Wind wheel of segment type electric generator

FIELD: power engineering.

SUBSTANCE: wind wheel of the segment type electric generator, containing a hub, blades with the stringers designed as a sailing fin assembly, according to the invention, has fastening of stringers to the rim connected to the hub by means of spokes which are designed as flat-topped brackets on vertical sides of which the pairwise cuts are made which contact to the rim. Flat-topped brackets are connected to the rim fasteners, and stringers are fixed on horizontal shelves of flat-topped brackets.

EFFECT: possibility of use of stringers of the blade both as structural elements and magnetic conductors of the segment generator that provides simplification and reduction in cost of the design due to the use of the sailing fin assembly.

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The invention relates to the field of wind energy, namely wind wheel wind and microelectromechanical installations with horizontal axis of rotation, primarily intended for operation with power segment type.

Known wheel [U.S. Pat. Of the Russian Federation No. 2211366, publ. 27.08.2003, bull. No. 24 / Litvinenko A. M. - application No. 2002104027 / 06 dated 14.02.2002], which contains the hub, the blades, made in the form of sailing wings, spars, rope, D-shaped front edge. Sailing plumage made in the form of elastic plates, the front edge of which has the form of an arch and provided with holes for the spar.

The disadvantage of this wind turbine is the inability to use tissue membranes sailing type.

Closest to the claimed combination of essential characteristics is a wind wheel [U.S. Pat. Of the Russian Federation No. 2249720, publ. 10.04.2005, bull. No. 10 / Litvinenko A. M. - application No. 2003130051/06 from 09.10.2003], which includes blades, both major and possibly additional, made in the form of sailing feathers, namely shell, double-layer, bonded around the perimeter of an isosceles triangle, the vertex of which is fastened to the hub, the base fitted with tension bar, which is pivotally connected to the rocker, a rocker pivotally mounted on the outer end of the tubular side member and connected to the tension rod.

The disadvantage of this wind turbine is the difficulty in ensuring the twist of the blades, which, as is well known, provides the best aerodynamic performance, as well as relatively complex cutting sailing plumage.

The invention is aimed at simplifying and cheapening the construction by improving manufacturability.

This is achieved by the fact that the wind turbine generator, segment type, containing the hub, the blades and spars, made in the form of sailing feathers, according to the invention the mounting rails to the rim connected to the hub with spokes made in the form of the U-shaped brackets on the vertical sides of which are made in pairs spaced notches which are in contact with the rim, while the U-shaped bracket connected to the rim fasteners, rails mounted on a horizontal shelves of the U-shaped brackets.

The invention is illustrated by drawings, where Fig.1 shows a wind wheel in reduced scale, front view, Fig.2 - U-shaped element spar, end view, and Fig.3 shows a three-dimensional image of the U-shaped plate of Fig.4 - fixing the plate on the rim, the view along the section of the rim of Fig.5 is an external scan of the rim.

Wind wheel has a zone arc of the stator 1, the side members of the magnetic circuit 2, sailing plumage 3, U-shaped bracket 4, the rim 5, the Itza 6, the hub 7. The u-shaped element includes a vertical side 8, a horizontal shelf 9, the mounting rails are made with nuts 10, U-shaped brackets have holes for fastening to the rim 11 and the mounting holes of the side members 12 and openings 13 for contact with the outer edges of the rim. Fastening a U-shaped element to the rim is carried out by means of bolts 14, and between the side members 2 spanned sailing plumage 3 made in the form of a cylindrical surface.

Wheel works as follows. At clash of the wind flow is the rotation of the wind turbine due to the deviation of the flow caused by the inclined position of the blades. While periodically opens and closes the magnetic circuit: the stator - side member is U-shaped element of the second spar is the stator. As a result, in the stator element of the induced EMF, which is then passed to the consumer.

Technical and economic advantage of the claimed device is the ability to use the spar of the blade at the same time as structural elements and magnetic segment generator that reduces capital costs, and also allows the use of having the smallest value on the date of sailing of feathers.

