Biologically active food additive based on honey and antler deer farming products

FIELD: food industry.

SUBSTANCE: biologically active food additive contains dry blood of antler deer, an antler concentrate and honey at the following components ratio, wt %. antler concentrate - 8-10; dry blood - 2-3; honey - 87-90.

EFFECT: invention allows to produce an additive having the optimal ratio of components and having high adaptogenic and tonic properties.

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The invention relates to food industry, in particular for food additives, enriched with natural biologically active substances.

Known biologically active product on the basis of fine or ultra-fine powder of canned antlers or canned side of raw and natural honey. The product is obtained by extraction antler raw honey in a water bath at a ratio of raw material:solvent 1:10 or 1:20. The drug has anti-stress, toning, radioprotective and biostimulating effect (patent RF №2345573, IPC A23L 1/30, A23L 1/08, A61K 35/28, A61K 35/32).

Known biologically active product of the antlers and blood used to prepare the antler decoction bath, wet wraps, microenemas, compresses, inhalations (RF patent No. 2268058, IPC A61K 35/32, A61K 35/14).

Known means on the basis of nedifferentsirovannoi deer blood, deer or spotted deer taken during the period from June to November and dried to a moisture content of 4-5%. The tool has nootropic and adaptogenic action (patent RF №2130314, IPC A61K 35/14).

However, extraction of powders antler or in the preparation of decoctions from antlers, a very small portion of biologically active substances, and the use of only dry blood biochemical and biological properties of the final products is that are less saturated spectrum of biologically active components.

Known biologically active food Supplement, containing, mass%: stable blood reindeer, deer and Yakut horses - 55, antler product in the form of alcoholic extract of antlers (70% solution of ethyl alcohol) - 10, 30% solution floral honey - 35, and represents a syrupy liquid brownish-red (patent RF №2368250, IPC A23L 1/30, A61K 35/14, A61K 35/32, A23L 1/08, A23L 1/302 - prototype).

However, the use of alcoholic extract of intolerance user of alcohol, as well as the ingestion brownish-red liquid resembling blood, psychologically limits the user base. In addition, when alcohol extraction antlers in the extract goes only about 3% of dry substances panta, which implies inefficient use of antler raw materials, and stabilization of blood brings in the composition of the biologically active product is not useful chemicals. All this ultimately reduces consumer properties of the product.

Task to be solved by the claimed invention is directed, is the expansion of the range of biologically active products using raw materials from deer antler with high consumer properties, with the optimum combination of components that determine the rational use of raw materials at high biologicallyactive.

This object is achieved in that the biologically active additive containing honey, the blood of deer antler and the antler product, according to the claimed invention, as antler product use concentrate on THE 9860-010-29734071-11, and the blood is introduced into a dry form in the following ratio, wt.%:

Dry blood2-3

The essence of the claimed invention is found that the optimum ratio of components of the additive, with the additive in appearance and taste similar to natural honey, when the use does not cause psychological stress to the user and highly adaptogenic and tonic properties.

Honey as a food product contains invert sugar (65-80%), sucrose (8%), dextrin (polysaccharides) (1-5%), organic acids (malic, citric, oxalic, lactic and other) (0,01-0,4%), macro - and microelements (0,01-0,4%), enzyme - diastasis, invertase, catalase, vitamin B1B2, PP, C, Pantothenic and nicotinic acids, alkaloids (Veterinary encyclopedia. - So 3, 172 - S. 1062).

Due to its biochemical composition, honey is widely used in medicine, cosmetics, food industry, perfumery, increasing metabolic and immunological processes, exerting a positive influence on the prevention and treatment of many diseases, providing a living organism with energy and restore tissue trophism (agricultural science - agriculture / IV international scientific-practical conference. - Barnaul: Publishing house of agau, 2009. - KN.3. - S. 250-252).

Concentrate (TU 9860-010-29734071-11, RF patent №2461384) it has high biological activity due to the presence not only of the high content of amino acids, vitamins, macro - and micronutrients and hormones, but mostly because of the content of growth factors, possessing a wide spectrum of biological effects, namely, stimulating or inhibiting mitogenes, chemotaxis and differentiation (maturation) of the cells of the body. Thus, insulin-like (IGF) and epidermal (EGF) growth factors promote cell division and maturation of cells occurs under the action of alpha - and beta-transforming growth factor (TGF). In addition, transforming growth factor involved in cell proliferation and regulation of the growth of tumor cells, nerve growth factor (NGF) stimulates the regeneration of damaged neuro structures organism.

Growth factors push "p is anew old" cells, i.e. have a rejuvenating effect on the tissues and the whole body: re-run ofine old age or disease genes, directed stimulate metabolism in cells, have a positive effect on the prevention of hyperplastic processes (breast, uterine fibroids, endometriosis). The effect of growth factors should be considered in connection with other stimulants, especially with hormones, for example, dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA), which is also part of the antler concentrate.

Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) - the "mother hormone" of the body, is the basis on which the endocrine glands produce 27 of hormones, including testosterone and dihydrotestosterone. The increase of DHEA in the body can not only slow the aging process, but also to improve the condition of patients with cancer, memory loss, osteoporosis, heart diseases and so on

However, studies have found that the greatest amount of this hormone is found in dry blood antler deer. Content in dry blood DHEA exceeds its concentration in antler concentrate 30 times. In addition, dry blood slightly, but surpasses concentrate on insulin-like (IGF) and transforming (TGF) growth factors, as well as on the content of interleukin 2 and 6. Thus, according to some authors, 1 liter of blood can give will complement the flax 64% more biologically active substances (GED), than that obtained from the standard 2-Kontsevich one deer antlers (Antlers and antler: horns as a medicinal raw materials / A. M. Yudin. - Novosibirsk: Nauka, Siberian publishing company, 1993. - S. 83-87).

