Sedative composition reducing affectivity accompanying oestrus in cats and dogs

FIELD: medicine.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to veterinary science. A sedative composition with reducing affectivity accompanying oestrus for dogs and cats contains in one dose per 10 kg of animal's body weight: theanine - from 5 to 100 mg, tryptophane - from 2 to 16 mg.

EFFECT: composition normalises the animals' behaviour for 30 minutes - 1 hour after application.

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The invention relates to veterinary medicine and animal nutrition.

Known veterinary drugs, feed additives and other products for animals, which has calming and anti-stress effect, which use including when the excitement caused by the sexual hunt (Stop stress, cat Bayun and others). They contain as active substances of different groups of compounds (plant extracts, paramonotone substances). However, these means are not enough fast action and arousal are mainly used as additional tools.

Also known group of drugs and supplements for animals with regulating sexual hunt (and/or contraceptive action (for example, Contresens, Stop sex and others) that contains hormones and hormone-like substances. However, they, in turn, do not have anti-stress, calming and improves the mood of the animal action. In addition, this group of funds have unwanted side effects.

The closest analogue of the invention are chewable tablets for dogs and cats "Anxitane® (production Corporation Virbac, France), containing as active substance the amino acid L-theanine. Tablets promote relaxation, relieve nervousness, anxiety, stress (L. Kern. La transmission e la peur. In: La Communication. Collection Zoopsychiatrie, Beata C. ed. Marseille, Solal Editeurs, 2005).

L-Theanine - an amino acid, which is part of "Anxitane®", has a calming and neuroprotective effects in laboratory animals (Vlasov So on, Barkovsky A. A., Zukhurov M And Zwerina C. M. mechanisms of the neuroprotective effect of a component of green tea is L-theanine/ Regional circulation and microcirculation. - 2010. No. 4. - S. 67-71).

It is widely known use of L-theanine as a sedative in the composition of feed additives, dietary supplements, sports nutrition, and food products.

However Anxitane® does not reduce arousal during sexual hunting cats and dogs and has a long course of application to achieve a calming effect.

The objective of the invention is the creation on the basis of the amino acid L-theanine sedative for cats and dogs, which has, unlike analogue, quick and effective action including when engaging in hunting.

To achieve the technical result was studied compositions based on amino acids L-theanine and additional calming components, in particular glycine, tryptophan, ginger and Valerian root.

For testing have been made an experimental batch of feed additives in the form of tablets containing different compositions. Funds were given orally in the dosage of 1 tablet is per 10 kg of animal body weight once between feedings.

The tests were carried out for each composition of 10 cats and 10 dogs of different age, sex and different breeds that are in stressful situations (exhibitions, visits to the veterinarian and others), and in the excitement caused by the sexual hunt. The results are presented in the examples below.

Example 1

Composition No. 1

Theanine 50 mg

Glycine 10 mg

Excipients (lactose, starch, cheese whey, talc) and flavour - 0.3,

Tests showed the sedative effect of the composition only in cases when the arousal caused by the presence of estrous or sexual arousal. The song had a calming effect have 4 cats that were in the period of sexual hunting, and 2 males in a state of sexual arousal.

Example 2

Composition No. 2

Theanine 50 mg

Ginger - 45 mg,

The Valerian root 45 mg

Auxiliary substances and flavour - 0.3,

This composition had a soothing effect in 36% of the animals after applying for 3 times a day. Had hardly any action on animals in arousal.

Example 3

Composition No. 3

Theanine 50 mg

Tryptophan - 8 mg

Auxiliary substances and flavour - 0.3,

Compo is ice had a long good calming effect. Animal behavior returned to normal within 30 minutes to 1 hour after ingestion of the tablets in all animals and remained normal during the day of observation.

Example 4

Composition No. 4

Theanine 5 mg

Tryptophan - 2 mg

Auxiliary substances and flavour - 0.3,

This composition had a calming effect on all animals, but the effect was less pronounced and not long.

Example 5

Composition No. 5

Theanine 100 mg

Tryptophan - 16 mg

Auxiliary substances and flavoring additives to 0.3, the Use of this composition was also reassured all animals, but have side effects, in particular the part of the animals were in a dream state.

Example 6

Composition No. 6

Theanine 50 mg

Tryptophan - 8 mg

Distilled water, stabilizer, preservative, flavoring additive to 5 ml

The solution was applied at a dose of 5 ml per 10 kg of body weight. Tests showed that in the form of a solution composition is not less effective than solid form, and has a calming effect on all animals.

Thus, only the combination of two amino acids, theanine and tryptophan, has a fairly rapid calming effect (from 30 to 60 minutes) and displays a new action - namely, a pronounced suppression of excitation caused sexual hunts the th.

L-Tryptophan is an essential amino acid, which, along with other amino acids is widely used as feed additives for balancing rations of farm and domestic animals. Also known soothing feed additive containing tryptophan (Equilizer (France)) for horses with severe stress and anxiety.

It is established that peptides containing tryptophan (8 g/100 g) at a dose of 0.01-0.02 g/kg body weight cause widespread effects in laboratory animals for 30-40 minutes (EN 2043364, 10.09.1995).