Wind wheel generator segment type, containing the hub, is opasti with spars, made in the form of sailing feathers, characterized in that the mounting rails to the rim connected to the hub with spokes made in the form of the U-shaped brackets on the vertical sides of which are made in pairs spaced notches which are in contact with the rim, while the U-shaped bracket connected to the rim fasteners, rails mounted on a horizontal shelves of the U-shaped brackets.


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FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to an electric generating system and to its operation method. The electric generating system brought into action with a fluid medium includes a frame, at least one module 10 for power generation, which is installed on the frame and configured so that a carrying capacity can be provided due to the flowing fluid medium. At least one module 10 for power generation includes a mounting plate 12 attached to the frame, a drive gear 14 connected to a shaft 16 of a rotor, the rotor having a blade 17 attached to the shaft 16 of the rotor, and multiple generators 20 attached to the mounting plate 12. Each generator 20 has an outlet shaft 24 connected so that it can be rotated with the drive gear 14 so that rotation of the drive gear 14 brings into movement the outlet shaft 24 of each generator 20 for the generation of electrical power. Each generator 20 has a disengagement mechanism configured with a possibility of disengagement of the outlet shaft 24 from the drive gear 14.

EFFECT: invention is aimed at use of kinetic energy of a medium flow as much as possible.

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FIELD: chemistry.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to alcohol obtaining. A system of renewable energy accumulation represents a block of renewable energy sources, connected to a technological scheme of obtaining an alcohol. The block of renewable energy sources provides thermal and electric energy for supporting the processes in the scheme of the alcohol obtaining.

EFFECT: invention makes it possible to provide ethanol obtaining from a biomass, with the application of renewable energy sources, which makes it possible to obtain alcohol on remote territories, possessing the required raw material.

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FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to aircraft engineering, particularly, to aircraft emergent power plant release. Aircraft windmill set-up device is arranged in fuselage compartment. The latter has skin and structural elements, hatch with cover articulated with structural elements, crosswise and lengthwise walls. Windmill has casing with bar first end secured thereto. This device comprises windmill retracted position lock, windmill release power drive and hatch cover opening mechanism. Bar second end is secured at compartment crosswise wall, at its bottom. Power drive thrust part is articulated with compartment top part crosswise wall while drive actuator is articulated with windmill bar second end. Hatch cover swivel with compartment structural elements is equipped with brackets with supports rigidly secured to hatch cover while arms are articulated with compartment structural elements. Cover opening mechanism is furnished with link composed of aligned body and rod connected to turn relative to each other about common axis. Besides, it has two journals with first ends articulated with link ends, second end being articulated with said bar nearby its first end. Second end is articulated with hatch cover.

EFFECT: simplified design, higher reliability, decreased weight and higher safety.

7 cl, 8 dwg

FIELD: agriculture.

SUBSTANCE: system of agricultural field microclimate control comprises wind-protective and snow-retaining elements located on the edge of the field, a water reservoir made along the edge of the field from the side of most probable entry of dry wind. On opposite sides of the water reservoir along the field the vertical blinds are placed with the height of at least half the width of the water reservoir, mounted with the ability of rotation about the vertical axis and inclination in the vertical plane. The bottom of the water reservoir can be coated with impervious material, the water sprayers can be mounted along the water reservoir, and the sources of energy for the water sprayers the system can be provided with one or more wind-driven power-plants and solar batteries.

EFFECT: increase in the degree of protection of the field due to reducing the rate and temperature of dry wind and increase in moisture content of the surface air layer, as well as the reduction of energy consumption through the use of natural energy sources.

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FIELD: power engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the field of wind power engineering, in particular, to rotors of wind power generators of segment type. In the rotor of the wind power generator comprising a hub, blades, arched elements and magnetic conductors, according to the invention, magnetic conductors are made in the form of sections of pipes, inside of which there are fixing elements protruding beyond the ends of the pipes, which are connected to arched elements, for instance, yokes with tightening bolts. Ferromagnetic magnetic conductors in the form of sections of pipes substantially form the rotor teeth.