Blood and antlers equally improve the information the brain, the immune system, slow the aging process, have a positive impact on sexual function and so on (Antler drugs priority in innovation in reindeer antler) / N. A. Frolov, V., Loniten. - Barnaul: Publishing house of Alt. University, 2007. - S. 29-32).

Thus, the blood antler deer can be widely used for manufacturing a prophylactic and therapeutic action as a cheaper (the cost of dry blood more than 2 times lower antler concentrate and affordable product.

However, despite the high biological activity, the products of reindeer antlers, in particular concentrate, is almost never used in medical practice, and dry blood in drugs or food products contained in concentrations that do not provide adequate effect.

Studies to determine the optimal percentage of the introduction of honey antler concentrate is presented in table 1. Biological properties of honey and honey with the addition of antler concentrate was determined by adaptogenic and tonic is the effect on white mice. Honey and honey with additives was pre-dissolved in physiological solution at a ratio of 1:5 (honey:water) and the probe was introduced into the stomach 0.15 ml/mouse, within 14 days.

As can be seen from table 1, the optimum content of the antler concentrate in honey varies in the range of 8-10%. For a given concentration of antler concentrate honey adaptogenic and tonic effect of the product was superior to the control (honey with no additives), respectively, in 1,79-of 1.85 and 2.10-2.17 times.

Table 1
Determination of the optimum percentage of antler concentrate and honey
IndexThe content in honey antler concentrate, %Control (100% honey with no additives)
Adaptogenic action143,6±14,2EUR 188.4±13,8194,5±14,7195,1±15,2of 105.2±13,6
Tonic effectof 124.6±5,516,3±6,1 160,6±6,5161,2±6,974,4±5,9

It should be noted that a further increase in the number of antler concentrate product did not provide a significant increase biological properties.

In further conducted studies to determine the optimal content of dry blood maral in honey with antler concentrate (8-10%) by analogy with the first experience.

Table 2
Determination of the optimum percentage of dry blood in honey with antler concentrate (9,0%)
IndexThe content of dry blood in honey with antler concentrate, %Control (honey content antler concentrate 9,0%)
Adaptogenic action201,7±15,2238,4±15,4246,5±15,7to 244.1±15,2190,2±16,6
Tonic effect 189,6±7,5233,7±8,1238,6±8,5239,3±7,9164,4±6,5

The studies (table 2) found that the addition of dry blood red to honey containing concentrate, improved biological properties of the product. So, when 1% of dry blood adaptogenic and tonic properties of biologically active additives (product) increased 6.0 and 15.3%, respectively. If 2-3% of dry blood biological properties increased by 29.6 and 45.1%, and observed a similar trend with previous experience with increasing concentration of dry blood (more than 3,0%) biological properties of food additives was not significantly increased.

Comparative effects of products made on the prototype, honey, honey, enriched antler concentrate (9%) and dry blood red deer (2%), biological parameters of laboratory animals is presented in table 3. In addition adaptogenic and tonic actions studied the health of laboratory animals in tests - open field, "Shuttle run", "stairs", "hot plate". The feeding of the analyzed products is carried out by analogy first experience.

Tab the Itza 3
The determination of the biological properties of honey antler concentrate and dry blood, honey with no additives or product prototype
The test nameHoney with antler concentrate and dry blood (n=12)Honey (n=12)Prototype (n=10)
Adaptogenic effect, min251,2±10,6110,6±8,2167,8±10,2
A tonic effect, min237,4±8,983,3±7,4of 153.6±8,7
Open field (the number of runs for 5 minutes)43,5±3,521,6±2,2of 31.8±2,1
"Shuttle run" (run rate for 5 minutes)37,6±2,915,9±2,121,7±1,9
"The ladder" (number of steps per 5 minutes)29,4±1,612,5±1,319,4±1,4
"Hot plate",40,5±1,4 10,3±1,328,6±3,9

The studies found high biological indicators developed biologically active additives (honey antler concentrate and dry blood) compared with honey and prototype (table 3).

Conducted studies on acute and chronic toxicity declared biologically active food supplements showed no mortality and changes in their internal organs, which indicates the safety of the resulting product.

Example. The product is prepared as follows: to 900,0 g honey add 85,0 g antler concentrate and 25.0 g of dry blood, after which the ingredients are mixed in a mixer at low speed (about 50-100 rpm), after mixing, the product is Packed in consumer packages.

Table 4
Organoleptic characteristics of the product
Name of indicatorIndex
ColorFrom straw-yellow to brown with a reddish tint
SmellThe smell of honey
Taste Sweet, pleasant, characteristic of honey with a taste of antlers
ConsistencyTypical honey

Thus, a biologically active additive to food on the basis of honey that contains the optimal ratio of products of reindeer antlers (concentrate and dry blood maral), in appearance and taste close to the natural honey, when the use does not cause psychological stress to the user and highly adaptogenic and tonic properties, i.e., increasing consumer properties.

Biologically active food Supplement based on honey and products of reindeer antlers containing blood antler deer antler product and honey, characterized in that as the antler product use concentrate, and the blood is introduced into a dry form in the following ratio, wt.%:
Concentrate - 8-10
Dry blood - 2-3
Honey - 87-90.


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EFFECT: above method enables providing pain management, recovering the extremity function, ensuring the stable clinical effect, and preventing complications.

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