However, it is not established that the tryptophan reduces sexual arousal during sexual hunting animals.

As follows from the examples, all tested dosages theanine and tryptophan sufficient to achieve the stated technical result, but the best is a composition comprising theanine 50 mg and tryptophan - 8 mg per 10 kg of animal body weight.

The term "Theanine" (L-theanine, 1-tianin, 1-Theanine, 1-teanin) of the present invention is an amino acid, a derivative of glutamic acid (γ-glutamyl ethylamide), derived mainly from tea leaves, as well as synthetic and microbiologically. You can use any form amino acids L-theanine, D-theanine and DL-theanine, but it is preferable to use L-shape. Theanine is really from the briteney can be applied in the form of amino acids, and green tea extract.

The tryptophan of the present invention may be a 1-tryptophan, 5-hydroxy-tryptophane, extracts of plants containing tryptophan and its derivatives, and other biologically active form of tryptophan and its derivatives obtained by different methods.

The composition is effective in tablet form and in the form of a solution, and can be used in the composition of medicines, feed additives and feed products for cats and dogs.

Soothing song with a decreasing arousal action for dogs and cats containing one dose per 10 kg of animal body weight:
theanine is from 5 to 100 mg
tryptophan is from 2 to 16 mg


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EFFECT: method provides clinical effectiveness including ensured by correction of protein-calorie and intestinal insufficiency in the patients with acute intestinal obstruction of tumour aetiology.

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EFFECT: invention ensures tolerance to egg whites contained in food products with mammals.

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EFFECT: decreased invalidisation due to reconstitution of regulatory relationship between nervous and immune systems.

1 ex, 1 tbl

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SUBSTANCE: method involves administration of aminolone in the dose 0.25-0.5 g, 2-3 times per a day for 6-8 months, cerebrolysine in the dose 1.0-1.2 ml by intramuscular route, course 15-20 injections, mydocalm in the dose 50-75 mg, 2 times per a day for 1-1.5 month, vitamin B12 in the dose 150-300 mcg, course 15-20 injections wherein injections of vitamin B12 and cerebrolysine are alternated in each other day; in 1.5 month after onset of this treatment prefizone in the dose 1 ml by intramuscular route is administrated every day, course 15-20 injections, pyrogenal in the dose 100-200 MTD is administrated by course 15-20 injections and curative physical culture is carried out with heat procedure in sauna (dry bath) for 3 months, and after termination of medicinal therapy hyppotherapy is carried out for 3-5 months for each other day. Method allows straightening the kyphoscoliotic carriage and to improve joins mobility due to increase of the motions volume in them. Invention can be used in treatment of spastic diplegia in infantile cerebral paralysis.

EFFECT: improved treatment method.

3 ex

FIELD: medicine, ophthalmology.

SUBSTANCE: after termination of surgery operation as to strabismus the method involves catheterization of Tenon's space by using the irrigative system for the successive fractional administration of preparations of riboflavin, cerebrolysin, dicynone, caffeine, emoxipine and taufon in the dose 0.3 ml for each drug. Also, method involves carrying out the computer training by designation of the complex "Shooting range/gallery" and "Pursuit" wherein the patient combines color symbols that change colors and sizes in cyclic change of positions, 1 séance for each type of exercise every day. Administration of drugs and computer trainings are carried out for 10 days. Such performance of the method provides the effective treatment of strabismus and recovery of binocular vision based on the complex effect on all links of coordination activity of sensor and motor eye apparatus. Invention can be used in treatment of strabismus.

EFFECT: improved and effective method of treatment.

2 ex

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EFFECT: improved preparing method.

9 cl, 3 tbl, 2 dwg, 61 ex

FIELD: medicine.

SUBSTANCE: method involves applying mono therapy with Cerebrolysin intramuscularly introduced once a day in the morning at a daily dose of 0.1 ml/kg of weight as 20 days long course or Encephabol to be taken 3 times a day in 30 min after having taken meals. Encephabol is given at a dose of 50 mg in 2-5 years old children cases or at a dose of 100 mg in 6-10 years old children cases. Male children take Encephabol in not longer than 10 days long course. Female children take Encephabol in a course being longer than 10 days.

EFFECT: enhanced effectiveness of genome instability adjustment.

6 dwg

FIELD: medicine.

SUBSTANCE: method involves applying nutritive probe support with 1-2% Pecto solution in Rehydron at a dose of 30.0-50.0 ml per one feeding session 6-7 times a day beginning in 24-48-h from receiving injury. Daily quantity of introduced solution is gradually increased to 500.0 ml. Then, semi-element food mixtures are introduced in 20% dilution from a standard one at a dose of 30.0-60.0 ml per one feeding session with 2.0-2.5 h long pause 7 times a day. Mixture dilution is gradually increased to standard one and volume to 1500-2000 ml. Pecto introduction is continued as solution of 5.5 g per 50.0 ml of water at a dose of 5.0-20.0 ml per 20 min before every probe-mediated feeding.

EFFECT: enhanced effectiveness in supporting energetic and plastic organism needs; avoided stress ulcer formation.