EFFECT: advantage of this rotor is manufacturability, low cost of initial blanks, representing sections of pipes, which provides for reduced mass and dimensions of a rotor of a wind power generator at minimisation of its cost.

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FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to wind power engineering and can be used for production of electric or mechanical power. Windmill consists of windwheel with rotary cylinders, cylinder drive, power supply, electrical generator articulated with windwheel and device to direct windmill to counterblast. Horizontal windwheel is composed of drum with rotary discs running in bearings on fixed shaft secured at disc ends. Cylinders with drive run on their axles in said discs. Shield secured to windmill fixed shaft is located perpendicular to counterblast. Drive is composed by one motor transmitting rotation via flexible links to pulleys of cylinders located windward. In compliance with another version, cylinders drive is composed of reversible motors secured at the drum and equipped with contact current collector while extra disc with two current collecting rings is fixed at stationary axle. Note here that said rings can be composed of two semi-rings located windward and two semi-rings located leeward. Said semi-rings are connected to power supply opposite poles. Shield secured to windmill fixed shaft is located perpendicular to counterblast.

EFFECT: efficient usage of Magnus forces.

4 cl, 2 dwg

Stator // 2523683

FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to wind-power engineering, primarily to low-speed windmills. Invention aims at decreasing the generator weight and overall dimensions at minimised costs. Stator comprises base, coils, exciter and two strip-type magnetic conductors. First coil with core is arranged at its outer end. Two gaskets are fitted between second magnetic conductor and base. Second coil with core is arranged at its outer end of second magnetic conductor. Inner ends of magnetic conductors are lap-jointed for this joint to support exciter.

EFFECT: higher manufacturability and efficiency.

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Windmill stator // 2523523

FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to wind-power engineering, primarily to low-speed windmills. Windmill stator comprises coil, excitation source and magnetic cores. In compliance with this invention, this stator comprises lower ferromagnetic angle piece and upper non-ferromagnetic angle piece. Working coil with core and excitation source are secured at lower ferromagnetic angle piece horizontal flange. Upper non-ferromagnetic angle piece horizontal flange has bores for working coil core and exciter tip.

EFFECT: integrated design, decreased weight and sizes, minimised costs.

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Wind water heater // 2522743

FIELD: power industry.

SUBSTANCE: wind water heater comprises vertical housing, cover and bottom, inside which the top, middle and bottom perforated baffle plates are secured. Vertical shaft mounted in the cover through the flange and shutdown device, is connected with the shaft of wind engine. Shaft at the bottom is mounted in the opening of fixed disc attached to the bottom and rigidly connected with the movable disc. Hollow sleeves filled with substance changing its state of aggregation, are fixed on each of three baffle plates on top. The upper part of indicated sleeves is secured to the stationary disk, contacting with movable disc fixed on the shaft. Four blades in the form of semicylinders of pipe segments are fixed radially on the shaft under the cover. Four lower blades are fixed on the bottom above the movable disc with blades in the same form. Four blades in the form of semicylinders are fixed radially inside three sleeves on the shaft opposite the openings.

EFFECT: wind water heater is simple in design, compact, has significant mechanical energy converting factor into thermal energy and is multifunctional.

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FIELD: energy industry.

SUBSTANCE: block tiered and in-line wind power plant consists of block tiered and in-line flyover mounted and fixed to the base. Each tier forms the blocks mounted in two rows with the casings having acoustic isolation on their surface and consisting of pipes and middle parts, in which the wind-driven electric plants are installed. The wind-driven electric plants are equipped with electromechanical system for turning them inside the casings from the sensor signal of the wind direction, when the wind direction changes to reversed. The casing pipes have a form of a square shape in the inlet part with a subsequent transition to the shape of a truncated cone, the shape of the pipes enables to capture oblique wind flows and guide them to the middle parts. The blocks of the first tier are attached to the base and to each other, the blocks of the subsequent tiers are attached to the previous ones and to each other. The wind-driven electric plant, except stairways, is equipped with a goods-passenger lift, on the roof of the last tier the solar panels can be installed, the space under the first tier is used to place the inverter, diesel generator and the battery charging room.

