changing and fixing new secret PIN-code in processor memory, when necessary, is done by Owner by sending coded radio signals from radio trinket by pressing special PIN-code pushbutton or combination of pushbuttons on radio trinket designed for remote control of protection system.

EFFECT: improved comfort in vehicle operation.

FIELD: transport engineering; security systems.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to methods of protection of vehicles from unauthorized use by interlocking vehicle engine thrust. Proposed system contains central control unit whose supply input is connected to interconnected HOOK-UP and WAIR-UP relay units and is connected through ignition switch to plus terminal of carry-on supply source. HOOK-UP and WAIR-UP units are connected to corresponding functional member of vehicle. Electronic identification mark and mark reader with antenna connected with central control unit are provided. Event protocol shaper, nonvolatile memory, even protocol reader, modulator and data transmission unit are introduced into system being series connected to each other. Event protocol shaper input is connected to additional output of central control unit. Event protocol reader is also connected with central control unit. Output of date transmission unit is connected with mark reader antenna.

EFFECT: provision of reliable protection of insurance company effecting insurance from falsification of events insured against, minimization of possible losses.

3 dwg