EFFECT: invention enables to use maximum of the energy of the wind flow.

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Wind motor // 2508468

FIELD: power industry.

SUBSTANCE: wind motor includes a horizontal shaft with a wheel with blades, which is installed on it. In addition, the wind wheel includes a conical air flow guide fixed on a wheel hub shell and an external shell. Blades of the second level are uniformly arranged on the external shell. Blades of the first level are attached to the wheel hub shell and to the conical guide. Generatrixes of blades of the first and the second levels are curved and have an ascending air flow attack angle.

EFFECT: improving efficiency.

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Vane blade // 2499155

FIELD: power engineering.

SUBSTANCE: vane blade of a rotor wind engine, formed by side surfaces of the streamlined profile, connected by links so that one of them has length from the front edge to the zone of its maximum thickness, and the other one is a fully stretched contour of the hollow wing, having inside the front edge a longitudinal cavity between these side surfaces. The blade is made in the form of a sectioned wing of alternating sequence of the above surfaces turned mutually by 180 degrees in the open streamlined profile. In the front part of the wing this profile is formed by two bent sheet surfaces fixed on a "П"-shaped central wing spar and a connecting angle of the front edge of the wing, and its open sections are formed by the third sheet surface with transverse cuts that do not reach its rear edge, and partially closed by transverse links - half-ribs. Half-ribs provide for through air link between open parts of the third sheet surface fixed on rear edges of two longitudinal sheet surfaces at the central wing spar.

EFFECT: invention increases efficiency of wind usage.

3 cl, 7 dwg

Wind wheel // 2493428

FIELD: power engineering.

SUBSTANCE: wind wheel comprises a hub with radially attached blades. Each blade comprises a groove for placement of a photoelectric generator in it. The groove is made at one side of the blade. Grooves may be made at each side of the blade.

EFFECT: invention expands functional capabilities of a wind wheel and makes it possible to use it as a single wind and solar power plant.

3 cl, 7 dwg

FIELD: power engineering.

SUBSTANCE: rotor-blade impeller of an electric generating device based on Magnus effect comprises a shaft, at least one rotor, blades and a ring of rotor rotation. The ring of rotor rotation is fixed on the body, is kinematically connected with the rotor to ensure rotor rotation around its own axis by means of rotor swinging on the ring edge. Blades are installed on the common shaft with the rotor and are a drive of this shaft.

EFFECT: simplified design of a unit, its higher capacity, reduced prime cost of its manufacturing, increased reliability and production of cheap power.

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Windwheel blade // 2469208

FIELD: power industry.

SUBSTANCE: windwheel blade includes tubular spar and sections into which a blade is divided along the span. Spar is made so that it is lowered from the blade outline. Sections include covers and ribs. Sections include connection profiles arranged between covers and flanges of spar and connection parts installed on webs of ribs, which are attached to the above profiles. Connection parts are attached by means of fasteners to spar webs. Adjacent sections are connected by means of connection straps to each other with possibility of mutual movement. Separation of blade into sections is made so that at least two ribs in the most loaded sections are connected by means of connection and fastening parts to spar. Connection profiles in them are disconnected from spar flanges. As for other ribs, connection parts and connection profiles are made and mounted so that a gap is formed between them and spar along webs and flanges by the value of spar deflections. Protective patches are installed on the spar in the zone of connection parts and connection profiles.

EFFECT: increasing the blade service life.

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FIELD: power industry.

SUBSTANCE: rotor of segmental wind-driven electric generator includes rim, disc, hub and rotor elements. Rotor elements are made in the form of plates which are connected in the form of an angle and fixed on disc.

EFFECT: reducing the weight and dimensions of rotor of wind-driven electric generator at minimisation of its cost due to simplifying the manufacturing technology; providing high manufacturability and possibility of both classic design, and design in the form of magnetic flux modulator for inductor generator.

Windwheel // 2431760

FIELD: power industry.

SUBSTANCE: in windwheel containing hub, spokes, rim, radial blades the rim is equipped with flexible solid tyre; at that, blades are made in the form of turbine blades and located on tyre surface along helical lines. In the cavity formed with horseshoe-shaped tyre and rim a pneumatic chamber is arranged.

EFFECT: windwheel is easy-to-manufacture, which enhances the possibility of its large-scale production.

2 cl, 3 dwg

FIELD: power industry.

SUBSTANCE: wind-driven electric power station includes rotor made in the form of disc with blades installed on it, made in the form of aerodynamic wings and located with a gap relative to rotor shaft which is mechanically connected to shaft of electric generator, fairing installed on shaft in front of rotor in direction of air flow and enveloping the gap between inner edges of blades and confusor arranged in front of rotor in flow direction. Blade edges are chamfered in the direction of shaft axis. Confusor is installed on peripheral parts of blade edges so that a gap with fairing is formed.

EFFECT: improved completeness of use of wind flow energy and simpler construction of rotary wind-driven electric power station.

3 cl, 3 dwg

FIELD: power industry.

SUBSTANCE: aerogenerator includes container, movable construction and the mast on which assembly of aerogenerator and rotor is installed. Rotor blades are fixed and located about horizontal rotation axis and made in the form of the half of flattened cone; at that, for specified height H of flattened cone the base B1 has diametre D1 equal to 0.25-fold height, and vertex B2 has diametre D2 equal to 0.083-fold height. Each blade has inclination angle ψ, which is 10° to 16° in relation to rotor rotation axis.

EFFECT: aerogenerator is noiseless, started at low wind speed and can operate at strong wind, requires very small mast, which considerably decreases negative effect on landscape and on environment, and can be intended for housing developments, individual houses, ships, trailers, and for agricultural buildings and for any other areas where electric or other energy is required.

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Wind turbine rotor // 2392486

FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to wind power engineering, particularly to rotor to be used in wind turbines. Rotor has central bushing, casing and many radial blades adjacent with far ends to the casing in circular section with smaller diametre. Besides rotor is equipped with a connecting ring and many additional radial blades arranged between central bushing and connecting ring, the number of which is smaller than the number of the blades adjacent to the casing. Circular section of the casing with smaller diametre can be the first edge section downstream the wind, owing to which the adapter of casing from the first edge section to the second circular edge section with larger diametre has divergent shape, or the second edge section downstream the wind, owing to which the adapter of casing from the first edge section with larger diametre to the second circular edge section has convergent shape, and blades have the surfaces passing in the direction of the first circular edge section, or it can be intermediate so that two opposite adapters of divergent shape are formed; at that, the first edge section downstream the wind is made with the diametre smaller than that of the second edge section. Adapter of casing can have curved or straight-line profile.

EFFECT: improving energy generation efficiency and decreasing noise and dimensions at available versatile construction.

7 cl, 16 dwg

FIELD: wind-power engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to rotors providing use of oncoming flow of air for generating of power. Proposed rotor of circular cellular design has central rod or hub on which converter or motor is installed, at least two tubular cylinders installed coaxially with central rod and great number of blades forming at least four parts passing between each two adjacent tubular cylinders connecting the cylinders to each other and forming tubes together with cylinders. Tubes are bent to helical line on their length around rotor and have section in form of trapezium whose parallel bases are sections of tubular cylinders, and side walls, parts passing along radius. Tubular cylinder of larger diameter can be provided with input widening in form of truncated cone, and at output, narrowing in form of truncated cone bell.

EFFECT: provision of effective utilization of oncoming flow energy.

3 cl, 6 dwg